1. G

    Thread Unable to install app (Facebook Messenger)

    Problem: I can't reinstall Facebook Messenger I wanted to try Messenger Pro app on my phone, because I really like some of the functions. Sadly, it didn't work and gave me an "App not installed as package conflicts with an existing package". It of course didn't tell me which app it conflicts...
  2. P

    Thread Question Facebook Messenger Bubbles & Conversations APIs

    Hi, I have some question: Are native Android Conversations and Bubbles APIs working for you with Facebook Messenger? And no, I don't want FB chat heads. Whole point is to use native android API which is unified for every chat application.
  3. M

    Thread Facebook Emoji 13.1 TTF File

    This is my first post. Pardon my grammar. Its bad i know. I need help. I want facebook emoji 13.1 ttf file. I wanna ue these emoji to my default browsee. I know how to do it. I jut need the ttf file. Please give me that if anyone have or can get it for me. I am talking about the emoji the...
  4. T

    Thread How to fix the irrelevant suggested share targets[Direct Share] (hijacked by Messenger)?

    So the 4 suggested chats/persons that pop up when I hit share(on a screenshot for example) are completely useless - all are from FB Messenger, 2 are fb-friends I've never messaged and 2 are people I had brief contact with months ago for buy/sell. There are no suggestions from email-apps or...
  5. L

    Thread Bubbles Option missing from Settings - MIUI 12.1.1

    Hello everyone, Just yesterday I received the Android 11 update for my Xiaomi Mi 9T, in the form of MIUI 12.1.1 Global. After updating, I noticed that the app Facebook Messenger, an app that I use all the time, was not displaying notifications for new messages. After double checking all the...
  6. NeonOrbit

    Thread [App][Patch] Enable Messenger Original Chat Head on Android 11+ [Safe] [Self-Update]

    [No-Root] - [For All Devices] - [Self-Patch Available] A clean way to bring back Messenger chat head for non-rooted devices. -> [Safe] -> [Open source] -> [All features are working] -> [Tools to patch new update yourself] Notice: If your phone is rooted, you should follow this rooted method...
  7. NeonOrbit

    Thread [XPOSED][MOD] Enable Messenger Chat Head on Android 11+ devices

    Module: ChatHeadEnabler About: On Android 11 and higher, Facebook Messenger won't let you use it's Chat Head feature. Instead it uses Chat Bubble feature, which has a lot of bugs. This module will bring back original Chat Head feature. -> [Safe] -> [Open source] -> [All features are working]...
  8. burnO2

    Thread [APP][MOD] Messenger Old Chat Heads for Android 11+

    With Android 11 came the bubble functionality, which displaced the chat head mechanism in Messenger. Unfortunately bubbles are very buggy - for example on OnePlus phones they are responsible for freezing the whole phone. That's why I've created a MOD for Messenger which brings back the old chat...
  9. TK Studio

    Thread [APP][5+] AutoResponder for Signal - Auto Reply Bot

    Hey everyone, you've probably noticed the new hype around the privacy-friendly messenger Signal. Since a lot of people are currently switching from WhatsApp to Signal, there is now an AutoResponder for Signal in addition to the AutoResponder for WA, TG, FB and IG. Hope you like it! :)...
  10. Itchygrj

    Thread Messenger keeps changing notification sound setting.

    Hi. It drivers me crazy. I just need to have notification on bud with no sound. I can set up this in OS notification, even in messenger notification setting (chats and calls, group chats) Everywhere i set sound to "none". Bud in general messenger setting "none" in sounds is not present. So it...
  11. A

    Thread How to stop Facebook Messenger from showing Calls notification ?

    Hi, I have a galaxy s7edge running Android 8, and i simply want Facebook Messenger to NEVER notify me, what i tried in settings: Notifications: All blocked Permissions: None Apps that can appear on top: Off Yet i still receive calls notifications, and its not even a silence...
  12. d_Barood

    Thread [Root] Change Facebook and messenger in-app emoji

    in the new update Facebook releases cancer-emoji -so called- Facebook 3.0 Emoji if you dont like them here is how to change them (you need root) 1- go to /data/data/com.facebook.orca/ras_blobs/ (for messenger) /data/data/com.facebook.katana/ras_blobs/ (for messenger) 2- replace...
  13. S

    Thread dual messenger samsung g928f s6 edge +

    good morning, is there a rom that has the samsung dual messenger function enabled thanks
  14. T

    Thread OPO cannot login to Messenger

    It repeats login. The login and pswd is confirmed at a PC. No matter whether I login from FB or Messenger directly. One strange thing: Whatever I used Linage or Cynagenmod (stock), it reports no Facebook, so I had to download an APK.
  15. D

    Thread Backup Messenger secret conversations?

    Does anyone know how to backup a secret conversation on Messenger? I want to delete data on the app as it's taking up too much room, but doing that deletes secret conversations (learned from experience). Is there any way, either through an app or otherwise to backup those conversations, or a way...
  16. B

    Thread Override stock messaging app?

    Device: Realme X (China variant) So, other than installing a custom rom, is there any way to override the stock messaging app in ColorOS 6 that would allow to me to use Facebook Messenger instead as the SMS app? When I try to do that now, I always get a system message about it switching back...
  17. J

    Thread Messenger bubble chat

    Hi y'all, i've noticed that bubble chat of facebook's messenger doesn't show in MIUI, it's a bug or just a simple configuration? Can you guys help me?
  18. A

    Thread [APP][MOD][5.0+] Facebook - lighter and faster version by ALYSKY

    Facebook - lighter and faster version by ALYSKY Hi. I created lighter and faster version of facebook. Hope it will works well. Highlights: - no update reminder - various background processes disabled (like error reporting, loggers) - disabled stories - disabled recommendations - disabled ads...
  19. tanago

    Thread How to prevent an app from deleting and re-creating notification categories?

    I'm using a Sony XZ Premium with the latest Android 9 software. Facebook Messenger has really been a pain. Whenever I modify it's notification categories after a couple of hours it deletes the notification category I modified and re-creates it. At the bottom of the screen there's a counter -...
  20. neverone

    Thread EMUI 9.1 update - all notifications late or not appearing

    I know this is a topic existing over internet, I've googled it extensively, but up to now I haven't found a solution. I've got a non-pro Mate 10, the Chinese version AL-00, rebranded to International/Global ALP L-29. Approximately two to three weeks ago I got an update from 9 to EMUI 9.1, and...
  21. broughy99

    Thread Notifycation sound issues

    A strange one - my sounds are working fine apart from one - the google messenger app. It is set to a local sound file and its worked in the past - now no matter what I do* it defaults to the default sound and will not ring the set for sms in the system sound settings. *I have clear app data...
  22. TK Studio

    Thread [APP][5+] AutoResponder for Facebook Messenger

    Hey guys, some of you may already know my AutoResponder for WhatsApp. It got over 1.3 million downloads in about two years. Time passed and many people were asking for a Facebook Messenger version of AutoResponder. Finally it's here! :eek: I really appreciate your feedback. Happy testing! :)...
  23. Q

    Thread Issue with notification in silence mode

    Hello :) Since the last update of the firmware i have a little issue I'm at 90% of time in silence mode so On all my application , i have mute the sound because with silence mode when i'm listening music when i have a notification , for 2-3 seconds the sound become low and after normal So i cut...
  24. jheayahr

    Thread Official FB Messenger Dark Mode - No Root

    1. Open any conversation in messenger 2. Change the default convo emoji to ? (moon) 3. Send the moon to the convo and tap the sent (moon) message. 4. Moon drops will fall off the screen. Tap any. 5. Messenger will notify you that you have enabled dark mode setting. If not make sure you have...
  25. nivepl

    Thread Incoming gsm/lte phone connection priority over other communicators audio connections

    HI all, My gf's phone behaves in a really strange way... During an audio call using common communicators, say skype, whatsapp, messenger, if a new incoming gsm/lte connection is coming, then it automatically takes priority over communicator call. Communicator call is put on hold. What is most...
  26. S

    Thread AL00 version, message 3rd party app issue

    hi All, i wonder if anyone has the same problem with me. I do not like the default message app but having problem replacing it. I used to use the facebook messenger app for both msg and fb chat. However when i install it and make it the default msg app, old msg doesnt show up, i can still send...
  27. S

    Thread LED not working with facebook messenger

    I am on October update, was experiencing some stutters and bad battery life so I did a factory reset. But after the reset, my LED is not working when I receive a message on facebook. I can hear the vibration and sound, but no LED. I already did *#0*# test, tested the LED and it works, so it...
  28. VitasLoWang

    Thread open facebook messenger in overlay mode?

    Hello, is there a way to open this app directly as an overlay? (floating heads) Because so far what I have noticed it opens only by itself when somebody writes me. But when I discard it by draggint it down and decide to open it again and write to somebody, I can do it only by opening the app via...
  29. ronzky321

    Thread Flickering screen with FB Messenger

    Is anyone facing a problem in Messenger app flickering or refreshing screen? It goes like this... When I open it, there will be no status/notification. Just the app color (f youre using notch) or black area if you disabled the notch. After 2-3 seconds, the app will flicker/refresh and the...
  30. K

    Thread initiating conversations instead of responding to notifications

    any idea how to initiate a conversation on messenger, viber or whatsapp with a contact instead of having to wait for a notification from them?
  31. RAZR-93

    Thread [MODULE] [EMOJI] FacebookMessengerEmoji

    This is a module that I put together after realizing that there wasn't an easy way according to my liking to be able to apply the Messenger Emojis on my devices as that was my personal favorite. I had come across this thread previously, and used to manually move the .ttf file to /system/fonts/...
  32. A

    Thread Oreo Bug w/Facebook on Samsung S8+ (Oreo, VZW)

    Trying to see if ANYONE has a solution to Facebook not logging in on the main Facebook account. If you use the "Dual Messenger" capability you can log into Facebook and Facebook Messenger from the secondary account, just not the first. Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite work also. When you try...
  33. K

    Thread Sticker, image, my day media & contact thumbnails take long time to load in messenger

    Sticker, image, my day media & contact thumbnails take long time to load in messenger When someone sends me a sticker or an image file on facebook messenger, it takes a long time to load those. Not only these, my day media & contact thumbnails also take long time to load. It's very boring. I am...
  34. S

    Thread MMS works with Textra but not Android Messages, can't figure out the problem

    My setup: Stock rooted N6F27M Franco Kernel #73 Using MintSim if that matters, I have all the settings correct, copied directly from the MintSim website. Things I've tried to no avail: reboot multiple times clearing cache (app and Davlik) Switching to airplane mode and then back (reset all...
  35. D

    Thread Camera face Filters for Fb messenger?

    Can someone help me out? Do you guys have the camera filters for FB messenger while Video calling?? It doesn't come out, that small star to change face filters but the party on the other line does have it... Please post a screenshot if you have the face filter during video calls
  36. R

    Thread [Completed] Samsung Messages Bug? Can't switch to Google Messenger!

    Hello all, I'm having this really weird issue where after I recently wiped and freshly updated my Galaxy S7 Edge to Nougat, I started using Samsung's default messages app to see if I'd like it. Well long story short I decided to switch back to Google Messenger like I always do on every device...
  37. T

    Thread If your phone gets hot & battery drains fast last 2 days, here is why!

    Hi guys, My battery is quite stable with the V20 since the 10c update (I'm with H990DS). However, today, my phone drains very fast without doing anything. It also gets hot and I cannot fast-charge it through the fast charger, which has never happened before. I did a search on the internet and...
  38. J

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] My Day Off - Disable Messenger My Day

    Disable My Day / Messenger Day in Messenger app Disable new white Messenger UI and bring back old blue UI Also, disable camera turning on when opening Messenger (comes together with My Day) Usage Install My Day Off Xposed Enable My Day Off Xposed in Xposed installer (a notification should...
  39. S

    Thread Facebook Messenger not showing Heads-up Banner for notifications...

    As title says, I have proble with notifications of FB Messenger, sound and icon on status bar works, when I swipe status bar down, everything is good but I am not getting heads-up banner... Every other app/notification works without problem, any way to fix it? :)
  40. H

    Thread [APP] [1.0] 100000+ Messages & Status Collection

    Hi there :laugh: We are send you my app. If you like it please Rate, G+ my free app Free app "Messages & Status Collection" with 100000+ contents,status, messages.. and 36+ themes...
  41. thedeadfish59

    Thread [DEV]Facebook and Messenger App development for 2.3+

    Anyone here is interested to build and develop Messenger and Facebook App directly from source and port/make compatible for GB ?
  42. D

    Thread Google Messenger Attaching photos with Google Photos

    SO When I try to attach a photo FROM Google photos via Google Messenger, I only ever see the ones that are currently on my device, it's almost as if it doesn't know the cloud photos are there. But lets say I try to attach photos from Google Photos via Gmail, it sees all 4000+ videos, why is...
  43. redphx

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Mauf - Change Facebook Messenger conversations to any possible colors

    Hi there, I just created this app and want to share it with you :o Features - 16,777,216 colors to choose from - Your friends don't need to install anything to see the new color - Fast and simple, super easy to use - NO ROOT NEEDED!!! Download Mauf on Google Play Store It's also available as...
  44. RealSkier

    Thread Can't share contacts. "Messenger failed to load attachment."

    I am tearing my hair out over this. I use text messages to share contacts. Or at least I used to. This feature recently stopped working on my Nexus 6 (stock). To share, I select a Contact from Contacts, click the 3-dots, select Share and select Messenger. The moment I provide a contact to share...
  45. K

    Thread Replacing Facebook Messenger resources

    I am trying to change the emojies inside of Facebook Messenger by the ones from EmojiOne. In the first place, I decompiled through dex2jar the messenger APK and did quite a bit of search but no luck, it is obfuscated and pretty hard to read. So my second guess was to replace each emoji in the...
  46. S

    Thread Keyboard Lag in Google Messenger and Snapchat

    Is anyone else exoeriencing a lot of keyboard lag in Google Messenger(sms app) and Snapchat(while chatting with people). I am having almost unusable lag with Google keyboard. I have tried switching keyboards but my lag hasn't been fixed. (FYI I switched to SwiftKey) Anyone else experience the...
  47. domenukk

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] Messenger for Pokémon GO

    Hey everyone, since it's release, me and my friends have been working hard to add a location-based messenger to Pokémon GO! Yes, even before GO Chat. That would have been our original naming idea... I proudly present to you today: It's implemented using chat bubbles, so you don't have to...
  48. KotTHECat

    Thread No way to remove facebook, messanger or instagram from HTC 10

    Found a question that's interesting for me as well, but no answer... Is there any way to remove those apps being stock without root? (If not, how to remove them with root?) Also unneeded apps: *Google [Slides] [Sheets] [Docs] [Exchange Services] [Play Movies] [Play Music] [Hangouts] [Keep]...
  49. lee.wp14

    Thread Custom FB Messenger Chat head shape

    Last time in an xposed modules thread i've saw its OP's screenshot with his FB Messenger's chat head on his screen. And the shape is different. Instead of a round shape its in other shape, perhaps a heart shape if I'm not mistaken. Anyway to do this? I tried decomplie apk and found something but...
  50. wolfballz

    Thread Facebook Patched (no separate messenger needed)

    I'm done patching and uploading. Will leave the download links up for a while. Go to Lorantm's thread (linked at bottom of OP) for the patcher to patch on your own or maybe someone else will upload for you. ***You will need to uninstall any version of facebook before installing any of...