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mi 10t

  1. breath21

    Thread Wallpaper darker

    Hi, I have a Xiaomi mi 10t and when I put one of my picture as a wallpaper the picture is darker (see pictures attached: left one Wallpaper - right one the original). Is there a way to avoid that ? Thanks in advance.
  2. B

    Thread Unable to upload files in chrome/firefox using files app in Android 11 (Miui 12.5)

    Yesterday I UPDATED my 10T from android 10 to android 11 (MIUI 12.5 RJDINXM). Today I tried to send some files through wetransfer, but was unable to upload it. When I click upload in chrome, it gives me only three options: Camera, Camera and Files while I have three different file explorers...
  3. hamzaag49

    Thread [ROM] PixelExperience PLUS [UNOFFICIAL] for Mi 10T/10T Pro [Apollo/ApolloPro]

    What is this? PixelExperience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animation) Based on Android 11 Whats working? Wi-Fi RIL Mobile data GPS Camera Flashlight Camcorder Bluetooth FM radio Fingerprint reader Face unlock...
  4. F

    Thread Question poco f3 256 vs mi 10 pro 256

    hi all I'm going mad about to chose between this 2 phones plz help me witch one is the best for me i need camera for video not pictures i need good gaming best touch respawns time i need custom roms to push it to limits witch one is the best for me THE PRISE IS MI 10 T PRO 600 AND POCO F3 500
  5. J

    Thread Mi 10t keyboard minor freeze and setting button dont open at first tap on notification bar

    Hi. Been using mi 10t for some days and then there is keyboard minor freezing issues. It unfreeze only after i tap the text coloum again and also setting button on notification button dont open after first tap . It only opens after double tap. Using Android 10 miui 12.0.5 (Not interested in...
  6. Dagabix

    Thread 12.1.1 Global Stable (Android 11) Issues - HELP!

    Xiaomi Mi 10T I experienced the following issues after recently updating to Android 11. Any help would be much appreciated. 1. I can no longer side load any app. APK installation fails every time whether it's attempted on the phone or via ADB. I tried everything I could find...
  7. Dagabix

    Thread Can't side load apps after updating to Android 11 - HELP!

    Xiaomi Mi 10T stock global stable. Updated to Android 11 and can no longer side load anything – not just Google apps, ANYTHING. Not even via ADB installation commands. Then I learned that Google introduced something called "app integrity" with Android 11 that hinders side loading. It's a...
  8. StatDam

    Thread [Unlock Bootloader + TWRP + ROOT + CUSTOM ROM] Working on Xiaomi Mi 10T/Pro

    [CONFIRMED] ( WORKING ON XIAOMI MI 10T/PRO ) |-Full tutorial for everything-| /** * Your warranty is now void. * * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any...
  9. Hanskoffo

    Thread twrp unable to wipe data unknown file system auto

    Hi, i tried to install a ROM with twrp, but right after i boot into twrp straight from fastboot and try to format data it says 'twrp unable to wipe data unknown file system 'auto'. Does anybody know why it says this? Greetings
  10. G

    Thread [MI 10T PRO - MIUI 12] Bluetooth volume bug

    Hi, so i got this MI 10T Pro. My first Xiaomi phone and i'm loving it! However this week, I encountered my first issue. I'm always connected to my bluetooth earphones almost max volume. However, from the night to day (literally) my phone stopped allowing me to get up the media volume to max...
  11. M

    Thread Water resistant cases for the Xiaomi Mi 10T / 10T Pro

    Hi, since this phone has no IP rating, does anyone know of any water resistant cases for this phone? Thanks in advance
  12. Dagabix

    Thread Minor issues

    Hi there. I'm new to Xiaomi/MIUI and would appreciate any help with the following issues. Mi 10T – Global Stable 12.0.8 – stock launcher – MIUI optimization ON – de-bloated with ADB I can't see how much storage space is being taken up by each installed app/package. They all show a "0" value. I...
  13. acervenky

    Thread [PSD | XCF] Mi 10T/10T Pro 5G Mockup