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  1. W

    Thread [OFFICIAL][BETA][11.0][SAGIT] crDroid v7.0 [17.11.2020]

    camera issue on time stamp on the picture. it cannot appear in the photo after i took the photo. I include the log, and i hope this is helpful.
  2. Y

    Thread China to global

    Hi, I was hoping to get some help switching from my current China rom to the global. Does it matter what version of the China rom I have in order to install the global rom in place of it? I have an mi 6 China rom updated to the latest miui 10.3 and running Android 8.0. Thanks heaps.
  3. papamalo

    Thread Best source to buy Xiaomi phones?

    Haven't entirely settled on the model, either a Mi 6 or a Mi Mix 2. The best deal I found was here. goo.gl/d3Uqsi However, I don't really know much about the efficiency of ordering chinese phone from other sites like Amazon, or Alibaba. I mean the price is great, but are they reliable? And...
  4. S

    Thread Will Chinese version of Xiaomi Mi 6 work properly with Google?

    Hello everyone. I'm in China currently and I'll stay here for a while. I'm planning to buy Xiaomi Mi 6 from Taobao. Here is the link So am I going to be able to use Google services? Play Store and all other if I buy this phone? Also, if not, I guess that I need to root my phone and install...
  5. B

    Thread MOTO Z2 FORCE Slow motion and Video modes port.

    Hello guys, sorry for creating a thread. I've been checking some info about our Mi 6 and Z2 Force and looks like they have the same camera sensor and the same processor. Is it possible to port the Moto Camera to our Mi 6 like they did with Redmi Note 3 Pro (slow motion mode and 60fps 1080p...
  6. MrRaines

    Thread [ROM] Epic ROM MIUI 9 GLOBAL VERSION By Epic Team (MrRaines) for Mi 6

    Gift Pack for all my users https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745849072291700452 Jamflux, Pocarropa, and MrRaines (MrTomatico on en.miui), creators of Épic ROM, we are glad to present Épic ROM for Xiaomi Mi MIX, who was born thanks to the hard work of these guys. Epic ROM is a Custom ROM...
  7. P

    Thread Exists some ZCX TWRP for Mi 6 (sagit)?

    Exists some ZCX TWRP for Mi 6 (sagit). I want install in my Mi 6 (sagit) TWRP but i don't want without breaking incremental OTA's! I don't need root in my device. Because If i install normal TWRP, when i will install one incremental OTA, i will lost and erased everything. Any Solution? Thank you
  8. MrRaines

    Thread [ROM] Epic ROM MIUI 9 By Epic Team (MrRaines) for Mi 6

    IMPORTANT ADVISE! I AM NOT THE MAINTAINEER OF THE EPIC ROM OF MI6 YET, NOW IS JOSEMA93, I AM RETIRED BY NOW (BUT WE'LL SEE YOU AGAIN IN AOSP SOON) Jamflux, Pocarropa, and MrRaines (MrTomatico on en.miui), creators of Épic ROM, we are glad to present Épic ROM for Xiaomi Mi MIX, who was born...
  9. H

    Thread Xiaomi Mi6 Silicon Case

    I just got my hands on the original Xiaomi Mi 6 Silicon Case in Blue. I'll provide the link to where I got it from below. I got the package with the original tempered glass. It's looking really good and the TP is the best I'ver tried compared to the Nillkin one that I had before. :good: My...
  10. XN Logos

    Thread [tool] Reset FRP Xiaomi

    Remove/ Reset FRP on Xiaomi Devices, Solution-This Device associate With existing MI account... Features- Disable MI account, bypass MI account Downloads- Mod edit: PPC Link removed Mod edit: Thread closed for violating forum rules
  11. J

    Thread [CHINA DEV 7.5.5] System dump

    http://bigota.d.miui.com/7.5.5/sagit_images_7.5.5_20170505.0000.00_7.1_cn_da4bcba334.tgz Ext4 unpacker and ext2explore do not always work properly on my W10 laptop :/