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  1. MezzaLuna

    Thread Xiami Mi Smart 5 s\n XMSH10HM with hidden spO2 sensor?

    Hi all. I have read about voices of spO2 sensor on Mi Band 5. I bought global version on the mazon (I'm from Italy) and of course, there is no mension about spO2 sensor. I'd like to know if you know anything about this sensor. No rumors, just solid news. There is an hidden sensor non activated...
  2. B

    Thread [MiBand2]Mi Band 2 Date Editor - Change the date locals of your Band to your language

    Mi Band 2 Date Editor Your warranty is now probably void. I am not responsible for any bricked devices, do this at your own risk! The Mi Band 2 is a really popular and inexpensive Wearable that has many fans around the world. However, the representation of the current date on the...
  3. C

    Thread New Xiaomi Mi Band 3 functions on video

    Information about the functions of the new Xiaomi Mi Band 3 found by AndroidTR.es. Apparently the new bracelet will have touch screen and weather information. The way to interact with the Mi Band 3 will be similar to Wear OS and the button will work as "home". mod edit - link removed More...
  4. A

    Thread Unable to Connect to MI Band

    I am rooted, on Experience ROM, and I have been trying to connect to my MI Band, but it is not detecting on my phone using the MI Fit app. Is anyone else facing similar issues? I tried unpairing from my previous device(OP2), but it doesn't help. I can pair back fine with my OP2, but OP5 is...
  5. X

    Thread Mi Band for Windows Phone

    I was always having an impression that the mi band wont work for windows phone so i didn't buy it for a long time though i was damn interested in the product. Also buying the Microsoft Band is out of question because it is not a very established product in fact even Microsoft is not so...
  6. abhirulz94

    Thread [REVIEW] Mi Band with Moto G

    So after the launch of mi band in china i was really excited as Xiaomi was entering the Indian market with its products but they didn't lauch it back then in december 2013. So I had to order it from Aliexpress which was a risk because it was my first purchase. I received the product and it was...
  7. snapdesign

    Thread [UPDATED] Tweaked Mi Band English Version + Notify [26.03.2015 - 1.3.912+Notify]

    First of all this is not my work i just made a thread to help Mi Band xda users. This is made by dezmen3 and you can find the original thread here. INFORMATION Here you can find tweaked english version of app and notification version. SCREENSHOT NOTIFICATION FAQ How to use...
  8. abhirulz94

    Thread [Q] Anyone using the Mi band with Moto G?

    Well AFAIK the basic requirement to use it with a non xiaomi phone is Android 4.3+ and Bluetooth LE. Moto G has both so i was thinking of getting it! If anyone has used it with Moto g or any other phone please revert back!
  9. motioncoding

    Thread Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth LE Band Protocol reverse engineered!

    Since there is no Forum for the Mi Band ... After receiving my Mi Band yesterday I started digging inside the sourcecode of the Mi Band App to find out interesting stuff. It works with all BLE device, not only Xiaomi ones It uses an unsecure protocoll which can be reverse engineered, so you...
  10. S

    Thread [Q] Mi band extra straps

    Hey, has anyone found where you can buy the leather and wraparound straps they keep advertising in images? I have a mi band and it's great, but would want another strap for it.
  11. WaPeR32

    Thread Xiaomi Mi Band (now Mi Fit) moded app

    Hi! I made a little modification to show the entire app in english. Download link (Updated 28/01/15) Enjoy!