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  1. senseivita

    Thread After the first boot with Magisk, does the root stick?

    I finally rooted my device after trying for a while using Magisk. I followed the guide on GitHub to flash recovery.img as required by this device. In the instructions it says that to boot rooted, I need to power on the device as if I were attempting to go into recovery, but then decided against...
  2. S

    Thread Mi Mix 3 hardware issues

    Good evening to everyone Mi Mix 3 owner A few days ago, I changed the phone's battery. After that, phone isn't charging with every charger, plus wireless charging isn't working. But when the phone is switched off, everything regarding charging (wireless charging, use of any charger) works...
  3. NickRoader

    Thread Screen turns off completely when brightness is less than 15%

    Hello! Greetings from Russia! After replacement screen on my MI MIX 3 i faced a problem. When my brightness less then 15% my screen turns off completely. MIUI 12.0.2 Global, device is rooted (Magisk) . Can i fix brightness-slider to minimum 15-20% ? I tryed use GravityBox module for Magisk...
  4. williamtavares

    Thread Mi Mix 3 5g screen glitch/blinks

  5. Rockmadeofrock

    Thread Can you downgrade from MIUI 11 (any version) to MIUI 10 if necessary?

    I am looking to flash Xiaomi.eu 9.12.12 (based on android 10) from global stable (based on android 9) but before I do I want to make sure I can go back if I need to. On the Xiaomi.eu page the MiMix 3 is not listed as having ARB enabled but other sites like the Mi forums and Reddit say...
  6. Rockmadeofrock

    Thread Xiaomi.EU compatibility in the United States

    Is anyone using any version of Xiaomi.eu in the U.S.? I am on global stable and want to try out Xiaomi.eu to try Android 10 and (hopefully) have working bluetooth codec support, but I'm a little nervous of trying out what is technically a China based ROM in the US when the global...
  7. Jaitsu

    Thread Phone won't boot when on wireless charger (global, perseus)

    Hello, I'm finding that, if I have my phone on the wireless charger and it reboots, it bootloops until it's taken off the wireless charger (MI/Unlocked screen comes up, then just reboots endlessly). It only seems to happen with wireless charging - if it's just plugged in, it boots normally, and...
  8. Rockmadeofrock

    Thread Anyone have a link to global stable recovery ROM (PEEMIXM)?

    I found the (global stable, PEEMIXM) recovery ROM on GetDroidTips and updated with it last night, but I have been getting the notification for for about a month now. Does anyone know where to get a recovery ROM for for the Mi Mix 3? For clarification my Mix 3 is rooted...
  9. B

    Thread Need Mi Mix 3 5G TWRP

    Hello I have Mi mix 3 5g Product : andromeda NOT perseus i couldnt find any stuff for it no firmware or twrp of boot images :(
  10. Rockmadeofrock

    Thread Unable to Freeze Updater (System updates) with Titanium Backup

    Hey all, I have Titanium Backup Pro and have been using it for years to freeze system updaters and apps. I primarily did this because I always like to be rooted and obviously OTA updates will break things if installed, but also because I hated getting a notification (that you can't dismiss)...
  11. Rockmadeofrock

    Thread Unable to Install/Flash Magisk Modules

    Hey all, I am rooted with Magisk 17.3 on global hardware and global ROM stock MIUI, but I cannot install any Magisk modules or flash Magisk ZIPs in TWRP. I know root works because I've edited system files and allowed a few apps root permissions. But when I try to install something with...
  12. jericho246

    Thread Tutorial: MIUI camera on AOSP ROMs (tested on Pixel Experience ROM)

    I was told MIUI camera wouldn't work on AOSP ROMs like PE ROM. However, I managed to get it working. Note: I did this on Pixel Experience ROM, but it should work on Arrow OS as well. KNOWN BUGS: For some reason, there's an error when switching to selfie camera when using the default "photo"...
  13. mauronofrio

    Thread [RECOVERY][3.4.0-10][perseus]Official/Unofficial TWRP for Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 (Stable)

    Team Win Recovery Project 3.x, or twrp3 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. Its a fully touch driven user interface no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about...
  14. blonqe

    Thread Yellow sticker from SIM tray - this normal?

    Hi, Just put opend my SIM tray and a little yellow sticker thing popped out! Should I be worried as I will never seen this on a Xiaomi phone before. I'm hoping it was a protector of some type. Anyone else notice? Cheers
  15. A

    Thread MI MIX 3 ITA - : tons of BUGS

    I do not see anything online yet but I would have to report "tons of bugs"! I'm very disappointed but I reserve to do an hard format when I get the bootloader key. At the moment i see: 1a) QUICK REPLY broken on many apps, Whatsapp on all in my case. 1b) QUICK REPLY broken on lock screen. 2)...
  16. G

    Thread Bluetooth always visible

    Why is mi mix 3 always visible for other Devices via bluetooth? Is there an option to deactivate this?
  17. AndroPlus

    Thread [ROM][non-GSI] Unofficial Pixel Experience P

    I built non-GSI Unofficial Pixel Experience P;) Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17lDJ-aOInCXdHQf8KXtoksEhZJgz7gS6 Changelog is too big for xda, so it's included in download folder. If you are using Global /China Stable or third party rom (Xiaomi.eu), please download China Developer...
  18. S

    Thread When Will The 2019 5G Mi Mix 3 Be Unveiled & Released ?

    Also what updated specs can we expect if any apart from SD 855 processor from the original Mi Mix 3 ? Thanks kindly.......
  19. jackennils

    Thread Any chance to get 960 FPS slomo?

    Hey folks, The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 has the same CPU and can record slomotion videos in 960 FPS @ 1080p. The OP6T can only do 480 FPS @ 720p. Any chance to get 960 FPS working? Thanks and regards Nils