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  1. S

    Thread Issue popup msg 'this session is not available'

    Hello Guys, I am getting this popup msg 'session is not available' randomly doesn't matter I am using any application surfing net or. Playing any game. Anyone have any ideas what's wrong with my MI10T pro. Stock android 12.5.1
  2. UtsavTheGreat

    Thread [KERNEL][AOSP/CAF][11] IMMENSITY - X [APOLLO][14-08-2021]

    A B O U T - I M M E N S I T Y IMMENSITY is a unique custom kernel project that focuses on optimizing UX and fine tuning the OEM modifications to provide the best of your device. Downloads and Changelogs can be found here /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked...
  3. Hectorbere

    Thread It has no internet

    Hello I have the my 10T pro 5g 8gb 256 global ivo in USA and use tmobile I have 2 SIM use the dual SIM I have a problem when I am in a call I do not have internet service in my house or it is data network but that happens in my house there are places that do not happen I have a SIM for data and...
  4. J

    Thread Downgrade mi 10t from A11 to A10

    Hi im using indian version. I'd like to downgrade mi 10t to a10. Before i want to know whether downgrading from a11 to a10 will mess up Persist and break the sensors or not. If yes then please tell how to prevent that
  5. J

    Thread Mi 10t keyboard minor freeze and setting button dont open at first tap on notification bar

    Hi. Been using mi 10t for some days and then there is keyboard minor freezing issues. It unfreeze only after i tap the text coloum again and also setting button on notification button dont open after first tap . It only opens after double tap. Using Android 10 miui 12.0.5 (Not interested in...
  6. D

    Thread Hardware upgrade Mi 10T to Mi 10T pro

    Hi Everyone :D Considering that the only difference between the devices is the camera, I own a Mi 10t, and the stabilization is very bad. Do you think it is possible to do this hardware upgrade by buying the sensor of the mi10 t pro?
  7. Novladek

    Thread Kernel for Mi10T/ PRO, Redmi K30s Ultra

    I am providing Kernel for Mi10T Series phone. Maybe someone will come in handy for creating roms KERNEL IS NOT MY AUTHORITY Link to Github, the kernel is there: https://github.com/MiCode/Xiaomi_Kernel_OpenSource/tree/apollo-q-oss/kernel