1. P

    Thread Question XiaomiEU v13.0.xx.x stable: experience, bugs, issues?

    Hello community! Do you already have experience with the new version "XiaomiEU v13.0.10.0 stable" and let us share it? Thanks and thumbs up! :)
  2. P

    Thread Question XiaomiEU MIUI-13 and anti-fraud-feature trouble?

    Hi everyone! Is anyone already using XiaomiEU MIUI-13 and experienced problems with Vanced-Youtube, GCam or (Nord)VPN? The reason I am asking is as follows: https://news.tvs-24.com/technology/amp/186549 or...
  3. manson168168168

    Thread Question Urgent question- Mi 11 Ultra 4G/5G issue

    Hi guys, I'm so happy to join the mi community. Please help me with urgent connection problem on my new 11 ultra. It shows "LTE/5G" on the right top, next to battery sign. However, I do not get any data (browser/chrome) on my phone. Does it matter with unlock or not? (because it shows LTE sign...
  4. S

    Thread Question LiveBoot App not working On Mi 11 Ultra

    Hello everyone there! Has anyone else here tried the LiveBoot App which lets you have dmesg & logcat bootanimation at the beginning of your bootup? We'll, I purchased the app since it worked on all my previous devices. It would be great if someone can provide a solution here for the app not...
  5. 清蒸牛仔裤

    Thread How To Guide 【中文】[Chinese] Mi 11 Ultra, flashing, TWRP, ROOT, Chinese to English translation included

    I sent the wrong forum before,Now it's re released 【中文】 小米11 Ultra,刷机,TWRP,ROOT中文英文翻译教学 此教学需要解锁BL,解锁BL BL needs to be unlocked in the whole teaching process,解锁BL 需要工具:MiFlash2018-5-28-0.zip Need tools:MiFlash2018-5-28-0.zip 刷机包 稳定:Brush bag stable:(china)最新)(newest)...
  6. P

    Thread Accessories List of nice fun good cases for Mi11U

    Hi. Do you use case? Have you find some interesing case for our phone? I found 2 nice cases: 1. https://a.aliexpress.com/_uAxa8z 2. https://a.aliexpress.com/_ugERxf Put here links if you find something nice. Have a great day all!
  7. underlines

    Thread Question Where to buy the Mi 11 Ultra?

    Currently, there's no official way to get the Mi 11 Ultra. As soon as credible stores have the phone, I will list it here.