1. L

    Thread Some news about LOS 18.1 for Sagit

    Hi, anyone had some news about LOS 18.1 for Sagit?
  2. K

    Thread Lost IMEI

    Hi all ! So IMEI, Baseband unknown and MAC address is gone. No any backup of it ! Have unlocked bootloader, twrp, xiaomieu rom and phone is rooted. Following "web find" solutions when tried to backup or restore qcn with QPST (v. 2.7 474) only getting: "Memory backup failed" "Disk error writing...
  3. X

    Thread Unable to connect as MTP after changing a USB-C board

    Hi all, I had a problem with my mi6... My dougther was cycling, and drop my phone. Something happened then, and the phone wasn't charging any more with cables... works only in one stand... So, I've bought a new board, in aliexpress...
  4. N

    Thread Pokemon Go not compatible with my mi6

    Hey guys! I've had my mi6 for an year and it has been running great, no problems at all. This week I installed pokemon GO to give it a try and it won't run. It says my device or OS isn't compatible with the game. I'm currently running miui and have never unlocked my bootloader or...
  5. K

    Thread Mi6 noises on video camera record.

    Hello. I have a problem with camera app. When i record a video sound quality is poor and there are loud noises. On short video sound is ok. I have Miui Global beta 8.6.28 and lock bootloader. Can you help me with that?
  6. K

    Thread Can't lock application in taskbar

    Hello every one. I have a problem with my mi6. I installed rom global dev but later I came back to global stable by installing the application for updates and I can not block the application in the task manager by imposing a padlock on it. I am working the application down and nothing is...
  7. I

    Thread Wi-Fi doesn't work anymore on my device

    This might sound stupid. Being fan of Mi device, I had bought Mi6 from a second hand market after loosing one in CAB. The guy was using it and did factory reset in front of me. Since i did not had the option to test the device completely; took the device happily and installed China developer...
  8. S

    Thread GCAM Best version and Settings

    Hello, I am using Mi6 rooted on xiaomi.eu ROM and camera2api enabled. Can anyone suggest best version of GCAM along with its detailed settings for maximum output of HDR on both Front and Back cameras? Also , does GCAM have potrait mode as in stock cam of mi6? Any help will be highly...
  9. ChanixHadez

    Thread Bootloader locked after flashing twrp and root

    Like the title said, my Mi6 locked bootloader after root and flashing twrp, why is that? thanks whoever kindly heart to answer this :)
  10. Sithu Htun

    Thread [HELP] Fingerprint sensor does not work in any AOSP or Lineage based ROM

    I bought Mi 6 and I am not a fan of MIUI for its confused settings. I always flash a Custom ROM (AOSP or Lineage based) whenever I got a new device. This time, I flashed every custom ROM in the ROM sections and I got these issues. MIUI Camera with "Portrait Mode" is missing (but solved by...
  11. ni554n

    Thread [BUG] Mi 6 Touch Delay on First Drag

    Already filed a bug report on the MIUI Forum. Super Moderator of their Mi 6 subforum has also confirmed this. Please Confirm if you are also facing this issue. Here is a video demonstrating the problem: USjIw8Nn6yw Here is the link to the bug report to MIUI Forum: [Others] Slight delay between...
  12. E

    Thread MI 6 vs MI A1

    Hello guys, I need your honest opinion. I need to get a new device. I only use blackberry old phone at this moment. I am thinking of mi 6 or mi A1? Which one do you think is better? I am thinking a1 for the price and stock android (what I love with oneplus before) but I like also to have...
  13. C

    Thread Xposed on Miui9 [Which modules works?]

    Finally, we have xposed for nougat, and even better, for miui! obviously the layer of miui on android differs from the stock, but some parts remain intact, make the xposed, useful! you recommend some module? or any option of them? for the moment I have active: All My... (90%works) App...
  14. V

    Thread [UPDATE] [ROM] Miui MS MIUI9 7.9.21 for Mi 6

    It is going ONLY on the basis of pure Chinese Translation program jBART ​​v3h (hex) with virtually no ApkTool The list may be different depending on your device, the version of MIUI, or versions of Android! = Russian, Ukrainian, German, English and Chinese = = Is ONLY pure Chinese basis...
  15. A

    Thread Unlocking Mi 6 - Binding time is too short - bypass?

    Hi Guys, I Hope I'm posting in the correct forum - if not, forgive me. I've just received my Mi 6 mobile phone, and I wish to unlock its bootloader. I've connected a Mi account to it and tried using Mi Unlock, but I get: "Binding time is too short, Less than 72 hours" Which is correct, phone...
  16. V

    Thread [RECOVERY][sagit] TWRP 3.1.1-0 for Xiaomi Mi6

    TWRP Recovery for Xiaomi Mi 6 (sagit) Hi guys, I made the TWRP from TeamWin official sources for our Xiaomi Mi6 (sagit). You can download the img and flash it from fastboot. Bootloader unlocked required! Installation: Unlock bootloader (skip if you have already unlocked it) Reboot Mi6 into...
  17. XN Logos

    Thread MI6 Official Stock theme and wallpaper Extracted

    Download Mi6 Theme For All Xiaomi Phones- Download theme Here-http://en.miui.com/forum.php?mod=attachment&aid=MTE0NzExMHw5MWJlMDZkMXwxNDkyNjkxMDIxfDB8NTgzMTI5 wallpaper Attached With Post-