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  1. L

    Thread Mibox 3 on Android 9 suddenly restarting while playing videos

    Hello everybody. I've been having this problem for over a year now. I have a MiBox 3, it's the 2018 model I think. The problem is when I'm playing a video from external storage on MX Player, all of the sudden, the MiBox restarts. It's completely random. One time, I did a factory reset...
  2. M

    Thread [Mibox MDZ-16-AB] [Netflix] Error UI-800-3

    I'm using mibox to watch Netflix and YouTube. I have my mibox for about 4 years and everything was ok until tommorow. Netflix after run freezed for few seconds and showed error UI-800-3 (307006). "More information" shows error UI-113. I checked my network connection, but its was ok. Steps I...
  3. ruinzinho

    Thread Xiaomi Mi Box S Bricked

    Hello, I have a Xiaomi Mi Box S and when i was trying to download the newest update but the image got stuck at 60%, so i decided to unplug the power and got into the recovery menu to wipe the data and cache. In the middle of the process, i got a message saying that he couldn't mount several...
  4. londere

    Thread Connecting MiBox Controller to Shield Tv

    Hello there!!! Is any way to connect the MiBox controller to Shield Tv, I need it to connect because of my father who is an elderly man does not want to use the new controller... Any thoughts about how to do it? Also, I try it but in the shield does not appear, but if I try to connect a...
  5. A

    Thread [Mibox MDZ-16-AB] Mediocre speeds on Wifi AC 5ghz after Oreo update.

    Can anyone confirm if your having issues with reduced speed when streaming media via your LOCAL network. I was trying to stream 4k HEVC Remux videos via PLEX (direct play) and kodi via NFS wifh file size ranging from 60GB to 70GB. Play back stops after a few seconds and buffers again. Upon check...
  6. oroboros74

    Thread Xiaomi Mibox (Android TV: Oreo) Can't access videos on external HD

    Mibox3 just received Android TV update to Oreo. MxPlayer now doesn't list files on external storage. No problems though using VLC. Suggestions? Also, regarding Oreo, any updates on PiP?
  7. oroboros74

    Thread A year later... still problems with "AC3 is not supported" on Mibox

    see here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/mx-player/ac3-supported-using-v1-9-8-t3689574 When I try to run x264 videos on my Mibox, I get no audio and "AC3 not supported" message, although according to the MxPlayer description AC3 is supposed to be built in. I'm on v.1.9.17 which is the...
  8. D

    Thread MiBox ( Low image quality using HW+ decoder )

    When using MiBox (AndroidTV), i got very low quality image when using HW+ decoder, HW and SW works fine. its so bad, i wont' even need to tell you what photo is using each decoder. Need some help.