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  1. V

    Thread Switch/force audio source system-wide or per-app in Android 11

    Hello, I am searching for a solution to switch audio source (microphone) from default to my desired output, per-app or system-wide. Specifically, I use iRig Stream USB device which is basically a USB DAC device (it captures external audio signal, eg. from a mixer or external microphone and...
  2. B

    Thread mic-spk loopback Blackview Bv-9600pro

    Hello first things first I'm totally new to this forum and I'm posting my question cause I searched the internet for weeks now and I simply can't find a solution. The long story befor is.... I got a blackview bv9600pro for free and wanted to put lineage os (GSI) onto it (cause the blackview...
  3. A

    Thread S20 ultra Bluetooth mic issue

    Hi, I use my s20 ultra to play pubg but the mic seems to not working in in game voice chat. Do you guys have any idea how to fix it? Looked around the Internet but couldn't find any help. Thanks a lot
  4. N

    Thread Question Microphone muffled/bassy sound

    I just got the feedback from several people that they hear me very muffled/bassy via Telegram/WhatsApp Video Call. I used the recorder and took a sample to verify the issue. I think compared to my OnePlus 6 the microphone quality is very bad. I already had issues on my OnePlus 6 that used the...
  5. A

    Thread Is the microphone located on the USB charging board?

    I think I damaged my mic trying to clean it with an old tooth brush and some alcohol, I recorded some voice notes to test it an it sounds crackly, buzzy and barely picks up my voice. Now I'm looking for a replacement and don't know if the microphone is located on the USB charging board or should...
  6. Nfury00701

    Thread mic problem

    if i take video with front camera , no sound is recording. I'm on oos 10.3.7 and i tried beta version but the result is same. tried 3rd party apps to, but no luck ! anyone knows how to fix it ?
  7. Mena404

    Thread [OneUI 2.5]S9 mic problem in incoming calls

    Samsung s9 exynos After update the ui2.5 my mic isn't working properly when i receive the call the other person don't hear my voice until i put it on the speaker and once mic started then i can put the speaker off. But when i make the call the mic works properly. I don't need to put the call on...
  8. A

    Thread Bluetooth Headset Mic Does not work

    Hello I am using Sony WI - XB 400 bluetooth earphones. While it connects fine and I watch movies, listen to music etc. The microphone of the device does not work with third party applications like voice recorder, discord, etc. If I make a call and keep the phone in my pocket the mic of the...
  9. M

    Thread Google Maps keeps disabling both mics requiring a reboot to re-enable them

    I've finally traced down what app is disabling my microphones (both private and speaker mic). It happens every time like clock work when I use Google Maps. As soon as I click the Start button to initiate the turn-by-turn directions for a destination, both mics are disabled. The only way I have...
  10. J

    Thread Help, microphone not working anymore

    so i updated to the latest build my xz2 with latest newflasher and the microphone just got muted, tried it with calls, whatsapp audios and teh internal check system, dont know what can i do, resseted to factory setting, also tried to restore with xperia companion and nothing works. i flashed in...
  11. A

    Thread Problem with one of the microphones - P20, EML-L29 4GB, 128GB.

    Hello guys! I have EML-L29. I have strange problem with one of the mics - the one which is closer to the earpiece, top of the phone. So the problem is that the mic is very quiet - i think its responsible for when you change to loudspeaker, when you have phone call or viber, whatsup etc call...
  12. J

    Thread [Q] Mic Problem in Android 10

    First of all, I'm running MSM Xtended v9 dirty flashed from v5 which was clean flashed after Havoc OS Pie rom some time ago. Okay so here is the problem as specific as possible. At first, after doing an online call using headphones (Either via Whatsapp, Messanger, Discord) the mic would suddenly...
  13. S

    Thread Custom Kernel suggestions - for great battery backup & sound quality - for MIUI 11

    Custom Kernel suggestions - for great battery backup & sound quality - for MIUI 11 I've been using de-bloated MIUI 11 (Locked Bootloader) since long. Its been working quite nicely. But lately the battery life has really been degraded over time. -So i was thinking to flash custom kernel on MIUI...
  14. B

    Thread Use OZO mic for phone calls?

    Is it possible to use the OZO microphone for phone calls and other apps? My normal mic isn't working. Is there some setting where I can choose the microphone for third party apps? Interesting to note that when I connect earphones which don't have mic, the phone switches to OZO audio mic.
  15. A

    Thread Awful sound on concerts

    Hi, Yesterday I was at the concert of Cage The Elephant in Berlin (irrelevant, just a weird flex) and unfortunately the mic seems to be really really bad and disappointing. The video is good and I am happy with video performance. Unfortunately, the sound is really awful. See my short clip here...
  16. B

    Thread How to increase mic gain?(kernel?)

    Hi, how to increase mic gain How to increase microphone gain when talking in a discord and etc alp? I can hear quietly, maybe there is a kernel with support sound control, tell me please...
  17. G

    Thread searching for an hidden recorder apk

    Hello I'm searching an hidden mic voice recorder app for android with these features - It can be installed and uninstalled from Android console/command line (i.e. by using Termux) or by FTP and it should not have an icon once installed (neither invisible). OR it can be installed using apk but...
  18. 4

    Thread Mic issue

    My mic works fine during calls, however, if i put it on loudspeaker during a call or try to use something like shazam or soundhound there is no mic input, the apps cannot hear a thing. Any hints on what might be going on? Im using havoc OS 10, I've tried rolling back to stock to no avail as the...
  19. K

    Thread Videos taken using Pixel 3a have very low volume

    When I record audio alone using any audio recorders, the audio is fine. But when using the inbuilt camera to record video, the audio volume is too low.
  20. B

    Thread Bluetooth Headset Mic Stops Working When Phone Screen Is Off

    Issue: We both have EAOS Slimbud headsets to use while riding our motorcycles. It comes with the EAOS intercom app. We use the app to set a "group" up so that while riding we can talk and listen to our music at the same time. What we noticed is that once the phones lock the music we can still...
  21. A

    Thread In- game voice chat stops working while streaming.

    When I stream pubg mobile the in game voice chat stops working, my teammates can't listen to me but I can hear them. Mic works only on streaming apps. I have tested in some other phones also and i found that Xiaomi phones with miui 10 works properly,vivo phones too. Oneplus, sony and iphones...

    Thread Microphone Does not work (very quiet) with Google\Telegram works with voice recorders

    Please, delete)
  23. S

    Thread PX5 4GB RAM 8 CPU-what HU with good bluetooth call quality and working ok google

    Hi Guys, I am pretty familiar with these HUs. However, I have a question that I don't know if there is a definitive answer to. Question: Is there a PX5, 4 GB RAM, 8 CPU cores, Android Oreo headunit that has good Bluetooth call quality and has mic working outside the Bluetooth app flawlessly...
  24. P

    Thread Wierd Bluetooth issue: device is paired, but mic not recognized

    I have a good BT headset, am using Android with stock Android 7.0. Audio plays fine through the BT headset but for some reason the mic function is not properly recognized. I tested with Easy Voice Recorder. When I switch to record to with BT in that app, it says it can't recognize BT device. But...
  25. H

    Thread Speaker and mic not working after Oreo update in Indian Moto X4 (XT1900-2)

    After installing the update speaker & mic are not working ?? They are working in safe mode. In normal mode, the speaker just works 1st time for unlock sound and for hello moto at startup. So the speaker is fine only the update is buggy. Anyone knows how to resolve this issue except for factory...
  26. V

    Thread Echo while calling on speakerphone

    Ok, I know this has been reported a few times before, but still I wasn't able to find the solution to my problem. The problem is that while calling someone with speakerphone active, the other person complains abount hearing a bad echo of their own voice. I've had this issue for a very long time...
  27. S

    Thread [Issue] Microphone not working outside Bluetooth app- PX3-2GB-Android 7.1.x

    Hello All, I have the new PX3-2GB-Android 7.1.2 unit with XRC MCU. The only issue I have with this unit is that the built-in microphone or any external microphone is not working (not at all working) outside the bluetooth application. The microphone is working flawlessly inside the bluetooth...
  28. NHS2008

    Thread Got ripped off 950XL with faulty camera OIS and dead primary mic. PLS HELP ME FIX IT

    Hi, Yesterday I bought a Lumia 950xl freshly out of warranty for around 170 USD off local classifieds ad. I didn't get time to check the calling since my Sim 1 is VoLTE only and other sim wasn't a nano sim. And Camera I thought was proper. But later on I saw that camera just couldn't...
  29. J

    Thread Does anyone have faced this kind of issue

    I have a problem mentioned in the below link, kindly help me what to do to fix this.:rolleyes: https://forum.xda-developers.com/htc-explorer/help/phone-reboots-video-camera-gallery-t3610951
  30. Zahid Gill

    Thread LG G3 mic does not work when in Speaker mode during call

    Lg G3 works flawlessly until I'm in a call and put phone to speaker and suddenly mic stops working. Any ideas? Will custom ROM effect on it? Its stock ROM KK LG G3 - D855
  31. V

    Thread Mic not working

    Hi, Any ideas on what i can try to get the MIC working on my W1 watch? Just updated to AW 2.0, done a full reset, still the MIC doesn't work. I made a call and the speaker is working fine but other end hears nothing. Using google assistant doesn't pickup anything. I did notice "ok google"...
  32. P

    Thread How do I change my secondary mic as primary mic

    I have a HTC One M7, its primary mic is busted I can hear only static in recording and while in call, but in speaker mode the phone works fine. So I wanted to make my secondary mic as primary mic using build.prop editor but Im not sure which settings to change. Can anyone please help me...
  33. A

    Thread Mic on calls and Whatsapp voice note don´t work

    Hello there, I have this problem on my samsung galaxy s4 i9505 LineageOs 14.1 I can´t send voice notes on whatsapp and also makes calls. It´s like the mic its "mute". The only thing i can do its recording videos and make and recive calls only in speaker mode, thats the only way to make the mic...
  34. S

    Thread No sound while recording video

    Hi there, I'm having trouble with my Nexus 6P. When I record a video using the Google camera, Snapchat or Instagram there is no sound in the video. Well, there is but it's like a Shhh sound, like a damaged mic. The thing is, that this only happens while recording video, the mic works fine during...
  35. K

    Thread help! help! headphone mic not working in call

    whenever i use headphone , the other person doesnot hear any sound in calls. the headphone is perfectly fine. the headphone mic works while recording sound and video but not in calls. how to fix please help.
  36. Rahulrulez

    Thread Nexus 6P mic issue. Is there a solution at all?

    Hi, I have been a really happy user of Nexus 6P so far. It is a wonderful phone. I have loved every aspect of it. However, I have been receiving complaints from the other side of call a lot about my voice not being audible. I have to disconnect the call and call again and speak loudly almost...
  37. G

    Thread The mic on lg g4 keyboard went.... So much fun

    I tried everything on my lg g4 to get the keyboards microphone back and all i get is hand writing clipboard and cog wheel. Could it have happend when i accidentally almost started the keyboards update
  38. M

    Thread Change microphone input manually

    Hello, I have a quick question to ask. I want to record video using an external microphone for audio, but upon plugging into the TRRS (headphone) jack, the camera app does not detect an external microphone is being used. Is there a system file I can edit or an application I can use to make the...
  39. AchillesTheGod

    Thread Nexus 6P No Audio. (playback error on EVERY app)

    why im writing this i was so mad and so confused when this happened to me yet the fix was so easy. even xda didnt have a fix i only wish to help anyone with this issue. what caused the issue and Information on the issue so i got caught in the rain walking home drenched from the rain my Nexus...
  40. A

    Thread Solution for primary mic error in m4 aqua

    For all those suffering from primary mic issue here is a solution... while in call hold the mobile from the botton tightly, i.e., just near the bottom speaker and you could feel that the other party can hear you easily This problem is mainly caused by falling of your phone which created a gap...
  41. R

    Thread Note 2 GT N7100 Mic Problem

    Hey everyone. My note 2 gas given me many troubles, first the chip EMMC failed. I created a thread explaining the situation. Bootloop, recovery failed, etc. So I bought a phone that had a broken screen. I replaced the motherboard and everything was going fine but cellular signal was failing, I...
  42. R

    Thread OPO microphone sensitivity suddenly very low

    Hello, forum I dropped my OPO but there was no apparent damage. However, I soon found that the microphone had extremely low sensitivity during calls. Whistling into the microphone was loud and clear. But unless I put my mouth right next to the microphone to speak, my voice wasn't audible on the...
  43. drago10029

    Thread [Headset] Wired headset with working Vol&Mic buttons - Compatibility List

    - Volume Control + Mic 6P Headset Compatibility List - I'm sure most Nexus phones users can say that it sucks buying a wired headset for our phone. Most likely volume controls or a different feature won't work and the thing is some wired headsets are fully functional but there is no real way...
  44. A

    Thread Xperia Z3 D6653 Mic Issue

    Hi there. I got this old xperia z3 from my brother. I have this weird problem. The mic doesnt work on calls EXCEPT when im on speaker phone. It also does work on the Audio Recorder app of sony xperia from playstore. Has someone experienced this issue? Is my mic faulty? EDIT: The phone is at...
  45. SDee96

    Thread [SOLVED] In-call Microphone issues

    Hello everyone, First of all, I would honestly like to praise how good the Z3 Compact looks, feels, and performs. I got it 2 days ago (from a non-Sony supplier), and I don't regret investing in it. I have a problem, though, and it's the only one on this device - the microphone during calls...
  46. 420 Ghost

    Thread [Q] how to use secondary mic for phonecalls

    A while ago i ripped off the protective sticker for the mic and speaker on the botom of the phone as it was far too quiet, now lots of dirt has got in as i anticipated but rather than killing the speaker first the microphone is really really quiet so i have to shout like dom joly* even on...
  47. F

    Thread [Completed] Moto X 2013 XT1058 microphone issue.

    Hello, my wife dropped the Moto x and the primary Mic stopped working, secondary works well as when i record video, it uses the secondary mic. I read in the forums for other phones (M8, 1+1) that there is a file called Mixer_Paths where you can route the phone into using the secondary mic for...
  48. Puneet247

    Thread MIC Problem is Software Related. So can anyone plz fix it.

    I was using purex rom for about 3-4 weeks and mic was working fine (not so fine but ok as i have to speak louder). Yesterday I flashed the stock rom and now again mic is working but its too weak to catch the voice as the person on the other side is barely able to hear me. This thing has recently...
  49. V

    Thread 6P vs 5X vs Paralyzed Vocal Chords

    Really important question, so bear with me while I give a bit of background info. I need a new phone fast, but it needs to meet some often-overlooked requirements. My vocal chords are partially paralyzed and my diaphragm is slightly weakened, so the most mics and phones make my voice sound like...
  50. M

    Thread Microphone problem

    My microphone is not working when i am calling or recording sound. Does s6 have a separate mic for video recording cuz it works just fine in videos? And if so any way to use it in calls? I know this is a hardware problem cuz i tried factory reset and flashing many different roms. Any help would...