1. B

    Thread [GPS] Lineageos (17 and 18) : GPS doesn't work

    Hey, I'm currently running on an unofficial lineageOS 18.1 ROM but I had the same problem with the official one. I have a Redmi Note 7 without GAPPS (With Microg and OsmAnd (both from nanodroid ZiP)) and my GPS just does not work. I can't get my position from the browser, from Satstats (F-DROID)...
  2. MSe1969

    Thread [ROM][Unofficial][10.0][microG][signed]hardened LineageOS 17.1 Oneplus 7T Pro

    This thread is dedicated to provide hardened Lineage-OS 17.1 builds with microG included for the OnePlus 7T Pro (hotdog) with current security patches. Features of this ROM Download here Pre-installed microG and F-Droid like LineageOS for microG project (own fork) Pre-installed AuroraStore OTA...
  3. MSe1969

    Thread [ROM][Unofficial][10.0][microG][signed]hardened LineageOS 17.1 Oneplus 3/3T

    This thread is dedicated to provide hardened Lineage-OS 17.1 builds with microG included for the OnePlus 3/3T with current security patches. It is the successor of my Lineage 16.0 thread. It may be worth to also look there, if you are looking for information. Features of this ROM Download here...
  4. MSe1969

    Thread [ROM][Unofficial][10.0.0][microG][signed]LineageOS 17.1 for Motorola G3 (osprey)

    This thread is dedicated to provide hardened Lineage-OS 17.1 builds with microG included for the Motorola Moto G 2015 (Osprey) with current security patches. You can consider this thread as a successor of my LineageOS 16.0 Osprey thread Different from my 16.0 thread, I do not offer a "standard...
  5. S

    Thread unable to install lineage-17.1-20201204-microG-hotdog

    since the version is too old and there is no update ever since i'm unable to install that over the regular lineage os, i'm unable to downgrade either, twrp doesn't work either(doesn't get root access, and semi-freezes in adb sideload) i don't know what to do anymore, nothing seem to work
  6. K

    Thread International-only [NOH-NX9] Mate 40 Pro native GMS (non-root non-virtual) for Google-login

    I will keep this post updated if working solutions are shared. Native Solutions (with push notifications, location services, google login): None so far. 😢 Virtual Machine environments: DualSpace (loses ability to install apps/updates after a day) OurPlay (Chinese-only, Google apps crash)...
  7. N

    Thread Samsung stock to no-Google MicroG based privacy reconfigure step by step

    This is Niall's guide to reconfiguring stock Samsung S10 Android 10 into a privacy focused MicroG based sytem purged of the stock spyware and annoying and useless stuff, but with the actually useful Samsung Apps such as Camera, and VoLTE remaining fully functional. Don't get me wrong here...
  8. mtpektas

    Thread [Guide] Better Battery Life With Google Apps + MicroG Mixed System

    Hi guys, this is my first post about dev-ish stuff. Cause I didn’t something like that. So, lets get started... As you know Android 10 has huge battery drain because of Google Play Services. Before that, I got nearly %40 of background usage. Then I start searching to fix that issue. I tried...
  9. oF2pks

    Thread [AOSP 10.0_r40][all-in-one] microG ufOfficial (cve Aug, 2020) arm32/64

    [10.0_r40/v222] download : https://androidfilehost.com/?a=show&w=files&flid=286761 All-in-one: "Regular" #phhusson Quack AOSP 10.0 vanilla build with microG patches, embedded #su /system, and multiple foss apps: (/system partition requires: [arm64:>1.9Gb] [arm32:>1.3Gb] minimum) official...
  10. G

    Thread microg

    Hello! Anyone using microg with S10e? How do I get started? I would appreciate a link to a guide or general advice on what to do. Thank you!
  11. B

    Thread [Guide] Build Your Own [UNOFFICIAL][9] LineageOS4Microg 16.0 (by Bernie_nix)

    In the spirit of open-source, if there's one ROM that deserves to be "home-brewed" in addition to AOSP and Lineage, it's LineageOS4Microg. This guide will explain how to do so using Docker. LineageOS and Microg are explained below followed by the guide. /* * I'm not responsible for bricked...
  12. oF2pks

    Thread [10][microG] Los17.1 ufOFFICIAL with WakelockBlocker (cve December)

    [17.1 cve 202012] download : https://androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=306432 All-in-one: "Regular" #derf elot Los17.1 build with microG patches, extended 2x permissions, #ale5000 implementation and multiple foss apps: microG: GmsCore(mapbox) GoogleServicesFramework DroidGuard addons...
  13. Syping

    Thread [ROM][5.1.1][UNOFFICIAL][microG] CyanogenMod 12.1 [2020/04/28]

    CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device, together with microG Google's proprietary Android user space apps and libraries are replaced with a...
  14. H

    Thread [GUIDE] DeGoogle any device and install MicroG

    This guide explains how to deGoogle any android by removing most of google invasive crap. (yes, GPlay services is also removed). Play store, Google app and other crap is also removed from system, so if you want to use them, install them as user app. The installation for play store is...
  15. 1

    Thread Tegra Note 7 unusable because of Google Play Services

    Hello, I have a short question: Do you experience any issues like freezing and restarts on your Tegra Note 7 after deactivating flight mode? Because my Tegra Note 7 renders unusable for minutes most times after deactivating flight mode (and establishing the Internet connection). It reduces...
  16. Master One

    Thread Can you tell from a Logcat why an app is failing on a custom ROM with microG/Magisk?

    We have two OnePlus phones running LineageOS 16 for microG with Magisk. Almost everything is working just fine, including otherwise problematic banking apps, except for one app called HANDY Parken, which is for paying for short term parking fees in various Austrian cities. That makes no sense...
  17. B

    Thread [CLOSED][ROM][8.1][A5 2017][Unofficial] LineageOS for microG - 15.1 alpha

    [Discontinued][Unofficial] LineageOS for microG - 15.1 - Galaxy A5 2017 Check https://download.lineage.microg.org/a5y17lte/ for official pie port ! /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired...
  18. Saswata Chakraborty

    Thread [ROM][9.0.0][beryllium] LineageOS 16.0 with MicroG

    Hi folks, LOS with MicroG has finally been released. For people who don't know what the heck is this, it's besically LineageOS unofficial fork with built-in microG gapps implementation. That's right! It's the same LOS without Google spyware. Some cool features of LOS with MicroG 1. Full Play...
  19. K

    Thread [ROM][Pie][UNOFFICIAL] COSP [9.0.0] [Pixel XL (marlin)]

    COSP **** Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you destroy your device. Use at your own risk!!! **** Welcome to COSP, your new future Android Operating System. Our goal is to have an Pixel-like android ROM that isn't spying on you and uses as few system space as possible. Also, we provide the...
  20. Uqbar

    Thread How is MicroG on the 3T?

    Hi all. I am considering to replace my vanilla LineageOS with the MicroG version. I aim at prolonging the battery life and get rid of Google's Play Store Services, while keeping a bunch of Google apps: Gmail, Hangout and Maps. Any experience? Anything relevant to report? I am asking as the...
  21. S

    Thread MicroG experience with U11 Life Android One version (Pie 9.0)??

    Does anyone have experience with an unlocked HTC U11 Life and MicroG? I went on a journey trying to get rid of whole Google stuff on this phone, replacing needed services with MicroG (want to use Maps and PlayStore for bought apps). I just wonder which steps have to be taken on the road since we...
  22. R

    Thread microG with 8.x rom

    Hello, is anyone flawlessly using microG with a 8.x rom?. I tried microG with RR (+fakegapps from xposed) and had all green check marks in the self check / settings app. However, neither GPS (no location found) nor push messages worked. ps Came from OPO with Lineage 15.1 microg with working...
  23. oF2pks

    Thread [AOSP 9.0.0_r50][v121] microG ufOfficial (cve Nov ?, 2019) arm32/64

    [9.0.0_r50/v121] download : https://androidfilehost.com/?a=show&w=files&flid=286761 "Regular" #phhusson AOSP 9.0 vanilla build with microG patches, #ale5000 implementation and multiple foss apps: (/system partition requires: [arm64:>1.6Gb] [arm32:>1Gb] minimum) microG: GmsCore19.9.99.mapbox*²...
  24. Tomatot-

    Thread [GUIDE] MicroG on OnePlus 6 (open source and ligthway alternative to Google services)

    Updated and tested for Android 10 (with Omnirom) Why MicroG? Here is a great explanation from the official wiki itself: https://github.com/microg/android_packages_apps_GmsCore/wiki There are different and good reasons to move away from Google services and get microG services: 1) More privacy...
  25. AndroZeek

    Thread LineageOS 15.1 with microG[Kuntao]

    LineageOS with microG is now available for our wonderful device. It's basically Official Lineage 15.1 with signature spoofing and build in microG(open source, battery friendly alternative for Google Framework). More details at: https://lineage.microg.org Download...
  26. Androidmarketuser

    Thread [GUIDE] Factory Reset Your Elite ROM w/ microG & retaining clean functionality

    Hello, the purpose of this guide is to show how to retain functionality after doing a factory reset on every ROM. The problem is that the preinstalled gapps may not be working (login not possible), even after enabling and setting autostart in MiAssistant. Therefore some guides (e.g. this newest...
  27. radogost

    Thread LineageOS for microG for Tissot is out!

    LineogeOS for microG is there for our wonderful device. Its basically official Lineage with signature spoofing and build in microg (open source, battery friendly alternative for Google Framework). More details at: https://lineage.microg.org Download: https://download.lineage.microg.org/tissot/
  28. M

    Thread MicroG supported ROMs?

    So, I have installed various Xposed modules along with various magisk modules that says to allow signature spoofing without success, I'm now looking for a rom with signature spoofing support to enable MicroG services and just replace some of my Google apps. YouTube vanced for example requires...
  29. kjjjnob

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.1.0_r36][MICROG][07/07] LineageOS 15.1 Mod

    LineageOS 15.1 Mod LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that...
  30. Jrhotrod

    Thread Privacy with Play Services

    Hello all! I'm sure most of you are familiar with Google Play Services, the base of Google's Android framework and the brains behind all the Google things you do on your phone. Less of you, however, might also know that Play Services is notorious for being a beast of an application that no one...
  31. MSe1969

    Thread [ROM][LineageOS 14.1][substratum] for Moto G [falcon]

    Hi, this is my unofficial LineageOS 14.1 build for the Moto G (falcon) device with current security patches, microG patch and substratum support. (This thread is for the falcon device, I have also a thread for preregrine using the same sources) As announced here, LineageOS has discontinued to...
  32. A

    Thread Pixel2 ROM without GApps? With microG?

    Is there a ROM for Pixel2 which is built without GApps, but with signature spoofing built in? Maybe, with microG? None on lineage.mocrog.org for walleye. I am trying LineageOS without GApps now. It does not have signature spoofing natively, so I installed XPosed, FakeGApps module, then microG...
  33. N

    Thread MicroG On OxygenOS / TheOne3TOS?

    Just wondering if this would work. I know it doesn't support signature spoofing by default, but there's a patcher for that. So, once I patch it, would OxygenOS or OxygenOS based ROMs work with MicroG? Would it conflict with already installed GApps on Oxygen? Is there a way to not have any...
  34. R

    Thread [ROM][microG-ready][BETA][UNOFFICIAL][8.1.0] Lineage-15.1 [2018-04-10]

    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, or any problems that may arise from flashing this ROM. * Please do some research on custom ROMS and learn what the potential implications are and how to recover from a soft brick. * Please do not report errors/ bugs or anything negative...
  35. mcdachpappe

    Thread [ROM][OP3/T][OOSCAM-HDR][Unofficial]ResurrectionRemix v6.1.0-2018-06-21

    /* * Your warranty isn't void: we are on an oneplus device. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices. Please do some research * if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications. */ This ROM contains...
  36. P

    Thread Locked

    Lock this thread.
  37. N

    Thread [EOL][ROM][SDCLANG-6][microg-ready][OMS Service Mode]NLOS-15.1 - 20190208

    NLOS is an unofficial LineageOS build with many additions. These additions started small and have grown large over the month. So, it's time to name it NLOS - which still is an UNOFFICIAL LineageOS build. Thanks to UnbracedTundra NLOS has it's own logo, bootanimation and wallpapers...
  38. Neil_Armstrong_

    Thread [O][CUSTOM ROMS][1+5] MicroG, Make Android Free Again

    I am not responsible for any damage you could create with this, if you're there you're old enough to consider the consequences of your acts. It's not my work, but the project is too promising to be ignored. If you read between lines, you'll understand the purpose of this framework. It uses...
  39. A

    Thread [FIX] USB OTG Not working in CyanogenMod Roms for HTC Desite 816G (mt6592)

    I've found an app to fix Usb otg not mounting issue in CM roms ! Download StickMount from Playstore :- StickMount :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.chainfire.stickmount StickMount Pro :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.chainfire.stickmount.pro
  40. A

    Thread microG for HTCDesire816G (mt6592) (11Mb)

    What is MicroG ? MicroG is a small pakage that emulates gapps on your phone. Its very small in weight. Its works same as google play service and allow apps to work on it. MicroG does not consume that much*battery, RAM and storage*(compared to gapps). And its doesn't harm you're device any way...
  41. K

    Thread Lineage OS + MicroG for One Plus X

    This is a general thread to introduce a version of Lineage OS with MicroG instead of Gapps, made for the Stallmanites who has an onyx device. Download link: https://download.lineage.microg.org/onyx/ More info on : https://lineage.microg.org/ If possible someone could contact the specific...
  42. iamnotstanley

    Thread [ROM] [OFFICIAL] [7.1.2] LineageOS for microG (14.1)

    LineageOS for microG (14.1) for Xiaomi Mi 5s (capricorn) aka LineageOS bundled with microG Official ROM built by LineageOS for microG team (Simon94). Updates multiple times a week. Project informations: LineageOS for microG (new, official XDA thread by Simon94) LineageOS bundled with...
  43. P

    Thread microG on Wiko Fever & clones

    This guide can actually apply to any device and ROM What is microG? microG is a free reimplementation of GApps, which allows for more privacy and better battery life. How to get microG on my ROM? There are three steps: Get rid of any GApps you already have installed (I don't mean Google Play...
  44. K3V1991

    Thread [Q] microG on LG G6

    Need Help to run microG on LG G6 My Phone: - LG G6 (H870) - Stock ROM (Fulmics) - Tried System Version (by ale5000) & Magisk Version (by Setialpha) My Phone is in bootloop after Installation of System & Magisk Version Pls Help me
  45. zh_eco

    Thread ROM's Recycling Factory [Optimize][microG][Update 3]

    For GT-S7275 variants only ! ROM's Recycling Factory Powered by the most meaningful innovation Intro Modern operation systems are becoming more efficient and smarter. However , Older Devices are the victim in this battle because they are not optimized enough And they don’t have the...
  46. K

    Thread [GUIDE] How to use microG with our mi5 (Custom Nougat ROM)

    Installation guide of microG services in three ways: -On ROMs with signature spoofing option. -On Deodexed ROMs without signature spoofing option. -On Odexed ROMs without signature spoofing option. I'm using win10 all the time here, and this guide is for Nougat ROMs only. Hi everybody! Two...
  47. Setialpha

    Thread [MODULE/SYSTEM] NanoDroid (microG, pseudo-debloat, F-Droid + apps)

    NanoDroid NanoDroid is a installer for various OpenSource related things, most noticably microG and F-Droid. It supports direct /system installation, both devices with or without A/B partition scheme, aswell as Magisk Mode (module) installation. It also includes several tools (eg. GNU Bash...
  48. W

    Thread Considering trying microG (no GApps)?

    I generally hate these types of threads, but I'm looking for a specific bit of information and a ROM recommendation. Which ROMs offer the most compete and fullest experience without GApps? I'm seriously considering doing an install with no GApps, and seeing if I can get by with just microG. I'd...
  49. A

    Thread Play Store access without gapps?

    I've gone gapps-free and have replaced everything except for the Play Store. Does anyone have experience with this? There seems to be two good solutions for this, but both come with issues: - Yalp Store (access to all free apps is okay, but if you want access to apps you've paid for, you need...
  50. lee.wp14

    Thread [INDEX] How to get Signature Spoofing support

    Beware, you are about to enter a dangerous zone! I N T R O D U C T I O N Signature Spoofing is a feature that allow apps to impersonate themselves as other apps. It works by faking the package signature of an app as the one that the app is trying to spoof. This feature is common among microG...