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micromax a110

  1. Akhilendra Gadde

    Thread [ROM] [KK - 4.4.2] FuSiOn RoM™ - Lollipop EdiTioN v1.2 [ KERNEL - JB/ICS ] [AROMA]

    Following is a rom based on superdragonPT & qus1 's Kitkat Stable v1.0 Rom for the Micromax A110. [ permissions taken ] INDEX : Post #1 - Features | Instructions Post #2 - Changelogs | Downloads | Credits Post #3 - Screenshots Post #4 - Addons | F.A.Q Post #5 - RESERVED...
  2. C

    Thread [Q] After flashing official JB rom bugs shows

    1. After every reboot my apps are missing 2. Contacts gets lost but when you toggle import/export contacts somehow they began to show up again 3. Can't go to stock recovery mode and cmw any solution for this? need answers asap since this is a primary phone TIA
  3. Lal Ayer

    Thread [ROM][JB4.2]★LBA™ Smart®★[Stock-AOSP][Faster,Smoother,Batter]

    Presenting The Stock AOSP 4.2.1 Based ROM. Only Simple AOSP Based ROM PORT from Canvas TURBO A250 *★@ Awesome LBA ROM™ for Canvas II @★* →→ Make Belive ←← This Rom Specially Made for All Type User Like High End Games Lover, Music Lover, Speed Lover, Battery Backup...
  4. Akhilendra Gadde

    Thread [MOD][4.2.x] KITKAT EASTER-EGG for A110 [Turbo v3.1 & Stock JB Based]

    KITKAT Easter-Egg for Canvas2 ! Features & Usage :- Flashing Instructions :- Screen Shots :- Downloads :- Credits :- Disclaimer :-
  5. Akhilendra Gadde

    Thread [ROM][4.2.2][11/04/14] MIUI v5 4.4.7 UPDATE [PORT][A110]

    MIUIv5 4.4.7 UPDATE FEATURES & Changelog:- CREDITS :- Disclaimer :- [/CENTER] XDA:DevDB Information MIUIv5, a ROM for the Micromax A110 Contributors Akhilendra Gadde, SuperDroid-BOND, khan_frd2002, THE 4.2.2 Team of A110, pratikmore, Dark4Droid, bsuhas, andiroxu...
  6. UnNaMeD__

    Thread [Q] How to replace few files in ROM?

    I want to replace "System/lib/modules" and "Sysltem/lib/hw" with the other ROM's modules and hw folder. I simply copy pasted but I am getting installation aborted error in CWM. Any help please?
  7. sagarwep

    Thread [4.2.1] LegoIce™Canvas 4 [STABLE] [UPDATE 18/10/13]

    ------:::::: LEGO WORLD ::::::------ HERE IS THE PORTED ROM OF CANVAS 4 BASED ON CANVAS 4 FEATURE ROM FEATURES -Camera Front and Rear -WiFi -FM -Bluetooth -Smart Gesture -Mi Lock -Popup Browser -Borqs Music Player (fixed by Sudeep) -Floating video player -Floating...
  8. yog12

    Thread [CWM Flashable] Vivid colour Patch

    hi guys VIVID COLOUR PATCH :laugh: Download NOW=http://d-h.st/6UI procedure:- (take backup before tryting it ) 1] Download vivid patch zip 2] place it to your SD card 3] Boot Into CWM Recovery 4] Install ZIP from SD Card. 5] select vivid patch by yog12 CWM .zip and install 6] Done! (it...
  9. Sam Solomon

    Thread | BETA | Android 4.2 | Mission Accomplished | 100% | We killed you Monsters |

    This thread will contain all Pre-Beta Build of 4.2.2...... Watch on for Updates ;) Discuss about rom here members...Dont use "Developers's Thread " for any use :mad: ROM Build's Build_1 4.2.2 => Download Build_2[Dev- Build] => Download Build_3[Almost Stable] [by BOND1987] =>...
  10. ankurbata

    Thread [ROM][4.1.1][17 Aug 2013] ~ Aromatic BumbleBee™ ROM V3.0 ~ [Quality Performance][LTS]

    BumbleBee™ ROM 01/07/2013 21:07:00 Kol IND © 2013-2020 Reserved By Ankur Batabyal. BumbleBee™ ROM DOWNLOAD LINKS FULL VERSION BUGLESS V3.0 290MB ~ 17Aug'13 & TORRENT DOWNLOAD LINK...
  11. A

    Thread Is It Possible to Extract current ROM !

    Hi, I bought a new phone and i was wondering i could possibly extract the current rom, before i Install a other customized ROM or flash the recovery or root it.
  12. sagarwep

    Thread [ROM][UPDATE 24/07/13]LigoIce_V2.2_Galaxy_S4_UI [4.1.2]

    ------::::::WELCOME TO LEGO WORLD ::::::------ Welcome to the LegoIce™ JB Full S4 UI ROM Developed By Sagarwep :good:---Ported Zopo Stock ROM - JB 4.1.2 and MIUI ROM Mixed Version---:good: CHANGE LOG IN V 2 ROM ----------::::::::FEATURES::::::::------------- - Samsung Galaxy S4 Style...
  13. T

    Thread [Q] External and Internal Storage Cards Unmounting automatically in JB 4.1.1

    I installed stock JB 4.1.1 via CWM by paplu3. After flashing it I am facing a very unusual problem. My external card and internal storage card keep on unmounting atleast once in a day. I tried to find a pattern but the unmounting times are totally random. I have to restart the phone in order to...
  14. Killer.shubham

    Thread Ultimate Nex Gen Canvas 2

    This Time I have brought the best theme for you though it is not actually made by me or for our phone but we can use this theme Many thanks to Colorfulvisuals and Armando Ferreira for this amazing theme. I have customized further so it works brilliantly in our device First of all the required...
  15. T

    Thread [Q] How to change the app shortchuts on lock screen?

    Hello, Flashed the latest JB 4.1.1 onto my phone. There are 3 lockscreen app shortcuts: phone, messages and unlock. My question is can we change any of the 2 shortcuts besides unlock (ofcourse). For e.g. I would like to have Camera as a shortcut like it was in ICS rather than Messaging...
  16. Killer.shubham

    Thread Two smilar phones of Canvas 2

    1.Lenovo S890 2.Maxx AX9Z 1.lenovo S890 GSMArena 2.Maxx AX9Z •1.2GHz Mediatek MT6577 dual core processor •5.3-inch display with 540x960 pixels resolution •512MB RAM •2-megapixel front facing camera •8-megapixel rear camera with LED flash •Android 4.1 Jelly Bean •4GB internal storage We...
  17. Killer.shubham

    Thread ITS TIME FOR Ubuntu Touch

    Hey guys its time to port Ubuntu for our Canvas 2 visit xda thread Ubuntu Page we have to port this to our phone.
  18. Akshitbanta

    Thread [ROM][15Aug][4.1.2]▆ ▇ ▉ MIUI™ V5 STABLE ▉ ▇ ▆[Fast][Amazing][Smooth]

    [ROM][15Aug][4.1.2]▆ ▇ ▉ MIUI™ V5 STABLE ▉ ▇ ▆[Fast][Amazing][Smooth] Miui V5 Stable Micromax A110 JB 4.1.2 Guys Please HIT THE THANKS BUTTON...I've done lots of Hardwork on this ROM... MIUI is one the best ROM for Android operating system. It features a heavily-modified user interface that...
  19. S

    Thread [FLASHABLE][BOOT ANIMATION]New Boot Animation XperiaMax[Any ROM]

    Hallo, This is a Bootanimation XperiaMax, It's custom recovery Flashable, Any ROM :D Feedback is welcome Here is the gif image link for those who are not able to see the images GIF Image preview small GIF Image preview big Here is preview
  20. Nikhilmendu

    Thread [25/05][ROM][Smoothest][Gaming][Fastest][social]~~HYPERMOD™V2 ROM ~~[Turbo Engine][JB

  21. akash akya

    Thread [Semi - ROM][Flash Over ANY JB ROM] Project MicroFire V3.1 [PERFORMANCE + LOOKS]

    Big surprise for MMXa110 users...... Most of the mmx a110 users wont know me... but i think my rom introduce me better than my self... Its not just another Tweaked ROM... Please not even to move any icon in status bar requires lots of time and work... its not easy as it looks.... there are...
  22. Phoenix

    Thread [MOD]Notification bar MOD & Battery Mod V1.1 ~ Clean & Neat Icons --UPDATED--

    [MOD]Notification bar MOD & Battery Mod V1.1 ~ Clean & Neat Icons --UPDATED-- I have just created the systemui.apk mod for clean & Neat icons Screenshot : V1.0 Screenshot : V1.1 MIUI Theme V1.2 Screenshot: Battery Mod is Ported to Notification Mod V1.1 Download V1.2...
  23. ibshar

    Thread [Q] GPS Locking issue on SUVI RomV6

    I have been using the SUVI ROM v6 on my Micromax A110 for a month now and simply love it. I just got one problem, my GPS lock is not working accurately on mobile network, it is never able to get a good position lock. Mostly it is accurate upto 1 or 2 kms... But when i connect to WIFI the...
  24. Lal Ayer

    Thread LG Nexus 4 MediaApp for Micromax A110

    Mod edit: This work was originally posted here: http://dileepworld.blogspot.it/ It should not just be copied and pasted onto xda unless you have the original developer's permission AND you give them full credit for the work!
  25. ravi923615

    Thread Micromax Canvas 2 A110: All Thing Discussion

    As Our previous beloved thread is Closed by Moderators as OP has used the links to his site which is Against the rule of XDA. So We can Continue our discussions and Development of Our Device in this Particular Thread So Guys Continue Posting in this New Thread meant for General Discussions...
  26. Nikhilmendu

    Thread [ROM][Smoothest][Gaming][Fastest][social]~~HYPERMOD™ ROM ~~[Turbo Engine][JB 4.1.1]

    HYPERMOD™ ROM v1.0 UPDATE:HYPERMOD V2 released http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2294646 This is the continuation to my old rom series namely super extreme IAM ONLY A 13YEARS BOY SO YOU CAN KINDLY COOPERATE WITH ME...
  27. bsuhas

    Thread Suvi ROM Universal UI Patches for all ROMs based on Micromax JB release

    HI all, Suvi Rom is known for its awesome UI (and performance as well, undoubtedly). In this thread I will provide different UI patches from Suvi Rom which are universal - means these will work on any ROM which is based on Micromax officeial JB release. Please hit thanks if you liked the idea...
  28. suhas.holla

    Thread [ROM][PORT][LEWA Os JB 4.1.2][3-April-2013]

    LEWA OS Version 13.03.29 JB 4.1.2 Fully Bugless..First LEWA ROM FOR Micromax A110 With Zero Bugs Features: All Features of lewa optimized for Micromax Canvas 2 Based On new kernel datecode 24 march from Micromax and New Boot animation:p... Gps Working Official MMX Boot animation and many more...
  29. Akshitbanta

    Thread [ROM][JB4.1.2][Elegant]~~Raven™ ROM~~[Smooth][Fast]

    Do HIT THE THANKS BUTTON if you like the ROM ☽☽☽ Raven™ Rom ☾☾☾ Raven™ Rom is a totally Unique and the most Abstract Rom for Micromax A110 and it's Clones. The Rom is blended with all the amazing features and apps that are required by the users. It is made for all types of users,the...
  30. ravi923615

    Thread [Updated 13/10][Micromax][MOD]Sony Xperia Z1 Walkman, ClearAudio+

    MOD EDIT: Thread closed. Please use the thread in the Android Apps and Games section instead. ONLY FOR JB ROMS WITH 4.2/4.3 Versions New SONY Xperia Z1 Media Apps : - Adjust All Background Color to Album Art on Walkman - Music Control on Notification - Visualizer - New Walkman From Xperia Z1...
  31. shahulakthar

    Thread [ROM][AROMA][JB]MEGAMAX™ A110 ROM SERIES V2[Custom ROM for MICROMAX A110][03-04-2013]

  32. iamnimit

    Thread [LIST][INDEX] ROMS & Guides INDEX [updated-04/05/14]

    INTRODUCTION We all go to schools and colleges and probably have loadz of subjects to study. . Each subject has a prescribed text book to refer. In the end, we have to study all those text books. But, what if, all the important content from various books is available in only one book ? Of...
  33. VipinKC

    Thread [REF] ★ Post your Micromax desktop / screenshots / favourite ROM / theme / launcher ★

    [REF] ★ Post your Micromax desktop / screenshots / favourite ROM / theme / launcher ★ Thought i would start one of these threads considering we haven't got much in these forums ;) Don't just view the thread, Post your Micromax desktop / screenshots / wallpaper / lock screen / launcher / theme...
  34. paplu3

    Thread [ROM][CWM zip] Stock JellyBean [MMX A110 V1.11 & Cynus t2 V17.01] (25/03/2013)

    As I know this is the First CWM flashable zip of Micromax A110 Stock JellyBean & also Cynus t2 stock JellyBean for Micromax A110 on xda-developers.com:cool: I know it's not a big thing but It might come handy when upgrading to Stock jelly bean and many other way, no need of Stock...
  35. A

    Thread [MMX A110] Micromax A110: Jellybean 4.1.1

    Mobistel Cynus T2 (Same as micromax a110) released a jellybean upgrade on their website on 6th Feb, 2013. Following this, our great dev and modder community has come up with many roms and variants. SECTION 1 : OFFICIAL JELLYBEAN ROM OFFICIAL MICROMAX JELLYBEAN version 1.11- latest one from...
  36. balamu96m

    Thread [DEV][RECOVERY] CWM Recovery Touch v6.0.2.7 for Micromax A110 - BETA 1

    Hi all MMX A110 users. Here is the latest ClockWorkMod Touch Recovery v6.0.2.7. For Micromax A110 - Canvas 2 Features: All features in the recovery are working. Use soft keys in the recovery Touchscreen works but inputs have no response - will be fixed soon. Flash zip from sideload...
  37. spyki007

    Thread [27-04-13] Micromax a110 [ BOOT ANIMATIONs ] with sound

    this is droid boot animation with boot sound modified by me. for our Micromax a110 Canvas 2. image: download link: [7MB] updated now sound works............!!! instructions: download and copy to sdcard. flash .zip using cwm recovery. reboot......!! Nexus boot animation: download: s2...
  38. spyki007

    Thread [NEW BOOT LOGOs] Micromax A110 Canvas 2 , mobistel cynus t2 , myphon a919 duo .......

    Micromax A110 CANVAS2 New Boot Logos........ these cool logos are made by me...... LOGO SAMPLE: Download Link: Download link: sexyfone: Download link: sexyfone: Download Link: sexyfone: Download Link: Download Link: Download Link: Download Link: Download Link...
  39. kishoredroid

    Thread Everything For Micromax A110 Canvas 2

    Everything for A110 ROMS: Stock: Stock ROM V1 - http://d-h.st/NOR Stock ROM V2 - http://d-h.st/0lp Mobistel Cynus T2 ROM - http://www.sendspace.com/file/usu6q7 (Flashable zip) Flash tool - http://goo.gl/4tyQ5 Custom ROMS: JMP Xtream - http://bit.ly/ZacyS2 Dr.Bhokali ROM -...
  40. mujahidali

    Thread [MMX A110] Change boot logo + boot animation + shutdown animation

    First things first... This is not solely my work.... i've combined two different threads then edited/deleted/added various parts to make this a real noob friendly thread ;) Thanks to Kadan for his wonderfull Logo_builder tool. Thanks to balamu96m for boot logo guide Here is how MMX A110 [In...
  41. droidiser

    Thread Micromax A110 Canvas 2: All Things Thread

    ICS Based ROMs Official ICS Stock ROM v2: FTP Link, DevHost Link MIUI ROM Lewa OS Rom IndiAndroid ROM Radeon ROM CreamDream ROM Dr. Bhokali ROM v2 BizuGO Baidu OS ROM DZire ROM JMP ROM I shall be adding more stuff really shortly.