1. D

    Thread Unbranded head unit microphone upgrade

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a used 2010 Prius with an android HU. It's unbranded (noname) and pretty weak (1gb ram). I could live with the android performance issues but the microphone is driving me crazy. Nobody can hear what i'm saying. The unit has an external mic and i wanted to upgrade...
  2. A

    Thread Help with microphone audio noise

    Hi all, I'm writing here in the hope of getting some better understanding of how microphones works, and maybe some hints on how to fix the problem I'm currently banging my head on. :) I'm porting the Xiami Redmi Note 7 Pro to Ubuntu Touch, and I'm facing an issue with the audio recorder from...
  3. A

    Thread Is the microphone located on the USB charging board?

    I think I damaged my mic trying to clean it with an old tooth brush and some alcohol, I recorded some voice notes to test it an it sounds crackly, buzzy and barely picks up my voice. Now I'm looking for a replacement and don't know if the microphone is located on the USB charging board or should...
  4. W

    Thread What's the deal with Android 10?

    Hopefully someone, possibly a dev, can clear this up. I've been wondering this ever since the first A10 custom rom came out for the X00TD: Why do all A10 roms suffer from the following problems? I remember testing more than a dozen different ROMs and all of them suffered the same issues. Issues...
  5. T

    Thread No one can hear me but microphone works

    HI guys, please help me with my LG V20 VS995 Internal microphones (i tested them individually) works when using a recorder app. Recording is loud and clear but when i call anyone, they cant hear anything. External mic with headphones does work. Things i did: Factory reset. Clear cache...
  6. A

    Thread Apps can't use microphone

    Hy guys, I'm writing here because my OP 5T's microphone isn't working in apps that use it, except for phone app, in which it works properly. Doing recs in whatsapp, telegram, and IG results in a rushy noise and even in my guitar tuner app the phone doesn't hear sounds. On the contrary, during...
  7. F

    Thread Force front microphone for video recording

    Hi all! My moto X4 has a faulty external (rear) microphone, so whenever I use the camera for video recording, there is no output! I did multiple hw test, and the front mic is the only one that has no issues. So, I was wondering if there is a possibility to force every app (or just the GCam) to...
  8. ZaKaRia OuH

    Thread Security policy prevents use of camera

    So , after about 1 year of absence from XDA developers platform here I'm again. Today I had this " never seen before weird issue " when I tried to capture a cute Chameleon and out of the blue I had a pop-up saying " Security policy prevents use of camera ! " It' weird since I disabled " auto...
  9. C

    Thread Microphone Not Working

    Hi, I have a strange problem with my Oneplus 8 Pro. After updating to 10.5.10 the microphone is not working for all the apps. I can place calls normally, call using messenger and record videos but it does not work for Google Assistant and the official Recording App or Facebook messenger when...
  10. B

    Thread T710 microphone issues

    Hi, I have a t710 running ripee's lineage16 version 20200311. I understand there are some mike issues related to proprietary samsung drivers. My symptoms are low volume and an echo on google hangouts/duo. Can anyone provide a link to patches for improving the situation? Thanks for any help!
  11. X

    Thread Microphone clipping in audio and video recordings

    When i record any audio or video, the audio is clipping, like if there is a lowpass filter on it. This especially happens in loud environments, or when there is an high presence of low frequencies. For example on Instagram stories the audio is really bad even if it's not loud and it's really...
  12. U

    Thread [HELP] Problems with Audio Recording

    Hi, I've been using custom roms on my MiA1 for over a year, and recently I started to notice problems with audio recording. For some reason when I try to record an audio, all I get in the end is a blank recording. However, I do not think the problem is hardware issue because, "OK Google" command...
  13. A

    Thread P30 Pro external microphone

    Hi all, I've just recently got the P30 pro and would like to connect an external microphone to do video recording. There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer to this, my thinking is I need a USB-C/OTG type adapter that has the dual headphone and microphone input connectors, am I right? If so...
  14. 4

    Thread Mic issue

    My mic works fine during calls, however, if i put it on loudspeaker during a call or try to use something like shazam or soundhound there is no mic input, the apps cannot hear a thing. Any hints on what might be going on? Im using havoc OS 10, I've tried rolling back to stock to no avail as the...
  15. P

    Thread External headsets / microphones sound very bad + very low output ?

    I tried to use an external headset in discord yesterday. Two different ones actually. And I'm very dissapointed of the input quality. Now I'm wondering if I'm the only one with this issue or if theres something wrong with ColorOS or even the device itself? I do know that my headsets sound...
  16. W

    Thread handsfree microphone problem

    Hi all, my OP7P, running Android 10, microphone is really bad on handsfree mode (speakermode). when calling people are unable to understand me, and there is a lot of noise. Are there more people on XDA with this problem? What might be the cause? Anyone with a possible solution or anything I can...
  17. N

    Thread Microphone over Bluetooth not working!

    Hi, I'm writing to ask whether you have ever experienced any issue with the microphone over Bluetooth. I've bough a pair of Bluetooth earbuds which works smoothly, apart from the microphone (every earbud has a microphone): in audio calls, in apps, in video recording or in any other app, even if...
  18. W

    Thread Android pie speaker call microphone issues

    Update hotfix! So, if you're having the same issue as described below, the solution is apparently to contact HTC support. Explain to them you have this issue, you could also mention this thread and they should ask you for your SN or IMEI. A few days later you can check for an update and you...
  19. LeonardoGC

    Thread How to increase the audio recording volume level (using the phone's microphone)?

    Hi everybody, I am doing some audio recording tests (using the phone's microphone) but the recorded volume level is too low. Is there a way to increase the audio recording volume level?, maybe tweaking the microphone's settings. Regards
  20. M

    Thread !! Low Headset Mic Volume !! HELP !!

    I have issues with my headset mic and the button ,the headset works perfectly on all the devices i tested ,lg ,samsung ,huawei and apple ,everything works fine in term of audio ,the sound is great on the oneplus too but the mic is not working or the sound is almost silent for the other person...
  21. vlachorumsapiens

    Thread Microphone Static Noise

    When I'm using the audio recorder app or the camera video recorder on my RN7Pro, the microphone picks up a lot of static noise even when it's very quiet. Could anyone do a simple recording test to confirm if this is occurring for you as well? I'm not sure if this is normal. The amount of static...
  22. D

    Thread Looking for a better Microphone

    My son participates in several bands, and while the mic on the S9 is good I feel like I need something more. I've tried this (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014Q9YUKG/), which gave me good quality for a couple of recordings before one of the internal circuit boards cracked. Anyone doing...
  23. A

    Thread Bluetooth earphones buzzing noise issue

    Hello, I've bought the Anker Soundcore Liberty air and they work great with Poco F1 but when I do anything microphone related the other person from the line hears me fine but I hear a loud buzzing sound, this is present everywhere, google assistant, sound recording apps, calls and others, it's...
  24. Masiade

    Thread Delete 3G from Custom Rom - Lineage OS 13

    Hey guys, since I started again modding my old Tablet (SM-T560) I found a custom Rom (lineage OS 13) for my device. Okay, its not for the SM-T560 (WIFI only) but for the SM-T561 (3G Version). So far the ROM works just fine. There are only a few things, that are not working correctly and thus it...
  25. L

    Thread Recording/Microphone Issue

    Hello Guys, I bought Nokia 8.1 yesterday, the phone is excellent in nearly every aspect, but two hours ago I faced a little issue. I sent a friend 3 voice notes on WhatsApp, they responded that the first half of the first note is not clear, I played it and for about 30 secs (out of 1:32)...
  26. hknoener

    Thread Calls fading in and ou when using speakerphone

    Hi, there. I've using my S9 for a couple of weeks now and I noticed a very annoying problem. If I'm on a call (phone call, video call, regardless the app), using the speakerphone completely ruins it. On a video call it's easier to feel the problem: you can still see me talking, but you can't...
  27. H

    Thread EMUI 9 :: Microphone for Video Recording or Dictaphone

    After upgrading my BLA-L29 to EMUI 9, the microsophone for video recording or dictaphone stops working randomly and the only fix is to restart the phone even after resetting the phone to factory settings. I read online that this issue is happening for the Mate 20 Pro and there is no reference...
  28. Drugoli

    Thread Microphone only works with headphones plugged in

    I've been using my Xperia Z5 for roughly 2 years without problems, but lately I've experienced a rather annoying issue regarding headphone use and the microphone (the one built into the phone, NOT one attached to a headphone): After using the headphones to for example listen to music, the...
  29. D

    Thread Is Google always listening?

    Hi all, I had the suspicion for some time now that my Android phone is somehow collecting private information without my knowledge and using it to bombard me with ads but I wasn't sure how. I know that google is reading my emails, my calendars and has access to my data stored on Google Drive...
  30. John Latter

    Thread External microphone for LG G6?

    Hi, I couldn't find anything when I did a search of this forum but I would like to know if an external microphone (preferably stereo) can be connected to the G6 when video recording (and if so, how? :) ) Thanks!
  31. shiner66

    Thread Microphone screeching sound

    Hello, I'm getting this weird issue on my week old s9. It seems that when on VOIP calls, my 2nd microphone (the one used for noise cancellation) throws a fit and it causes some loud screeching sounds to be heard by the other party. It really sounds like a positive feedback, but I can't...
  32. shiner66

    Thread Microphone screeching sound

    Hello, I'm getting this weird issue on my week old s9. It seems that when on VOIP calls, my 2nd microphone (the one used for noise cancellation) throws a fit and it causes some loud screeching sounds to be heard by the other party. It really sounds like a positive feedback, but I can't...

    Thread Microphone Does not work (very quiet) with Google\Telegram works with voice recorders

    Please, delete)
  34. J

    Thread Audio recording MONO since last update ? + Bad audio fix

    Bad audio fix First of all: If you experience bad audio during video recording, use the app "Open Camera" and choose: - Video Settings > Audio Source > External mic => Then audio quality is very good! Audio MONO since last update ?! Since the last update (, all audio recording is mono...
  35. P

    Thread No sound and mic not working when calling

    Hello! My phone has always been working fine so far. Two days ago suddenly I couldn't make phone calls anymore. To me more precise there was no sound on my side and the other person could not hear me, just silence. I did a reboot and it worked again. Yesterday the problem came up again. Did a...
  36. S

    Thread PX5 4GB RAM 8 CPU-what HU with good bluetooth call quality and working ok google

    Hi Guys, I am pretty familiar with these HUs. However, I have a question that I don't know if there is a definitive answer to. Question: Is there a PX5, 4 GB RAM, 8 CPU cores, Android Oreo headunit that has good Bluetooth call quality and has mic working outside the Bluetooth app flawlessly...
  37. BealeStBluesBoy

    Thread [Magisk module] Microphone fix for Oreo ROMs

    Microphone fix for Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon All credit goes to Robse at 4PDA. The module available in other thread ****ed up my Magisk installation, so here I've updated the template and only fixed microphone, there's no additional thing. It'll just fix the erratic volume levels while...
  38. J

    Thread Use speakerphone mic as main mic

    Hi my main mic is broken and the one I'm talking to cant hear me if I'm using the main mic but when on speakerphone everything works fine. Is there a way to switch the main mic to speakerphone mic. I've been trying to edit the mixer_paths.xml file but can't achieve switching the mic. Thanks for...
  39. J

    Thread Switch speakerphone mic as main mic

    Hello, currently my pixel xl's in call microphone stopped working and the one on the other line can't hear my voice. But when i switch to speakerphone everything works. I'm trying to change my main mic to the speakerphone mic from mixer_paths.xml but cant find the right values. Im looking for a...
  40. D

    Thread [Q] Daughterboard Replacement (Microphone issues)

    Let me preface by saying I have read the 4 page thread & nothing there seems to help. I bought a Pixel late last year as gift for my mother as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, after resetting the device, I found that the phone had microphone issues - working for about an hour after the phone...
  41. nasko_spasko

    Thread [ISSUE][With workaround] Built-in mic not working with AOSP based roms

    Edit1: This issue have workaround found to be raliable-ish, see post 6. Edit2: I've figured it out, see post 12. Greetings! My device is Redmi Note 4X black 3/32GB. I have an issue with the microphone not working, but only during phone calls and only when using the built-in earpiece for...
  42. V

    Thread Echo while calling on speakerphone

    Ok, I know this has been reported a few times before, but still I wasn't able to find the solution to my problem. The problem is that while calling someone with speakerphone active, the other person complains abount hearing a bad echo of their own voice. I've had this issue for a very long time...
  43. MauriceFdo

    Thread Help. I want to record live music and the mic is saturated

    I have tried several apps for live music recording and I get saturation. Only the video camcorder records a clear audio, but I don't want the video, only the audio. (Sorry for my English)
  44. S

    Thread [Issue] Microphone not working outside Bluetooth app- PX3-2GB-Android 7.1.x

    Hello All, I have the new PX3-2GB-Android 7.1.2 unit with XRC MCU. The only issue I have with this unit is that the built-in microphone or any external microphone is not working (not at all working) outside the bluetooth application. The microphone is working flawlessly inside the bluetooth...
  45. D

    Thread External *stereo* microphone for both video and audio only recording?

    Does anyone have any experience in regard to connecting external microphones to the OP5? The idea behind this is that I want to record classical music with a high dynamic range without any compression or clippings. I'd like to record myself playing the piano both with an HD video and good...
  46. G

    Thread MTP not working & slow charge issue after changing a flex

    Hello guys, I have a LG D802 unlocked and noticed that it wont transmit a voice during the calls or record anymore, so official LG service changed my flex and voice issue has solved but! I recognized following things afterwards; -original usb cable recognized as usb charging, 200-300 mA while...
  47. D

    Thread [KENZO] Microphone not working anymore in phone calls

    I was using AOSiP 6.3, then I noticed that during calls people can't hear me. I had this issue with the first versions of XenonHD, and the fix with that rom consisted in changing the value of 'fluencetype' key from 'fluence' to 'none' in buil.prop So I tried the same thing, but nothing. I then...
  48. C

    Thread How to make the microphone stop listening when replying to texts

    I just hate it whenever I may need to reply via voice input that it continues to pick up sounds until it's silent. That means when I finish speaking, background noise will prevent it from sending the reply in time (if at all in correct format). I know I can tap the bottom "squiggly lines or...
  49. S

    Thread Mic sensitivity issues

    Is anybody finding the microphone on their Mix to be too quiet? When I use snapchat, skype, and phone calls, the person on other end complains that I'm barely audible. However, when I record something with the recorder app, it sounds much louder and clearer than a recording in snapchat under the...
  50. B

    Thread how-to-microphone-gain-increase? (Mixer_paths.xml) Android 6

    I have an microphone- issue with my Note 4. It has 3 Microphones. The Mic on Top(rear mic) works fine its active when Recording Videos and phonecalls over LoudSpeaker but the two mics on the bottom (front mics) have some issue and are really quiet. I have to scream when i do normal...