mido kernel

  1. BoundDroid

    Thread "Medium" bricked mido with damaged persist, kernel and maybe modem images[?] (and others)

    Problem (symptomatic): Phone doesn't start, always boots into bootloader. Have to go into recovery (OrangeFox), flash an OS every time - only Lineage OS 17.1 and RR Pie start up. Logs into the introduction screen. Wi-Fi, hotspot, mobile data - nothing works - freezes UI. When I try rebooting the...
  2. LordArcadius

    Thread [KERNEL][MIDO][Oreo/Pie] ElectraBlue Kernel 21.0 - July 06 - Redmi Note 4

    Electrifying Android! About ElectraBlue Kernel ElectraBlue Kernel was first introduced to Android One 1st generation devices. Now it is also available for Redmi Note 4. It is developed to unleash the full power of your device. This kernel is developed in a manner to give you a balanced...