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  1. KozacheShapka

    Thread Removal of internet speed limitation on Wi-Fi in stock firmware

    Hello everyone! In custom firmware, even on modified firmware, the internet speed exceeds 7 MB/s, while on stock firmware, it does not exceed 7 MB/s. Are there any patches available to fix the speed issue? Or how can it be fixed manually?
  2. SudoJanast

    Thread [SOLVED] Downgrade from an Android 13 Custom ROM to MIUI 13 ( With Android 12 )

    Hello everyone ! Please excuse me if I don't know/misused the tags. I am new to the forum I explain my problem to you. I own a Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G phone that I put under a custom ROM some time ago. Yesterday I tried to switch back to MIUI 12.5 without success as well as to MIUI 13 without...
  3. B

    Thread 12.5 update (nfc)

    Hi, In wich countries you already received Global/EU OTA?
  4. Y

    Thread MIUI 12.5 for EEA version

    Hello guys, I have Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite EEA version, unfortunately 12.5 may has not come to the EEA version, is there a method to get 12.5? Something like change from EEA to global? Thanx :)
  5. LiaFourté

    Thread [SHARED] [10] [MOD] MIUI China Port for Redmi 9C/NFC (angelica/angelican) [STABLE]

    What is this? MIUI 12.5 is a lighter and faster operating system that delivers an extra smooth user experience. Introduction As it appears that Xiaomi will not be releasing MIUI 12.5 anytime soon, the Russian community from 4pda decided to port MIUI 12.5 China directly from the Redmi 9A. I've...
  6. M

    Thread Redmi 10/10 Prime (Selene) Global ROMs and Flashing.

    Introductions: Xiaomi Redmi 10 / 10 Prime with codename selene with model names 21061119AG, 21061119AL, 21061119BI includes Global Firmware (Global ROM) which can be flashed with clean all and lock methods. Currently available firmware are Global, Indian, Indonesian(Indo), Taiwan, European(EEA)...
  7. Ashton10

    Thread How to setup App Ops using shizuku in MIUI

    Hi everyone thanks for the reply in advance i searched the forum for someone with similar question and found none. Maybe its because no one is as dumb as I. Anyway from the title you might have understood my question. I wanted to install App Ops in my Mi11x running MIUI 12.5 (Android 11) using...
  8. kyhou

    Thread Question MIUI 12.5 Reading Mode - Tasker

    So, I want to activate the reading mode that the MIUI has using Tasker, but I can't find anywhere how to do that. Can someone help with this? Obs.: My phone is not rooted. Thanks!
  9. Azukanieks


    > I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, > thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please > do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM > before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if...
  10. minikahona

    Thread Question Can you tell me which file is the recovery.img in the stock fastboot rom?

    I've downloaded the stock fastboot rom, and i wnt to restore the stock recovery, becasue I'm using now the TWRP from here. I want to update to the latest global rom, to the enchanted one, but i dont want to reinstall everything. I only rooted the global rom that I'm using now, and i hope I can...
  11. lankanatha

    Thread How to root Redmi note 8 Chinese rom

    hi, I need to convert redmi note 8 chinese rom to global with MIUI 12.5. in my case, I cant root redmi phone do the process. please help me to install TWRP installation
  12. R

    Thread Does NFC work in new MIUI 12.5 (EU ROM)?

    Hey guys I purchased Mi9T Pro with EU ROM installed by default just after it was released. Unfortunately, by some reason NFC didn't work at all (device just doesn't recognize that module) and because of that I have moved to custom ROM where it worked fine. About year passed from that ROM...
  13. A

    Thread Question Is MIUI 12.5 enhanced worth it?

    I am currently using Mi 11X (aliothin) running on Pixel Experience. The rom is pretty smooth, but is still a bit buggy at places and lacks stock features like the camera, dolby, memc etc. Recently, Xiaomi has been rolling out the 12.5 enhanced edition globally for alioth devices, which...
  14. crazyboy_alias

    Thread MIUI 12.5 doesn't support Androi Auto?

    I've got this message since i updated my K30 Ultra from MIUI 12.0.xx to 12.5.5, in 12.5.3 it showed that No install app work with this USB accessory. Even when i touch OK, my phone was always freeze and lag, no way to connect Android Auto in my car. Everything worked fine with MIUI 12.0.xx but...
  15. AL_IRAQI

    Thread [Guide] Changing Recents Provider on Miui 12.5+ [QuickStep][Miui QuickSwitch]

    Hello everyone Intro: i was looking for some stuff the other day and I stumbled upon GApps Plus for Miui, one of the mods was switching to AOSP recents after looking into it, it seems that its possible to use QuickSwtich or other Launchers as recents providers in Miui 12.5+ as @jigs4wkiller...
  16. Noob_androser

    Thread Question software iissues miui with 12.5.5

    I was using official miui 12.5 with no issues. Decided to unlock bootloader and flashed miui eu 12.5.4 and everything worked fine until i decided to flash weekly rom. THE ISSUE Video rewarded ads from apps and games lagging games lagging music playback lagging. ( songs play for a few...
  17. W

    Thread Facing several issues after updating to latest version

    Hey guys, I've recently received an update [MIUI Global 12.5.1 Stable] for my Redmi 9 (M2004J9G). & there's this new feature "Privacy & Protection" which promises to record device permission activities, turn on the privacy clipboard, save passwords. However, it doesn't do any...
  18. G

    Thread Question Can I relock my bootloader after changing China ROM to Global?

    Now I'm at MIUI 12.5.10 china and I want to change to global MIUI 12.5 because now I can't use Google unless root the device And I already unlock the bootloader in this China Rom i just haven't change it to the global Rom At first I want to flash the Rom through recovery so I try to install...
  19. redymedan

    Thread [Guide] Install MIUI 12.5 for POCO X3 NFC Android 11 ( Ported ROM )

    How to Install MIUI 12.5 for POCO X3 NFC Android 11 - Ported ROM. Optimized ROM Based on MIUI 12 Stable Use at your own risk, I'm not responsible for bricking your device. GOOD FOR GAMING ( PUBG TESTED ) MIUI 12.5 Install Instructions on POCO X3 NFC: Enter TWRP Recovery Mode: Turn Power off...
  20. F

    Thread MIUI 12.5.1 - Instagram Long Story Error

    Hi! I just would like to know if there are workarounds about MIUI 12.5.1 Instagram Long Story Issue? It seems like the new version broke the stability of the instagram long story feature.
  21. allan_sundry

    Thread Question MIUI 12.5 Playback controls issue

    Hello, Recently I've upgraded from MIUI 12.0.5 to MIUI 12.5.1. After upgrade, I'm not able to close playback control window (for example VLC or Voice Audiobook Player): Playback control window pretends to disappear when I swipe it (to the right or to the left): but the there's empty space...
  22. A

    Thread Downgrade Android 11 based MIUI to Android 10 based MIUI in CC9 Meitu

    hello, I'm using xiaomi cc9 meitu edition, and few days ago it got an update to miui 12.5 from miui 11. I'm very new about this, i would like to know how to downgrade my phone back to miui 11, or miui 12 based on android 10. I'm okay with chinese rom, but i dislike miui 12.5 because my...
  23. firestoner

    Thread Update MI 9 on MIUI 10 Global 9.6.27 to MIUI 12.5

  24. T

    Thread Development [ ROM] MIUI 12.5 [PORTED] FROM Mi 10i For Redmi Note 10 Pro/ Pro Max

    ⚡This Rom is For Sweet & Sweetin Both⚡ MIUI 12.5 Xiaomi EU Beta v21.1.28 - PORT | Android 11. Updated: 06/05/'21 ▪️Download | Mirror [2.41 GB] ▪️Blog ▪️Support Changelog: • Ported from Mi 10 Lite (monet) • Ported slightly older version as it's more stable • Fixed updater-script codenames, now...
  25. shafi1885

    Thread MIUI 12.5 Chinese ROM Google PlayStore Stopped Working

    Hello friends, I am new here, getting familiar with XDA environment. The reason I am here is for I faced this problem after MIUI update 12.5 chinese rom. Now, google is no longer working. What can I do to use play store again? Please help me SOLVED, READ THIS COMMENT, CONTAINS ALL OF THEM My...
  26. @Spyboy


    <!-- Warning -- this model only work on phoenixin ( poco x2 ) MIUI global Android 11 ROM --!> Master module for Miui Global 1. ‌No cut out 2. ‌Always on display 3. ‌lmmersive gesture bar 4. ‌Super wallpapers 5. ‌Miui 12.5 sounds and boot 6 .‌New power menu 7. ‌HDR support on Netflix, prime...