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  1. How.to

    Thread Always on Display (Miui 13 Aod) Recovery or Magisk module

    Modification for Always on Display (Ambient display) Installation: OrangeFox or TWRP 1. Recovery 2. Install MiuiAod 3. Reboot Or Magisk module 1. Install MiuiAod 2. Reboot Download Links : Recovery Or Magisk module
  2. J

    Thread fix nfc after update rom miui 13, device joyeuse

    sorry in advance if my english is bad, i want to ask, why my redmi note 9pro lost nfc setting after miui 13 eu update? anyone have a solution? such as magisk modules etc., apart from changing ROM or factory reset.
  3. Wuqqers

    Thread Question İ have xiaomi mi 12 pro but miui 13 have a bug?

    Hello guys I bought Mi 12 lite last month and when I received the device, I noticed that there was a problem with the device and I reported it to xiaomi and they told me to send it to the service. About 10 days after I took my phone to the service and gave it to the service, the service said...
  4. PranavAm0nkar

    Thread Question Any Custom ROM?

    Is there any custom ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S cuz I can't find any... Please recommend me some custom or even MIUI 'quick update' ROMs Device: Redmi Note 10S (rosemary) MIUI version: 13.0.4 (SKLINXM)
  5. P

    Thread Question Redmi Note 11s no blinking notifications while phone is locked, no pop up notifications while using phone.

    Hello, I recently bought Redmi Note 11s to upgrade from my old Blackview which is running Android 7. After turning the phone on I updated to MIUI 13.0.1 and debloated the phone using UAD. As a side note I don't think debloating is related to this at all. Now my issue with the phone is that I...
  6. B

    Thread Question Black shark 4 android 12

    Hi everyone .. I just want to ask you if the black shark 4 global version will get android 12 MIUI 13 update or not? if yes when it will comes out. Thanks 🙏
  7. OYH0

    Thread Question [HELP][A12][MIUI13][BETACN] Apps not compatible with the device

    I recently changed my default rom to do some tests with the miui beta china, but I ended up coming across this message in some apps that I tried to install: My device is not rooted at the moment!
  8. omar404

    Thread Question NV data is corrupted after flashing miui 13

    Hello guys , Please help my Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Global snapdragon 678 stuck at NV data is corrupted after I've flashed the latest MIUI 13. Now I can't boot into my OS . It always reboots to recovery mode . While searching in google I've found that it's caused by NON-HLOS.bin file . So I've...
  9. xxxxemmaxanna

    Thread How To Guide [STABLE/STOCK/GSI - Android 13] Redmi Note 10 5G (camellian) + Magisk (NO TWRP)

    How to flash Google/Pixel Stock Stable Android 13 on Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G (in my case camellian) from any MIUI or any GSI rom without custom recoveries: Download stock (original/unmodified) boot.img from your current MIUI Version Download LATEST platform-tools (ADB + FASTBOOT) from Google...
  10. gio.mchedlishvili

    Thread Question How to downgrade MIUI 12.5 to MIUI 12

    Hi. I have Redmi 9T with, you know, horribly optimized MIUI 12.5.12. With MIUI 12, phone was wery smooth, but after 12.5 everything changed. So, I tried to downgrade it to MIUI 12 via updater app but that is officially unsupported. What can I do? Is it worth to wait more for long awaited MIUI...
  11. Zibri

    Thread How To Guide How to enable FULL developer mode (security+install) without SIM and wifi.

    Many people asked how to do this withoput needing an internet connection, a xiaomi account and the simcard inside the phone. I am glad to tell you I found a simple way. In MIUI 13: Go in developer mode and enable USB debugging (the normal one). Then go to Privacy Protection >> Special...
  12. D

    Thread Question Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G (China:Pissarro)/Note 11 pro plus(Mediatek) MIUI 13 Camera Blurry Bug

    Hi , I've bought a Redmi note 11 pro 5g China Version that's called pissarro (Same as Note 11 pro plus (Pissarro) and updated the miui to 13.0.3 and then 13.0.4 with android 12 and I've noticed a bug in my camera , my camera app works fine but whenever i try to take a picture using any 3rd party...
  13. LIGHT💡

    Thread TWRP recovery

    How can I Flash TWRP recovery on Redmi note 9 Merlin after upgrading to MIUI 13 Android 12?
  14. dzhelyazkov

    Thread Question Throttling with Game Turbo

    Hi team. Is anyone experiencing overheating issues while gaming with Game Turbo on? I got the phone throttle while playing Diablo and Call of Duty with the default in-game settings. Tried several different Game Turbo configs but none of them makes any difference. Tried resetting the phone...
  15. D

    Thread Question MIUI 13 Google Migrate (Whatsapp data from iPhone)

    Now that Android 12 added the Google Migrate feature to transfer data from an iPhone using a USB-C to Lightning cable (https://www.android.com/switch-to-android/), Whatsapp data can finally be migrated from an iPhone to Xiaomi for free without relying on 3rd party apps...
  16. 4

    Thread Question [Xiaomi 12 Pro] System Launcher - Launcher crashes when trying to change search bar provider

    Hi, I've recently installed MIUI EEA on my Xiaomi 12 Pro and I've tried changing the search bar provider to Sesame. When I'm trying to click on the setting it just crashes without a message so I've searched for the crash in the logs, here's what I found. 2022-08-20 18:44:49.317 15821 15821...
  17. T

    Thread Development [RECOVERY] [TWRP][EXPERIMENTAL] Unofficial TWRP 3.6.2 for Android 12 and MIUI 13

    Hi there, I compiled a recovery with a minor changes from below source. https://github.com/willzyx-hub/twrp_device_xiaomi_camellia_12.0 This build has WIP filesystem decryption cherry picks from twrp gerrit. It's completely experimental and touch does not works, you can only use this with an...
  18. S

    Thread Question Pocket mode on MIUI 13

    Hello all, I searched on the forum if there is any post about the pocket mode for the Xiaomi 11T Pro and I didn't find any. Actually, when I put my phone on my pocket faced to my thigh it just do some clicks (yes, I turned on double click to turn on) but normally it shouldn't wake the screen...
  19. 2

    Thread Question MIUI 13 darkmode options not visible

    Device: Poco X4 Pro 5G MIUI Global 13.0.8(RKCEUXM) When i go into the dark mode options to activate/deactivate the dark mode for selected apps like on MIUI 12 there are no apps at all. the trick with the bar to scroll doesnt work too. after a while i found THIS magisk module that i installed ...
  20. C

    Thread Question Dowgrading back to MIUI 12.5

    MIUI 13 is a huge disappointment for me. It's stuttery, sluggish, way slower and dark mode practiacally broken with a lot of apps. Read through forums to find a way to downgrade but I'm still confused. I don't want to unlock my bootloader just to downgrade my phone. All I want is to downgrade...
  21. !NotPat

    Thread POCO M3 Pro 5g not booting up after unexpected shutdown. It does not charge as well

    I was using my phone scrolling on Facebook then it suddenly shuts down. After that I tried to boot it but after holding the power button for 15 secs It shows that its out of battery. but I know my battery life was at 98% cause I just finished charging. 1 day has passed since. Here's what It...
  22. chp0ker1337

    Thread How To Guide Instructions for obtaining Root-Rights for Xiaomi POCO X3 GT with MIUI 13.0.4 Global

    Instructions for obtaining Root-Rights for Xiaomi POCO X3 GT with MIUI 13.0.4 Global Unlock the BootLoader Download the archive and move the folder with the name "MIUI 13.0.4" Log in to BootLoader (FastBoot) Open in the folder "AutoROOT.bat" Press Enter when it is written Advantages of this...
  23. B

    Thread Mi 10T Pro M2007J3SG Magisk v25 Bootloop need help..

    1. I installed Magisk v25, before that I was on v24 and everything was fine, and I made a boot.img with vbmeta option on, transfered magisk boot.img, now my phone is in bootloop... That is not main problem, even when I back original boot.img my phone is stuck in same bootloop? Why is that and...
  24. wonderlust__

    Thread Question MIUI 13 stable update bricked my phone

    Hi all, This is my second post here so I'm pretty much a newbie. I have a Mi 11 with Global ROM, Fastboot, TWRP, and Magysk. Today I got the MIUI 13 Stable update which I downloaded and updated. The moment I clicked Reboot I felt something was wrong because the screen just turned black. Now the...
  25. I

    Thread "More dark mode options" not showing list of individual apps

    Hello there, as written in the title I am trying to figure out why the settings app does not show the apps list to turn off dark mode for sigle applications. CONTEXT: MIUI Global 13.0.1 (Android 11), Dark mode enabled. Some minor (no root/no roms flashing) tinkering has been made on the device...
  26. T

    Thread Bricked Mi 10T - Bootloader Re-Locked - MIUI 13

    I have a Mi 10T purchased in Italy, and therefore coming factory loaded with a "branded" firmware RJDEUHG. It should be a Windtre modded ROM, please correct me if I'm wrong. The latest known working ROM was the miui_APOLLOEEAHGGlobal_V12.5.3.0.RJDEUHG_da9e1c75b5_11.0. Tired of waiting for the...
  27. H

    Thread MIUI 13 for Mi Max 3

    Hi all, Someone have a news about MIUI 13 custom roms for Mi Max 3? Thanks in Advance.
  28. Cabeção-Flu

    Thread Question Miui 13 + Bluetooth AAC

    Hi, everyone. I bought a speaker that supports AAC codec but i only give SBC connection. I tried force it in Developer settings without success. I'm in Xiaomi.eu 13.0.3 with BALAAM Kermel and don't know if is a Miui, Xiaomi.eu or Kernel issue. Did anyone connect correctly a AAC device with...
  29. Y

    Thread General [CLOSED] Miui 13 for POCO X3 Pro Global [vayu]

    [MIUI 13] New: “Crystallization” super wallpapers New: A new widget ecosystem with app support Optimization: Improved overall stability [System] Stable MIUI based on Android 12 Updated Android Security Patch to February 2022. Increased system security. [Wallpaper] New: “Crystallization” super...
  30. Agent 47

    Thread Question Confused about Xiaomi's strategy

    Is there any explanation as to why the top model like "Mi 11 Ultra" is downgraded when it comes to MIUI 13 update and other models get first? "Mi 11 Ultra" is my first Xiaomi mobile and before this I have used Samsung, HTC and Huawei. It was a little different there. They used to give update to...
  31. W

    Thread Question m2011k2g miui 13 global, missing features?

    So a couple of weeks ago I updated my Mi11 to Miui 13.0.1 global. However, all videos I've seen on miui 13 there are some features missing, for example, I am unable to find any of the new live wallpapers, and the new font. And more features may be missing these are just the once I can name on...
  32. N

    Thread Question MIUI 13/Android 12 Beta Download

    According to "Mi Fans Home", Xiaomi released the Android 12 MIUI 13 Beta today. Does anyone have a OTA download?
  33. S

    Thread Question *SOLVED* Poco F3 Fastboot not working.

    Tried to update my F3 to the new weekly Xiaomi EU MIUI 13, and I think I failed miserably. Was at EU MIUI 12 Stable. Tried to just install with TWRP obviously didn't work since it's not even in the instructions. After that I did the /data wipe and tried to boot into Fastboot to install new miui...
  34. aalakib07

    Thread Best MIUI based Custom Rom?

    Hi guys, Please suggest the Custom Rom that you like the most, based on MIUI/Xiaomi.eu ... With OTA update enabled, better battery life, smooth performance... Currently, I am using Xiaomi.eu Beta Rom. But Beta for Mi 9 has been shut down. That is why searching for a good Rom to switch. Thanks...
  35. Jean20037

    Thread About Android 12 Update - Are we running out of Android 12? 😐

    ⭐ The thread was created and thinking that they share and add all the information they find about the update to MIUI 13 or Android 12 on the Xiaomi Mi 9, thinking to make a request if this does NOT change. ⭐Why do I think Xiaomi does not plan to update the Xiaomi Mi 9? Browsing in different...
  36. N

    Thread Miui New Recent Panel - Download Link

    Download Latest Miui Launcher from Apk Mirror & enjoy Both Horizontally or Vertically Recent as you like with such amazing & cool Animations 😲 After installation go into Launcher Settings > More > Arrange Items in recent > & select Horizontally or Vertically Download Link...