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miui optimization

  1. O

    Thread Miui optimization disappeared

    I am not able to disable miui optimization as it has disappeared from my developer settings using miui 12.1.12 global stable
  2. AkechiShiro

    Thread How To Guide [MIUI 12][Global][Issue] quick workaround MIUI optimization slider dissapears in the developper settings frequently after an update.

    I have noticed this issue after updating from MIUI 12 Global V12.02 to V12.04 (fix screen dimming issues), the slider disappeared from my dev settings. Now, the quickfix is just to spam "reset to default values" a bunch of times Source of the workaround.
  3. S

    Thread miui optimization option removed from developer settings

    hello everyone , i use mi 10i same device miui version 12.0.1 stable they have removed the option to turn off miui optimization i tried this terminal command but it didnt work as well # setprop persist.sys.miui_optimization false i have problems with 3rd party launchers being cleared out of...
  4. Dagabix

    Thread 12.1.1 Global Stable (Android 11) Issues - HELP!

    Xiaomi Mi 10T I experienced the following issues after recently updating to Android 11. Any help would be much appreciated. 1. I can no longer side load any app. APK installation fails every time whether it's attempted on the phone or via ADB. I tried everything I could find...
  5. oroboros74

    Thread MIUI Optimization: On or off?

    Which is better and what are the pros/cons?