1. D

    Thread Looking for 100% stable & best battery miui

    Please help me guys... I find myself regretting flashing AOSP ROMs after about a month due to various minor bugs that tend to bother me. Specifically, when it comes to DC dimming, I encounter 4 unique bugs, and in total, there are approximately 20-30 small issues in most ROMs. On the other...
  2. A

    Thread Question NFC is not working

    Hi! I've been trying to turn on the NFC feature on my phone, but I didn't succeed. I've.- * Cleaned the cache and data of the NFC app (and then rebooted the mobile). * Turned off the battery saver. * Reset the network configurations. * Looked for the NFC feature on my mobile, but it's not...
  3. L

    Thread Question Would someone kindly let me know when pocket mode and app / memory / notifications management is fixed?

    Hi all, Just asking a big favour really, as nothing else comes close to the specs I want I'd like to purchase a poco f5 again once these three issues are fixed: Pocket mode not working Memory management closing apps after a little while (despite being locked, set not to close, no power...
  4. J

    Thread Question Xiaomi 12 cupid no OTA update

    Hi, My Xiaomi 12 still hasn't gotten an new update and is stuck on MIUI SLCEUXM) with security patch of oktober 2022. I would like to get to the latest miui 14 and would like to know what is the best way to manually update this safely with a original ROM? Should I do this...
  5. Ziritsu

    Thread Question Opinion of a Senior Member !

    The stability for me is when you leave your phone for ex with 60% of battery and after 2 hours or 5 hours you will find 59% or 58% and the stability for me is when you find the rom good for daily use good battery and good performance in games no crashes no lags, wifi works good, data works good...
  6. P

    Thread Question How to hide root and Magisk?

    Objective : Be able to use UPI/Banking apps on rooted phone. Problem : MIUI Security app detecting root access even after using 'Hide the Magisk App'. I have a Redmi Note 11 (spes) running on xiaomi.eu - MIUI 13. It's rooted using Magisk v26.1. I have hidden the Magisk app using it's in-built...
  7. P

    Thread Question Disabling Widgets

    Hi, I was wondering, if with use of a rooted miui rom with LSposed, it is possible to hide or disable certain apps from appearing in the widgets when the home screen is long pressed? And I mean without disablingg the app. To disable only widgets from showing?
  8. Ziritsu

    Thread Question Best Stock Rom For Redmi Note 10 Pro (Sweet) 🙏

    Hello Guys, please wath is the best stable stock rom for sweet with your experience for (Battery Backup & Performance) and if you flash any costum Kernel you can tell me 🙏 : -V12.5.9.0.RKFMIXM (Miui 12 Global version) Downloads : 11680 -V13.0.15.0.SKFMIXM (Miui 13 Global version) Downloads ...
  9. inab04

    Thread General [SHARED]-[ROM] MIUI Vietsub. New choice for Xiaomi Device

    We usually know EU or EEA Rom for xiaomi as popular choices. But sometimes new models are not supported immediately or minor bugs are not fixed immediately Last month happened to know miui vietsub, this rom has full language like international versions. upside -Smooth like china stable rom...
  10. yukinoshita

    Thread Question Installing EMUI or honon poco x3 pro?

    Can I install EMUI on my poco x3 pro, If yes, what is the process I need to follow to ensure a successful installation I appreciate any guidance or advice on how to install EMUI on my phone
  11. Puffpuffpass1

    Thread Question RESEARCH! unlock Bootloader

    I really really Hope anybody is Able Upload a YouTube video how it works! mfg 😂 Source Black Shark 4/4S/4pro/4SPro/5/pro models from the 4th generation of Black Shark, the threshold for Black Shark flashing has officially become higher. The previous 9008 flashing can be flashed without...
  12. J

    Thread Status Bar Icon 4G/LTE on Data Turned Off

    Hello! Guys, I have a problem on my Poco, since MIUI version 13 (now updated to Miui 14), my status bar keeps showing a 4G/LTE icon on the cell signal, even with mobile data turned off. And that's really annoying because you don't know when you're using 4G/LTE or not. From what I've...
  13. PocoXuser

    Thread Phone restarts in one minute while works great in safe mode.

    I have a problem with a mobile device (Xiaomi Poco X3) where Android after one minute of start-up - reboots itself, even though I have not prompted it to do so. I have tried using the phone in safe mode, without facing any issue. Phone works great in safe mode even for hours. Shouldn't there be...
  14. ZT_X

    Thread Question Hard Brick / Bootloader lock / No access android

    Hello, I have a huge problem. I recently purchased a Xiaomi Pad 5 256GB. I installed Windows 11 arm on it and decided to finally go back to having Android only So I used Mi Flash to reinstall Android properly but by mistake, I locked the bootloader with MiFlash The problem is that when the...
  15. Enjuulive

    Thread Question Difference between SLCEUXM and TLCEUXM

    Hey, I currently got an Xiamoi 12 (cupid) and I want to get MIUI 14 with Android 13. The Xiamoi 12 already got the Update but only for the TLCEUXM Version and it isn't possible to use the Update Package of the TLCEUXM on my SLCEUXM. What is the difference between these two? I can't find...
  16. A

    Thread Question Wifi and sim network not working after flashing stock miui fastboot rom

    Hi, i flash miui 14 fastboot rom over miui 12 on my redmi note 10. But now sim Network and wifi are not working and also i was getting nv data is corrupted error. Then i flashed miui 13 , still wifi and sim network not working. Plz help.me
  17. Hehe_boi

    Thread Question Can I update my rooted android device?

    I have a Redmi Note 10 pro (Sweetin) Indian Variant and I have rooted it using magisk. Can I get update my device or will face things like loosing root or bootloop? Device Name: Redmi Note 10 pro Region: India Code name: Sweetin Magisk Version: 26.0 Recovery / Fastboot: Fastboot OS: MIUI 13
  18. pilsudski

    Thread MIUI 13

    Hi, i know miui 13 isn't officialy released for redmi note 8 pro but i saw this: sadly the download links are dead, does anybody know where could i find this rom?
  19. uvzen

    Thread How To Guide Force 120Hz MIUI 13 & MIUI 14

    This is a thread for those who don't want to root their device to force 120Hz on every app. If you are looking for a root solution, then use the LSPosed module called MIUI Performance Saver - Download here In this way, you can force 120Hz in applications such as: YouTube, MX Player, Google Maps...
  20. gladioaze

    Thread Question Rom recommendation for Pubg Mobile

    Greetings to everyone. I'm a Poco f4 user. I'm playing Pubg Mobile and I'm using Miui 14.0.2 Global rom. Last night, during the game, there was a sizzling sound and I got the error "Pubg mobile not responding", I had to close the game. Today, during the match, the game was suddenly closed. I...
  21. L

    Thread [MiUi] Anything to keep in mind before choosing and flashing a rom?

    Hello, I want to flash another or custom rom and this is my device: Device: xiaomi redmi note 8 pro Miui Global Stable (RGGEUXM) Android Version: 11 RP1A.200720.011 Model: M1906G7G Baseband Version: MOLY.LR13.R1.TC8.SP.V2.P59 Kernel Version: 4.14.186-g7c18952d3c68 Bootloader: unlocked...
  22. makrei

    Thread Any working MIUI Camera ports for other ROMs?

    ITT, I want to commit to LineageOS, but I want to keep the ultra-wide camera functionality of my device. I tried ANX but it's been long dead and doesn't work on Android 13, I also found this in KDE, but doesn't work on grus; it installs and "runs", but the camera won't start, only causing it to...
  23. D

    Thread Question Redmi note 11 pro+/Pro (china) / pro plus MIUI INDIA battery capacity vs global effects

    Hi , I've recently installed the Indian MIUI flash file of the Indian region on my Note 11 pro china (Pissarro) device and recently I feel like my battery gets consumed faster than before (Global) MIUI I made a little search and figured that the Indian version of my phone that probably the...
  24. efogdev

    Thread How To Guide Hide navigation bar on MIUI 14

    The combo of "edge gestures" app and the attached magisk module worked for me. Setup the app first and enable it, otherwise you may be not able to navigate the system later.
  25. OberZine

    Thread Question Couldn't unlock Xiaomi 13 Bootloader

    As title suggests, I have had the phone since 10th March, and since day 1 I bound the account in Mi Unlock Status in developer settings successfully, enabled OEM unlocking and USB debugging. However, I have tried the Mi Unlock tool version 6.5.406.31 and I even tried...
  26. augestx

    Thread Question Is there ANY way to Download Miui ROM?

    Miuies,mifirm and other pages show a error when you try to download this version. So is there any chance to download it?
  27. İmparator-1

    Thread General Poco x3 Gt Downgrade. Miui to miui 12.5

    My phone is POCO X3 GT (Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G). It's been months since I got the phone. I got cold from the phone because of MIUI 13. The problems I am experiencing; scratchy sound on the other side, drop in PUBG, not holding the charge. The phone came with MIUI 13.0.1. The current miui...
  28. mashrufhratul

    Thread Anything like Xiaomi's Video Toolbox?

    I used a Xiaomi phone for quite a while and got used to a feature that's part of the Mi security app called Video Toolbox which lets you to turn of the screen while using a certain app and many more. I used it for YouTube while commuting to listen to podcasts while my screen would be turned off...
  29. B

    Thread General miui blackcase

    miui market installed analytics on startup!!
  30. h8Aramex

    Thread Question Need help with 2 things. Black square screen bug in Chrome + Repainter permission request

    I'd like to ask for your guys help. I am on Global ROM, MIUI Global 13.0.9. First issue: In Chrome, I open an input box, and I get this weird black screen flashing. It's like a rectangle in the middle of the screen sometimes, sometimes it's jumping around. It feels like a Chrome bug, because I...
  31. sleepingawake

    Thread Question No Update Option Miui 13 EU Stable

    I just bought 12s Ultra, but my seller already installed MIUI 13 stable EU. 1. I want to update to MIUI 14, but i dont want to risk anything, since i have no warranty. Why can't i see upgrade options like : "Download update package" or "update settings". 2. If i download latest MIUI 14 EU rom...
  32. graison_w

    Thread Question miui stock rom flashing

    Here I am going to give steps for flashing any mi device with stock miui rom. It worked for me. try it at your own risk prerequisites : (1) boot loader must be unlocked [for that use mi unlock tool after linking your mi account with phone....at first you will see a 168 hours wait time try again...
  33. A

    Thread How do I correctly update my Magisk rooted Redmi Note 9 Pro (joyeuse)?

    Goodevening everyone, I've rooted my phone two months ago and Xiaomi launched a new MIUI update for my device: V13.0.5.0.SJZEUXM, while my currently MIUI ROM is V13.0.2.0.SJZEUXM. I've been looking everywhere for guides and tutorials on how to correctly and safely update my phone while also...
  34. M

    Thread MIUI Camera not opening due to broken ultrawide cam

    Hi! I have a mi10 umi device with a broken ultra-wide angle camera. Unfortunately, the MIUI camera app refuses to even open in the first place (it freezes and says "can't connect to camera"), so even the main camera is unusable. Gcam works but the quality (especially in videos) is awful. Does...
  35. Leonniar

    Thread Android Version and ROMs

    Hello guys, I want to flash a ROM, not a custom one it's a stock firmware, TWRP is installed. The ROM I want to flash is for my Device and Model but it's for android version 12 and I am currently running android 11. So my question is, do I flash like normal ? Meaning, I run the flash_all batch...
  36. A

    Thread My Mi 9 Lite Not Receive MIUI 12.5 update yet

    Hello Guys. I have Mi 9 Lite with Global ROM by factory default. with MIUI 12.0.7 my phone is not rooted and original. my phone is not receive update MIUI 12.5 with OTA. when i use offline method for update show error cant flash this stable ROM. Changing 'Region' (and even language) setting in...
  37. Leonniar

    Thread Xiaomi Mi 10T keeps booting into fastboot

    Hello guys, I recently formatted data on my phone to fix a bootloop I had. After fixing everything, SIM card and wifi was not working, I downloaded the Official Stock ROM of my phone and flashed bluetooth, modem, dsp and dtbo. The original plan was to run "flash_all_except_storage.bat" but that...
  38. Oliwier1990

    Thread [help] no imei and baseband

    So i broke imei while flashing stock miui 12.5 and now its blank i removed RSA Security resistor im trying to fix it with modem meta but its stuck in connecting to MD is there any other tool for repairing imei? :mad:
  39. AceTəq

    Thread How to get a hassle-free backup with OrangeFox?

    When I try to restore the stock MIUI 12.5.2 backup with OrangeFox, I get "extractTarFork() process ended with error: 255" error. When this happens, it's very tedious to try custom roms. Is there a good solution for this? I'm using OrangeFox version R11.1_4 and I'm getting this error when...
  40. HollyMarijuanna

    Thread Question Trouble installing GSI on Camellian

    From what ive read in this forum, reddit, and the universal method, i would flash stock boot.img, empty vbmeta image then GSI system.img. So far, i have tried: Android 12 & 13 GSI from Google System_a flashes clean, on booting will restart once then boot to fastboot System_b returns: Pixel...
  41. A

    Thread Get Gaussian blur in any MIUI easily without root

    THIS MIGHT WORK IN ALL THE NEW MIUI DEVICES .....maybe all...(it worked in redmi 9 prime and poco M4 pro 5G for me) You can actually get the Blurred notification back easily without having to even change your lock screen ...by switching off the miui optimization from the developer options...
  42. R

    Thread Question Why do I have this strange logo in the bottom of my phone?

    Hello, I have this strange red eyes crossed logo at the bottom of my phone. It is there only when I use internet (Duckduckgo). I use the stock ROM. It wasn't here before, the only thing I can think of is that I debloaded Google Play services (among many others things). Also, I use...
  43. Leonniar

    Thread [CLOSED] Installed SB Patcher, now device won't boot.

    Hello guys, I really need your help here I don't know what to do. This is an android problem, specifically on Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. I installed busybox SB Patcher (which is a modified version of lucky patcher from sbenny. com). I tried to use it and it crashed, after that all the apps on my phone...
  44. lidgl4991

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Install Pixel OS Juice Redmi 9T (Android 13) from miui 13.

    Hello, today I found Pixel OS Juice Rom and want to install it, but the installation tutorial shows that It's started with miui 12.5 (I'm on miui 13 right now). Is it save to install the rom or do I need to downgrade to 12.5 first ? My device is Redmi 9T (Lime) on Miui 13. Thanks. [SOLVED]
  45. E

    Thread How to install an iOS theme? [FIXED]

    I want to install an iOs Theme because I feel it more fluid, but i noticed they all got removed from the Theme store, searching iOS you can't find anything related, not even icons, or how used to be, my iOS themes i had saved are gone, 've tried to install .mtz third party themes through...
  46. P

    Thread Question root - Can't edit hosts file

    I am using Redmi Note 11 running on Custom ROM - `Xiaomi Eu` Specs: My device is rooted via Magisk. I want to edit the `hosts` file. I have tried using ADB, CX File Explorer, X-Plore Manager but I am unable to edit it. Apparently none of the methods are able to write on `/system` partition...
  47. S

    Thread ViperFX issue (android 10) (Also other Equalizer)

    Hey Guys, Actually have issues to install Viper FX on Android 10 (Miui12). I can install it from Magisk without issues. But when I open V4a app afterwards and go to driver installation, it opens Magisk, but no prompt for Root rights will pop up. So finally fail to install. Tried using AML with...
  48. notBradPitt

    Thread Downgraded System App Resets After Reboot

    I downgraded a system app on my MIUI 13 through adb install -r -d command and it seems to keep resetting to the upgraded version everytime I reboot. Is there any way to keep the changes, preferably without having to root?
  49. F

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi 3s stuck on Mi logo :( But I can see Mi bunny FASTBOOT screen

    Hello everybody ! happy holidays if you celebrate it I need some help to unbrick my Xiaomi Redmi 3s please My device runned latestet Global ROM (never changed the ROM since I bought the Redmi 3s on AliExpres few years ago) My device is stuck on the Mi logo I can still access Mi bunny...
  50. D

    Thread Gallery Sorting

    i just transfered my screenshot images to another folder so when i open the folder from gallery or any app like whatsapp they are all made created on dec 17 not their original dates so all the screenshots are not organized so is there any fix to make them organized by their dates (not sort by...