1. C

    Thread What causes the known performance issue on MIUI ?

    Basically its the known issue where disabling hw overlays or making the navigation bar or notification shade fixes the lag on games temporarily (only disabling hw overlays fixes it permanently as long as the option is on to disable them) it has been like this since miui 11 for example on...
  2. S

    Thread Help with Redmi 6

    Hello xda, I need your help. My phone got strange issue, however when i hard reseted my phone i tried to finish setup wizard but i cannot do that. When i get to last step when i should select miui theme i select theme and then i get few steps back and endlessly like that... Is there any way to...
  3. M

    Thread MIUI ROM without Google Services

    Is there a ROM with the MIUI interface and features but without Google Services as Play Store ecc? I saw the xiaomi.eu ROM but I think that Google things are integrated and not removable from the installation. Any advice?
  4. A

    Thread Redmi 5 Plus totaly bricked

    Hi there, I have got a bricked Redmi 5 Plus from my friend. The phone has locked bootloader. Firstly, I've read about that I had to turn the phone in EDL mode. I've launched the redmi phone in EDL mode by test points. I've tried to flash ROM via miflash, the program gives me an error xml...
  5. D

    Thread Notifications not appearing on lockscreen after miui 12 update

    Notifications not appearing on lockscreen after miui 12 update on my K20 pro. I've gone through every setting in the setting app, notofication, lockscreen, permission etc.. everything is on 'show' and everything under individual app is also set to show notification, autostart, permissions etc...
  6. N

    Thread SafetyNet test fails though Bootloader is locked and phone is unrooted

    I have flashed MIUI Official Indonesian ROM on my Poco X3 Indian variant. I unlocked the bootloader using MI unlock tool. Flashed Indonesian ROM and relocked the bootloader through Fastboot using MI Flash Tool. I have neither rooted my device even once nor used magisk. Currently, the...
  7. E

    Thread I need to know before buying it, does this work?

    CONTEXT: My parents have always had problems with their MIUI xiaomi phones (redmi note 9, redmi 5+ and note 4x) where Do not disturb (dnd) set up as "alow incoming calls - from anyone" doesn't work at all. MY QUESTION: Does the "allow incoming calls - from anyone" dnd option block notification...
  8. N

    Thread New way to stop annoying MIUI Updater notifications

    Open Security app Click to Utilities tab Scroll down then click to App lock Enter password/pin/graph Lock Updater app Press settings icon on right top Click to Hide notification content Enable for Updater app And that is it. You will no longer recieve notification. If there is nothing like step...
  9. P

    Thread MIUI Downgrade OrangeFox Recovery

    Hi, How can I downgrade from the latest official MIUI 11 global ROM to the MIUI 10 Xiaomi EU custom ROM with OrangeFox recovery?
  10. S

    Thread [MOD][Magisk][MIUI][v1.1]ALWAYS on display for Mi 10 Lite (monet)

    Hi there! I made this Magisk module to enable more options to choose with the Always on display on monet and not only the annoying option of "10 seconds after tapping". Did it modifying the "AODSettings.smali" file inside an old AOD apk, where there was an exception to our device to enable...
  11. VD171

    Thread [GUIDE][TWRP] How to keep TWRP V11.0.4.0 working on MIUI V12.0.5.0 or higher MIUI versions in MERLIN ? (Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G / Xiaomi Redmi Note 9)

    Works with: - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 If you are using MIUI V12.0.5.0 or higher, TWRP V11.0.4.0 will not work. If you want to keep TWRP V11.0.4.0 working on MIUI V12.0.5.0 or higher, you need to flash the stock rom lk partition from V12.0.4.0 (or lower). It will works...
  12. VD171

    Thread [GUIDE][TWRP] How to keep TWRP V11.0.4.0 working on MIUI V12.0.5.0 or higher MIUI versions in MERLIN ? (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 / Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G)

    Works with: - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G If you are using MIUI V12.0.5.0 or higher, TWRP V11.0.4.0 will not work. If you want to keep TWRP V11.0.4.0 working on MIUI V12.0.5.0 or higher, you need to flash the stock rom lk partition from V12.0.4.0 (or lower). It will works...
  13. P

    Thread Stable MIUI Custom ROM

    Hi, I'm looking for a stable MIUI custom ROM based on Android Q without any bugs for my daily driver. What is your recommendation?
  14. Lone_Wolf786

    Thread Gcam

    I'm using Redmi 7 3/32 with miui 11 rom. I had Gcam 6 version. which was really good. After getting the official Android 10 update now the Gcam is not working. After capturing photo it stuck in the HDR processing. My phone will not get the official miui 12. And I don't wanna update it. I'm happy...
  15. S

    Thread Poco x3 Crash

    Hey everyone, My new phone poco x3 crash the game when I'm playing ( free fire ) it happens to me since when I updated MIUI to 12.0.7. Do you have any solution please !! I tried to uninstall the game and I also factory reset my phone but still the same. It's a new phone please help me.
  16. B

    Thread How to get automatic OTA update back ?

    Hi guys, I tried CN version of MIUI but i don't receive SMS on this rom version... so i flashed back MIUI EEA version 11 with official Miflash way but the update app don't see any update available... So i'm stuck on MIUI 11 and i don't know how to get my phone back to vanilla ROM. My...
  17. M

    Thread Mi 10 fingerprint and camera problem

    Hi, My Mi 10 (umi) got hard bricked. I have sent it to authorised repair shop and they repaired it however the first issue I came to was that I could not add my fingerprint scanner to work but later I have sorted it out by calibrating the sensor. Today I wanted to record some video and opened...
  18. D

    Thread Status bar not autohiding in fullscreen mode Anymore in miui 12

    Just updated to miui 12.0.4 on my Redmi k20 pro and now the fullscreen immersive has been disabled automatically. Facing this issue in yt, games, video player and browser. Whats worse is the option in the setting has also been removed. Can anybody help me find how to autohide status bar and nav...
  19. E

    Thread MIUI ignores touch input on the bottom left and right corner

    Hey everyone, I bought the Mi Note 10 Lite a couple of days ago and I'm really satisfied with it, but there's one problem which annoys me; touch input is being registered on the bottom left and right corner, but MIUI decides to just ignore it. It happens everywhere, not just in a particular...
  20. Bruce666

    Thread MiFlash error - not catch checkpoint(\$fastboot -s .*lock),flash not done

    Hi Guys, I am trying to re-flash stock rom and re-lock Bootloader, because I need Google Pay working and Xiaomi.eu ROM with MIUI 12.2.7 has CTS Verification error and fixes using su and props do not solve the issue. So... I downloaded the newest ROM for UMI and I receive an error: not catch...
  21. umair42

    Thread Miui 12 Ports Reviews

    Hi guys I want to try Miui 12 port based on android 10. But there are so many of them.Can you guys please share your experiences with different ports you have tried? There are many ports like xiaomi.eu , pro , mix , rog edition, razor , I just want a stable build with minimum bugs. Also if you...
  22. L

    Thread Relocking the bootloader after vendor build change

    So, I have the MIUI 12 EEA on a Mi 10 Lite, and it's not the stock ROM but the Vodafone build (QJIEUVF). As there's the new Android 11 update coming, I'd like to have that and not wait for Vodafone to release its build, as that's notoriously slow. I tried the official Updater app, to install the...
  23. linuxct

    Thread [8.0+] Geometry/Snow Mountain 'Super' Wallpapers, ported to any Android device!

    Geometry and Snow Mountain 'Super' Wallpapers ported to any Android device! Today, I bring you an couple of new additions to my well known collection of Super Wallpapers, ported straight from MIUI 12. This means, most of the wallpapers showcase different effects upon tapping on the desktop...
  24. R

    Thread TWS Causes Laggy and No Sound Video

    Hi, first of all my device is Pocophone f1 running MIUI 12 with Tronsmart Apollo TWS. The problem is whenever I'm not on a call, any media played just fine (video, game, music), but when I'm on a call, any video became slowed and doesn't have sound. Funny thing is, Games work fine, I can hear...
  25. F

    Thread MTP not working with MIUI 12

    I upgraded to Miui 12 on my Mi9t and since then MTP isnt working. In developer options i already set MTp as standard, but when i plug my phone into a usb port of my PC it wont even show up in device manager. I tried different cables but still no luck. Another thing is, that fast charge issnt...
  26. D

    Thread Miui 12 icon bug

    Hi. I have some issue on my mix 2s with miui 12. It doesn't update icons on home screen. Look at gmail. On home screen there is old icon but when I open app info there is new, some issue with google drive. I tried to reinstall app, turn off/on miui optimization but nothing happened.
  27. X

    Thread I cant go to miui recovery mode

    okay so i dont know what happen with my phone after all is work fine and then the error occured when i flash the twrp.img to recovery partition after that i flash miui 12 china stable zip file and rebooting to system i tried mi pc suite to backup my phone but i cant go to miui recovery i dont...
  28. ingbrzy

    Thread [ROM][MIUI][citrus] Xiaomi.eu ROM for POCO M3

    wew very quick tho... Gonna install this when my brother's Poco M3 will arrive... He's an IPhone SE 2020 user and just purchased Poco M3 because he thought the smoothness of the X3 (its 120hz Refresh Rate) (I have Poco X3) will be the same on the M3... he's really obsessed with my X3 tho because...
  29. sonicswink

    Thread MiUi 12 (V12.0.1.0) for global Redmi 9 devices [lancelot]

    Just got my update to (stabile) via the MIUI system updater. My previous version was
  30. L

    Thread To every smart developer out there.

    devs are all busy making their own roms/Kernels or whatever, for example my poco f1 Has tons of roms while most of the users prefer to stay on the stock miui, others use Pixel Experience or LOS. The other 90% Of roms didn't change that much, so the idea is to be on the top of this game with a...
  31. psydex

    Thread Device staying awake all the time therefore draining the battery faster

    Hello! I used to have at least 6 hours SOT while on MIUI11 but after updating to MIUI12 my battery life drastically changed. I was getting no more than 4 hours SOT on MIUI12. According to battery stats my device was awake all the time, including at night when Wifi and Data were OFF. I was so...
  32. ingbrzy

    Thread [ROM][MIUI][apollo][apollopro] Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi MI10T / MI10TPro / Redmi K30S Ultra

    How to install Xiaomi.eu ROM for Xiaomi MI10T / MI10TPro / Redmi K30S Ultra [apollo][apollopro] We will release fastboot ROM versions until TWRP for apollo is released TWRP is released so we will release only TWRP versions from now.. Steps to install our ROM for FIRST TIME from China ROM...
  33. A

    Thread UK Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T 3GB RAM 32GB SPACE - Lost TWRP and ROOT - Recommend a ROM

    I have a UK Redmi Note 8T with 3GB of RAM, 32GB Internal Space and 64GB SD Card - About 6 months ago I managed to unlock the boot loader, install TWRP and install Magisk so it can be rooted. Rooting allowed me to use Airfrozen App to freeze apps from running in the background which helped a lot...
  34. R

    Thread Xiaomi Mi 9 Stuck on Miui Logo

    So my Mi9 has this problem that after been flash with stock rom via XiaoMiTool V2, the only that worked out for me, its boots like usual, but after some time it goes to that MIUI colorfull logo and won't return back, rebooting does not solve, just flashing the ROM again, but still with that...
  35. MagikGab

    Thread [Question][joyeuse] fastboot EU ROM

    Hi. Does anyone know where I could download the fastboot ROM EU for joyeuse? I found only the recovery ROM, but I need it to extract the boot partition and flash Magisk without a custom recovery. Thank you in advance.
  36. D

    Thread No cellular data on every AOSP after flashing MIUI 12.0.1

    Hi, I have a problem with mobile network connection on every AOSP roms that I flash. I have been using my phone with Pixel Experience Q with no problems for few months but few days ago I decided to install MIUI 12 to check it. After flash I saw that it's not for me so I flashed PE again. I...
  37. HitFan

    Thread [MIUI Global] Change screenshot location?

    Hello! I know this topic has been posted many times, but I never found proper solution. By proper I mean without using .nomedia, PinSync, Tasker or any other thing. I heard that xiaomi.eu and other MIUI beta-based ROMs are saving screenshots in desired location (Pictures/Screenshots) instead of...
  38. F

    Thread Automatically closing programs in miui is very nerve-wracking

    Hello Automatically closing apps in miui is very nerve-wracking Even the battery saver settings have been done But it still closes My device is redmi note 9 and miui is 12.0.3
  39. zgfg

    Thread Long Notes halting the system?

    I usually use Notes (stock MIUI) to prepare a longer mail, post or similarly I've observed that if I paste to Notes e.g. 50+ lines of log (wanting to remove unnecessary lines and to leave the rest incorporated to the text) Notes become terribly slow (backspace or adding a letter takes a second...
  40. C

    Thread Flashing Indian stable Fastboot rom

    Hi, I have a redmi 9 chinese version (M2004J19C) with chinese stable. Now i want to install indian stable rom. After unlocking If i flash the fastboot rom via Mi Flash Tool will it brick my phone or cause any other problem?
  41. Siddharth_Sarkar

    Thread [ROM][9.0 Pie][MIUI] Mi Globe (PCFMIXM) - EOL Edition [Stable][UNOFFICIAL]

    ==================================================================================================== ~|| MI Globe Changelogs ||~ Lock screen Fix – Incorrect date format for English (UK) locale Security Fix – Request dialog for custom permissions were not displayed Calculator New – Added more...
  42. M

    Thread Xiaomi 8A with MIUI 11 (Android 10) kills VPN connection

    Hi, I am using Netguard on my device. The VPN is disconnected after closing another app, by pressing the middle home button. I already mentioned this problem in the netguard thread, but it is not netguard related, seems to be a miui problem. Problem: Netguard is stopping sometimes since...
  43. U

    Thread Debloating MIUI without Root Access (Manual Method)

    Tired of all the pre-installed applications that come with your new phone. Most of them tend to be useless and some tend to be on annoying side with push notifications and battery drains. One way to get rid of all these intruders is to root your device and delete them using some application or...
  44. H

    Thread MIUI 12 India released!

    Upgraded a while ago, here is my experience so far: Speed *Boot time is still around 30 seconds. *Haven't noticed any lag in opening apps. UI and smoothness *Animations feel more fluid, haven't noticed any stutter when leaving animation speed at x1, lowering to 0.5x makes them a bit shaky...
  45. xandreasx

    Thread MI10 MIUI Camera on MI8? Is it possible?

    Hi, i'm using the Xiaomi EU beta on my Xiaomi Mi8. The Camera App is updated but there aren't the new functions as the log video, pro mode on video and a lot of other things. So i would like to know if is it possible to install a porting from the latest Xiaomi Smartphone for the Mi8
  46. davidwyl

    Thread HEIC file format from xiaomi miui camera can't backup to Google photos.

    When u use HEIC files format in the camera the photos won't get backup to Google photos. Anyone having the same problem?
  47. davidwyl

    Thread dnd mode not working if allow all incoming call problem. Any other solution?

    I'm using xiaomi mi 10 pro global (miui 12). Xiaomi don't allow phone call from anyone in dnd, whenever you enable "allow call from anyone" the dnd will allow ALL notification sound and vibrate. If I set to starred contact only, dnd work normally. Someone from xiaomi actually stated that...
  48. icodix

    Thread Bloatware that is safe to remove [Redmi Note 9s]

    Hello guys, I just want to ask if what bloatwares that are safe to remove. Can you give me the list? Thank you!
  49. treydev

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Mi Control Center | Bring a powerful control center to your device

    Mi Control Center Bring a Miui 12 style Control Center to any device, then customize it to the extreme Mi Control Center will change the way you use your phone. Separate your quick settings from your notifications. Swipe down from the left of the status bar to read your notifications and...
  50. M

    Thread [Help] Creating Module for vendor partition changes

    Hello Fellow Users, Let me start with the fact that I have zero experience of making flash modules (TWRP/Magisk) and am just dabbling around. Some background, I found a TWRP flash zip file which makes changes to vendor partition of Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet) running MIUI OS (Android Q) - this...