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  1. Q

    Thread Miui 12.5 indian rom or eu rom

    Hi, So recently i bought redmi note 10 pro indian version, so should i keep it on the indian rom or should i change it to eu rom or any global rom ? tho I'm not indian and i don't live in india. I would like to know the pros and the cons of flashing it. Thank you
  2. AkechiShiro

    Thread [MIUI 12.5][Update] Update report about OTA Global MIUI QFGMIXM

    Hi, I received not long ago the notification this update was possible. I'm looking for people who have noticed anything, an issue or a change in battery life performance (battery drain), or some features disappearing such as no more call recording. I'm aware that these update are made to...
  3. S

    Thread MIUI12.5 Notification remains blank- Music player controls

    Objective: • To educate all the ASCs engineers and CCOs about Notification blank with All MIUI 12.5 Devices. Model Affected: • All MIUI 12.5 Models. Purpose: • Customer query: Why there is a blank space in notification pane? Why music player control in notification remains blank and reappear...
  4. B

    Thread Unable to upload files in chrome/firefox using files app in Android 11 (Miui 12.5)

    Yesterday I UPDATED my 10T from android 10 to android 11 (MIUI 12.5 RJDINXM). Today I tried to send some files through wetransfer, but was unable to upload it. When I click upload in chrome, it gives me only three options: Camera, Camera and Files while I have three different file explorers...
  5. J

    Thread Downgrade mi 10t from A11 to A10

    Hi im using indian version. I'd like to downgrade mi 10t to a10. Before i want to know whether downgrading from a11 to a10 will mess up Persist and break the sensors or not. If yes then please tell how to prevent that
  6. Sabau Dragos

    Thread [ROM][10.0][Port]MIUI 12.5 for Mi MIX 3 5G(andromeda)

    ⛵ MIUI 12.5 21.1.28 Ported by Sabau Dragos 📱 Device: Mi MIX 3 5G 🗓 Build Date: 14/01/21 #️⃣ Build version: v.2.2 #️⃣ MIUI version: 12.5 🤖 Android Version: 10.0 Q 🖥 Developed by: t.me/galaxyofandromeda What's Working? RIL WiFi Bluetooth Stock Mi Radio MI Sound Enhancer MiCamera Vibration LED...