1. Connir

    Thread Error in Mi Unlock

    I wanted to install TWRP on my phone (Xiaomi Redmi 8) and I try to unlock the bootloader in Mi Unlock, I get an error with the code -1 What should I do?
  2. M

    Thread Redmi 10/10 Prime (Selene) Global ROMs and Flashing.

    Introductions: Xiaomi Redmi 10 / 10 Prime with codename selene with model names 21061119AG, 21061119AL, 21061119BI includes Global Firmware (Global ROM) which can be flashed with clean all and lock methods. Currently available firmware are Global, Indian, Indonesian(Indo), Taiwan, European(EEA)...
  3. E

    Thread Redmi 7a "The system has been destroyed"

    so i was downgrading my MIUI to 12.0.2 from 12.0.3 because there was some features got removed like: quick access to lock application dual screen etc... so i downloaded a rom which is the 12.0.2 and then installed it, and i made a mistake, before installing it.. it asked me to erase or format...
  4. N

    Thread Bootloader can't unlock, bootloop after flash Global ROM and Google Servers not working

    Hi, I have two Redmi 5 Plus and I had problems, Google apps don't work and when I try to add an account I get the error: "there was a communication problem with Google servers", I tried to update the ROM to the latest global version, but an error came up "this MIUI version can't be installed on...
  5. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Mi Account is ok but Mi unlock is stuck at 50% "couldn't unlock"

    My brother is facing issues unlocking his Redmi 4 Prime (miui 10.2). The Mi account is associated with his device and he completed the request to unlock the bootloader about a year ago. On Windows drivers are installed and abd correctly detects the device. The Mi unlock process is stuck at 50%...
  6. Sakura_Sa233

    Thread [Giude]DO you have any problem with unlock Bootloader?Look at here!

    My Way to Unlock Bootloader Step1:Go to MiUnlock to apply the permission of unlock BL. Step2:Wait about a week for the preview of the permission. Step3:Backup data by TWRP or others and move it to your PC(if necessary Step4:Download the MiUnlock from here. Step5:Download the new MIUI ROM and...