1. R

    Thread Bricked Gear Live?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please help. I have a gear live, always running on stock firmware. Randomly without me doing anything to the device, it got stuck on the boot logo. So I decided to see if I could boot into recovery mode, but I get the error "mmc_read fail" and "movinand...
  2. Yom

    Thread LED Blinks on MMC and WiFi activity

    Hi all! I used this init.d script on my Note 3 to make the LED blink whenever there was storage and WiFi activity: #!/system/bin/sh # ShadowLED by CeK! @ / 2014. # Makes leds blink depending on activity (Wifi, ExtSD, IntSD) echo mmc2 > /sys/class/leds/led_r:rgb_red/trigger; echo...
  3. P

    Thread MMC fried or how to recreate PIT on the Nexus 5

    Hi community, I desperately need your help now. After trying to update to the most recent PN build, like I did a million times before, I came out with a corrupted /cache partition. TWRP - and in fact neither stock recovery or CWM - can no longer mount the /cache partition on my Nexus. So I...
  4. D

    Thread [Q] GT-P1000L Shutting down randomly

    Hi Everybody, I have a GT-P1000L(Latin America version) Galaxy Tab for quite some time and in the last days it started to shutdown randomly without I even touching the tablet, just like when you remove something from the energy quickly. First I thought it could be a battery problem, but the...
  5. X

    Thread MMC Reset

    The eMMC module "crashed" in my Nexus 7, and it got into write-locked mode as much as I can tell. Actually I get -110 on init, I can't reach the block devices in adb, as it says it's busy. What I can do: Get into bootloader mode Get into recovery mode (The screen stays at TWRP logo, but I can...
  6. stathismes

    Thread [Q] Ability to read Phone Memory & microSD Card over WiFi or VPN?

    Hello again guys. Has anyone tried to view/read/write files on their Bada device over WiFi connection somehow? I see that Bada 2.0 has VPN capability, maybe that's a way to do that... but I can't find a decent and simple guide on how to utilize the VPN option... If someone has been able to do...
  7. S

    Thread multiboot on lg gt 540 (optimus)

    Hi, anyone knows how I can make subj. I want to make additional linux kernel boot from external mmc card.
  8. starzshowz

    Thread Trying to set bluethooth file saving to mmc default

    hiya guys am trying to change file saving recived via bluetooth from phone memory to mmc any ideas how to pls assist
  9. freelancer81

    Thread Tweaks for Memory/SD SDHD MMC Card

    Well folks, i am starting this thread, as the title says, to discuss about tweaks and trick, hacks and facts about the ways in which we can increase thespeed or performance of the storage cards. You are very much welcome to share your views, infos, tried and trusted methods to increase speed of...
  10. G

    Thread Himalaya not detecting installed files on SD Card

    Hi guys, Need some help..i'm using 2GB sd card on my himalaya..installed some apps, mp3's, and games..i noticed that everytime that my himalaya resets, it doesn't detect the files on my sd card..tried checking it on the memory and it was able to detect my memory card but it shows that there's...