1. samiceland

    Thread MMS can't download nor send

    Hello, I have a big problem with my MMS. I can't send or download them, always loads infinitely or just flat out says "Couldn't send". I've tried 3 SMS clients, I talked to Xiaomi support, nothing. Can you guys please help me? Thanks, Sam
  2. S

    Thread Please Help. SM-N960U Factory Unlocked - No MMS - APN won't stick

    **Reset Network Settings leaves the APS Settings blank** I have an SM-N960U (factory unlocked) running Android 10. I am using a Red Pocket CDMA-V sim card. At first, the phone wouldn't register Verizon. It was stuck in T-Mobile. Replaced the Sim card and it registered to Verizon, but still no...
  3. L

    Thread Open Source SMS/MMS Backup

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year ;) ! I was just given a NON-rooted Galaxy J5. I would like to recover the SMS and MMS to return them to its former owner in a readable form (HTML or individual files and also extract the images from the MMS). I just tested Epistolaire under F-Droid and I...
  4. E'Mendo

    Thread Help: Lenovo Softbank 503LV - Missing MMS APN Settings In Menus

    Hey all, I recently imported a Lenovo Softbank 503LV that is I thought to be unlocked. It lets me use T-Mobile and I can text and use data but, there is NO MMS settings present in the SIM settings menus. It ONLY has Internet APN. I cannot send or receive MMS messages. Can anyone help me...
  5. SigmundDroid

    Thread SMS-Messaging only 4 Lines? Help needed...

    Dear XDAnauts, I don't recall always having this problem but nowadays the LOS app for messaging and SMS/MMS shows only four lines while typing: And no matter how many lines you have typed, the window does not get bigger than 4 lines. Well, how shall I put it without using swear words...
  6. G

    Thread MMS to iPhone different behavior...

    private static final String TEXT_PART_FILENAME = "notify.htm"; private static final String sSmilText = "<smil>" + "<head>" + "<layout>" + "<root-layout/>" + "<region height=\"100%%\" id=\"Text\" left=\"0%%\" top=\"0%%\"...
  7. J

    Thread April update issues

    I have a peculiar issue. Some people seem to have something similar. After April update I can no longer send or receive mms. Can't send or receive pictures. I also can't use Google maps or Waze unless wifi is on and am using a separate hot spot. I have factory reset and restored twice. I got...
  8. F

    Thread Unable to restore bugle_db (SMS) from LineageOS 14.1 to 18.1

    I made a backup of my '/data/data/' prior to doing a clean install of LineageOS on my phone. However, when I restore the file it does not work. The Messaging App shows my messages and then methodically deletes them all within < 5 seconds presenting me...
  9. P

    Thread SMS/MMS Compression Issues - Factory Reset and Sim Switching Hasn't worked

    This is a weird one, maybe somebody here can help me out. I have a Samsung S10e on Visible (Verizon MVNO) with a really strange and persistent issue. Basically, every MMS received is heavily compressed (<100kb) and only the first frame of any GIF is displayed. I have another phone, a Samsung...
  10. ajhalls

    Thread Simple Hello World for SMS Access without root?

    This is my first time working with Kotlin or Android. I looking to get a very basic Hello World type thing started as a proof of concept of a future app, but need a little basic guidance. I would like to be able to back up my SMS and my MMS messages. I have found that most applications focus on...
  11. church500

    Thread Delete

  12. Kamolot

    Thread Mi9T Pro two questions

    Hello everyone I just have two questions for now about usage of this phone. I have standard EU MI9tPro 6/128 version with stock Miui Global 10 ( After a week i got it unlocked officially and rooted with magisk - added edxposed with gravity box to tweak it like my old redmi note 3 pro...
  13. M

    Thread MMS quits working after a few days after flashing LOS 16 on any build

    I have a Verizon N910V running LOS 16 and have tested most builds between 8/4/19 to 9/17/19. When I first install LOS 16 of any build, mms works fine. I can send and receive pictures, etc. But after a few days, just out of the blue, I get this error under my notification bar: "Your carrier has...
  14. J

    Thread Please help: I can't send MMS messages

    Hello everyone, My phone can can't send MMS messages, but it can receive them. I suspect something is wrong with the APN settings but I don't know enough about APN settings to go tinkering with them. Can someone please assist? It's an HTC 10 Verizon (Unlocked) running Viper10 (version 5.11)...
  15. J

    Thread Can't send MMS messages (pictures / audio)

    Hey there, I have an Unlocked Verizon HTC 10 running Viper10 5.11 I've been loving the phone and Viper10, but I must have overlooked something or maybe there was a glitch somewhere because I can't send MMS messages, and I'm pretty sure I haven't been able to since the beginning of using the...
  16. T

    Thread [VS995] Verizon x86cpu LOS 15.1 MMS GIFs come through as JPEG

    Hello, Most of the phone details are in the title as well as the question. For some reason when I receive GIFs through MMS they do not play. When I try to save them locally they save as a JPG. I am on Verizon and can send GIFs and they play fine, but when I receive they do not. I can post my...

    Thread Pie Beta Picture Message Issues?

    Ever since going to the Pie Beta on my US Unlocked Note 8, I have had Issues sending and receiving Picture messages. I've tried through the native messaging app and Mood messenger. Sometimes the picture sends but it's hours later. Never had this issue before the beta. Anybody else experiencing...
  18. M

    Thread Guide: Get Data On Any US Carrier V30 On Global Roms

    First Off, This thread wouldnt be possible without MicroMod777 over on the LG G2 thread so BIG thanks to him. I found his thread by accident but was having this issue and it helped me. Now on to the Mod... You have to be rooted for this to work (Duh). I used kernel auditor from the playstore...
  19. Tickle.

    Thread [MMS] Automatic sending/receiving mms WITHOUT data enabled

    Hi, First, this is a serious topic/question and I know what I'm talking about. Here is my problem. On stock FW, when I send or receive an MMS, I don't have to activate the mobile data. Test it if you don't trust me, 'cause this is reality. Now, I'm on a stock based custom rom and I upgrade it...
  20. B

    Thread Plz disregard. Delete if possible.

    Please disregard. Mods: please delete thread if possible. I found the answer. Turns out I was doing it wrong. Regards
  21. B

    Thread Vs995 simple mobile MMS and 4g LTE

    I have simple mobile on my VS995 and not able to send mms. It also cannot keep 4g LTE service only 3g/H . I have check around for the correct APN settings and nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any remedies to any or both of my problems? Thank you
  22. V

    Thread Texts/3rd party SMS apps not working

    Last few weeks, textra has stopped receiving MMS along with any other 3rd party SMS apps. I have everything up to date with no mods or romsom the phone. I use get MMS just fine by activating a new SIM on a vzw phone. I tried this method again to no avail. Any help. And yes I did search the...
  23. S

    Thread text message sms mms app enables send & receive via web browser when phone is off

    i want to be able to send & receive text messages (SMS, MMS, view & attach pics, etc.) via web browser when the phone is powered off. is google voice the only option? i know that options exist when the phone is on e.g. pulse thanks in...
  24. S

    Thread I've been having some issues with having reliable Mms.

    I've been struggling to have reliable Mms for a while now. Maybe sixth months or so. I have used the Ting service for years and have only recently been having this issue. I've flashed a lot of roms and I've used multiple APN profiles. So far the combination that has worked for me is the ColtOS...
  25. V

    Thread [VZW] 3rd party texting apps no longer send texts/mms, only stock 'messaging' works

    Hey guys, I have been having this issue for about 1.5 months now. It is extremely frustrating. My VZW phone is completely stock, and it has never been rooted. Software info - Android Version - 7.0 - Android security patch level - Dec 1 2017 - Build Number NRD90M - Software Version - VS99519A...
  26. T

    Thread [App] Textto - Text From Your Computer

    Hello everyone, I've finally launched a long-time side project of mine, Textto, and would love some feedback. Textto lets you text from your computer. When one of my favorite apps became too expensive, I set out to make my own text-from-pc service. I've been using Textto for over a year now and...
  27. dijit4l

    Thread Fix for MMS issues on Pixel 2 on T-Mobile while connected to certain Wi-Fi networks

    This was also posted as a reply on the Pixel 2 XL Q&A forum here and I figured other T-Mobile Pixel 2 users would find this useful since this fix works on both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Situation My wife was unable to send MMSs on T-Mobile with her Pixel 2. Finally realized it had to do when...
  28. S

    Thread MMS works with Textra but not Android Messages, can't figure out the problem

    My setup: Stock rooted N6F27M Franco Kernel #73 Using MintSim if that matters, I have all the settings correct, copied directly from the MintSim website. Things I've tried to no avail: reboot multiple times clearing cache (app and Davlik) Switching to airplane mode and then back (reset all...
  29. mrbigdrawsz

    Thread SMS/MMS Picture Send Failures

    Pixel 2 XL (unlocked) on the T-Mobile network. I can send messages without an issue and everything else works fine, but when I attempt to text pictures or receive them it hangs and eventually comes back stating it couldn't send. This has happened through the messages app and Textra. I was able...
  30. jeewadj

    Thread how do i back a whole sms conversation including mms

    long story short going in to court i need to back up whole sms conversation including mms to pdf so i can present it i have tried many back up apps but they don't do mms or do i have to screen shot ? please help:crying:
  31. RealSkier

    Thread Nexus 6, T-Mobile and MMS problem

    This has been a frustrating issue. My wife and I both have Nexus 6 phones. She has the 32gb & I have the 64gb version. Hers recently started not receiving MMS messages. Anything with a large picture would simply never show up. Anything with a very small graphic or group text would show up as...
  32. H

    Thread MMS Not Downloading - Project Fi MHA-L29

    I've tried the different settings here I've tried different messaging apps, Textra is my main messaging app however Signal and the stock Messaging app on the phone show the MMS messages that won't download...
  33. F

    Thread Can't sent group mms

    I switched from the S7 to the S8+ on the S7 i would send group of 11 friends picture messages on a regular basis. Since day on the S8 I have not been able to send picture messages to that group of friends but i can send them to individuals, can anyone help?:crying::crying::crying I'm on the...
  34. Frankenscript

    Thread MM Update: Group messaging & MMS doesn't work if wifi is connected

    Hi folks, I've got a new problem that started after I updated my D851 from (stock/rooted) Lollipop to (stock/rooted) Marshmallow. When I'm home, I've got a decent LTE signal (ATT, though using the T-Mobile phone variant). But since I'm home, my phone connects to my wifi and uses it for data...
  35. Frankenscript

    Thread Marshmallow also killed TEXT bluetooth connectivity to my car!

    Uggh! So, I thought the extent of the Bluetooth problem I was having after Lollipop-->Marshmallow update of my G3 (D851) was that artist/media info wasn't displaying properly on the car's screen. (see here for link to this problem) Now I've noticed that when the phone gets a sms/mms text, the...
  36. O

    Thread T Mobile: No Data or MMS?

    EDIT: Problem has been fixed, see below for the working APN Settings. The root of the problem appeared to be that I had 2 Sim Cards in the phone and the data connection was defaulting to the wrong one for some reason. I have been unable to get data or MMS working on a new Honor 5X which I have...
  37. badrsj

    Thread Group messages getting split to individual conversations - MiUI 8 Dev. China official

    When I am part of a group MMS - conversation it gets split - I have looked for the MMS setting - seems It is turned on - and This should not be happening. 1. Anyone else has the same experience? 2. Is there a setting I am missing? 3. What better MMS / SMS app can I use to control this? Thanks.
  38. J

    Thread Can't see group messages, and Youtube only works with low quality on most roms.

    I love playing around with different roms but there always seems to be two problems that make me go back to stock. In group messages (usually just two other people, Nexus and Samsung phones) I can not seem to download mms. It is more rare that I can not see any messages at all, though that...
  39. pringlet

    Thread Axon 7 on AT&T MMS issues - unable to send/receive

    I'm on B20 build and currently unable to send or receive MMS messages on AT&T reliably. Occasionally, I can reboot the phone and it will download and send the MMS messages that are pending. I've tried creating new APN settings for AT&T following the guide for smartphones on AT&T's website...
  40. B

    Thread MMS is broken "You may be able to send after inserting a SIM"

    I've been having this issue ever since coming back from Europe a couple months ago where sending or receiving any MMS is not possible I always get a "You may be able to send after inserting your SIM". On top of that occasionally my SMS will act the same way, it will require hitting "retry"...
  41. Action123

    Thread S7 Edge Root Texting

    All, I have tried the fixes and the BS Free ROM for my GS7 Edge while rooted and nothing seems to fix the issue with receiving texts while the screen is off. Making a call to kickstart the sms service is the only way that works. Does anyone know of a more tried and true method to fix this...
  42. GeTex

    Thread Verizon ---> MetroPCS SM-G900V MMS IMS VoLTE Help?

    I have a Verizon Galaxy S5 SM-G900V running rooted OK3 Lollipop 5.0 and i had the device brought in as a BYOD to MetroPCS. I currently have Calling Texting Data 1x EDGE HSPA HSPA+ 4G LTE however the only thing that does NOT work is MMS. I've tried so many combinations on the APN settings with...

    Thread CM13 6.0.1 - Force Connect MMS

    Hi, I can't automatically receive MMS on standart sms app, anyone experiencing this ? MMS Just keeps sending/downloading (i have to turn data on to receive MMS) I've done some searching and I can't seem to find the issue with MMS data? My APNs are correct and I have the Messaging app set to...
  44. owenrg

    Thread [Completed] iPhone and Android Group text issues (still)

    Alright, this issue has gone on long enough! The issue is a little more complicated than just not receiving group mms from iphones. Here's the deal: iPhone user 1 and iPhone user 2 have the exact same settings under "settings/messaging" imessage ON Show contact photo: ON Read receipts: OFF...
  45. H

    Thread [Completed] MMS over WiFi

    So is the lack of mms over wifi to be blamed on carriers, device manufacturers, or Android. Just seems like a sneaky way of increasing data usage to me
  46. C

    Thread Automatically retrieve MMS when Roaming?

    Every time I receive a group message when Roaming I have to click 'Download' and wait for the message to download before viewing it. This is quite painful when in a large group text. I use Google Messages as my default Messaging App on my AT&T Note 5. I have enabled 'Roaming auto-retrieve'...
  47. S

    Thread Mobile Data stops working, and MMS does not work (CM 13)

    First the basics. Nexus 6p received 3/30. I did NOT turn it on and update it to the latest stock firmware before proceeding. Rather I immediately unlocked bootloader, installed TWRP, installed CM13 and GApps Nano from OpenGApps. Running on T-Mobile's network using a cut down Micro SIM from my...
  48. N

    Thread Hangouts - restrict MMS Size options ?

    Hello, here in France some operator won't allow MMS to go up to 600KB, but will restrict it to 300KB. The trick is, using hangout, the app only tries to send it full res, and wont try to compress it. I can send very little files through Hangouts, so the MMS APN are OK, but if I take a shot...
  49. L

    Thread CM13 Receiving Overly Compressed/Tiny MMS Pictures

    I've done several hours of searching but have not been able to find any info applicable to this issue on newer versions of Android. I recently installed a CM13 nightly on the LG G2 Verizon variant (VS980). While everything seems to be working fine, any pictures received via MMS are resized...
  50. S

    Thread Hangouts: MMS fails to download (T-Mobile USA)

    Over the years on various devices and versions of Android and with various SMS apps, I have on rare occasions run into an issue where I cannot retrieve an MMS message from my carrier, which has almost always been T-Mobile USA. The current example shows up like this in Hangouts: Says "New MMS...