1. S

    Thread Hide Blue Tick, Unseen Last Read

    No Seen–No last read helps to read the messages, and the sender will not know that you have read the message. It will not let your contacts know that you have read messages. Be like an incognito messenger. This No Seen app provides supports to the following messages: ✔ Text messages ✔ Picture...
  2. NewUserArrived

    Thread Cons of using Spring Boot over node js in mobile application

    Are there any cons of using Spring Boot over node js in mobile application / small site development
  3. Wamiq Ahmed

    Thread Laptop Motherboard shorted

    My cousins laptop IBM r50e's motherboard is shorted as I opened it to change wifi card on the one is able to repair it and motherboard or this laptop is now not available in market.What to do my cousin is asking for his laptop?How to repair it myself?
  4. T

    Thread Reset Xiaomi from computer

    Hi all, I am facing an issue that reboots Xiaomi 4s using TWRP. After stock ROM with new ROMs version. There is something wrong I can not boot successfully and cannot access TWRP to recovery data. I tried to reboot the computer. However, there is some isolation with authentication of accounts...
  5. D

    Thread I really need some help with config for socks5 proxy on android 7.1 looking for someone who can really explain what I need to achieve my goal. $$

    I am trying to setup a proxy on android. I currently have torguard and pure vpn. I purchased a private 4g lte proxy, paid for numerous apps & vpns. I am tired of throwing money away on useless vpns and subscription's to other apps I am unsure if I need. I am happy to do some trade with someone...
  6. E

    Thread Christmas has landed early on the Huawei Ecommerce store!

    If you're reading this it will be a case that your a fan of Huawei, Like myself I enjoy the products! I personally can't always afford them but I do my best to get them when theyre on sale! Theres a tonne of new deals on at the minute, Check it out...
  7. alebcay

    Thread Phone loses mobile data after a few hours

    So this is something I've noticed happening on my Moto G5S Plus for a few months now. I was using Pixel Experience 10 without any issues up until mid-March, when I started seeing this issue. I would have perfectly good LTE and other mobile data when starting the phone, and usually I keep it on...
  8. B

    Thread [GAME][4.1+] Meow Adventures

    Join Oliver and his furry friends on a fun journey through the Meow Adventures! Help mischievous felines overcome challenging obstacles as they travel through maps. Meet other furry cat friends along the journey and discover their traits that can lead to even more fun! Oliver Let Oliver...
  9. jimmy123322

    Thread [GUIDE]Activate VoLTE and VoWIFI - Simple and clear

    Yes, yes, I know that this is not the first thread with activation VoLTE and VoWIFI. But my thread will be more convenient and easier to understand. OnePlus devices support all the most modern services that are offered to their subscribers by mobile operators around the world. To enable and...
  10. I

    Thread Mobile Operating System Idea

    Hello, I am here today to share my idea for a mobile operating system, perhaps a derivative of android or its entirely own thing. The operating system would have a very simple interface. A background (of the users choosing), and in the foreground would be the users apps. The apps would be...
  11. S

    Thread [help] root lg-ls993

    I dont need my hand held just to know if its possible and what I need. Please and thank you so much.:victory: I have a tournament in war robots coming up and really could use the entire 4 gigs..
  12. L

    Thread Browsers showing Desktop pages when in Mobile Mode

    I am new to MIUI and have loaded on Chrome, Miui Browser, Samsung Browser and Kiwi browser and find that even when in mobile browser mode, those browsers are showing up the desktop versions of some pages. One example is I have same versions of Chrome, Miui Browser, Kiwi Browser...
  13. jvs60

    Thread Issue with data while using Poweramp

    Whenever I use Poweramp to play music data seems to stop working. Mobile and wifi doesn't work until I reboot. This is a weird issue that i never had with any previous device, and I've been using poweramp for years with numerous devices. That's why i think the phone is the issue, not the app...
  14. Aequita

    Thread Unable to change mobile network (provider/carrier) [LOS 16.0]

    Hey everyone. I've created a post a few months ago - but after giving it a second look, I think it's in the wrong forum. So here I go again.
  15. R

    Thread Mobile data never really turns off but shows disabled.

    I'm having this issue where once I boot into Android and I disabled mobile data and use WiFi, everything will work as intended. If at some point I enable mobile data and wait a few minutes I can disable WiFi and mobile data yet a data connection is still available. Icons show up as being...
  16. K3V1991

    Thread [GAME][APK][OBB] Call of Duty: Mobile (Beta)

    Fight across iconic Mutiplayer Maps and play Fan-Favorite Modes as you strive to be the best in the World in Activision’s highly-anticipated Call of Duty®: Mobile Note: • Copy the downloaded and extracted Folder to Internal Storage or SD Card/Android/obb/ • Thread v1.0.6: Use Australian, Peru...
  17. X

    Thread [INFO REQUEST] Mobile Data dialogue pop-up

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here in a long time, but my friend is in trouble! I'm usually the tech expert, as I've rooted many phones in the past, so he came to me for a solution on an annoying pop-up. However, I couldn't find one anywhere! So now I'm posting a bounty here for any and all...
  18. O

    Thread [FREE][GAME] Apex Online - Android & IOS

    Android: IOS: Apex Online is an Brand New 2019 3D Multiplayer Team Based Action Shooter PvP Game for Mobile. Experience action, where fast reflexes and TACTICAL...
  19. phangs23

    Thread New mobile to create mobile apps

    Hello guys, I hope I will not be violating any rules. I would just like to inform the community with our mobile. It's been in the playstore for a while but have no traction yet since we have not focused on marketing it. It is called Makeapp. It's goal is to empower everyone to be able to...
  20. S

    Thread [Free][Android] Stickman Hello Stars

    Hi guys, check out our new game about sticks. Feedback welcome! Download on Google Play: Stickman Hello Stars is a sequel to the legendary puzzle. The job of each level is to guide a bomb from a predetermined start point in stickman. The bomb and nearly all objects on the...
  21. C

    Thread ASUS Zenfone 5Z / WLAN Hotspot / WLAN and Mobile Data

    Hello. I would like to know if there are two things possible in the ASUS Zenfone Software. 1. WLAN Hotspot without Mobile Data Mobile Hotspot -> ON Mobile Data -> OFF WLAN -> ON So you could connect and login to a WLAN Network with limited devices and share it over your Phone to the Laptop or...
  22. Shandroid_94

    Thread [Note 8] Internet sometimes "freeze"

    Hi! I'm having this problem for too long: while I'm using GMaps and, coming back to spotify, it doesn't "work", no results in search box.. so internet problems; when I send a Direct on Instagram or a msg on Whatsapp, the same: sometimes I have to close/reopen the apps to send the messages.. But...
  23. M

    Thread [REQUEST For App] TV Sound to Headphone using Android Device in between.

    Its my humble request to all the developers here... Please make an App which lets you hear your Android TV on your Android Mobile Device thus enabling you to listen tv sound on your WIRED HEADPHONES. The concept is that :- 1. TV connects to Mobile through Wifi. 2. You connect your Headphones...
  24. D

    Thread DJI Osmo Mobile 2 - support for the native app?

    How can I add support for the trigger and zoom button for the native app? I'm using the trigger button on my osmo and nothing happens.
  25. U

    Thread PUBG mobile

    Does somebody play PUBG Huawei p10, and what thing of graphics? And how hold on?
  26. S

    Thread [FREE GAME]Stickman Destruction 5 Annihilation

    Hi guys, check out our new game about sticks. Feedback welcome! Stickman Destruction 5 Annihilation is a sequel to the legendary game of survival, where to make incredible tricks, driving different transport and getting into different crash! The game is made in the best traditions of simulator...
  27. D

    Thread Looking for a smart watch that will run Android and be on the 1700/2100 Frequency

    Currently I am on Freedom mobile in Canada. I am looking for a standalone smart watch that has the sim capability to run 3g, 4g, lte, whatever I can get basically. I currently have a DM98 and its a really cool smart watch, but the sim will not work in it as its the incorrect frequency. I would...
  28. S

    Thread [FREE GAME]Stickman Flatout Epic

    Hi guys, check out our new game about sticks. Feedback welcome! Download on Google Play: Youtube: Website: Facebook: VK...
  29. Alberto96

    Thread UCOUSO 14-in-1 USB C Docking Station with USB-PD - Unboxing & Review

    UCOUSO 14-in-1 USB C Docking Station with USB-PD Unboxing The Docking Station comes in a nice eco-friendly packaging, with a dedicated 18V power supply required to power-up the whole dock and two replacement rubber stripes with different sizes. Unfortunately it doesn't include a Type-C...
  30. H

    Thread Buying LG G2 As a Second Device - Need Advice

    Hi folks, I have the opportunity to buy a used G2 in almost a mint condition. I will be using it as my work phone for: - a couple emails here and there - Hotspot - which means WiFi and mobile data stability is a must. Also would flash a custom ROM, preferably LineageOS or Cyanogenmod even...
  31. p32929

    Thread [APP] [4.0.3+] LazyPhone (Lazy Phone)

    Are you addicted to your phone? Are you trying to stop using your phone for a while & start becoming productive? If your answer is "Yes" then this app is for you :) This will prevent you from using your phone for a certain time... # How to use this app? * Enable (For the first time) * Set a...
  32. K3V1991

    Thread [GAME][PORT] Cuphead Mobile

    Its already release for PC and Consoles but now we are getting unofficial Port of Cuphead Mobile. A single Developer who has ported this Game to work on any Android Devices. So download Cuphead Mobile and try it yourself NFO: Version: 0.6.1 Architecture: armeabi-v7a Package...
  33. A

    Thread Settings Has Stopped on Mobile Hotspot Advanced Settings

    Phone is running on the stock unlocked U1 firmware with a Verizon sim card. When I go to configure Mobile Hotspot - tap on "Show Advanced Options" it suddenly crashes with an error, "Setting has stopped" with an option to tap on restart app. I have no idea why this is happening. Hotspot works...
  34. S

    Thread Stickman Dismount 2 Annihilation

    Hi guys, check out our new game about sticks. Feedback welcome! Download on Google Play: Youtube: Stickman Dismount 2 Annihilation is a sequel to the legendary game of...
  35. S

    Thread [FREE GAME]Stickman Warriors 4 Online

    Hi guys, check out our new game about sticks. Feedback welcome! Download on Google Play: Youtube: The sequel of the fabulous saga, but now you can fight the...
  36. C

    Thread Xfinity Mobile released today. Are you gonna swap?

    Although there are limited phone options at this time, the s8, s8+, s7, s7 edge and LG X Power will be available for android. Obviously the newest and last gen iPhones are too. Data coverage is fulfilled through Xfinity's hotspots and supplemented by Verizon's network for Data and Calling. See...
  37. O

    Thread Hiding Data Use 'Free Internet'

    There have been a few services in the past that claim they can hide your mobile data usage (3g/4g) which allows uncapped internet usage. I was wondering if CyberGhost for Android (free/premium) would work to hide data usage? Premium has an option to hide Mobile Data Ip's.
  38. M

    Thread Redmi 4A, Specifications, Photos, Release Date, Hands-on: Buy it Here at 5999INR

    Buy Xiaomi's new Redmi 4A From here, Find the details to buy this phone at the end of the post. Xiaomi has released new cheap smartphone for India. The company made this phone specially for Indian market & set the price only 5999 INR. Phone is loaded with all the smart features like IR Sensor...
  39. U

    Thread LEAGOO M8 VS DOOGEE X9 PRO which one is better?

    Leagoo M8 Vs Doogee X9 Pro 1, Display LEAGOO M8:5.7 Inch HD display Doogee X9 Pro: 5.5 Inch HD display 2, Hardware LEAGOO M8: Quad Core 1.3GHz, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM Doogee X9 Pro: Quad Core 1.3GHz ,2GB RAM+16GB ROM 3, External Extendable LEAGOO M8: 128GB Doogee X9 Pro: 64GB 4, Camera...
  40. Demati

    Thread Can't connect to Exchange Server on T-Mobile

    Hi All! I have a very strange situation and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I am using BlueMail to connect to my work email via exchange. When I am on WiFi everything works great. The strange behavior starts when I switch over to mobile data. When I am on mobile data...
  41. H

    Thread Google Chrome in Tablet mode?

    I just want to know if it is possible to do this. No root please. Don't you just hate it when you have a big arse screen but they give you the extremely huge and tight interface? For Google Chrome as example, we have to press "option" button before we can use "bookmark", or "refresh page", or...
  42. Vukile

    Thread [Q] Continuum porting to 'unsupported' devices

    Hi, Considering Windows' hand-me-down approach in respects to ROM development, would it be possible to port Continuum into currently unsupported devices,or would it be better to wait it out?
  43. KodieG

    Thread Anybody have any luck getting LTE/4G and MMS working with Virgin Mobile?

    Before I rooted I was running the Android 6.0.1 OSA update. Now I'm running CyanogenMod 13 Nightly and everything's working awesome except LTE/4G and MMS. I feel like I've tried everything. With previous devices I was able to use the "Universal VMU APN Fix" to fix any issues but not now. I've...
  44. andreasvo

    Thread Looking for mobile apps with userbase in Hong Kong,Singapore,Japan and China!

    Hello everyone, At Pollfish we are looking for mobile apps with user base in Hong Kong,Singapore,Japan and China for some special offers that we have running at the moment. We work on a CPA model where action is completed surveys. Payouts are quite high. If anyone is interested please drop me a...
  45. H

    Thread Mi4c TDD/mobile version

    Hi everyone, I'm about to buy this phone from china, and it comes with two versions -TDD mobile version -FDD telekom/unicom version Now, I know that the suitable one for europe is the FDD, but the TDD is a lot cheaper, and aliexpress vendors are also selleing it cheaper and saying that with...
  46. H

    Thread [GAME][+2.3.] Jump Jump Bunny - Colorfull Arcade Game

    Nice, cute and cheerful game. Quite colorful, exciting reflex based game. Girls, boys and kids it's a game for everyone. Bad wolf in the game from the hero we're missing. While fleeing, hungry crocodile, a turtle and a coward to pay attention to. :) PLAY STORE LINK >>...
  47. Marília de Oliveira

    Thread Bootanimation Android N ~ Xperia Z3 Compact ~

    Hello friends, I made a small port of android bootanimation N the latest preview for the Xperia Z3 compact :D:D Bootanimation Android N Preview ~Sony Xperia ~ Installation mode *Download the file >> BootAnimation Android N ~ Xperia Z3 Compact << *Make the flash via twrp Thanks...
  48. jackcarter3456

    Thread Which is the best library for Payment Processing in Android App?

    Hii, I wanted to know the best library to integrate payment processing system in a shopping app for hadmade items. :):). Please suggest anyone if there is any.
  49. R

    Thread [Completed] How to change Gmail mobile browser view to inbox from important and unread?

    Hello Guys Whenever I open Gmail in my phone browser it starts with default view of important and unread which makes me miss many mails. How can i change it to show inbox on start up? Thanks!
  50. ShinOrochiX

    Thread Why does Android 5.0+ break battery savers?

    Hi, I have tried Googling the 'issue' but can't find a good article. Anyway again, why does android lollipop/marshmallow not allow third party apps to control mobile data? I just don't see why Google would do that, it kills pretty much every battery saver, and lets be honest mobile data uses a...