1. F

    Thread Huawei health mod app not installing.

    I want to install this modded huawei health to get custom watch face on my huawei gt watch. But this problem occuring. emui 12 huawei mate 40 pro
  2. K

    Thread How To Guide (Dev Tool)(RELEASE) Rooted Windows Subsystem For Android with working Google Play Store (Beta 0.0.4b)

    Full Guide and Download, on GitHub, HERE. This is for a ROOTED version of Windows Subsystem For Android with the Google Play Store, Services and framework installed. Essentially giving you a rooted android device inside you Desktop. Great for DevOps, CyberSec & DefEng. (Defense Engineering)...
  3. S

    Thread Flashing custom kernel to lg g8s thinq device

    I trying do flash custom kernel to lg g8 device with success, I do the following steps: I downloaded the exactly kernel sources from official lg site Build the kernel according to instructions (README file) Unpack the original boot image (via known script Replace the zImage...
  4. xHookman

    Thread [XPOSED, LSPOSED] Notigif (Add a gif to notifications panel)

    NOTIGIF Hey ! This module allow you to add a gif or a picture of your choice in notifications panel ! /!\SINCE RIRU V22 YOU MUST ENABLE RESOURCE HOOK IN EDXPOSED SETTINGS/!\ Changelog : V1.7 : Added fade with notifs panel switch (Thanks @Hyper.Alvi) Added show on lockscreen switch (Thanks...
  5. Quinny899

    Thread [PORT] Fortnite for Android with device check disabled (v5.21.2-4296531)

    Fortnite for Android with device check disabled Notes and warnings - READ THESE FIRST!: This is an APK with only the device check disabled. It spoofs a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, so edit the settings accordingly for your device in game. You may experience optimisation issues. It still requires an...
  6. X

    Thread Whatsapp mods

    I know there are a lot on here, especially Gbwhatsapp, but what are the best, current, most stable whatsapp ones with good features? Link to xda thread if possible please! Thanks! :)
  7. M

    Thread [ROM][G950U/G955U]Pixelish S9 ROM - Custom System for Snapdragon S8/+

    Introducing the first Oreo ROM for the S8 and S8+, its basic don't complain. First of all, before you go any lower read this: THIS IS NOT ROOT! This is a custom system image that I modded and allows me to add or remove files and still have it boot and keep Knox intact along with Saftey Net...
  8. R

    Thread Patched Odin 3.13.1

    For those looking for a modified, modded, or patched odin that is a newer build than all the fake and renamed prince comsy 3.12.3 versions floating around. I patch recent Odin versions to offer similar functionality to the princecomsy; in that it ignores both the sha256 fails and the model...
  9. Hedi.Karray

    Thread 🌟6.0.1🌟G901F🌟MODDED Note 4 STOCK🌟V4🌟

    Thread Closed Per OP Request This Rom is ported from a ROM that BELONGS to Hard_Rock83 which he is its creator and i just did Port it from Note 4 Forum , so all credits goes to Hard_Rock83 the creator of this rom who allowed me to port it to our G901F Really BIG thanks to licha26 for his...
  10. JG

    Thread [APP] [CM13][MOD] SnapCamera from cm13 Nightlies , CameraNext and GalleryNext

    8-29-2018 This thread and project is now closed and no longer monitored PLEASE FLASH THE REMOVER .ZIP IN RECOVERY PRIOR TO INSTALLING THE LIB.ZIP AND APK . 8-28-2016 If you are on recent Nightlies or a Device that has SnapCamera already or on rom with a custom camera hal this is not for...
  11. metaspook

    Thread ★ [SPROUT4][MRA58M] Root Patched Stock Kernel.

    ★ Getting rooted without bootloop on Stock Kernel. ★ Modifications: This is Stock boot image modified for root access and won't give a bootloop issue. Recommendation: Use latest version SuperSU v2.52+ of "SuperSU" by Chainfire Supported Device List (sprout4): Symphony Roar A50...
  12. J

    Thread [Guide]Whatsapp same number on two differents phone

    Regarding security flaws in Whatsapp, we can add one more flaw to the list, two differents phones with same Whatsapp number receiving the same messages at same time, this is possible using a modded Whatsapp version, I used the Abo Sadam Alrefai version on each phone 1- Setup Whatsapp as usual...
  13. ajituchiha

    Thread [Q] How To Install Settings.apk of A Device into Another Device

    Hello, I am new here so if i posted in the wrong area feel free to move the thread. As the title suggests I want to Install a Settings.apk which i made for MT6582 in my device MT6592 because I do not have a MT6582 to test the modded Settings.apk, please help me
  14. 8

    Thread [Q] Higher ISO and exposure

    Is there a modded camera apk that lets you increase the exposure and ISO in manual mode even further? I know ISO goes up to 3200 in auto mode, so there's no reason why it shouldn't in manual. A longer maximum exposure time would also be useful, something like 10+ seconds.
  15. Tecior

    Thread SonicMod Dark v1.0 (Alpha)

    Last updated: 14/08/2014 -- Original version of SonicMod: This version of SonicMod is not designed to be a daily driver - there are quite a few bugs at the moment. This is designed to be a glimpse of what's to come...
  16. Tecior

    Thread SonicMod Dark v1.0 (Alpha)

    Last updated: 14/08/2014 -- Original version of SonicMod: This version of SonicMod is not designed to be a daily driver - there are quite a few bugs at the moment. This is designed to be a glimpse of what's to come... Download v1.0...
  17. Tecior

    Thread SonicMod 8 (Stable)

    Download here Last updated: 10/11/2014 A new, modified version of the official Twitter app, with minimalist colours and thinner fonts. Although this app mod is stable, there are a few graphical glitches here and there. Version 8: This version is much cleaner than the previous...
  18. naresh babu

    Thread [ROM][6 FEB 15][DISCONTINUED]MODDED CM11:stable[4.4.4] -Flash via older recoveries

    This rom is made inorder for every user of Galaxy Mini to experience Kitkat without changing Recovery.. CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application...
  19. omgbuffguy

    Thread [Q] Modded alternative to official Youtube app?

    Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone here is using an alternate youtube app or a modded one? There were a couple I did try from xda but they dont work properly so I'm guessing not compatible with KitKat. I was looking specifically for the feature to download the videos in HD (Trailers/Lectures)...
  20. Mardon

    Thread [ROM][CM11] - modded - [nightly-20141227]

    CyanogenMod 11 modded for Galaxy Ace CyanogenMod 11 is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.4 (KK), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project...
  21. corsicanu

    Thread [ROM][MODS][02.01.14]Galaxy Fame - Stock deodexed - all versions[wip]

    INDEX Post #1 - Roms Post #2 - Mods and screenshots Moved - Recovery I`m not responsable for anything that may happen with your data / phone / life!! Your warranty will be lost flashing rom/cwm/kernel/mod so think twice before! If you don`t know what you`re doing maybe the best is to avoid it...
  22. prashantsharma324

    Thread z1 modded home for xperia miro

    This one is modded by my own ;) Dnt copy my work :( INSTRUCTIONS:- 1.Download my 2.Extract it 3.Copy home.apk and paste it in system/app 4.Change permission to R-W-R-R home.apk is in attachment
  23. P

    Thread [APP] Modded Ziggo TV [Dutch]

    Hello everyone, I've modded the Ziggo TV app to disable the root checker. There have been some workarounds such as hiding root in the SuperSU app etc., only this doesn't work with custom firmware like the newest CM10.1 and 10.2. By disabling the root checker in this APK it's now possible to use...
  24. Envious_Data

    Thread [ROM][UB/LB][JB-96]TEAM ACP Official [Discontiued]

    [ROM][UB/LB][JB-96]TEAM ACP Official [Discontiued] TEAM ACP OFFICIAL STOCK ROM FEATURES Click Here SCREENSHOTS click here CHANGELOG click here CREDITS Click me Requirements ROM CWM Recovery Ability to read instructions ability to read this KERNEL CWM Recovery...
  25. Mikekelso421

    Thread ROM Bootloops after adding modded apks into rom zip

    when i add my themed/modded apks to my and flash,it bootloops...when i flash them in a zip via recovery the apks work fine. but if i put them into the rom and flash the rom,it bootloops...ive tried copying the original resources.arsc file to modified apks but still same result...i made...
  26. A

    Thread [Q] The best tempered glass screen protector & cases that are compatible

    Hello, I have information about the best tempered glass screen protector that I have found! I also have an important question at the end. I do NOT work for or get paid by any these companies. The "iloome Samsung Galaxy S3(Blue) ScreenMate" is by far, the best tempered glass screen protector that...
  27. pryerlee

    Thread [MOD] Facebook Home - Now available for all devices
  28. theos0o

    Thread [MOD] Facebook Home "unlocked" + Messenger 2.43 *working* chat heads & SMS [NO ROOT!]

    [MOD] Facebook Home "unlocked" + Messenger 2.43 *working* chat heads & SMS [NO ROOT!] Hey.. :) So I modded FB Home to run on all (?) devices, without touching build.prop or requiring root. Tested on GNEX, NEXUS 7 emulators. Home requires Android ICS (4.0) or newer!!! Download Facebook app &...
  29. blakstar

    Thread [OFFICIAL] Wallpapers Of SGS4 In A CWM Flashable ZIP [29.3.13]

    Here Are The Official Wallpapers Of The Samsung Galaxy S4 In A Flashable Zip. All Wallpapers Re sized To Xperia Arc Resolution (960x854) It Contains 8 Wallpapers. PREVIEW: Download Press If I Helped
  30. Blekota

    Thread [ROM][CM10.1][JB][TW5][RTM]Blekota S4[02.06.2013]

    Blekota S3 and S4 ROM I bring you my personal ROM called Blekota S3 and brand new Blekota S4. I like TouchWiz UI and new JB 4.2.2. so this is combination of them. This Rom is based on CyanogenMod 10.1 for Galaxy Ace by bieltv.3 This ROM is for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 only! Do not flash...
  31. naffgorr

    Thread [Q] Modified Samsung keyboard..?

    Does it exist? I've been using Swiftkey for ages and have been happy with it until now, so I've been using the original Samsung keyboard for a while, and I must say I like it a lot! Great predictions and accuracy, but way to few options. So I'm looking for a modified version, if it exists, since...
  32. xange

    Thread [MOD][All Roms *upon request] all rotation & osb18/22/36dpi & change font size

    [MOD][All Roms *upon request] all rotation & osb18/22/36dpi & change font size Available ROM: Optimax 3.0, CM10 FXP205, Paranoid Android JB, Zelly Cream 2.0.1 both Xperia Z JB and NXT animation, Xperia Z Framework Theme 1.11 CREDITS: Optimax framework --------------------> MrTapa...
  33. espaciosalter20

    Thread [Q] How to compile Quarx's QKernel?

    Hi i just made some changes over Quarx's Qkernel, everyones can check those changes here: . Anyway, everytime i tried to compile kernel, terminal gave me the following error message: ~/android/jordan-kernel$ make -j5 ARCH=arm...
  34. C

    Thread [REQ] Mms.apk with next line/enter

    Hello, Currently I'm using Paranoidandroid 2.13 (CM10) and I'm looking for an inverted or not modded mms.apk that will also include the new line button/enter instead of the smileys button, of the cm10 mms with the pop-up function. I found a few topics with the new line button but they didn't...
  35. whereiamro

    Thread Fruit Ninja 1.7 Mod

    You want to make high score at fruit ninja ? Download the aplication. Download : MOD EDIT: Link Removed
  36. Dread 7us

    Thread [ROM] newSENSE [RC2] [SENSE 2.1 | 2.3.4] [A2SD] [Custom Kernel] [Updated: 4/29/12]

    Introducing newSENSE, a highly modified and customizable Sense 2.1 ROM with custom OC kernel built in. This ROM is based off of the newest update: 2.77.651.3. ROM includes a custom app built from source to control the ROM and perform many commonly used root tools. Developers: one_love_420...
  37. chopper

    Thread Zenonia 4 (New) Modded

    Ok guys.. i just want to share this apk.. i hope it does not violate any rules here :D This apk is zenonia 4 v1.0.4 -playable offline -unlimited stats (stat points are freezed so you can add as many as you can) -no level restrictions (you can try buying the level 96 set at the shop and equip it...
  38. B

    Thread [APP] Transparent Settings app LIST ADDED FOR INTERESTED PORTERS :D

    Heey there :p I was searching a while for a transparent settings app (I like transparent apps so :D ) Since no theme porter or dev was answering the Q for transparent settings app I tried to customize the settings app myself i tried different things but unsuccessful (maybe because of my limited...
  39. themate1987

    Thread [ROM] [02.05.2011] Thunder 1.0 JVK

    This is thread for my ROM THUNDER Current version 0.2 This ROM is based on latest 2.3.3 JVK firmware. Very smoooooooooth:cool: v0.2 -root nad busybox -deodexed -5 unlock screens -modded gallery -CRT off screen animation also in ''Some animation'' settings -extended power menu...
  40. E

    Thread [Q] Modded htc FB sync

    Does anyone know of a modded htc FB sync Zip compatible with any MIUI roms? Or does it need to be a build based off sense to incorporate that feature.... Because i like the MIUI & ASOP Roms but i like the htc social networking the contact pics sync in higher res plus a overall better experience...
  41. R

    Thread CyanogenMod - 6.1.1 - NEED HELP NOW!! HTC EVO..

    I have an evo and rooted it correctly.. I used Rom manager to download CyanogenMod 6.1.1 and Installed onto my phone. It works, but I cannot open apps like market, browser, sms, etc. without the a notification popping up saying CONSTANTLY and I mean all the time.. like every 15 seconds saying...
  42. H

    Thread [Q] Noob Powers, Activate!

    Hey guys! Im new here but have used android for about a year, and my rooted Eris was just to sucky, haha. So I got a Droid 2 and love it. Now the question- I see modded widgets everywhere, but how do you mod them?