1. D

    Thread Question No Indonesian ROM for Xiaomi 12t pro

    I am a big time MIUI app fan, so I need MIUI apps on my phone. What I usually do is to flash the indonesian ROM to my Xiaomi devices but I could not find the Indonesian ROM for the 12T Pro. Is there any alternative?
  2. N

    Thread Quest 2, Recovery mode

    I can't/don't know how to get a screen shot so here it is by hand I got here by running [ adb reboot sideload ] while the Quest 2 was booted into the meta os, and then trying to [ adb sideload ] an older firmware. obviously didn't work. Has this been seen before? I tried sideloading...
  3. A

    Thread [CLOSED] How do I unlock bootloader in fastboot with OEM flashing turned off?? Help I'm stuck!!!

    I have a Moto Edge 30 and I had issues with a custom rom and reverted back to the stock firmware. It worked and then I made the horrendous mistake of re-locking bootloader. It suddenly showed a pop-up of No Operating system detected and now my device is stuck in fastboot. Bootloader is locked...
  4. EnzoPlesi49

    Thread Question Is there any way to install Bixby Vison, Voice and Mods and Routines on A125F ?

    Hello guys, I'm searching for way to install Bixby and All its componants to my A125F sasmung phone. Is there a wey to do it ? Thank
  5. gabryone33

    Thread Anx camera for Xiaomi redmi note 9s with pixel experience (android 13)

    hello, is there any way to download the Xiaomi camera (anx camera) on xiaomi redmi note 9s with the pixel experience (android 13)? i tried so many magisk modules but they don't work.
  6. Moxxie1

    Thread TomTom Go 500 runs android?!?!?!

    I got a TomTom go 500 and i tired to install someting called "tomplayer" (didnt work), i put in an micro sd card then i fomated the sd card with "trips" it was an 8 gb microsd card i used a 128gb one for maps but that data is encripted, and i plugged it into my pc and then there was an folder...
  7. Sguetto4682

    Thread Android Head Unit stuck on boot logo

    Hi guys, Hope you are doing well. I have an Android head unit that gets stuck on the logo in startup. Searching on the net I found some videos about "Test Points" that i was able to identify them on my board. () (I think so first pic T1 & T0 to the right) Unfortunately, the connection pins are...
  8. E

    Thread Question Mods to suggest?

    Hi all, I am new to this kind of phone with stock Android, my last was Redmi Mi 9T with Magisk and Lsposed, safetynet passed and CustoMIUIzer. With CustoMIUIzer I could disable the power menu while locked, now with my new Pixel 7 I really want to know which mods I can download, what apps do you...
  9. D

    Thread [GUIDE] Installing Lineage 18.1 (& more) [X00H] [X00I]

    In this guide, i'm going to be a bit straightforward on how to install LOS 18.1 on your X00H/X00I device. For the process, you need: Your X00H/X00I device; The following must be unlocked (if you didn't, you can follow the howto over my post); A rooted phone/tablet with Magisk (any ADB &...
  10. MokikoHacks

    Thread Is there any way to downgrade to android 10 (with odin) on galaxy tab a7?

    I am in a stressful process of rooting my galaxy tab a7 that i got awhile back and I am trying to downgrade so i can flash magisk with odin. Any help would really be appreciated
  11. viknil01

    Thread [CLOSED] Phone recommendations!

    I'm looking into buying a used Google Pixel, then strip it of the majority of it's "smart functionality". This means removing the Play Store as well, hindering me from downloading potentially addictive and useless applications. I understand that this could be done using adb dev tools. What I'm...
  12. JayShortway

    Thread [GUIDE] How to install Xposed on the official Android emulator

    Whether you're using Xposed for modding or reverse engineering, it can be useful to develop your Xposed module on an Android emulator. You might not always have a rooted phone lying around. I noticed there's not a lot of info on how to do it, so here's a guide. This is adapted from my blog...
  13. letleaf

    Thread smali bytecode

    Hi, I've been reading this forum and it has been very helpful towards beginners. I have two questions about smali bytecode.. I often see something like this .method public final setValue(Ljava/lang/String;)V .registers 2 iput-object p1, p0 Lpackage;->Ihavevalue:Ljava/lang/String...
  14. M

    Thread Trying to increase the in-call volume on PixelExperience Plus whyred-11.0 (Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro)

    Hi! I'm trying to mod my PixelExperience slightly by modifying vendor/etc/mixer_paths.xml file. The goal is to increase in-call volume. However, for some reason any changes I do in this file are completely ignored. I'm not really experienced in Android mods, so I might be missing something...
  15. M

    Thread (modding) alcatel 1se 5030f_eea jakarta android 10 kernel version 4. 14. 133 stock recovery

    hi, i'm a noob and i want to mod my device but i haven't find nothing about this model and i don't know where is specified the ROM😅. (device actually unmodded). I'm searcing for how to root + flash twrp + custom rom degoogled) thanks in advance
  16. Bubumaster123

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] [MAGISK] How to change Bootanimation [OnePlus 7t]

    I tried to change the boot animation to a gif from the internet with various apps and a custom magisk module I cant find the link anymore, then I realized there is no media folder in root/system. I know it is possible to change it to the mclaren, but I want a custom one. How to do that?
  17. L

    Thread [Need Help] [AOSP/LineageOS] How do I use my own modified SystemUI.apk?

    Hello. I have recently began looking into android modding, and wanted to mod my SystemUI.apk (to add status bar burn in protection). I cloned the lineageos source, and then made the appropriate changes, and then built the systemui.apk using make SystemUI. After that, i created a Magisk Module...
  18. Ctrl_Alt_Canc

    Thread Custom ROM for Mi A3

    Hi. I have a faulted Mi A3 (kernel problems). Can I solve with a Custom ROM?
  19. Zeek347

    Thread Is Modding Games Illegal?

    Just wondering, is rooting your device and modding games that make money off of in-app purchases and adds technically illegal? I know you can't get caught and lots of people do it, but I'm just wondering out of curiosity.
  20. Gordon3002

    Thread How to install TWRP on Redmi Note 9 ?

    I tried to install TWRP on a Redmi Note 9 but it doesn’t work, it always boots in Xiaomi’s recovery. Can someone help me ?
  21. K1RU

    Thread Is it possible for an app to always stay on screen.

    Hi there, I am currently making an app for my college project. Is there any way that can make it possible to force the app to always be on top and never get exited ? Like besides essential services that run in background , only thing that works on foreground is the app nothing else not even...
  22. FoulGamer07

    Thread Warranty and custom roms

    Hi, this is my first post, happy to be there, i just want to know if installing a custom rom will avoid my warranty, i have a Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro and i would like to install pixel experience but i have another year of warranty ,will it void? hope someone respond.
  23. mclovinhax

    Thread Samsung Smart TV Jailbreak..?

    Hey so to start off I am not sure if this is the right thread to post this but here it goes. I have a Samsung 43" 4K Smart LED TV. Model Code: (UN43MU6300). Current software version as of writing this on (6/21/21): ( T-KTMAKUC-1290.3 , BT - S). I was wondering if their was any way of...
  24. Technowhiteboi

    Thread Pixel 4a w/ May 2021 Security Update - Passing SafetyNet check

    Hey everyone, I just got back into rooting and well I would like to share some useful information that helped me pass the saftynet check within Magisk in 2021 with the latest security update (May 2021). First off, I followed this guide to unlock my bootloader and gain root...
  25. D

    Thread SM-N910F to daily usage best roms and suggestion.

    Hi friends. Yesterday my main phone (a OnePlus One) as decided to pass away :( The lower part of touchscreen it's begin unresponsive and the phone it's pratically unusable. My brother today gave me his old "Galaxy Note 4". he uses it at home with wifi whitout sim and it's usage to play some...
  26. D

    Thread Open telegram channel

    guys how about opening a telegram channel to discuss modding on mi note 10 lite (toco)?
  27. G

    Thread I have seen many videos of people making their redmi note 7 and mi 9t making them transparent back but not for the mi 10

    Does any site to buy these transparent back for the xiaomi mi 10? and also any tutorial to do it?
  28. D

    Thread [SOLVED] Fastboot can't find device

    Hi, everyone, I'm having some problems with my Note 10. I intended to install the global version rom, coming from european. I used XiaomiTool V2 to automate the process. At the end of the flashing process, the program returned an error about sideloading, and it aborted. Then I closed the app...
  29. M

    Thread Four Custom WatchFaces on Mi Band 4, is that possible?

    Hello, I'm fairly new to the Mi Band 4 and its community. After trying out different WatchFaces on the Mi Band 4, also using different apps, I noticed that when you go into the settings on the Mi Band 4 to change the WatchFace that it's always the fourth one that is being changed. I would love...
  30. A

    Thread Planning to buy an A10 - how do I know if my country's version is rootable/moddable?

    Due to my current phone breaking down, I'm now searching for the cheapest phone available that is able to run a custom ROM, has a fingerprint scanner, and most importantly, is sold at a major store in my country (Costa Rica). The vast majority of phones I can find are either Huawei, which is...
  31. Chri$b0b2005

    Thread Making a tablet from a phone?

    So I've not been on here for a few years now, I lost the time when I was studying engineering and my interests fell by the wayside so I have no idea about anything in the new generation of coding and hardware. Basically, I've got an old Xperia Z5 and I was wondering if it's possible to take the...
  32. Y

    Thread Adobe Photoshop Touch crashing on Pie?

    Adobe PS Touch is absolutely the best photo editing app (no longer available) on android because Adobe, for some reason decided to take it off the play store and instead release PS Cut which is an utter disappointment. Even though it was discontinued, the app used to work fine with few issues on...
  33. M


    Hi everyone, I'm Mike. I developed this tool for Mac that can execute adb and fastboot commands. It has a simple and easy GUI DOWNLOAD v.2.0 : GitHub If you want to follow the development of this app, consider to subscribe to my Telegram Channel ===================================...
  34. F

    Thread Honor Play, same specs than P20 Pro, different features?

    Hi, just read some info regarding brand new, gamers oriented Honor Play, which packs same CPU and GPU than P20 Pro, with little bigger display and less battery capacity. However, I'm troubled to think this is only advertising, regarding the turbo GPU thing and the supposed 7.1 sound...
  35. mauronofrio

    Thread [RECOVERY][3.2.1] Official TWRP touch recovery for Nubia M2

    Team Win Recovery Project 3.x, or twrp3 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. Its a fully touch driven user interface no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about...
  36. axxx007xxxz

    Thread General modding thread

    General modding thread This thread contains an updated list of all the guides, kernels, ROMs, mods and so on for Xperia XA2. ? Guides ? Recoveries ? Kernels ? ROMs ? Mods
  37. S

    Thread ANKA IPTV APK mod

    Team, can this apk be modded? What I want from it is the ability to load my own m3u files first, without sending my private data to their server. 2nd be capable of run 2 server account at once, without having to reload my list every time I want to move from one account to the other and. 3rd...
  38. MyNameIsRage

    Thread What's your approach to customizing your device with mods?

    What's your way to make your device be truly yours? Me personally, I am a power user and i don't really care about battery life much (1.5 days of battery life is enough for me), and i love to try out custom roms. I always loved the look and feel of pixel devices, especially the product sans...
  39. G

    Thread Camera modding/replacement

    So would it be possible to replace the camera module with one from another Blu phone? It seems as though it would be possible to replace it with one from the Blu Life One X2 since it looks almost the same. The only problem would be kernel support but maybe it is possible on stock ROM since it's...
  40. S

    Thread [How To] repack XPERIA DRM-fix kernel.

    Before attempting this you need to have a back up of your TA Partition and it's a MUST that you do that before unlocking your bootloader if you wish to retain your DRM keys, once they're gone they're gone!! So if you haven't done that yet go do it now! - Universal (Dirtycow-based) TA Backup v2...
  41. O

    Thread Battery mod question.

    Hello XDA, I have an iphone 4s of which the battery swelled. cut the circuit of the cell, threw out the battery, and confirmed that the phone works. Now, I have several extra batteries, and wanted to wire one to the phone. I would wire them to the original battery connector, and it should just...
  42. C

    Thread [Mod]Galaxy S8 themed app for GT-I919X

    Here are Galaxy S8 themed app. *Please do always do backup before install to system. *Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. *Please do some research if you have any concerns...
  43. tom2day

    Thread Is it time to give up on the mod?

    Serious question. I have been a fan of everything that does not come out of the box for years now. I remember my first Mod at ...well hell I think they called it a Fire something..HTC? :p Anyway I would like to ask. Is it done?
  44. N

    Thread [GUIDE] How to convert Kenzo to Kate and viceversa

  45. DarkJoker360

    Thread Miui v6 MM

    Hello, there is a project of miui 6 with android marshmallow?
  46. deanr1977

    Thread Changing System/Settings/Items? With Root on AFTV2 (Ideas thread)

    Changing System/Settings/Items With Root on AFTV2? (Ideas Thread) Right so first off now we have root/recovery/xposed/working play store i was wondering if we could change some things within the system of the AFTV2? I know that since recovery is loading first & can be accessed via a usb...
  47. David 617

    Thread [Deprecated] Kernel Adiutor-Mod [V15] [18JUL2016]

    [Development Stable][Kernel Adiutor-Mod][V15 - 26JUN2016] A modified Kernel Adiutor (Kernel Tweaking App) This project has been deprecated. New development is happening at KA-Mod Reborn. *** Disclamer *** This app is intended to provide an interface to tweak the features of your kernel...
  48. levone1

    Thread Tweak theme without computer

    I don't spend lots of time at the computer, so I like to find ways to do as much as possible on the phone. One thing I've found is that every theme I try has at least one element I wish I could change, as much as I like it overall. I don't know enough to make my own theme, but I found a way to...
  49. MSF Jarvis

    Thread [GUIDE][HOW TO]Mod bootanimation in ROMs without /system/media/

    Wannabe developers stepping into the ROM Development scene usually begin with theming and porting. One Themeable feature of Android is the Boot Animation. Traditionally it is located in /system/media for the latest versions of the OS. But sometimes it is possible that the folder contains this ...
  50. xXWeresXx

    Thread [AROMA]CriskeloROM v2.0 Performance&Modding Script[08/06/15]

    i Present you my Work for the Galaxy S6 G92X. Thats a Script with much power. You can make a clean rom and delete the complete Bloatware (Manual or Automatic). You can delete all Tones (Notification, Ringtones, UI Tones=Manual or Automatic) its the first Edition with some important things Enjoy...