1. D


    I lost my EFS partition when recovered my phone via EDL, crying now :( Well, I flashed Engineering Rom from here And I changed IMEI1 IMEI2 MAC and BT addresses through some tools (Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool / QMSL IMEI&SN Writer v1.4) Rebooted...
  2. L

    Thread Aquaris X Pro fgs modemst1 modemst2 needed after qfil recovery

    Hello together, after I recovered my Aquaris X Pro successfully with help of QFIL and a german guide from @RawMain and @Quallenauge (thank you very much (y)), I still have problems with my radio and IMEI stuff. I think it is because the fgs, modemst1 and modemst2 partitions got affected. Is...
  3. G

    Thread Question CP_Debug file/token to recover DIAG

    Hey, does anyone know how to get the CP_DEBUG Token to recover MODEM DIAG after rooting the phone? Any help would appreciated!
  4. T

    Thread Qualcomm 5G Modem (X50,X55...)

    Hello, I have a rooted (Magisk) Xiaomi Mi 10 lite 5g and also other smartphones which contain Qualcomm processors. I am trying to read/write AT Commands via USB to the Qualcomm Modems of the phone (with Windows 10 OS). I've already enabled the required interfaces with setprop sys.usb.config...
  5. D

    Thread How to make sure I have the latest modem and bootloader installed?

    I am currently running: Build: ALEXNDR.N960FXXU6FTJ5 Baseband version: N960FXXU6FTJ1 >MAKE SURE YOU HAVE LATEST MODEM AND BOOTLOADER INSTALLED! Getting ready to flash a new rom, but I haven't done this for a while. 1) How do I check what modem version I have? Based on the I *think* the...
  6. K

    Thread Need help with SELinux and allowing it permissions to specific apps and also being able to record calls.

    As the title say pretty much it all, i need help with SELinux. I do not quite understand it's purpose and why it got introduced. My main problem right now is i cant use some very apps like before (Android 8 or less) since i'm now in Android 11 or more. Also i've been warned that we cant...
  7. Libra420T


    EXPLICITLY FOR TMOBILE 9 PRO (I'm not responsible for your failure to read or bricked issues, but will help assist.) NO MORE MODEM FLASHING!!! Now the Fun Part (SIMPLE) Backup your damn data!!! 1. Run TmoEU MSM 2. local update zip 3A. Local update OB1 zip 3B...
  8. C

    Thread xt1955-5 Can't get LTE

    Okay, so the phone was my wife's, had LTE with stock firmware. Got her a new phone so I took this one and did full flash from fastboot using the latest retail image (used lenovo restore app). Flashed lastest Lineage OS image. Can't get anything other than 3G. Flashed latest stock image both...
  9. C

    Thread How to use your device (PC/Tablet) with Android X86/ Bliss OS as a phone?

    How's a normal android phone handling mobile connections, phone calls, SMS sending? Does the phone manufacturer have to take care of this? Or is everything included in the Android X86 / Bliss OS builds? Can i use my tablet like a normal mobile phone? My Acer W701 tablet (Intel i5) has a build-in...
  10. VD171

    Thread [BASEBAND][IMG][STOCK][MD1IMG] MODEM Image Partition for MERLIN (Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G)

    Original Stock MD1IMG.IMG for MERLIN Works with: - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G What is it? This image partition contains the MODEM/BASEBAND/RADIO. How to flash it? fastboot flash md1img md1img.img (Engineering) AL2522-Merlin-V044-Q-0920: Download...
  11. A

    Thread Update Firmware and Modem without removing LOS

    I have a REVVLRY+ edition of the MG7+ that is now running LineageOS 17.1, with minor problems relating to Wifi, Mobile and GPS strength. However, I did not upgrade to the latest version of the stock ROM prior to flashing LineageOS. My problems right now are my cellural receiption and WIFI are...
  12. VD171

    Thread [GUIDE] How to restore IMEI, Baseband, MAC, fix NVRAM WARNING and fix NVDATA CORRUPTED on MERLIN ? (Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G)

    Warnings: - This guide requires the backup be done when the IMEI was present! - NEVER try to flash in "format all" mode ! Otherwise, you will LOSE all secure and identifying infos for your device. Like IMEI. - Keep your backup files safe and secure ! If you can, encrypt them. - Never try to...
  13. VD171

    Thread [GUIDE] How to restore IMEI, Baseband, MAC, fix NVRAM WARNING and fix NVDATA CORRUPTED on MERLIN ? (Redmi 10X 4G / Redmi Note 9)

    Warnings: - This guide requires the backup be done when the IMEI was present! - NEVER try to flash in "format all" mode ! Otherwise, you will LOSE all secure and identifying infos for your device. Like IMEI. - Keep your backup files safe and secure ! If you can, encrypt them. - Never try to...
  14. vulcanrvn

    Thread T-mobile G7 Power on Verizon MVNO

    Hello, I recently got a G7 power T-mobile variant and was trying to get it working on safelink wireless a Verizon mvno. I have it network unlocked and bootloader unlocked and have been able to flash custom roms and my sim is detected but I can't seem to get any calls texting or data on it. I've...
  15. SuperIronOut

    Thread SM-G975U1 DIAG Port

    Believe it or not I finally figured out a workaround to unlock DIAG Port without root access on my SM-G975U1 which was quite a time consuming process, I am on the most recent ETL1 FW. Dialer codes sadly weren't part of the workaround which would've made this a single step. My device is...
  16. noidodroid

    Thread New Way to Bypass LG - Google Factory Reset Protetion on VARIOUS Devices!!

    New Way to Bypass LG - Google Factory Reset Protection on VARIOUS Devices! Ignore the poor grammar, typos etc.. Bits and pieces from notes. --needed-- bluetooth (needed) data cable (needed) computer (needed) Factory reset phone, forward through setup wizard and turn on wifi then... --->...
  17. noidodroid

    Thread Help with my passcode locked Tracfone LG Rebel 4 - LML212VL - Download Mode

    I have a passcode locked LG Rebel 4 - LML212VL and cant get into download mode.. Ideas? I need to recover a clients data and the only way for me to do this is through LGLAF or with a box that can remove the pattern lock.. However all ive managed to get to is recovery and that is it.. No...
  18. bmaz121

    Thread OnePlus One Notification exit delay function needed

    Have you ever notice with Second verification on a website being logged on to does a text message to the phone with a 6 digit number. Well, with my bad eyes it takes a few seconds to read the small blue verification 6 digit number the site sent me. Boom, the message disappears from the lock...
  19. J

    Thread 2 android phones wont connect to wifi with new ISP, worked fine with old ISP

    Hi, Both myself and my wife's phones worked fine with our previous ISP. We have moved to a place that our old ISP does not provide service to, so had to go with another ISP. All of our devices work fine when connected to WIFI except my wife's android phone (Sony Xperia X Compact, latest stock...
  20. J

    Thread No signal on Redmi 2 2014817

    I don't know what else to try as I flashed a modem file and it still shows no signal. Even on stock firmware it says no signal. I'm pretty sure it's the correct modem file because the IMEI shows up but still no service. I put the sim in my Redmi 1S and it works fine. Anything else I can try? I...
  21. S

    Thread Mbn Files from Pixel 4 Request

    As title states, I am looking for the mbn files from the pixel 4. I downloaded the modem partition and could not seem to extract it and thought someone that owns a pixel 4 might have better luck than me. Thanks! The directory might be "/vendor/rfs/msm/mpss/readonly/vendor/mbn/mcfg_sw/" but I...
  22. P

    Thread Full-Port Switch Modem Config (VoLTE enabling)

    Has anyone managed to enable the Full-Port Switch on a Realme Device yet? This is needed to configure the LTE Modem to enable a matching carrier profile that supports VoLTE. I have the Qualcomm QPST PDC programm and know how to do it on a Oneplus device. But I can't enable serial mode and the...
  23. Vimal Vinz

    Thread Asus X01BDA EFS & Modem Backup

    This is TWRP backup of Modem & EFS Please restore it using TWRP
  24. G

    Thread Move RIL from one rom to another

    Hi, I tried some custom roms on my MEIZU M6 note (snapdragon 625) and I reallly liked the "ViperOS" rom but its LTE 4G network runs very slowly (1 Mbps). I already tried all the Sim cards settings but nothing works, i think it's because this rom was built from a chinese rom. is it possible to...
  25. noidodroid

    Thread [RADIO] Cellular Radio Communication -\/ Modem | IMEI \/- Related Security Discussion

    [RADIO] Cellular Radio Communication -\/ Modem | IMEI \/- Related Security Discussion! I hope this Thread Section is A-Ok for the following. @MikeChanning i see this is one of which you are in control of. If not suitable please move it to where you see it is best fit for its final resting...
  26. HarvHouHacker

    Thread T510 - Consistent Lag and Update Issues

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to troubleshoot a friend's Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, 2019 model. I've been having some serious lag on some applications, and hibernating apps doesn't seem to fix the issue. Running the logcat command through adb outputs a reoccurring error: E CASS : Can't open modem...
  27. G

    Thread Flash older modem?

    I may be nuts, but I've noticed really poor signal lately for about a month. Could it be the modem package flashed with 10? If possible, I figure it can't hurt to try an old modem. I was hoping to flash it like the old days instead of going back to 9 to test it. Is it possible? Thanks
  28. L

    Thread Le max 2 all volte problems solved!

    I am using le max 2 in India I am having multiple problems with this phone First of all I rooted it and installed lineage os on it. I do not know about the modem version at that time. Jio Volte was working fine, but sometime jio to jio outgoing call not worked. Also fingerprint was useless...
  29. kevace1

    Thread Lost Fastboot??!! after my other issues i have posted here in this thread...which still appears to be unanswered..... I have noticed that i do not have fastboot!!! i cannot get to it neither through Axon7Toolkit, not through ADB, and...
  30. F

    Thread Understanding radio logs - no data connection while roaming

    Hi, I'm trying to understand the reasons my Droid Mini (running Lineage OS 13 with the January security update) won't properly connect to foreign networks with data connectivity. For work I've been travelling to China a few times a year, and every time I come here data connection is an issue...
  31. N

    Thread Messed With IMEI while Enjoying flashing?

    IMEI number is a personal identifier and if gets corrupted you can loose working of SIM in those phone. Why would it happen? 1. Probably you went High and cause your modem to get corrupted? 2. Or the Old way deleted/removed/ate away NV_RAM file of EFS partition I CAN'T EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH...
  32. rafiraza

    Thread Asus Max PRO M1,

    Hi I need a straight answer please My phone is Taiwan Version, does not work in Canada with Freedom Mobile.. Is there a hack.. that I flash and get the frequency or band I needed here ? Can I flash a ROM with different Modem.> thanks for to the point answer !!
  33. M

    Thread [TWRP] december firmware and modem.

    Since joeyhuab has removed the link from his post, but many of us use the firmware combined with his 11.12 update of PE, i have re-posted the december 9.0 modem update. **Do not use this with update 16.12 or 17.12 of PE. The developer have told you that those updates...
  34. P

    Thread Flashing the international ROM is not possible for the T-Mobile device.

    Well, It appears we wont be able to flash the international ROM. I assume this means there are some kind of optimizations on the T-Mobile version that we wont get on the international. This really is a shame, i'd like to have dual sim + faster updates. But i need better support for my carrier...
  35. J

    Thread [Basebands/Modems] SM-G960/G965 F/N/U/U1/W/0 [24.03.2022] & Android 10 / PIE StockRom

    [Basebands/Modems] SM-G960/G965 F/N/U/U1/W/0 [24.03.2022] & Android 10 / PIE StockRom READ CAREFULLY!!! You flash these files at your own responsibility! I am not responsible for any damage that might be caused by flashing (bricked device, lost data, ...)! Flash only the correct files for your...
  36. hitokage004

    Thread Signal problem with US998 on Verizon

    I'm having a weird signal type problem with US998 on Verizon, and want to see if anyone has any suggestions. If I start clean (I'll explain in a moment) I get 4G all the time - low signal or not. If I reboot the phone it goes to 3G, occasionally 1X mode, and sometimes no signal, but never to 4G...
  37. TheCoryGuy

    Thread [Discussion] Verizon Connectivity Issues on Custom ROMS Workarounds

    I'd love to settle once and for all the issues with Verizon modems or whatever on custom ROMS, the issue being that you MUST place a phone call after reboots and periodical hibernation to receive texts, voicemail and MMS. I don't know squat about editing ROMs or the like, but I wish I did. I'm...
  38. N

    Thread xt1039 cant connect to any network

    Hello I have a motog4g and cant connect to any network. I try *#*#4636#*#* tap to enable radio but nothing happens. I have tried to flash mutiple firmwares 443 444 501 but checking the radio from the testing app is always off cant be turned on. I can successfully lock the device after a...
  39. V

    Thread Which is the correct firmware for the US S3/522 for this list?

    I went to codeworks page: There are 4 files for the x522 in firmware and 4 in modems. I am assuming the "19s" firmware is for India so is the "20s" for the US? But the 4 files in the modem section is confusing, which one/one's are for the US model x522? here is the link for the modems...
  40. J

    Thread Flashable modem/baseband/radio ?

    Does anyone have reception issues with this phone? Mine jumps so bad from full bars to no bars, LTE is spotty as hell, and believe me, my area and surrounding areas are fully equipt with LTE, great reception, etc. Anyway to do like a better radio? baseband? some how? I remember my older...
  41. R

    Thread Baseband Radio

    I am on AEX 5.5 with baseband of .2.0.c.1.9-00026-M8996FAAAANAZM-1. Is this the very latest? or Any further update of baseband available? Thanks for the help.
  42. R

    Thread Baseband Radio

    I am on AEX 5.5 with baseband of .2.0.c.1.9-00026-M8996FAAAANAZM-1. Is this the very latest? or Any further update of baseband available? Thanks for the help. Please ignore this thread as i have posted it in the Q&A Thread. Not sure if a remove option is available to remove this post
  43. U

    Thread Question on upgrading bootloader and modem on i747

    I currently have bootloader and radio at version I747UCUEMJB that I would like to upgrade all the way to I747UCUFNJ2. Can I do a jump from MJB straight to NJ2 or I would need to upgrade sequentially ie MJB->NE4->NJ2? Also, I found this website...
  44. S

    Thread Easy way to switch from 3G to Wi-Fi

    Hi guys, as the title suggests I'm after a solution that allows me to move from a 3G connection to a Wi-Fi connection easily, perhaps through a widget or even a separate app. Currently, I have a Telstra 3G modem connected to my Eonon GA2167 Head Unit (Allwinner T8 - rooted thanks to ****-jones)...
  45. J

    Thread [Baseband/Modem] SM-T585 [26.08.2021] & 8.1 StockRom mirror

    READ CAREFULLY!!! You flash these files at your own responsibility! I am not responsible for any damage that might be caused by flashing (bricked device, lost data, ...)! Flash only the correct files for your phone! Since no custom ROM for the SM-T585 on this side updates the baseband/modem...
  46. X

    Thread Flashing baseband on different Note 3 variants

    These may very well be some really stupid questions, but well... 1. Do all Note 3 variants use the same modem? Meaning, will I be able to flash the CP firmware to enable LTE bands on the phones that do not support LTE out of box? 2. Is there a chance that the phone might be hard-bricked due to...
  47. Timmmmaaahh!

    Thread [Q] What does flashing firmware do exactly? Are Wi-Fi drivers included?

    I believe we can all agree that Android is a pretty complex system. And with complexity comes confusion. As a RC it's important to give the correct information to people so I figured it's best to ask all you smart people about this. Of course, I've searched around, but couldn't find much...
  48. B

    Thread USA Axon 7 A2017U baseband options

    EDIT: For the A2017U USA model Axon 7, the TWRP flashable B35 modem file is available here || A2017G and A2017 follow the link at my last post in this thread to the Aroma ROM thread containing those modem files. I have Baseband Version .2.0.c1.9-00090-M8996FAAAANAZM-1 which I believe is B15...
  49. arvindgr

    Thread LTE+ support to make 3CA work on Bands 3+5+40??

    MI has done an awesome job in bringing a phone without USB-C to not use QC v4.0, also its mind-blowing X12 modem supporting LTE speeds of 600Mbps only if 3CA is enabled. In India due to Jio's entry, airtel also has raced against them. Atleast in major cities, LTE+ is already enabled but Indians...
  50. W

    Thread Baseband / RadioModem for Z2 (plus) for twrp

    Hi mates, as I got a lot of requests for providing basebands for Z2 (plus) as well I will try adding them here. ------------------------------- ATTENTION! If you use encryption then dont flash any baseband as if may corrupt your encryption. Check your current baseband version first! Your...