1. F

    Thread [MAGISK][MODULE][FONT]Open Fonts

    Open Fonts A magisk module created to replace system fonts. Installation: Method 1: Download the module from the github release page. Install from Magisk. Enjoy it! Method 2: Download and install from Fox's Magisk Module Manager. Enjoy it! Features: Support latest Noto Emoji version...
  2. Sloobot

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk Module] A52 Hidden Mods

    A magisk module adding the mods from ShaDisNX255's Thread plus many extra mods systemlessly! Credit goes to the original creator UltraHQ Github this version is modified by me to work on the A52. Note: It should only be used on the Galaxy A52 (SM-A526B). Trying on other devices is at your own...
  3. Der_Googler

    Thread [Module][Android 5+] Fake Shell Charger

    Fake Shell Charger This is not a real charger, here can you troll your friends Disclaimer * I am not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not...
  4. H

    Thread Question K40 Gaming Widevine L1 certificate does not exist

    The K40G is a very good phone but it is not possible to watch anything of high quality on Netflix. Because of the L3 certificate, the movies are mud. I installed Magisk but couldn't find a solution for the L1 certificate, so I'm waiting for solutions if anyone knows or can.
  5. Julien Gontier

    Thread [MODULE] Twemoji Remastered(Twitter Emoji)

    Since the original author of the magisk module for the Twitter Emoji, doesn't maintain it anymore, i decided to maintain it myself. So here come Twemoji Remastered! A Twitter Emoji module maintained for Magisk! You can view the source of the Magisk module right here
  6. D

    Thread Request: Module to lower screen brightness below minimum slider value

    When using dc dimming on my amoled phone the brightness is way to high at night at lowest slider value. While with pwm its a lot better i still would prefer it less bright (anyway no solution because flicker is annoying at lowest brightness). Im pretty sure i am not at the lowest possible...
  7. Kyliekyler


    MAGNETAR Device Performance Optimizer — Aims To Provide An Optimal Experience At Every Usage Scenario Notes Flash at your own risk, only you is responsible for lost data or bricked devices! Compatibility Android 5 to 13 ABI 32 and 64 Magisk 23+ Installation Flash on Magisk Manager Reboot...
  8. d4rk7355608

    Thread [Magisk Module] Google Product Sans Font for Android 12!

    Hello XDA! Today I'll show you my Google Sans module! This module helps you to install Google Product Sans Font systemlessly though Magisk. Module is made to be compatible with Android 12 devices. You can download module from here and flash in Magisk. Features: Replace all system fonts...
  9. S

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk Module] A72 CSC Mods

    A magisk module adding some CSC-Mods to your Galaxy A72 systemlessly! Features we normally deserve to get Note: It should only be used on the Galaxy A72 (SM-A725F). Trying on other devices is at your own risk. In case something doesn't work, remove the module. It will revert everything to it's...
  10. Zackptg5

    Thread [Module] [Canary] Module Manager

    Magisk modules repo has been removed from magisk canary (v23.x) apk without an alternative solution at this point so I whipped together a term script that can replace if for the time being until a new/better solution is implemented in magisk manger. Note that this is for canary builds (>v23)...
  11. ferry_ip

    Thread [MAGISK] [MODULE] SBC XQ Bluetooth Audio Codec and DRC Deactivator (Android 10)

    PREMISE Standard Bluetooth (BT) audio codec SBC is incorporated into all BT stereo audio devices as mandatory. It can work at arbitrary high bitrates but BT documents, however, recommend 328 kbit/s (44.1kHz/16bit) for high quality mode. This mode provides just acceptable audio quality. Meanwhile...
  12. S

    Thread Is there any module that gives the possibility of renaming apps?

    I was a long time MIUI user, and those AOSP labels are driving me nuts! There isn't any way to fix this?
  13. Laniakeea

    Thread Cannot mount file to system

    I've created a module to edit /system/vendor/etc/mixer_paths_tavil.xml but it doesn't work, it used to work but since I got the "Audio Modification Library" module installed it won't change that file. I've attacehed the module down below in case if anything's wrong with it that I couldn't see...
  14. DanHoliday

    Thread How to properly compress Magisk module .zip

    Hello, I'm trying to create my own Magisk module based on working modules and referencing the module instructions. Before getting too far, I wanted to make sure that the compression process worked correctly. So, I downloaded a .zip module from the Magisk app (e.g. Wifi5ghzdisabler), moved .zip...
  15. Servail

    Thread How to adjust gamma value on Android?

    Looks like my question is broader than just my phone's topic. In general: I need to adjust gamma to use with low brightness/light to not burn my (maybe weak or ill?) eyes off. I have Xiaomi Redmi 9 (galahad, MTK) and I've already tried like every obvious method: google, different apps, custom...
  16. kripper98

    Thread Testing own modules

    Hello, I am trying to make my own Magisk module. On the installation attempt I always get the error: - Copying zip to temp directory - Installing ! Installation failed Unfortunately, the log is not helpful to determine what is wrong. Searching through the internet didn't bring any...
  17. uotlaf

    Thread [Magisk] Google Assistant Button Remapper

    Download Google Assistant Button Remapper Prerequisite: Magisk Theoretically any cell phone with the assistant button How i edit the button function? Open /data/adb/modules/assistant_button_remap/system/usr/keylayout/gpio-keys.kl with an text editor Edit the line "key 217 BUTTON_L2" for...
  18. Skhux

    Thread Semi Custom Rom features | S20 FE 5G | SM-G781B

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else out there has had some luck customising there S20 FE 5G variant stock rom whilst waiting for a possible custom rom built? Here I have a few screenshots of my current setup with modules installed, Oneplus Launcher, Viral icon pack, EdXposed and magisk...
  19. S

    Thread External microphone isn't working [Pixel experience][ROM]

    Hey, I am using pixel experience ROM and it looks like pixel experience is having a external microphone issue it detects there is a microphone but dosent record anything.... Is there a module to fix it??‽ I am using Mi K20 Pro
  20. S

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk Module] A72 Hidden Mods

    A magisk module adding the mods from ShaDisNX255's Thread plus many extra mods systemlessly! Features we normally deserve to get Note: It should only be used on the Galaxy A72 (SM-A725F). Trying on other devices is at your own risk. In case something doesn't work, remove the module. It will...
  21. jigs4wkiller

    Thread GApps Plus for MIUI 12.X | A11| arm64-v8| 11.11.2021

    Description A Magisk module that does the following: - Replacement of most MIUI apps with a counterpart from Google - Activates the AOSP sharing menu, package installer and recents - Additional Apps and tweaks (see below) This module supports the MMT Extended volume key selector to let the...
  22. seacowx

    Thread [MODULE] HW Button Backlight Disable(R) for OnePlus 3/3T

    CHANGELOGS: v1.1 Support magisk v21+ (v22+ highly recommended) v2.0 support op3 on mostly android R based rom *support latest magisk v22.1 _______________________________________________ # READ CAREFULLY !!! # Description This module only disables HW button backlight on OnePlus 3/3T and does...
  23. S

    Thread [Magisk Module] A71 Hidden Mods

    A magisk module adding the mods from ShaDisNX255's Thread plus some extra ones Features we normally deserve to get Note: It should only be used on the Galaxy A71 (SM-A715F). Trying on other devices is at your own risk. In case something doesn't work, remove the module. It will revert everything...
  24. _Yank

    Thread [MODULE][AUDIO] Jackshi Audio (improve the volume levels n moar)

    Yo there. Brief summary My previous device was a Mi A1 which packed some punch on its audio jack output. It could go LOUUUUD. Obviously I found X3's sound very lacking in that regard but very good in other audio aspects. Upon inspecting MIUI's mixer_paths, I found out that qualcomm's codec ULP...
  25. S

    Thread Magisk module need help testing for China and Korea users.

    The firmware does not contain carrier files for China and Korea carriers. I made a magisk module that installs these carrier files systemlessly. I don't live in China or Korea so I have no way to test this. If you're living in China or Korea, please help me test the module to see if it works...
  26. S

    Thread Magisk module need help testing for China and Korea users.

    The firmware does not contain carrier files for China and Korea carriers. I made a magisk module that installs these carrier files systemlessly. I don't live in China or Korea so I have no way to test this. If you're living in China or Korea, please help me test the module to see if it works...
  27. P

    Thread [HELP] This zip is not a Magisk Module! Simple System UI sound replacement

    Hello, first post. I've been looking for the better half of two days to figure this out and the only thing that comes close is a similar thread here: I tried creating a really simple module to replace a few...
  28. pedroxdadevs

    Thread [Module] [2021-15-12] [1.9.7] King Tweaks Reborn

    Functions King Tweaks Reborn is a magisk module that focus on maximize user-experience by tweaking the kernel. You have 4 modes: Latency, Balanced, Extreme and Gaming, you change it based on your use by using the app (Spectrum based) that the module also installs. Modes Latency Latency is UI /...
  29. nongthaihoang

    Thread [MODULE] Oh My Font — Google Sans Prime — Custom Font Installer

    Oh My Font Improve Android Typography GitLab OMF is the most advanced font module ever made. It is a collection of typefaces which are believed to improve the overall Android Typography experience.
  30. D

    Thread Live captions inject text into servece with real time translation

    Some time ago Google released very powerful 'Live captions' app for pixel devices. For those who do not know it yet, short video: I finally run it on my nonPixel device but I just missed the option to translate text in real time something that gives us AllTrans module. But unfortunately it is...
  31. iamlooper

    Thread [CLOSED]Mod edit

    Mod edit: Thread closed on request of OP and all content by OP removed. - Oswald Boelcke
  32. emime12

    Thread [Module] iOS 14 Emojis Magisk (Unicode 13)

    Hello everyone! I bring you the emojis that iOS 14 brings. It is easily installed like any module. Tested in Android 11 AOSP. Using Magisk Manager -Download Magisk Flashed File – iOS 14 Emoji Pack -Make sure you have installed the latest Magisk manager. -Head over to the application and go...
  33. Crazy Seed

    Thread Module to Boost Headphones and Calls Volume

    Hello Mates. I got great news for you :) I was able to finally create a Magisk Module to Increase the Sound Volume, in this case i just increased Calls and Headphones because Speakers are already too Loud in this Phone. Notice: In mine it got stuck at the first reboot, but then when you press a...
  34. FerryAr

    Thread [MODULE] LHROOT | Systemless Linux Chroot Installer and Bootscript

    LHROOT Systemless Linux Chroot Installer and Bootscript Magisk Module Dependancies: busybox coreutils for make_image mke2fs for make_image Installation: Just flash the zip release via Magisk Manager. Usage : lhroot on terminal emulator and follow the instructions Once installed, to boot...
  35. M

    Thread [Help] Creating Module for vendor partition changes

    Hello Fellow Users, Let me start with the fact that I have zero experience of making flash modules (TWRP/Magisk) and am just dabbling around. Some background, I found a TWRP flash zip file which makes changes to vendor partition of Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet) running MIUI OS (Android Q) - this...
  36. TrInI_?

    Thread [MODULE]✰Tool✰ℕ𝕦𝕜𝕖𝕕_𝐒𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭™~ Ⓑattery║Ⓟerformance║Ⓟrivacy

    [MODULE]✰Tool✰ℕ𝕦𝕜𝕖𝕕_𝐒𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭™~ Ⓑattery║Ⓟerformance║Ⓟrivacy ☢️ᑎᑌҜᗴᗪ☢️ ✦The M❂DULE that will change your phone|tablet!!✦ This module includes some scripts that...
  37. RKBD

    Thread [MODULE] Emoji sets by RKBDI

    Emoji magisk modules by RKBDI NOTE: I'm not responsible for any bricked devices! Eventhough I'll always try to help you out of a bootloop or with any other problems, I won't take responsibility for anything caused by this module. Use it at your own risk! Remember that other users can't see...
  38. Quinny899

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] owoify - owo what's this

    owoify owoify This is an Xposed module that turns your system furry. It makes almost every TextView use OwOified speak. You don't want to use this on your daily driver. Seriously. Examples Screenshots Inspiration There's been a jailbreak tweak for over a year which does something similar...
  39. Quinny899

    Thread [XPOSED][11/Apr][v3.3] OPAodMod - Always on Display with lots of options

    OPAodMod is an Xposed module that provides OnePlus devices on OxygenOS and HydrogenOS with an always on display like that on the Pixels (and other devices). It's existed for a while, but in the last few months stopped working due to the main developer (RetroX) moving on to another device. I...
  40. Kyuubi10

    Thread [HELP] This zip is not a Magisk Module

    Hi guys, Just to be clear I have googled and searched xda for answers but I have come up empty. I've tried to create a magisk module (attached) and I followed this guide: But somehow somewhere I messed up, because whenever I try to sideload it...
  41. X

    Thread Magisk mods / xposed

    Hey, whats everyones favorite, and go-to magisk modules or other root mods for the pixel 2 XL device? i have root and im really curious what everyone is using, and for what reason!
  42. D

    Thread [Module] Razerite V2.0. By Gamers, For Gamers.

    Welcome to the Razerite Project A Magisk Module that adds a touch of Razer to your device Features: Razer Boot Animation Razer Cortex Razer Wallpapers Razer UI sounds and Ringtones And more to come! To Download: Head to Magisk Manager and search for magisk manager. Direct link Our...
  43. E

    Thread Magisk Module development help

    This is my first attempt at a Magisk Module (to fix a issue with a few poorly coded legacy apps and not trip safety net) inject or replace a font and set proper permission on the file My super simple experiment is here (based on the template from Git)...
  44. Zackptg5

    Thread Magisk Module Template Extended (MMT-Ex) [TEMPLATE]

    In the past couple years, magisk has come a long ways to the point that it's the de-facto root solution. I have been developing and maintaining the Unity template for the past couple years but it's now reached a point where there's no longer a need for it - it's simply not worth the effort...
  45. A

    Thread Hiding a Preset List of Apps

    Hello, I wonder if there is a Magisk Module to enable hiding root from a pre defined list of app ( based on package name for example ) ? I guess a system almost similar to Detach module but that would give a way to HideRoot for some apps ? My use case : At work, we have a Work Profile...
  46. A

    Thread [Request] Module to Double-Tap To Sleep

    Hey all, I used to use a double-tap to sleep module on Xposed on my OnePlus One ages ago. I know you can get apps like GravityBox, but I don't want to install such an app for just one feature. Has/can someone create a magisk module that enables a double-tap to sleep from the notification bar...
  47. L

    Thread Comparison of optimization modules: LKT vs FDE.AI vs...

    There are several Magisk modules that claim to optimize settings for better performance and extended battery life. What are people's experience with these on the Sony Xperia? NFS Injector This module aim to improve kernel / ram management between efficiency and energy aware . Using a complex...
  48. B

    Thread [MAGISK][MOD][OOS 9.5.11/13]Allow choosing Bromite as WebView Implementation

    IMPORTANT: These modules contain modifed framework-res.apk's from Oxygen OS 9.5.11 and 9.5.13. It was taken from the international stock rom. I would not recommend trying this if you are not using either of these versions. Be aware that if you have Chrome enabled, the system will automatically...
  49. 7

    Thread [Magisk][Font] AppleArabic-Font

    This is a Magisk Module that will Systemlessly replaces ِِArabic font with new SF Arabic font. ✅ Compatibility: - Compatible with All Android roms (please feedback) ? Add-on: + Font fix for custom roms like (Samsung - Xsaomi - Others..) ? Changelog: - v1 2019/06/28 First...
  50. NaeemBolchhi

    Thread [MODULE] Change Bengali Font on Android Device

    Font Freak: Bengali Fonts If you are a rooted android user using Magisk, you're in luck. Some of you might remember the Bengali font modules that were in the Magisk Repo until a few days ago. They are no longer being allowed due a recent change in their policy. As such, I created a dedicated...