1. R

    Thread Question External monitor

    Hi, I just received the Oneplus 11. Weirdly enough, it doesn't recognize i connected an external monitor. I know the adapter is good because it works on other devices. I have already unlocked the developer features: *Force activities to be resizable. *Enable freeform windows. *Force desktop...
  2. V3rB0se

    Thread [KERNEL][Nethunter] For Pixel 4a (Sunfish) [Android 12] [Android 13]

    ALYNX Nethunter Kernel for Pixel 4a - [Stock][Android 12/12L] What is Nethunter ? I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards. Do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Kernel. About the kernel : Kernel is based on stock sources compiled using...
  3. V3rB0se

    Thread [KERNEL] Nethunter For Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 xl [Blueline] [Crosshatch]

    ALYNX Nethunter Kernel for Pixel 3/3xl - [Stock][Android 12] and [Android 12L PixelDust/ CAF] What is Nethunter ? I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards. Do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Kernel. About the kernel : The Kernel is...
  4. J

    Thread Control monitor?

    Hello, I'm looking for some help or information thanks :) Problem: I am unable to control volume / brightness / power on my monitor (LG 32UK580) with my android TV box (Tivo stream 4k) From what I've read this is done with HDMI-CEC, but I don't know how to proceed These controls neither...
  5. FezanButt

    Thread Screen sizing issue on my monitor

    I have a RCA 1080p monitor connected to MSI GTX 550 ti through HDMI. My native and recommended resolution is 1360x768 but when I increase size, it shows image zoomed and too blur. I tried resize screen which made my resolution lower as it thought my monitor is low resolution, but there was a...
  6. D

    Thread Useing phone as a Video Monitor

    I'm interested in using my phone as a OTG portable test monitor by allowing the USB-C Port to be an HDMI Input. I've found several videos online showing how to make this happen. HackADay Link Youtube Link In short the steps are - Have USB debugging on. Have A USB HDMI capture card. Use a USB...
  7. Ming_abee

    Thread Using old mobile phones for indoor monitoring

    Is there any app which can be installed on old Android 9, 10, 11 phones so those phones can be used as a 7/24 monitoring camera for indoor use? If there has not been any app like this, is it possible to develop such apps, taking into the considerations of limitation of the Android OS?
  8. dbn4

    Thread Amazfit pace heart rate monitor stopped working

    Hello everyone 😊 My Amazfit pace heart rate monitor has stopped working. There is no light coming from the sensor and the app just says "Couldn't measure". I have seen some youtube videos with the same problem. Everything seems to work fine of the watch except the USB connection also.
  9. D

    Thread Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor (Chest Strap)?

    Can anyone recommend the best bluetooth HRM chest strap to pair with an Amazfit smartwatch? I have the Amazfit Pace, but I am looking for opinions regardless of which Amazfit model you have. Many thanks!
  10. Paget96

    Thread [APP][5.0+] BatteryGuru: Monitor & Saver

    Extend battery life with tips and customizable saving modes from BatteryGuru 🔋Battery Guru monitors, show estimates and helps you change your charging habits with useful tips to prolong battery life and increase its lifespan by 200%. ⭐Designed to keep the battery in the best condition and...
  11. Pr.TOSHIBA

    Thread Connecting to a monitor/changing HDMI output resolution

    I would like to attach a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 to an old Aluminum 20" Apple Cinema Display, but I reckon this question would be applicable to all sorts of devices and monitors. When I connect my Tab S4 with a USB-C to DVI adapter the Display LED blinks 3 quick times, indicating that it does not...
  12. Pr.TOSHIBA

    Thread Connect to a 1680x1050 monitor/change HDMI output resolution

    I would like to attach a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 to an old Aluminum 20" Apple Cinema Display, but I reckon this question would be applicable to all sorts of devices and monitors. When I connect my Tab S4 with a USB-C to DVI adapter the Display LED blinks 3 quick times, indicating that it does not...
  13. J

    Thread Amazon Price Tracker and Monitor

    Hi everybody I'm sharing this application I developed. This is for monitoring products in Amazon and get notifications when the price changes... I usually find a good price when I wait a short period before buying :) It's easy to use. Once you're in the Amazon page for the product you want...
  14. F

    Thread Standalone wireless screen for QR code

    Hi guys, I am looking for a little external monitor to display QR codes to customers. So frame rate, lag, color or picture quality are non priorities. It could work like on a smart TV, by projecting the whole screen, or we could also write custom software to make it work. It can also be cable...
  15. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Monitor your device with CPU System Info 64

    Hello, I create that thread to present you a new application I made letting you to monitor your smartphone or tablet accurately. Named CPU System Info 64, the application is freely available on the Google Play Store : You...
  16. K

    Thread [Guide]Call/Data/SMS usage Monitor (no root, no external plugin required)

    Hi everyone: I've been looking for something like this, and didn't like most of what i found, or it was incomplete. So i decided to start over... and i'm now sharing the result. Its just a high level explanation, since i'm attaching the project. Feel free to give any comments for improvements...
  17. esudip

    Thread Moto 360 2nd Gen FAKE heart-rate

    Guys, I owned this watch and having issue with heartrate. When I am measuring the heartrate without wearing it is giving me random heartrate. Here is the video for this And "Ok google is working for me 2 out of 10 times"
  18. iSaurabh

    Thread [Q] App to Spy (Monitor) Mobile Phone

    Hello everyone. I want to know Android Apps that are used to track your Kids, Office staff or friends. I'm looking for an app which has the following features. - Records All calls and store on Cloud accounts (G Drive/ Dropbox ) - Grabs GPS location (wheather gps is on/off) - Access to photos...
  19. H

    Thread Internet Speed Meter - Show realtime Internet speed (download and upload) No Root

    FREE version & NO ROOTING required - Internet Speed Meter 2016 shows realtime Internet speed of your Internet connections on Status bar and Notification bar - Internet Speed Meter 2016 also shows daily both Mobile and WiFi data usage with current Internet (Download and Upload speed) Google Play...
  20. MishaalRahman

    Thread [GUIDE][Difficulty: Advanced] Create a Hotspot Monitor to Watch Who's Connected

    If you use a WiFi hotspot, you might be interested in monitoring how many devices and which devices are still connected to it. This is useful for when you're sharing your hotspot with friends or family. There is no real way to do this easily in Android, but with some clever shell commands...
  21. aragorn21

    Thread Connect VGA / HDMI external monitor

    Does anybody already tried to connect an external monitor to the X2 ? for those who succeed, what was the solution ? (I'm interested to fully replace my laptop at work with X2 + USB Hub + Keyboard / Mouse / External Monitor)
  22. H

    Thread [App][5.0+] Surveil : Auto Screen Recorder

    Surveil : Auto Screen Recorder Surveil is an auto screen recording app that lets you monitor how some apps are used on your device. HOW IT WORKS - Select an app that you want to monitor. - Whenever that app is opened, Surveil will automatically starts recording the screen until the...
  23. A

    Thread [APP] NetTop: RealTime Network Meter

    Hello, I'm introducing NetTop. It is an Android app that displays network usage stats in real time, providing the following information: A list of installed apps that are currently using the device network. The network transfer speed of each app and the total speed. Currently...
  24. W

    Thread [Q] New FireTV Stick, Won't Start

    I have an Amazon Fire TV stick. I plugged it into the HDMI port. I tried using the port on the TV and the port on the Set Top Box. On both of them I go to the remote, I press TV Input at the bottom of the remote, by repeatedly pressing TV Input I am able to get to HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. But I'm...
  25. mfisher0

    Thread [Q] Moto G instead of laptop>?

    Hi Moto G forum I am coming from Galaxy R i9103 and this is my first post with the moto G (which I am very happy to have). :good: My wife is working on a project and we are looking at buying another laptop. Recently I saw that you can connect a keyboard and mouse to our Moto G.... My...
  26. R

    Thread Advise for purchasing Chromecast setup

    Hi I plan to purchase a chrome cast device and compatible router for development purposes. I have a few doubt's on which I could welcome some pointers. 1. I have a viewsonic 2753mh led 27 inch monitor with hdcp capability and two HDMI ports with speakers built into monitor. Will chrome cast...
  27. Far_SighT

    Thread [Q] Monitor Mode

    Is there anyway to put Sensation XE's Wi-Fi card BCM4329 in monitor mode? I tried bcmon, but that is not working (I tried it on both CM11 and CM9). On CM9 the app works, but the chip gets disabled, so I can't use reaver. Any ideas?
  28. J

    Thread [Q] Nvidia to Note 2014

    Ok, so this is a really silly idea, is there a way to use my Note 10.1 as a secondary monitor from my graphics card? I'm using an ASUS MARS 760 with a DVI converter and was wondering if it was possible to plug it into the HDMI to MiniUSB on my note and use the note as a 2560X1600 Display. The...
  29. torch2424

    Thread [APP][2.2+] Stats Monitor Widget - Minimalistic Android System Monitor

    Free: Non Play Store Free Link: Paid ($1): This is...
  30. Rolf Smit

    Thread [APP][2.2+]Tinycore - The tiny system monitor that fits your status-bar!

    Tinycore Tinycore is a tiny and highly customizable cpu and memory monitor gadget that will fit your status-bar or any other place on your screen perfectly. With this app you will always know how much Ram your device is using how much load your CPU has or even on what frequencies your CPU is...
  31. Elastep

    Thread [APP] ElDiskMonitor v0.1 HDD Monitor using camera activity indicator + System Tray

    Since I've bought Asus T100 one of the most annoying things for me was no hdd activity monitor... So I've decided to code one for myself... And to share with you guys as I've already did before with my other pet projects (see ElWpAudioBooks). This small app sits in tray and simulates hdd...
  32. P

    Thread [Q] Monitor resolution change

    Hi, I would like to use a note 3 with external monitor when im away from home but I would prefer more real estate. Is there a way to trick android into thinking it is a larger screen and reduce the icon sizes shown. By this I specifically want to be able to program on it so reducing the font...
  33. R

    Thread [Q] Compiling for/on Android

    Hi, I own a Galaxy Ace 2 running CyanogenMod, with the drivers/firmware from I have working monitor mode/injection. Included in the package are amongst other applications airodump-ng, aireplay-ng, ... I wanted to be able to use mdk3...
  34. X

    Thread [Q] Wifi chipset? monitor mode?

    Hello everybody! I was doing some research in "wifi security" and found that some phones can set the wifi chipset to monitor mode? can we? what wifi chipset do we have?
  35. Dan Law 001

    Thread SD card "bad" removal?

    Hello, I have an app which allows me to monitor the SD of the phone and thus I noticed that at some point of the day the app indicates the presence of some "bad" removals of the SD card. What bad SD card removal really is and how/what is caused? Thanks.
  36. I

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Usemon - System monitor, adreno gpu usage&clock 5.2

    I have really missed graphs of system status from android. I wanted something like you have in task manager on windows, or widgets on my KDE desktop. When I found nothing like that, I decided to write one, here it is. Usemon is a simple application for monitoring usage of system resources. It...
  37. B

    Thread [Q] App to monitor Disk I/O

    I have a couple of devices that have gotten laggy over time, and after installing System Monitor, all evidence points to 100% disk I/O usage. Something is reading/writing to memory constantly, pegging it at near 100%... but that's all I can determine. Is there a app, or technique I can use...
  38. S

    Thread [Q] Monitor cannot detect where I point and...

    I even couldn't use my phone, I turn it on but it said its memory was full and when I touched any button, it reboot and just stay in the boot animation. I restore my backup, but now I cannot touch where I want as when I touch, there are multiple points that are detected. What can I do now...
  39. nAFaNyA99

    Thread [MIUIv5] Modification Monitor app

    Hello, friends. Xiaomi Mi-2. MIUIv5 3.3.8 (last). Application (system app) attached. I have a suggestion\request. I ask you to add "Daily Traffic" to the "Monitor". Presently it has only "Monthly traffic". The fact is that my tariff gives 100 megabytes per day, and our native Monitor can't be...
  40. SimoxTav

    Thread [Q] Use the tablet as main screen for PC

    While I found several apps that "extend" the desktop of the PC to our device enlarging the global viewport, I would be interested in an app that use the tablet as the main and only screen (so without any other monitor connected). Possibly via USB (Via wireless Splashtop would be enough but I...
  41. H

    Thread [APP] Monitor Alert 1.1.1

    Hi there, We just launched a brand new app, Monitor Alert which can be used to MONITOR different services based on user predefined rules. For example an user receives emails which contain important information such as: - service down - nagios alerts - email from a bank - email from...
  42. superchunkwii

    Thread In need of spy or tracking app.

    Hey Has anyone found a quality application that once its installed on a phone it will: remain invisible to the user record/send all SMS, MMS, and possibly GTalk/other record/send all phone calls (voice) everything sent to a single access point potentially control how/when sent to force over...
  43. E

    Thread [Q] iDisplay: Has anyone tried it?

    I saw that its currently on sale for $1.99 and most of the reviews for it have been pretty bad, but I wasn't sure if this was just user error on there part or what. Has anyone who's technologically savvy (aka you guys) tried this app out? My Questions: Is it worth it? How bad is the lag? Do...
  44. M

    Thread Hotspot traffic monitor related to connected devices

    Hi, currently I am in area were 3g internet is cheapest way to internet especially when you buy big packages (fyi New Zealand). So I am sharing my connection with others via mobile AP - tethering. I need some app which can monitor traffic of connected devices. I mean information for example that...
  45. Core Memory

    Thread How to use QPST and QXDM to verify if phone is working.

    The following instructions are to be used to determine if your cell phone's transmit and receive functions are working when your phone doesn't successfully make phone calls. In the instructions, I've included backing up your phone's NV memory settings in case you inadvertently change the...
  46. L

    Thread [Q] app monitoring(measuring) incomming calls in roaming? [android]

    hello, does anyone have tip for app which could monitor and measure calls received in roaming? i have found some which can report by day, but it would be nice to have some app which could report by network in which calls were done. have you seen such app? it would save me a lot of testing :) thanks.
  47. boyj600

    Thread Blood Pressure Monitor with cuff for Android?

    My wife has high blood pressure and I am looking for something like this link below for Android. For example: But this is for that pesky iPhone. I am ultimately looking for an actual monitor that she can carry with her and attach it to...
  48. fifthelement

    Thread [Q] GPU Freq. Monitor

    Hey Everyone; Is there any tool capable of monitoring and showing GPU clock on screen like what "Cool Tool" does for CPU ? I would like to see how my phone's GPU scales up and down while playing games so I can optimize the thresholds. any tips is appreciated. Thanks
  49. daktah

    Thread Advice on new laptop screen

    im getting a new laptop in a week or 2 and i would like xda's professional advice on the one thing i cant decide: the monitor. the choices are a regular [email protected]" or a [email protected]" w/ 95% ntsc color gamut for $100 more (i think the regular is 70% but im not sure). ive done a lot of googling and...
  50. M

    Thread Is there any accessory to show fire content on TV ?

    Is there any way i can show any content of my kindle fire on a TV / Monitor ? Like Playing angrybirds or, playing a Netflix movie or something. Thanks