1. K

    Thread free morphgear activated vgba vgba mastergear ines activated codes

    ao heres the game devices i coul offer you vgba vgb master gear ines (PLEASE ANSWER IN THIS link BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO SWITCH BACK N FORT ) just pm me your morphgear owner id (since codes differ with owner id) or post it on the link above.
  2. K

    Thread free morphgear activated vgba vgba mastergear ines activated codes

    heres the game devices i could give you vgba vgb master gear ines FOR THOSE WHO WANT THE ACTIVATION CODE FOR ANY OF THOSE PLEASE PROVIDE ME YOU OWNER ID SINCE THE CODES ARE DIFFERENT BASED ON YOUR OWNER ID in morphgear ( to edit press activate then owner id) EITHER POST YOUR OWNER ID HERE OR PM...
  3. W

    Thread [SKIN] MiniPad for Morphgear HD2 port

    Hi, I've made two HVGA gamepad skins for Morphgear HD2 port which have a real multi touch support. I'm using 0.6 version. You can download it here: Enjoy! :D
  4. K

    Thread [Q] Help with morphgear!!!

    Okay so I'm really really really stupid to this entire thing...... I'm sure this question has already been asked but I can't seem to find anything about it :-| sorry for my noob-ness. Why is it that when I try to play a Pokemon ROM on the gbc there is a tiny screen??? Also, I've found the...
  5. K

    Thread [Q] Gameboy Advance Emulator

    Pocket GBA doesn;t have a virtual gamepad..???? any other emulators got a virtual gamepad..?????
  6. T

    Thread [Q] Morphgear (HTC HD2 version) restarting unwanted.

    Hi, Just a while ago I installed Morphgears multi-touch version for HD2 succesfully. I got the right modules (gba,snes,nes genesis). I have tested a couple of games now and all games seem to work correctly, except for the game 'Golden Sun', which restarts at some points during the game. Any...
  7. A

    Thread New Multi-Touch Skins for Morphgear on the HD2!! BEST EVER!!!!!

    ******************** Edited by ME!!************* Hi Guys!! I've updated all my pads, Landscape and Portrait to have the new D-Pad and most have the new colours (which I find work a little better) I'll keep on tweaking, but for the mo, I'm pretty happy with it.. Let me know if you have any...
  8. 2

    Thread :::::Morphgear NES style landscape skin::::::

    Hey everyone this is my first gamepad skin for morphgear. Works ideally for GBA emulation set to landscape with the screensize at 150. It probably works well for NES emulation too but I haven't tried it. I'm sure you guys know the drill by now but all you need to do is unzip the folder and...
  9. X

    Thread SNES Rom step by step how to

    Someone please give us a comprehensive how to install SNES roms on the HD2. I've looked everywhere and there's no tutorials or how-tos at all. We need working links for the emulator and roms. Or am i just stupid because the ones at get an error message when you try to open them...
  10. J

    Thread Morphgear DPad with Visible Buttons in Landscape!!! (For HD2)

    Ok so I posted some bit's of this already but I have refined the original "Proof of concept" design to something a bit more useable. It annoyed me that I could not see the buttons in Landscape mode but I could see the sides of the screen when it is set to Autoscale. This set me to try and make...
  11. D

    Thread Any cool games working for the HTC HD mini?

    Hi! Have used the htc hd mini for a week now, and I must say I realy like it! But with the HVGA screen I havent found any cool games that will run on it :( Have tried MorphGear (snes emulator) but it won`t work. Have also tried pocket ufo, experiment 13 and many other games with the same...
  12. H

    Thread Morphgear skin help! please!

    hey i have downloaded the latest version of morphgear, and i have the settings adjusted to the recommended "best" i have read in so many threads. my only problem is that the virtual game pad is so small i cant even play the games. i have downloaded a new skin and put it in my skin folder, but...
  13. R

    Thread Morphgear Problems

    Hi all, I've recently come across a post on this forum by member 'blutz', in which he was porting the morphgear for better use on the HTC HD2. However, following his steps proved harder than expected, and now I've run into some problems. First of all, the skin he put on his website doesn't...
  14. judgefudge

    Thread GBA Emulator issues

    I recently got my TP2 and I have to say I love it. Only issues i've had have been with emulators. Initially my problem was with assigning keys on Morphgear, however thanks to a guide written by a member here I have sorted that out. My new issue with MG is that it says my trial has expired, i've...
  15. G

    Thread HD2 Morphgear Virtual Gamepad (PlayStation Style) [WVGA, Landscape]

    Hello everyone! Few days ago I found Morphgear for HD2 by blutz (great app!). As I wasn't really satisfied with existing virtual gamepads (I'm not saying they're bad - in fact, they're great, but they just didn't met my preferences :)), I decided to make my own PlayStation style skin for...
  16. H

    Thread morphgear help?

    i have downloaded morphgear successfully to my htc hd2. but i cant seem to find any games for it! :( if anyone can give me direct links to games that would be amazing! also i especially want mario! :D
  17. L

    Thread More Realistic Morphgear SNES Game Pad Skin

    More Realistic Looking Morphgear SNES Game Pad Skin. I Just Modified the looks from the previous posts. all the credits to Hexjibber and hojlind. Enjoy
  18. D

    Thread Change Morphgear Storage Type to 128kb?

    how can i change the memory/storage type to flash 128k? I try to play pokemon gba, and it would be great if someone had a solution or could write one. Greets d00mi
  19. scilor

    Thread [APP]SciLor's WiMoBlue OLD Phone as Gamepad for HD2 :)

    Hello Guys, as I developed my SciLor's WiMoBlue for my very own HD2, I want also post it here :) SciLor's WiMoBlue is an Application that allows to control a Windows Mobile Phone with another one. In my case my new HD2 with my old Kaiser. Playing FpseCE and Morphgear gets real fun :) Also you...
  20. scilor

    Thread [2010-03-06]SciLor's WiMoBlue v0.0.1 Remote Control any WM or Win with another one

    SciLor's WiMoBlue v0.0.1 SciLor's WiMoBlue is a remote controlling software or Windows, Windows Mobile Touchscreen Devices and Windows Mobile Smartphone Devices (Currently keyboardo only, but there will come more). You may control your Windows Mobile Device with your Desktop PC or the other way...
  21. S

    Thread [SKIN][MORPHGEAR][UPDATED] Multi-touch - works on resistive

    1st thing: I need a graphics designer badly for this. I am really bad with computer graphics editing, so if somebody wants to help me reskin this, it would be awesome. I had orginally planned to keep this to myself, but I decided to give it to you guys, it's my modded multi touch version of...
  22. H

    Thread [skin][Updated 26.03.10] Morphgear wvga skin for on screen game pad

    As the built in game pad for morphgear seems to be a little buggy when playing on my HD2 (and i am not the only one with the problem apparently) I thought I would develop my own game pad. This game pad is a wvga game pad, which means that it is designed for use in landscape mode. the game pad...
  23. blutz

    Thread [10 Dec 2009] Morphgear HD2 porting (Emulator for NES, SNES, Gameboy, etc..)

    I Started porting Morphgear to work better on our beloved HD2 (actually for every WVGA, but don't expect much without 1GHZ and multitouch) If you find my work useful please so I can keep maintain it, thanks Done v0.8 <--latest, get this v0.7 * first multithreaded sound & input...
  24. Z

    Thread [SKIN] Genesis Multi Touch Skin for Morphgear

    Hey guys I've seen a few multitouch skins out there for the snes and gba components of morphgear but I didn't see any for the Mega Drive so I thought i'd build one :) just unzip it and throw it in the skins directory in your morphgear folder and play away. it's not perfect (well none of em...