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  1. HTCDreamOn

    Thread [GUIDE] Repair torn earpiece speaker membrane

    This may be of very limited use but I believe I'm far from the only one still using this device and the torn speaker membrane is very common. Prerequisites: Moto G3 with torn speaker membrane, preferably in need of replacement screen Donor Moto G3 Standard tools for disassembly (see iFixit...
  2. S

    Thread Can't conect my phone as USB

    Good night, Long time ago I been faced an issue, my phone not appear in my pc as usb. I been tryed yet: MTP mode, conect from TWRP, conect in a custom ROM, usb debugging. The notification for changer from charge only to MTP not appear, I alredy tried too: windows 7 and 10, motorola drivers...
  3. Subinsmani

    Thread [ROM][8.1.0_r15] DOT OS 2.1 [AOSP][OSPREY][UNOFFICIAL]

    " #DroidOnTime " ROM Version: 2.x Device: *OSPREY* Maintainer: *Subins Mani* Build Status: UnOfficial * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the...
  4. AllenAK

    Thread [Custom ROM with Good Battery Backup!]

    Which custom rom has good battery backup? So I can use it as my Daily Driver?:D
  5. N

    Thread [Help] Sim not detecting on my compiled rom

    HELP ME !!! I'm new to ROM development. Compiled AOSiP 6.2 ROM for Motorola Moto G 2015(osprey) But after flashing Sim card not detecting. About Section shows Baseband to Unknown and IMEI also not showing. Restored TWRP backup of old ROM and everything working, again flashed AOSiP ROM and...
  6. R

    Thread Will anyone make paranoid android for Nougat?

    Paranoid android is an awesome custom rom.......though many of its features are closed source still a great number of features are open sourced is also caf based,so our osprey will run smoothly.......will any dev come forward and make the rom for us?
  7. G

    Thread Changing device model(osprey) to other Nexus/Pixel name to use Android Beta program.

    Hello xda-experts, I have a question for you guys, Is it possible to change the device model? Currently Moto G3 is named osprey , and each devices have an unique name. Previously before the Google Assistant was release to all Marshmallow devices, you have done a tweak to change the device name...
  8. NeoPreacher

    Thread Ground Zero Roms moved

    Just for all those who didn't recognize, ground zero roms (validus, tesla, tipsy) moved to another section. You can find them here now. Cheers and happy flashing.
  9. R

    Thread [GUIDE] Disable Camera shutter sound in Marshmallow 6.0

    The option to turn off the shutter sound has been removed by Motorola in the Marshmallow update, at least for the Indian market. ( I don't know if they had added this feature in the future updates but 6.0 doesn't have that option) The only way to remove/disable the camera shutter sound is to...
  10. ChinmayXD

    Thread [ROM][7.1.1_r14][OMS][Beta][Official] Cosmic OS [Merlin]

    Cosmic-OS /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU...
  11. M

    Thread [LineageOS] List of bugs and things not working for the Official ROM

    Download link There is a need to maintain list of stuff not working in the nightlies, since some people have Osprey as their primary phone The purpose of this post is for easy access to a list of bugs by both the developers and the end user Feel free to...
  12. F

    Thread Moto G 2015 xt1550 Two new Security Updates

    Hi all I just got two new security updates on my xt1550 one after the other. the update versions are as follows 24.71.2.en.03 - July, 2016 Security patch 24.201.5.en.03 - October 1st, 2016 Security Patch Can anyone else confirm they got the security patches?? my android version is on 6.0.1 and...
  13. A

    Thread Any Nougat ROM for Moto G3 Turbo Edition?

    Hey there, i am looking for a nougat based ROM, i am bored with Marshmallow on my Moto G Turbo to be honest :( Is there any Nougat ROM for Moto G3 Turbo? And, some questions Too..! 1. What are the steps of flashing a custom ROM on my g3 turbo? (Need detailed step by step tutorial with...
  14. A

    Thread [Discontinued][Beta][ROM][5.1.1][OSPREY] Flyme OS For Motorola Moto G 2015

    The Meizu's Flyme OS is the custom Android OS wich Meizu use on their devices. #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research * if you have...
  15. A

    Thread [Help]Flyme OS For Motorola Moto G 2015

    i have started this thread for seeking help from developer to help me fix this rom Flyme OS for osprey i have used Flyme OS from Moto E Dual and CM12.1 Snapshot for this port and rom boot and majority part of this rom works but the FC Dialog make this rom unusable the sim card's are...
  16. MarckozZ

    Thread [SOLVED] WiFi doesn't turn OFF

    Hi guys! I have an XT1540, 2gb/16gb version (Retail US) on Marshmallow. This is the situation: I'm not always at my house. So, I turn off WiFi when I don't use it. But, even though I turn off WiFi, it remains ON. This does not affect the battery duration. I also notice this when I toggle WiFi...
  17. SuperSaket

    Thread How to include/add GAPPS while building my own rom?

    I am running MOTO G3 Android M. I am building a rom for it using CM 13 as base rom I have Gapps mini edition. When i extract the zip , I don't understand what to do, where to copy stuffs etc. Can someone tell me how to add these Google apps to my rom so that i don't need to flash it again ...
  18. Z

    Thread Bootloop even after flashing stock firmware (XT1550)

    I got an OTA update for marshmallow. At this stage phone was locked, unrooted and not tampered with. After updating OTA phone went into a bootloop. 'Allow OEM Unlock' is disabled from developer options before even updating OTA so bootloader can't be unlocked. After bootloop, from bootloader...
  19. I

    Thread Kernel Moto G3 TE XT1556

    Good Night guys, I wanna know something about "kernels"...What exactly what is a kernel? I can change it for use a custom rom? Example: I found that kernel: Squid Kernel for Moto G 2015 I fouund that ROM: Cyanogenmod 13 And my Moto G its a XT1556 and my kernel its "MERLIN" I wanna know if i...
  20. L

    Thread Device tree, and vendor files?

    I'm trying to build AOSP from source, I've got my repo's setup just fine, but I'm unable to find the device tree or vendor files anywhere, or how to obtain anything. The only other thread I found had a single response saying to just build CM instead, which is exactly what I am trying to avoid...
  21. R

    Thread WiFi doesn't connect automatically

    My ISP needs login each time I want to access the internet. When I toggle on WiFi, it doesn't automatically connect but shows the message "No internet access detected, won't automatically reconnect". (screenshot attached). So I have to manually connect. I googled this problem and found that...
  22. lexiyuri

    Thread [ROOT]How to get root Moto G 2015 With Android Marshmallow 6.0 (worked in XT1541)

    :fingers-crossed:How to get root Moto G 2015 With Stock Android Marshmallow 6.0 (XT1541) Hi guys. Now I have a Moto G 2015 XT1541 with previously unlocked bootloader (following Motorola Guide described here, be careful unlocking bootloader wipes everything!) with recently installed Europe...
  23. O

    Thread [TWRP] - Restored system doesn't boot without permissive SELinux

    Deleted. Problem solved: a tar ordinary backup can't be restored with full SELinux without setting adequate file contexts.
  24. david.absenta

    Thread Script Para Flashear Firmware Marshmallow

    Bueno les dejo este script para facilitar la instalación del firmware. Es muy sensillo de usar: 1- Descomprimir el los archivos de la carpeta script en la carpeta donde tengas descomprimido el firmware. 2-ejecutar 3- seleccionar 1 y presionar enter 4- esperar y listo!!! Well...
  25. theankitkulkarni

    Thread [OFFICIAL] Remove Unlocked Bootloader Warning

    If you have unlocked bootloader, you'll see a warning message instead of the Motorola logo. This is annoying for everyone, Just flash this Official Flashable zip with TWRP. Flashing Instructions (TWRP): 1] Switch Off Moto G 2015 2] Reboot into TWRP recovery 3] Flash my zip 4] Reboot 5] Done...
  26. Dasaviour_official

    Thread [BootLogo] Custom Boot Logos

    Here's My Collection Of BootLogos! *Requests for custom bootlogos are accepted* Installation: 1) Copy the flashable .zip file to your internal memory. 2) Boot into recovery and flash the desired logo. 3) Enjoy! SUPERHEROES: BATMAN: DOWNLOAD IRONMAN: DOWNLOAD IRONMAN 2: DOWNLOAD SPIDERMAN...
  27. J

    Thread A Note For CMDA Romers

    If you haven't noticed already most ROMS don't work with our CDMA carriers, and if the do the speeds are horrendous. Some people have come out with files that you are supposed to flash but they don't work. After looking into his problem I've discovered the culprit and it's not the rom. Before...
  28. creative21

    Thread [BOOTLOGO] pixel bootanimation + C21's bootlogos

    i've created some bootlogos for our device based on my favourite wallpapers. *custom bootlogo requests are accepted* 1. City morning 2. City evening 3. City night 4.Batman 5. Sea 6. Topview 7. Landscape 8. After the rain 9. Blocks 10. Polygon 11.pixel 12.pixel dark Instructions...
  29. L

    Thread US Cellular and Cyanogenmod 12.1 "Cellular network not available"

    Careful if you're in the Mid West and want to customize a 2015 Moto G. I have had great success with previous variants, but this one (XT1548) won't get back on the US Cellular network. Tried a few nightlies and the release version. No bars show, the status message reads: "Emergency calls only -...
  30. T

    Thread Ghost Touches

    Hi all, On my moto G3 , I have been receiving annoying ghost touches every now and then on my phone when browsing XDA on Chrome :P. I looked into the issues further and downloaded a ghost touch tester, which displays different patterns. On a few of the patterns, the ghost touches start to...
  31. ehbm

    Thread Câmera problems!

    My Moto G 2015 xt1543 have a problem with the two cameras, out of nowhere they stop working with the error message about restarting the camera and only return to work when you want. This disappointed me a lot on the device, I have done reset, cache cleaning, software update and nothing. Has no...
  32. HTCDreamOn

    Thread [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions for the Motorola Moto G 2015 [Initial: 28/11/15]

    Frequently Asked Questions Motorola Moto G 2015 a.k.a Moto G3 This a short list of frequently asked questions in this device forum and the answers often given as a response. It should serve as a starting point for gathering knowledge and finding solutions to many common problems. Please only...
  33. R

    Thread [GUIDE] Enable Notification LED for Moto G3 (for Charging status ONLY)

    There is hidden white colored notification led in the upper speaker of the Moto G 2015. You can enable this feature just by installing an app from the play store. I have also attached the screenshots. However the usage of this led is limited, i.e you can only enable the light during charge...
  34. D

    Thread Moto G3 Dual Layer Case (Review)

    Hey guys! I just got the Moto G 3rd generation a week back (didn't even know the G turbo was out at that time :( ) and I got a TCA Dual Layer case for it. Thought it might be useful for people looking to buy a case. This case cost me 279rs. The case is applied over the original backcover, and...
  35. R

    Thread [Q]How to grant WRITE Permissions to SD Card on Moto G3 ?

    Hello everyone I got a Moto G 2015 (XT1550) running Android 5.1.1, unlocked the bootloader, rooted the device and had TWRP installed. So coming to the question * I made the default camera save location to sd card, the pictures get saved on the card and I can delete them, but after restarting the...
  36. R

    Thread [XPOSED] Install Xposed Framework on your Moto G3

    INSTALL XPOSED FRAMEWORK ON MOTO G 2015 Here is link to official Xposed thread by rovo89. * I have flashed this on my XT1550 running stock 5.1.1 and I don't guarantee that it will work on all models. It may also end in bootloop, so before doing anything, make your Rom backup from TWRP>Backup. *...
  37. M

    Thread Moto G 2015 2GB Varient Display Problem

    Hello Guys, I recently bought a moto g 2015 2GB Varient. When i Look the device as straight i can see everything clearly. When i bring the phone close and slightly Turn I can see a texturing on my phone. I Can see these texturing when the Display is on. THese textures are similar just like back...
  38. jauhari

    Thread Why each switch from Chrome and Open Others and back to Chrome Reload the Web again?

    Does this Chrome issues or Moto G 2015 issues? We have Moto G 2015 1GB RAM 8GB ROM, each time browse using Chrome and open one or two pages... then switch to others app example Twitter or Facebook.. then back to Chrome Tabs this Page Reload again... what happen? does this Chrome issues or Moto G...
  39. K

    Thread [Q][Help]How to get double karate chop for flash option in Cynogenmod or any Rom

    I bought moto g3 recently.I got used to cynogenmod and other roms which i previously used in moto e. Now i want to flash other rom other than stock but i dont want to miss the features like double karate chop for flash and double twist for camera.. Can any one help?:confused:
  40. GtrCraft

    Thread [ROM] [5.1.1] [UNOFFICIAL] Euphoria-OS 1.1 [OSPREY] [29-09-15]

    Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these...
  41. umo4u

    Thread Tutorial Link2SD/make more Space in Internal Memory with Link2SD for Moto G 3rd 2015

    Prerequisites: 1. obviously moto g 2015 3rd gen 2. bootloader unlocked followed by root (search for this in other threads) 3. make backup of your ext sd card as everything will be deleted (mine is 64 gb strontium memory card) 4.card reader (mine is Transcend USB 3.0 Super Speed Multi-Card...
  42. M

    Thread WhatsApp on Moto G 2015 ?

    Hi All Moto G 2015 users can you please confirm whether WhatsApp can be installed on the external SD card ? I can do that in the Lenovo a6000 plus. It is important for me as I receive tons of media via WhatsApp. Will be really helpful if someone can clarify this.
  43. T

    Thread [Q] AptX Support

    Hi there! Does anyone know, if aptx is supported?
  44. aa10

    Thread 'Hide Sensitive Notification Content' option missing in Moto G 2015

    The 'hide sensitive notification content' option under 'Settings>Sound & Notifications>When Device is Locked' is missing in my phone. Usually there are 3 options in the dropdown menu under 'when device is locked' - 1. Show all notification content, 2. Hide sensitive notification content, 3...
  45. garva1

    Thread Moto G3 would launch in 2 separate model's

    The lagend has a return Aftet almost a year Motorola is set to launch Moto G 3rd Gen on 28 July. As always Motorola wants to compete budget brands like Xiaomi that's why The Moto G3 will launch in 2 separate models One with snapdragon 615 cpu 2 gb ram and 16 gb storage 2470 mAh battery Second...
  46. vvaibhavv

    Thread [Specs][News][Leaks] Moto G 3rd Generation ! Every Thing

    Hey , Guyz i saw that there is no thread through which we can discuss about Motorola Moto G 3rd generation - Pictures - All Leaked News , Pictures , and more ... Moto G 3rd Generation Xt1543? Pictures Leaked More leaked Pictures of Moto G 3rd Generation Xt1543 Motorola Moto G 3rd...
  47. W

    Thread [Q] XT1072 help me with wakelocks and alarms!

    Some weeks ago, I bought a Moto G 2nd 4G. Works really well, but for some reason the phone never goes in deep sleep, which drains the battery a lot. In fact, there is almost no difference whether I use the phone or it is idle; it constantly drains battery! To fix this, I rooted the phone in...
  48. petraru1

    Thread Moto G 2015 wish list

    Ok, so i love Motorola as a company, despite the recent hate (which is not justified in my opinion), i love all their products and i think they are great. I owned a Moto G 1st gen and bought the Moto G 2nd gen right after the launch and loving it even more after Android L update, so i have a...