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  1. danlystev

    Thread Enable DIAG COM Port: XT2215-4 (Motorola G Stylus 5G 2022)

    Go into fastboot mode, then do ' oem config bootmode factory' If done successfully, you should have the white light led on the top left corner of the phone turned on with the phone booting up with no cell signal and a notification saying that the COM port is open. I'm not sure how to exit...
  2. JayPancakeFox

    Thread Question Installing GSI on Moto G Stylus 5G (2021)

    In a moment of weakness, I finally allowed my G Stylus to update to Android 12, and my stability has been a nightmare since then. I have been reading through many guides here and elsewhere to getting a GSI installed. So far, I have unlocked the bootloader and followed the instructions for...
  3. celzero

    Thread Cricket Wireless Motorola Moto G Pure (Ellis) XT2163-1 ?

    I've searched on this forum and Google days for any development on rooting the Cricket Wireless Motorola Moto G Pure (Ellis) XT2163-1 . Found a few stuff for XT2163-4, which is also Moto G Pure Ellis but for different carriers. How safe is flashing the boot image for that? How would I first make...
  4. S

    Thread moto g 1st generation camera app

    Hi, I have Google's camera app, the 2014 version. It works fine, but I'm wondering if there's a newer version (which will work on this phone) which will provide more options? Thanks, .... john
  5. B

    Thread Recovery Fastboot boot up failure

    Hi, I wanted to update my Moto G (peregrine), but I assume that I flashed the wrong twrp.img file. Now fastboot recovery gets an boot up failure. adb devices doesn't show any device, webadb as well. Can anybody help me getting the phone back? Kind regards
  6. D

    Thread Question Which Google Camera port works best with the G Stylus 5G?

    I plan on testing out the various Google Camera ports out there when I get this phone, but I was wondering which one anybody else had the most success with and whether there are any existing configs that should be used with it. Thanks in advance.
  7. vini__

    Thread Question "AP Fatsboot flash Mode (Secure)" screen

    I Start asking for excuses by english Well I have a device (Moto g7 play) to solve a problem that has already cost me days In short, the device is locked on the "AP Fatsboot flash Mode (Secure)" screen, without the android symbol appearing; If I try to enter fastboot mode with low volume and the...
  8. M

    Thread blankflash for moto g5s xt1790?

    Someone have one? accidentaly y flashed android 7.1 on my 8.0 and hardbricked :C please helpme
  9. P

    Thread Moto G XT1032 will not boot or connect to PC

    I dropped my Moto G – annoyingly only a few months after I'd replaced the battery. Now it won't boot up. If I plug it into a charger, the 'battery charged' icon flashes on and off alternately with the LED light. If I connect it to my Windows 10 PC, I repeatedly get the notification message...
  10. O

    Thread Stable and fast Oreo Rom?

    What is the most stable and fast Oreo ROM for Moto G 2?
  11. SnoopDoge

    Thread can anyone please explain this weird battery behavior?

    it happens randomly without any warning, once the battery percentage reaches x6% (16,26, 36, 46,...etc) it shows low battery warning (orange bars on top and bottom) and just turn off, (it's currently showing charging because i connected the phone to a charger to turn it on, otherwise it would...
  12. P

    Thread Moto G XT1032 falcon boot failure

    My Moto G 2013 (XT1032, falcon), running Resurrection Remix Oreo, has suddenly failed. It will boot into the bootloader, and I can see it from my PC via USB – fastboot devices shows the serial number. However, when I try to boot to system or recovery nothing happens apart from three white...
  13. C

    Thread My OTG is not working, cable is good... what can i do?

    Hello my otg it's just not working at all... i'm rooted, with 5.0.2 lollipop in a xt1032 terminal (1st gen i guess). Cable works good and mounts pendrive flawless in another J7 i have, so, the cable is not the problem. *USB Host app shows everything good with green checkmarks. *USB...
  14. M

    Thread Here's why I am switching from a Galaxy S9+ (That is right an S9+)

    Hello, all it is great to be back on XDA after long not being able to do anything with my phone because Samsung locks it down so you can't touch the US variants of their phones anymore! I decided to "downgrade" to a Moto G6 and save my money and free myself from Samsungs crapware etc. My...
  15. O

    Thread What Motorola services are safe to disable?

    Are there any Motorola services that are safe to disable or delete?
  16. NetSpeedZ

    Thread Virgin Mobile PRL Disappears From Custom ROM [Motorola Moto G 2015]

    When flashing the Motorola Moto G 2015 with any custom ROM (Cyanogenmod, Resurrection Remix, Lineage), the PRL information sticks until a reboot from custom ROM. When rebooting, the phone has internet access (including Hotspot), however no text messages, inbound/outbound phone calls do not...
  17. N

    Thread restore stock firmware retail us 5.1 xt1032

    i want to restore the stock firmware 'retail us 5.1' but am not sure whats is the correct. what is the difference between these two?
  18. TheFixItMan

    Thread [BOOT ANIMATIONS] Post Your Custom Boot Animations Here

    Thread For People To Post Their Custom Boot Animations This thread is for people to post their own custom boot animations - Here are some to get you started. Please note I won't be providing screen shots or anything - just try them out. They are provided as is, and any risk no matter how small...
  19. P

    Thread Moto G5's Launcher for any Android Smartphone [Marshmallow+]

    :D**This doesn't void your warranty!**:D **I don't know how you're gonna do this, but if you follow my instructions, then nothing can go wrong** ** But if something goes wrong, then I am not responsible!** :p The Moto G5 comes with some greater improvements internally as well as externally. It...
  20. W

    Thread Set IMEI After Several Attempts of Backup Restore's That Aren't Working

    I have an old Moto G 2014 (Thea) that previously had power issues which I've now fixed. However, despite an initial backup using TWRP, my IMEI has been lost and I don't have any EFS partition/folder anywhere to restore the number from. Luckily I do have the IMEI written down on paper and is...
  21. 3

    Thread Downgrade From Marshmallow to Lollipop is that possible (falcon) (MM) (LP)

    Please anybody tried to downgrade from MM to LP & phone still works as before my xt1032 bricked from long time cuz of downgrade fro LP to KK Any help will be appreciated
  22. leofa

    Thread Weird Problem Unlocking Bootloader XT1040

    Hi Everyone, Today I decided to install a custom ROM to my XT1040. First thing to do: unlock bootloader. Did the process as found everywhere on internet. 1 st - get code to unlock C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>fastboot oem get_unlock_data (bootloader) slot-count: not found...
  23. H

    Thread Info and Question regarding OTG on our Moto G (Falcon;2013)

    dear all falcon user , i've some curiosity regarding OTG. -> I found only our moto G gives over 4 volt through OTG and that can fluently run any portable HDD without any extra power (any rom). its tested and i use a portable HDD. did you found any other set with this feature? i didnt found any...
  24. cl3i550nBR

    Thread [HELP] Some ROM for Moto G XT1033 ??

    Is there any ROM "Current" as CM13 / 14 for this model? Sorry Bad English Motorola MOTO G XT1033 Dual :( :confused:
  25. josephjdrew

    Thread Best ROM as a running device?

    Yet another classic "what's the best rom" thread. I'm sorry for potentially clogging up the forum's arteries, but I was wondering for some suggestions for roms in regards to using this phone exclusively for music (running). My preference would be great standby battery and decent performance...
  26. W

    Thread Restore IMEI To XT1072

    Hi guys I've looked all over the internet on how to restore the IMEI and I don't seem to be having any luck. At the moment the IMEI under the Android system shows as '0' I and I want to restore it to the proper code that's printed on the inside of the phone and outside of the packaging box. I...
  27. G

    Thread How to correct the Moto G touchscreen while AUX plugged in?

    I think many users might have faced same issue like me but not cared enough about it or started a Q&A about this. Problem : Whenever i plug my AUX Cable for connecting phone to car / Connect my speakers with 3.5mm jack the Moto G Marshmallow 2014 screen goes crazy bat****. I really mean it. I...
  28. G

    Thread [HowTo] Use Gear Fit2 with devices with less than 1GB Ram (such as Moto G 2014)

    Edit: See solution in 2nd post! Hi guys, I was trying to get the gear fit 2 working with my moto g (2014) (Android 6 resurrection remix from). The Bluetooth settings can see the watch and pair, but the gear manager doesn't find a 'compatible gear'. I'm using the gear manager for non Samsung...
  29. F

    Thread Latest security updates for xt1550 moto g

    hi any news on when the latest security updates will be released for moto g 2015. i keep reading that motorola will not release any updates for these phones!
  30. M

    Thread Moto G xt1072 won't boot at all after installing TWRP+SuperSU

    Hello everyone, I've just tried installing twrp-3.0.2-3-thea.img (md5sum: 35c37561f0c22bfe23cd01b5c388e8b5) and (md5sum: 7fcb30bcbcd18b5f0b0f5848a096d4ed) on a Moto G LTE 2014 "Thea". Unfortunately something didn't work. The device first was stuck in...
  31. Jerome-X

    Thread The Story of my lost and recovery IMEI = 0 into GOOD

  32. Bionic22

    Thread I'm amazed......

    that my once $500+ phone back in 2013, is now worth just $200 when you look at the specs of the new Moto G 4th Edition. Heck, the Moto G has better specs on paper then our piece of gold and our phone was once deemed the flagship for Motorola. How fast has technology advanced. Still can't let go...
  33. C

    Thread Boot animation not working

    I made a boot animation, and tried installing it using various methods. First I copied the to /system/media. Phone booted fine, but it only showed the Google boot logo (not my animation). I also tried copying it to /data/local, same results. I tried making a flashable zip, but...
  34. FabioSan

    Thread [HOW TO] Unbrick Moto G 2013! [Falcon, Peregrine] [Lollipop guide]

    Moto G Unbrick Guide If you're here, this means that you are one of the most (?) owner of a moto G Bricked with Lp bootloader. This thread is based on the original One , credits for the old guide goes to oversleeper ! Other important credits: Thanks to ilikered for the tools and to Nitzz for...
  35. flipeicl

    Thread [SOLVED] Wifi won't turn on

    I have a Moto G XT1033 and after a FC the rom stop to work properly, so I tried to flash a new rom and after it I lost my wifi connection, I tried to come back to stock rom but nothing make the wifi connect again, it even turn on, anyone knows how to solve it?
  36. adinkwok

    Thread gpl | abyss kernel 5.10 | cm-14.x/cm-13.x

    Hi titan people! This is my modified kernel with some kernel optimizations and some compiler optimizations. The goal of abyss is to achieve improved performance/battery without the cost of stability. I will not be overhauling this project with changes that are not logical to add. This...
  37. garva1

    Thread Motorola teases possible specs of Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus in a funny way

    Motorola has shared some specs and teasers on their Moto India twitter account for the upcoming phone. The company promised earlier that it will be releasing Moto X 2016 (Moto X3), Moto G 2016 (Moto G4) and Moto E 2016 (Moto E3) sometime this year. But it did not reveal the name of the device...
  38. Z

    Thread Bootloop even after flashing stock firmware (XT1550)

    I got an OTA update for marshmallow. At this stage phone was locked, unrooted and not tampered with. After updating OTA phone went into a bootloop. 'Allow OEM Unlock' is disabled from developer options before even updating OTA so bootloader can't be unlocked. After bootloop, from bootloader...
  39. garva1

    Thread Moto G4 hands on video(Leaked)

    I have just seen a video of Moto G4, maybe it is a prototype version cause it doesn't have a fingerprint sensor and physical home button or maybe the home button with the sensor is only reserved for Moto G4 Plus. YnyFTqRKlLQ Source
  40. M

    Thread should i upgrade to the 3rd gen moto G?

    There is a deal where i get £50 off price of 8gb 3rd gen moto g, bringing price to £80. My current moto G 1st gen (xt1032) is fine, except i keep running out of space. Insufficient memory. The sd card feature on the 3rd gen has me interested. BUT, lotss of people are complaing that you can't...
  41. S

    Thread polarizing film replacing issue

    hi guys, i hope this is the right place to ask, otherwise tell me. I had to replace the glass on a moto g, but when i took off the glass from the display half of the polarizing film went off because the glass itself was too shattered. I've a spare LG G2 film i can use, but apparently it works...
  42. flobin

    Thread How stable is CM13 nightly on the Moto G 3rd Gen (Osprey / XT1541)?

    I would like to install the latest CM ROM, but the last stable version is CM12, whereas currently my phone is running a stock 6.0 ROM. So I'm wondering: how stable is the CM13 nightly for the Moto G 3rd Gen (Osprey / XT1541)?
  43. R

    Thread Moto G 2013 (xt1032) - can't access TWRP recovery

    Hi all. I decided to root my brother's Moto G (2013). I have already unlocked the bootloader and tried flashing TWRP recovery for this model, but once I flashed it and tried accessing recovery, it just always says 'Boot up failed'. Also, there is no error in CMD while flashing, which makes it...
  44. C

    Thread [SOLVED] Moto G Boot Default to Recovery

    Dear friends.. My Moto G default boot is always going to recovery. The way i could enter the system/rom is just with Bootloader option "Normal powerup". I already try many ways, reflash custom recovery (TWRP, CWM, CM), reflash stock, and reflash custom rom, but they do nothing to this case. Is...
  45. P

    Thread audio_effect.conf file

    Hi guys in an attempt to install viper4android I deleted audio_effect.conf file. I have a rooted moto g 1st gen with stock lollipop 5.1.1. Can anyone please share the audio_effect.conf file.
  46. S

    Thread Moto G missing 4 GB after I rooted my phone.

    I have rooted my moto g but I noticed that it's missing approx 4 GB of memory. Total space 12.92 GB but Apps 2.46 GB + Available 6.42 GB = 8.88 GB, Available should be 10 GB so it's missing approx 4 GB. Please help. I have tried clearing cache partition and dalvik cache partition nothing worked...
  47. M

    Thread XT1033 - Sim card 1 problem (don´t make calls, only internet)

    A few days ago the sim card 1 began to get strange behavior and I have not changed anything on the device and even crashed or something. The device detects the sim card inserted, connects to the network and to the Internet but does not make calls (MSG: Call ended)! Inverted the sims and the...
  48. D

    Thread [HELP] Bricked XT1032, Bootloader Acting Weird

    Hi guys! So I was flashing my mums moto g (xt1032) for the first time in ages. I was upgrading from 4.1 (i think) to 6.0 ( After all this happened I have realised the xt1032 is not the falcon and I...
  49. H

    Thread Max Charging rate (mAh) of Moto G Eka Falcon

    I've seen on different post , many said it can charge max 1.5 A. or 1500mAh . but i'm not getting that charging rate , tried out different 1.5 A. and 2.1 A. charger. on Stock Rom/Custom Rom/Kitkat rom.... nowhere. I've found max rate on Amphere: 930mAh Battery (apps): 1120 mAh. plz post here...
  50. theankitkulkarni

    Thread [BUG]Motorola Official Flip Cover - Lollipop/Marshmallow - Vibration on Incoming call

    Affected system: Android Lollipop 5.x.x/Marshmallow 6.x.x Affected device(s): All Moto G (1st, 2nd and 3rd gen) with Magnetic Flip Cover (+ All Nexus devices) Issue: With Flip Cover closed and being turned on "Also Vibrate for Calls" option phone vibrates only once for incoming calls Result...