moto g3 relock bootloader

  1. slykom

    Thread Please Help! - FIRMWARE Motorola G3 Osprey XT1542 8GB PDB

    Hi guys, sorry for the inconvenience, a friend gave me a moto g3 osprey XT1542 8gb p2b, with this problem: I think I have to flash the cell phone but I don't know where to find the correct firmware in this post: https: //forum.xda-...
  2. ExaHamza

    Thread [GUIDE] [Osprey] BOOTLOADER LOCK

    BISSMILLAH Hi, this guide will help you to relock your bootloader, in a few commands. We know that it's was a tabu on Moto G3 environment, but a few times a go. Requirement OSPREY with considerable charge PC/LAPTOP running Windows or Ubuntu (or other Linux Based OS also) Only For Windows...