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moto g4

  1. namdevannistbast

    Thread Straight to the point

    The reason i am here is to ask for help. I have driven myself crazy in solving this complicated problem i have. Ok i own a moto g4 xt1624 and though about rooting it for all the reasons why people root. Got the bootloader code unlocked the bootloader and installed twrp recovery file. Went ahead...
  2. Z7X4Y2HQ

    Thread Moto G4[XT1625] dies around 30 to 40% charge

    I'm on Lineage OS 15.1 [lineage-15.1-20200816-UNOFFICIAL-athene], magisk installed, no extra mods or custom kernal, just the one that comes with lineage This problem started occurring around a month ago. i was on arrow os 10 when i first noticed this happen, then installed havoc android 9, but...
  3. J

    Thread Flashing Magisk 20.2 Bricked My Phone

    Hello everyone, I was just casually rooting my Moto G4 Plus, but as the title says, I was unable to install Magisk on it. This is what happened: I unlocked the bootloader and flashed TWRP 3.2.1-0. No problems at all. I flashed the latest Magisk .zip, which is 20.2. I reboot my phone, and the...
  4. S

    Thread Can anyone help me out with MotoG4 XT1625 Athene driver binaries?

    I need driver binaries for my MotoG4 Athene XT 1625 for personal/educational use, could anyone point me to where I could get these for building my own AOSP? Thanks for any help!
  5. HeethJain21

    Thread [Guide] [XT16XX] Moto G4/Plus Complete Partition Backup/Restore Zip/Script

    #include <disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now.......(wait a minute)........still valid? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices. * YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point * your finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. */ As we know that...
  6. S

    Thread High Data Usage

    Phone Info: Model: Moto G4 (XT1625) Lineage Version: 14.1-20180530-NIGHTLY-athene Getting a lot of data usage when nothing is running - I'm trying to limit my data usage to less than 100 MB a month. I have used 76 MB over the last 10 days just by leaving data on. In order to prevent the last...
  7. SnoopDoge

    Thread Moto G4+ spotted running Android 8.0

    Not very sure about the authenticity of the pic provided in this link, maybe someone could dig deep down and flush out the real news (maybe based on the kernel or baseband version) but here is the link: MOTO G4+ SPOTTED RUNNING 8.0
  8. P

    Thread DAC type in Moto G4?

    Could anyone please tell me which DAC Moto G4 uses? Also are there any details about the built-in amp that I could find? Trying to decide if an external budget mobile DAC/amp will be more helpful than just external amp for my headphones. Thanks!
  9. anoopgkris

    Thread [Solved] Error after restoring to stock TWRP backup and reboot

    hello folks, I was on Android 7.0 on my Moto G 4. I unlocked the bootloader, installed TWRP and flashed Android 7.1.2 and then 8.0 a week later. Had backed up the stock Android 7.0 and the 7.1.2 also before i went to 8.0. Today i restored the system back to the Stock version backup (7.0) and...
  10. Doukeyakusha

    Thread Oreo Go edition

    I think the Moto G4 is a good fit for the Go edition of Oreo. I'm not a developer, so I couldn't do it. Just bored and wondering if anyone else had interest? I'm kind of sick of this budget phone, and it's sluggishness and crappy camera. When I pay off some debt, I'll be getting a high end...
  11. L

    Thread XT1622 Nougat Root Questions

    Just flashed my XT1622 (UK Moto G4, NOT the plus version) using Nougat stock rom with September security patch(https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-g4-plus/how-to/stock-rom-npjs25-93-14-4-march-1-t3608138). Thanks tywinlannister7 who made the guide. It worked smoothly although it's in Moto G4...
  12. Itemt

    Thread Daily Driver

    I'm new with this phone, only wanna know... ¿What's your daily driver guys? I'm now on stock 6.0.1 (no modified kernel) but wanna the best performance/batt life... Can you help me guys? What's your daily rom and kernel? Thanks!
  13. E

    Thread 1.5 years removed from scene, need help, refreshers...

    I have a Moto G4 (XT1625) Unlocked with 32GB of storage. Bootloader Unlocked and TWRP Bootloader or Recovery, IDK how to word it, but I attempt to update from Android 6.0.1 to Android 7 and the update fails. When the device reboots it reboots into the TWRP Recovery Menu. How do I proceed. Please...
  14. reCoded

    Thread [BOOTLOGOS][N/A REMOVED] reCoded's Moto G4 Plus Boot Logo Pack

    reCoded's Moto G4 Plus Boot Logo Pack Hey Moto G4 Plus users! You may know the unlocked bootloader screen and it's quite annoying to see. Well, I created these boot logos and they hide the n/a text from the boot screen! Another thing is, these boot logos use the new "Powered by Android" logo at...
  15. georgeiulian89

    Thread [OTA-UPDATE] June security patch [2017] [NPJS25.93-14-8] is out

    New update for Moto G4/4+ started rolling (NPJS25.93-14-8). It has 56MB and it contains the 1st June 2017 security patch. You can download it from here and install it by flashing it from SD card or sideloading it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_CvjgZQDGNDNFNIME5XNjRubFE/view
  16. gutrea

    Thread Moto g4 moto display on g5?

    Hi all, Does anyone knows if it is possible to change the moto display style with the one from moto g4?
  17. vader20

    Thread Moto G4 (2016 ) notofication to smart band

    Hello! I recently bought a samsung charm band for my mom as a birthday present and i have some problems with the missed calls notification not being sent over from mom' G4 to the little gadget. Incomming call and message notifications work as expected but missed call just won't "blink". I've...
  18. R

    Thread Is there any Moto G4 WhatsApp or Telegram group?

    Hi guys and everyone here. I'm Rick, a new member in this section cuz I had a Samsung Grand Duos and I was in a fantastic group when I had that phone. Right now I have a Moto G4 and I was wondering if is there any group in Whatsapp, Telegram or a similar social media app, cuz xda is one thing...
  19. J

    Thread Rooting Nougat 7.0 XT1625 Athene

    I have the retail XT1625 running Nougat and I cannot for the life of me manage to root it. ElementalX is installed just fine, but installing Magisk and SuperSU (a) kills my wifi and cellular connections and (b) Magisk didn't even root it. Installing superuser.zip and phh's superuser didn't work...
  20. reCoded

    Thread [BOOT LOGO] Custom created dark boot logo

    I use a Moto G4 Plus and probably a lot of you hate that unlocked boot loader message or your boot logo is white and your boot animation is black. I'm here to solve that. I have created this boot logo for myself but I'll share it anyway! If you want to see the boot logo just check the attached...
  21. V

    Thread voLTE enhance option missing..help me guys

    Also wipe catch partion no use 1.voLTE not appears ..(jio XT1643 indian varient ) 2.voLTE enhance not appears in sim settings 3.in Radio setting (*#*#INFO#*#*) voLTE Provsionated flag Not on auto off .. pls consider the screen shots .. pls make a patch are fix for that.. thanking you ...
  22. D

    Thread [ROOT] [GUIDE] Root Moto G4 (Plus) with SuperSU on Android 7.0 (NPJ25.93-14)

    Here are the steps to root the Moto G4 (Plus) on Android 7.0 with SuperSU. 1. Unlock your bootloader with the Code you can receive from Motorola. Further instructions: unlocking bootloader. You have to create a Motorola account first. 2. Flash TWRP through bootloader. Download and...
  23. H

    Thread Moto g4 plus turned moto g4 help

    Guys help me in this Okay i have flashed moto g4 plus (43) firmware which was not for moto g4 plus now my phone say its moto g4 and fingerprint doesn't work , Even if i try to install some custom rom the network gone and shows only single sim with no network tried different firmware and rom...
  24. oadam11

    Thread [ROM]AOSIP 5.9 Moto G4/G4 Plus (Athene)[OFFICIAL BUILDS]

    Android Open Source illusion Project About us: AOSIP is a quality custom rom based purely on CAF N source. Twisted with the latest features and blended with stability. We strive for perfection and it shows. Team Illusion: Josh Fox (@xlxfoxxlx) Paul Clark(@Dabug123) Akhil...
  25. S

    Thread Possibility of Nougat Port

    Hi everyone. I was wondering, now that Nougat is rolling out to the Moto G4's, would there be a possibility of a stock version being ported to the G3's. I have no idea of whats involved, and I'm only asking the question in case some of the developers might think it would an interesting project...
  26. L

    Thread Why the G4+ makes such poor photospheres? (XT1642 reteu)

    This: https://goo.gl/maps/RHyhKhQjLYP2 is SO bad. Pixelated, out of focus, even in great lightning (bright but soft). This was done with the standard google Streetview app. When I tried the common google Camera app which makes photospheres, the results were probably even worse...
  27. L

    Thread any news on Nougat for xt1622?

    Waiting nougat on xt1622 for ages. I have twrp and rooted. Use this phone daily so don't want to mess it up. Trying to avoid flashing too frequently. Any news ?
  28. M

    Thread [Discussion] Some good news/information/ideas on the Amazon Moto G4.

  29. Softwarelord

    Thread Telegram Group For Athene Moto g4/plus

    Hi friends i am Making New telegram Group I think i Will give You Solution. You can Join Our Group Via Link. Thank You.
  30. R

    Thread FlashFire fails to run on rooted Moto G4 Play

    Any luck with FlashFire on Moto G4 Play (or Moto G4)? I have installed 'FlashFire-v0.52-20160718223301.apk' on Moto G4 Play rooted with SuperSU-v2.78. When I try to run it, it starts and then closes without any messages
  31. TigerCourage

    Thread [APP] Moto Gallery

    I present to you guys, our beloved Moto Gallery for all devices! Compatibility: All devices Installation: Enable Unknown Sources from Settings > Security Download APK Install APK Enjoy! :D Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sxp8qwelf23m5yy/Moto%20Gallery.apk?dl=0 Updated with...
  32. Dasaviour_official

    Thread [ROOT] Enable Notification LED

    Hey, There have been a lot of threads that let you activate the LED on the Moto G4 but none of them allow you to use it as a notification light. Here is an app called "Moto Led Enabler" - Download(PlayStore) The usage is pretty simple and straight forward- 1. Install the app and open it. 2...
  33. M

    Thread Moto G4/G4 Plus Unlocking Bootloader Easy Tutorial

    guys i just watched this video on youtube it helped me to unlock my new moto g4 bootloader so i thought i would share it this guy explains how to do it step by step and works great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYBjo7HXk5w
  34. L

    Thread Wi-Fi mac address error after unlocking boot loader + root

    I followed some tutorial in this site https://goo.gl/fz0bIx and now i can't fix the wi-fi mac address (appears as 02:00:00:00:00) and it can't find the wifi networks :( Can anyone help me?
  35. S

    Thread Moto G4 vs Moto G4 plus - combined forums/support etc?

    At the moment on XDA, there is a device forum for the Moto G4 and another one for the Moto G4 plus... Given these are 'similar' devices are there any thoughts on pooling discussions/ ROMs etc. Note, the Moto G4 (X1622) device forum has little content, probably cause most people have bought the...
  36. joshfire2007

    Thread Moto G4 Plus Screen Guard

    Hi, I have bought this phone last week & can some recommended me a good screen guard for this phone. Is it better to buy screen guard online or get from local shops? regards
  37. N

    Thread Switched to the Moto G4 Plus as my daily driver:- Ask your questions about the phone!

    Hello everyone! So I recently bought the new Moto G4 Plus(3GB RAM variant) and I am switching to it as my daily driver for a few days(My usual daily driver is the Galaxy S6). There seems to be a lot of controversies about the G4, mostly regarding the CPU. Hence, I am creating this post for all...
  38. N

    Thread G4 Plus vs Galaxy S6 vs Le1S : Fingerprint Scanner Speed test

    Hello Everyone! I recently bought the 3GB variant of the Moto G4 Plus for reviewing purposes on my channel. I recently did a Speedtest of the fingerprint reader on the new G4 plus as Motorola claims that it can unlock the phone within 0.7 seconds. I pit it against the Galaxy S6 and the Le1S to...
  39. garva1

    Thread Motorola teases possible specs of Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus in a funny way

    Motorola has shared some specs and teasers on their Moto India twitter account for the upcoming phone. The company promised earlier that it will be releasing Moto X 2016 (Moto X3), Moto G 2016 (Moto G4) and Moto E 2016 (Moto E3) sometime this year. But it did not reveal the name of the device...
  40. garva1

    Thread Moto G4 hands on video(Leaked)

    I have just seen a video of Moto G4, maybe it is a prototype version cause it doesn't have a fingerprint sensor and physical home button or maybe the home button with the sensor is only reserved for Moto G4 Plus. YnyFTqRKlLQ Source