moto g6 plus

  1. Unknown_PL

    Thread I cant open system beacuse of twrp!

    Hello Everyone! i need help i flashed twrp on boot and installled it and now i cant get in my system :( can some one give me an a boot file please?
  2. Unknown_PL

    Thread I Cant install twrp on my moto g6 plus!

    Hello every one! i cant install my twrp and i need help C:\Users\admin\OneDrive\Desktop\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>fastboot flash recovery twrp.img (bootloader) slot-suffi: not found target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes sending 'recovery' (29252 KB)... FAILED (remote: unknown...
  3. s9kii_

    Thread Can't actually fix the OS of my Moto G6

    Hi. First of all, I want to let you know I'm just new to this page, so I'm so sorry if I make any mistakes within creating the post. As you've read in the title, I can't fix the OS of this phone. I bought it used, and apparently it didn't have any OS (I thought it was because there was a...
  4. A

    Thread Problem with android 12

    Hi, my moto g6 plus has a problem with roms with Android 12, I root them, start normally, configure the Google account, and after rebooting it, between 5 to 10 times, or when restarting the phone 24 hrs later, it it simply freezes the image, it freezes the screen, about 30 seconds after...
  5. jeferson1979

    Thread [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 19.1 for Moto G6 Plus

    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 12 (R), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the...
  6. D

    Thread Can´t boot twrp.img!

    Hi, I follow this Tutorial to root my Moto g6 Plus. I could unlock my bootloader, but i cant boot twrp-3.2.3-42-evert.img. When I try "fastboot boot twrp-3.2.3-42-evert.img" , I get Sending 'boot.img' (31100 KB) OKAY [ 0.878s] Booting...
  7. M

    Thread Moto G6 Plus on Pie. Re-Lock bootloader and reclaim the warranty. Possible?

    Here is the problem: I tried re-lock the bootloader with flashing the newest Pie stock firmware(reteu PPW29.116-20) after unlocking on the same firmware. But i had the message "This device has loaded a different operating system", and "Verity mode disabled" during the boot. And the worst thing...
  8. M

    Thread Debloated your Os (remove junk apps)

    Hola a todos, les traigo este pequeño mod para eliminar las apps basuras de nuestra Rom stock Eliminado: System/System/app Drive DTVPlayer Duo Gmail GooglePinyinIME JapaneseIME KoreanIME Play Music talkback Videos YouTube ZhuyinIME System/System/priv-app DemoMode DTVService EasyPrefix...
  9. K

    Thread Motorola Moto G6 Plus notification sound low or non audible

    I just got one of these and are having issues with notification sound being very low or not being played at all. I have opened a case with Motorola support - they tell me that this is by design and notification sounds are increasing volume and because of this the notification sound is probably...
  10. K

    Thread Getting lineageOS dev (@rahulsnair) a Moto G6 Plus

    Hello everyone, Thank You Everyone. We have purchased this device. ??? The Moto G6 Plus has been getting...

    Thread Moto G6 Plus - testers needed

    Hi, everyone I'm looking for custom ROM, TWRP etc. testers. I've setup a telegram chat: Looking forward seeing you all.

    Thread [GUIDE] Unbrick Moto G6 Plus

    . . how to unbrick a bricked moto g6 plus Thanks to vache we can now flash a blankflash file to unbrick our devices. Things you'll need: Drivers The blankflash zip Stock ROM or a custom ROM How to unbrick: step 1: extract the step 2: run the blank-flash.bat file (or...
  13. H

    Thread Why is Motorola doing this? Moto g6 plus better version of Moto X4?

    According to latest leaks from certification sites the moto g6+ is supposed to feature: 1. SD 630 2. 4GB - 32 GB, 6GB - 64GB 3. 12 MP f/1.7 + 5 MP f/1.9 - rear camera 4. 16 MP f/1.9 F Front camera 5. IP67, NFC 6. 5.9" 18:9 full hd+ So why Moto X4 didn't get a wider (f1.7) aperture primary lens...
  14. shenoyjoseph

    Thread Moto G6 Plus Rumored Specs with Same Old Boring Design

    Motorola introducing new Moto G6 Plus having latest Android Oreo 8.0 OS and it has featured Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 Processor along with 3GB, 4GB and 6GB RAM variants. G6 plus Available Colors are Black (Deep Indigo), Silver(Nimbus), Teal(Dark Lake). I don't why every time Moto came up with...