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  1. lugger1

    Thread Moto G7 Power xt1955-4 and TWRP 3.5.2_10-0-ocean problem.

    Hi, I have Moto G7 Power xt1955-4 with Android 10 Q, unlocked for any GSM carrier, used on T-Mobile network. I unlocked the bootloader and i'm trying to install TWRP recovery image into it. Mostly I follow this guide . I got the...
  2. rmnramon2

    Thread How fix internal SDcard erro? [Ocean][Moto g7 power][android 11]

    Doesn't matter which custom ROM i flash. When I try to move apps to sdcard as internal storage, it shows insufficient storage. Seems like the sdcard doesn't exist. I cant use nothing when sdcard is adoptable.
  3. H

    Thread Recuperando seu / Recovering your / Moto G7 Power (1 click)

    ----------------------- 🇧🇷 ------------------------------ Ola pessoal, tudo bem? Procurei em dezenas de lugares, como recuperar meu celular com firmware / bootloader / etc... tudo zuado... Nâo importa o que você fez no celular. Se o boot no modo fast do seu celular tiver funcionando (segura...
  4. P

    Thread Graphic problem after Magisk installation

    Hi All, my moto g7 power is unlocked and has LOS18 ( installed. Everything fine so far until I installed Magisk v22.1. Looks like Magisk is installed successful but after installing it I am getting graphic problems, means the colors in the UI are...
  5. X

    Thread Slow wifi connection after 2020 December patch

    So I had the October patch which it was QPOS30.52-29-9 and it worked pretty well and just decided to ignore the December patch which is QPOS30.52-29-11,so I also installed LineageOS while I had the October patch and I freak out when I saw that small color bug so I decided to upgrade to the...
  6. M

    Thread Root troubles for Moto G7 Power.

    Hey guys, Some friends and I are having an issue that I can't find another thread for. We have completed the following: Developer options, USB Debugging enabled and boot-loader unlocked. In "Download Folder", which I'm viewing through the stock Google Files application, as well as Simple File...
  7. T

    Thread Unlock Bootloader without (Moto G7 Power)

    I am trying to unlock the bootloader of my G7 Power but am unable to create an account here: But I am not getting a verification email...
  8. T

    Thread [SHARE] OCEAN_PPOS29.114_134_7_4_cid50 Latest Stock Build for XT-1955-5 Retus

    They have released another stock rom update but it is nowhere to be found on net so i downloaded it and will share its not as large as the previous when zipped it is labeled as and is not on the lolinet files list yet...
  9. hondais1

    Thread Help creating custom boot logo .bin pictures

    Hey ya'll! Im running a rooted G7 Power and want to know where can i either get custom boot logo .bin files or how to create a custom .bin picture. Also, what are the spec dimensions for the picture size for the boot logo. Im really hoping to get a picture and somehow convert it to a .bin file...
  10. A

    Thread The Complete Noob Guide to Rooting MetroPCS XT1955-5 Qualcomm Variant

    This tutorial is for people like me than ran into problems rooting the Moto G7 Power XT-1955-5 (MetroPCS Qualcomm Variant) running on stock Pie. I got two of these literally today brand new in the box after swapping out that mess Samsung Galaxy A20 crap. Follow the following at your own risk...