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  1. M

    Thread [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 for the Moto Z Play

    Moto Z Play - Your warranty is now void. - You have been warned. - Use at your own risk. Introduction: This is the Official Lineage OS 18.1 thread for the Moto Z Play. Downloads: Please follow the install instructions in your device's Wiki page linked below exactly, and make sure your...
  2. shubhojit89

    Thread [Guide](XT-1635-02) Relock bootloader with ID as NA/BAD Key removed on the first boot

    Hello Folks, To be honest i wanted to remove the ID : NA on the first boot as i wanted to run Google Pay to work as it doesn't work on Unlocked bootloader. So after a lot of research and with the help of a fellow XDA member i could lock the booloader with CTS showing as Pass I have done the...
  3. dachau

    Thread Best ROM in 2020 for MZP

    The MZP is still an awesome device in terms of speed, storage and battery performance. So I would like to use this thread to find the currently best available ROMs for the Moto Z Play. As many ROMs are abandoned, overly outdated or non-functional - I would suggest you write which ROMs you have a...
  4. masivb

    Thread [GUIDE] Moto Z Play (XT1635-02) Flashing signed stock image + Relocking bootloader

    Hello fellow XDA enthusiasts! I have been scavaging the forums on how to relock my bootloader after flashing this custom rom and a custom TWRP recovery. Nothing worked to get me back to STOCK! (Sources)...
  5. justmoto92

    Thread Any OREO ROM that supports MOTOMODS and good battery life?

    Hi guys, I have been looking around and reading most of the Moto Z Play forum. I decided to flash custom ROM on my brand new Moto Z Play XT1635-02 which I bought last month. :) I'm running Stock Android 8.0 OREO w/ June security patch. Build OPNS27.76-12-22-3) Bootloader version: C1.82 Is...
  6. Pitagoras2000

    Thread Moto Z Play camera upgrade - swap from Z2 Play - possible? drivers?

    Hi guys, I have damaged camera in my z play. Lens broke after very unfortunate fall, and broken glass damaged my camera. I know replacing camera from other phone shouldn't work but camera parts from Z Play and Z2 Play look almost identical. Both has same size and same pinouts - (photos from one...
  7. T

    Thread Any developers can make Lineage OS 15.1 ROM.

    Hi, why still no developers can't support to make LOS 15.1 for our moto z play.? Alberto make a platform to LOS 15, so developers can easily port 15.1,
  8. R

    Thread Uninstalled application still eating battery on android 8.0

    I'm using moto z play for last 18 months and its battery lasts for about 25-30 hours on normal usage. since yesterday i'm having some battery issues which started as i installed Age of empires: castle siege, phone straightaway heated up, i uninstalled quickly. I'm using clash of clans for past...
  9. I

    Thread Can I flash Fastboot stock Oreo image on Verizon Moto Z Play

    I have a Verzion Moto Z Play XT1635-01. Can I flash this Oreo image? Will it work fine?
  10. sidg2

    Thread I am still not received Oreo 8.0 update in Indian RETIN Moto Z Play. Help me.

    I am from India and have Moto Z Play RETIN channel. Why I am still not getting Oreo 8.0 update? I am still on 7.1.1 August 2017 security update and it's Build number is NPNS.26.118-22-1. Why I have not getting any ota update? Atleast I should get February 2018 security update. I have non rooted...
  11. K

    Thread Help, extreme draining

    Hi, i bought one moto z play, almost 2 months ago, and the battery was excellent, you can see on airplane mode, idle, not using it, the phone lates more than 17 days, and had 23% of juice left, after that, i boight another one, both are used, but this one, only last 2 days on the same...
  12. jamesalynch

    Thread FRP Bypass for 7.1.1 (November Security Update)

    After 12 hours straight of messing around with the internals of this phone, I've finally managed to bypass Google's "Factory Reset Protection" on the Moto Z Play DROID (i.e. Verizon variant, XT1635-01).
  13. St.Noigel

    Thread [GUIDE] Easy way to root 8.0 soak test with Magisk

    I trying to have root with this guide but it won`t work to me.. I go to Google and XDA forums and found easy sollution for it. 1. Sideload 8.0 soak test. 2. Flash lastest TWRP. Boot to TWRP. 3. Flash Magisk 15.3 with TWRP 4. Flash this with TWRP 5. Flash this with TWRP 6. Go to the terminal in...
  14. A

    Thread Oreo Soak test released for Moto Z Play

    Oreo Soak test arrived for Moto Z Play! HHmmmmm
  15. M

    Thread Daydream experience

    Hi. I've been reading some comments about Daydream compatibility changing some build.prop lines but haven't found a proper experience testimony on it. I'd just like to know: Is it worth buying? Is the controller compatible? Can I use the headset with another VR apps? Thank you.
  16. J

    Thread Get incoming call Information (Forwarded Call ...)

    Hi, I have been using Moto Z Play since 7-8 months and what I am not able to find out is incoming call information. Let me be more descriptive, Suppose My reporting manager is out of office and he forwarded all calls to my number. I get calls and answer it but what I can't figure is whether...
  17. S

    Thread Has anyone gotten the Google Camera HDR+ Port to work on the Z Play?

    Doesn't matter if it's with root, stock, or with a custom ROM. I'm just curious if someone has gotten it to work.
  18. T

    Thread Get ride Nougat Soak test 7.1.1

    Hi all i here attached and describe how can be side load stable OTA from soak it works bootloader locked moto z play, no need to downgrade, am test my mobile and update this Only wipe cache after every soak. Wipe cache, reboot. Then flash the next soak. Not necessary for installing first soak...
  19. dado_13

    Thread Speaker mod and custom rom?

    Hi everyone. I'm new owner of Moto Z play, and I'm wondering if anyone, who owns speaker mod, have made it works on custom rom. I also saw on Griffin RR thread (moto z) moto mods are working and I found ADDON of moto mods for custom roms by same developer located here...
  20. J

    Thread Moto z play (xt1635-03) transformation 64 GB ROM + 3GB RAM

    Dear all There are so many people looking for exactly samething that iam looking for but unfortunately there is not any proper tutorial available. Could you confirm if there is anyway to install any other ROM on chinese moto z play ? i don't mind if i have to install each OTA manually. If so...
  21. sidg2

    Thread Can anybody share the Moto Z Play's Stock Nougat 7.0 April Patched RECOVERY RETIN ?

    I have Indian Moto Z Play stock Nougat 7.0 April Security Patch (RETIN software channel) with Magisk root & twrp recovery installed. The Nougat 7.1.1 OTA update will be rolled out for India after few days. So I want to install stock 7.0 April patched Recovery, so I can able to install the OTA...
  22. VR25

    Thread [DEPRECATED] [Module/Tool] [Universal] Magisk-Essentials-All-in-One

    THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED. INFO * Purpose="Simplify system initial setup by installing essential mods and apps all at once, automagically." * This package will install Magisk, a couple of modules and apps. * Guaranteed support for any ARM and ARM64 ROM that works with Magisk. * This...
  23. sidg2

    Thread How to disable Haptic feedback vibration from fingerprint sensor of Moto Z Play?

    I have Moto Z Play Nougat India. It is rooted by Magisk v12, latest TWRP by Alberto97, f2fs fix kernel v3 patch installed and Force-encrypted. I don't like fingerprint vibration. How to disable it by editing build.prop or any other system modification? I don't want to install any rooted...
  24. shantusingh

    Thread Is anyone else also getting the "peuu peuu or meou meou" cat sound just like that ?

    Is anyone else also getting the "peuu peuu or meou meou" cat sound just like that ? Is anyone else also getting the "peuu peuu or meou meou" cat sound just like that once in 2 days or so on the moto z play? While using your phone and doing anything (except being on a call and maybe when...
  25. sidg2

    Thread How to disable Haptic feedback vibration from fingerprint sensor of Moto Z Play?

    I have Moto Z Play Nougat India. It is rooted by Magisk v12, latest TWRP by Alberto97, f2fs fix kernel v3 patch installed and Force-encrypted. I don't like fingerprint vibration. How to disable it by editing build.prop or any other system modification? I don't want to install any rooted...
  26. Ubelsteiner

    Thread Enabling tethering on N? Rooting N?

    On my previous phone (Nexus 6P), I always had to root and edit the build.prop file in order to enable wifi tethering. When I switched to the Z Play, I was surprised and glad to see that I didnt need to do that, it just enabled and started working. However, since updating to N, it has started...
  27. TeamMex

    Thread [PATCHER][APP] Dual boot any ROM

    First I copy pasted his thread I send the patches required to make it compatible with Z play I post his thread here and download link linked to his thread Original developer: chenxiaolong I'm proud to present the first dual boot project for the Moto Z Play! This project started off as a feature...
  28. J

    Thread Physical Keyboard Mod For Moto Z

    Not strictly Motorola Droid 4 related, but for those of us in this section of the forums, I would imagine there is some level of interest in a phone made within the last 4 years that has a physical keyboard. This campaign...
  29. shantusingh

    Thread Nougat Update Moto Z Play - India

    I got the nougat update on my moto z play... its kinda good and ok. But on antutu i found it says nougat "32 bit" , why 32 bit on a 64 bit processor smartphone ? I am not that techy but just felt as a miss match which could hamper performance maybe... please someone let me know... will highly...
  30. N

    Thread A few questions before buying

    Hello XDA, I'll keep it short and to the point. Before buying the Axon 7 (from Amazon Italy, so probably A2017G), I have a couple of questions. I know they've been answered before, but the answers I found were old and things may have changed. 1. Can the EU model's BL be unlocked, and CM...
  31. shantusingh

    Thread Any ultra slim case/cover for moto z play which has cutout for back 16 pins ?

    Hi, is there any ultra slim case for moto z play which has cutout for the back pins. As i don't want the edge rims to get scratched using the jbl soundboost mod, and keeping the phone landscape on a table, etc . Case/cover being so thin and can keep the mod attached to the phone, with of course...
  32. shantusingh

    Thread Can micro usb cable plug in moto z play ?

    Hi, I am yet to receive moto z play by monday. I have a quick charge 3.0 charger which i am using with htc one m8. Its cable has micro usb pin. So can that cable plug in moto z play which has usb type-c ?? I am asking this as i would want to compare the charging speed of the turbo charger that...
  33. shantusingh

    Thread Can I please know some great lag free launchers/ui paid or free for Moto Z Play ?

    Hello all, I am about to get the new moto z play as the seller has not shipped it yet, and in moto z play after coming from htc one m8 with its good sense ui and classic/freestlye layout themes, i will not want to use/keep the stock feel. So I want experts kind help, to tell me some great and...
  34. shantusingh

    Thread Moto Z Play doesn't support wireless display/mirroring/miracast ?! Is it True ?! :/

    I am shocked many people say Moto Z Play doesn't support wireless display/mirroring/miracast ?! Is it True ?! :/ And is it a good buy after HTC ONE M8 Gold (with the jbl mod, so not talking about speakers) in performance/multitasking ?! Will highly appreciate the answers! I Love XDA!!
  35. A

    Thread RAW Support and long exposures

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a way to save images as RAW in the Moto Z Play? Also, the manual (pro) mode allows you to change the exposure duration but this seems to be maxed to 1/6 - any way to get to longer exposure times? Thank you.
  36. core720

    Thread [MM-NT] MultiScript-Moto Z Play (Root+Busybox+Debloat+AdBlockHost+FixLogo)

    Installation: Install Zip - TWRP Remove Google Apps aviable in PlayStore EditorsSlides EditorsDocs EditorsSheets JapaneseIME Google Photos (reemplace Moto Gallery Moto G4+) Google CloudPrint Google Drive GooglePinyinIME Videos Hangouts Google Maps KoreanIME GoogleHindiIME ZhuyinIME Google...
  37. T

    Thread Some things that you must know about your Moto Z Play/Play Droid

    Hi everybody, i open this thread in order to archive some important things and some questions about the Moto Z Play/Moto Z Play Droid, like a guide for the new owners and the old ones like me or some of you. I wish that you could colaborate posting in this thread important news. Let's start...
  38. Jaws4God

    Thread Verizon vs International Sections

    I am starting to do my research since i'm looking for a newer budget phone.. This Moto Z Play seems to be a great phone for my needs / wants. I am getting confused because I know there is a Droid (verizon) version and an International version. Specifically when it relates to ROOT. Does...
  39. J

    Thread Moto Z Play Battery life numbers

    I don't personally have the Z Play but I just got it for my sister on my plan and its getting some really great battery life. it had 15% left but already had over 9 hours of SOT! granted she mostly watch's Youtube videos with checking Facebook every so often. what is everyone else getting?