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moto z3 play

  1. R3dD3vil7

    Thread [Moto Z3 Play (XT1929-8)] Downgrade from LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) to stock (Android 9)

    Hello Everyone, after half a year of using LineageOS 18.1 I wanted to come back to the stock rom (as I wanted to give the phone to somebody else). I was using LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11) and wanted to go back to stock (Android 9) - this one: click! Downgrade went well, however afterwards I...
  2. Y

    Thread moto z3 play without operating system and locked bootloader

    I accidentally blocked the bootloader when there was no rom installed in the system, now I am without OS and I have the phone blocked from the bootloader I cannot enter the system and check the unlock box "oem" to flash the system again, I always get the same error * permision denied * I have...
  3. X

    Thread Twrp install?

    Are we able to install twrp yet? I see a couple posts as guides saying boot into twrp and install it? And one said you boot into a specific version of twrp and install a different version? What's going on these days? I've fallen behind with the development progress of everything.
  4. cubano2031

    Thread Dolby Digital Plus for the Moto z3 play (Magisk installation)

    I just found a really nice version of the Dolby plus HD that's worls beautiful on the Moto Z3 play,just download the zip file and flash it on Magisk. Link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgvAxeo6-QmQvXZLlT5WeswmwSEI (Note: All credits to the creator of this post...
  5. cubano2031

    Thread Gcamera pixel 3xl mod for the Moto z3 play!

    Hello Guys i was looking over the internet and i found this new version of the Gcam port mod from pixel 3xl amd works perfectly fine on the Moto z3 play with the exception of slow motion mode, besides that the pictures looks awesome over the stock camera and the portrait mode works in both...
  6. cubano2031

    Thread Moto z3 play lastest security patch! May 2018

    I just bought the Unlocked version of it,we are in October and this phone still on May 2018 security patch This supposed to be an Android Enterprise device with updates DELIVERED 90 days from availability. Right now my phone is stuck on May 1 2018. Google releases security updates monthly. I...