1. A

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Messed Up Screen Resolution...

    Hi, so I was playing with ADB and changing screen resolution, I changed it to 50x100 and my device just rebooted. Now I can't access anything because the screen is so small. Is there any way to reset the screen resolution without a hard reset? Note: I can access bootloader/recovery mode
  2. kaike_

    Thread Needing testers for Motorola Moto G22

    Introducing Motorola Moto G22 (hawaiip) developer community, this is an initiative to bring testers under the same roof for the betterment of development for Hawaiip I advise people with the device to come forth as testers, please take note that it is only with your support that development...
  3. A

    Thread Question How is the phone?

    What's your experience using it?
  4. SomniusX

    Thread Question Ready for - Linux

    Hello, i've recently started trying to get Ready for working under Linux. I'm using Nobara Project (Fedora 37 Fork), Wayland on a decent machine. I've got the installer working but not the app executable. Latest wine, even tried bottles, still can't figure how to engage the app. If anyone has...
  5. E

    Thread Question [ROM][13][borneo] AOSP 13 [Monthly Builds]

    AOSP 13 This is a moto-common project release under the codename borneo /* * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed (like it did for me...). * Please do some research if you have any concerns about features...
  6. TheStarGabro

    Thread Motorola E (2nd Generation) 2015 surnia XT1527 8GB P3 Cricket potentially hard bricked.

    Attempting to update from 5.1 Lollipop to 6.0 Marshmallow, I flashed incompatible roms from multiple sources (not just motorola) which of course failed. Later on I tried fixing my mistakes by finding the right stock frimware which was...
  7. N

    Thread Moto G8 Power Lag Just After Rooting

    I could not find the forum for Moto G8 Power, so I will post this here. I have rooted my phone by patching the boot.img file with Magisk, but now my phone lags a lot this is sudden because it never happened to me before. Can rooting cause that lag? I do not know what else to think about. I do...
  8. Stranger Absolute

    Thread [kernel] Kernel 3.18 MOTO E5 [NORA] #Correction#

    Hi guys, I'm making this topic to solve a little problem that was happening with Moto E5 nora. Before I start talking about this problem, I will make it very clear in this thread that I am talking about. And until the end of the last line in this post...
  9. Gaber139

    Thread I need a whole entire build for my Motorola one 5G ace {Moto G 5G} (kiev) XT2113-2 please help if you can

    Okay so I really messed up guys I actually deleted my root partition and while I was trying to find someway to fix it everything just kinda kept disappearing now all that is left is the boot loader mode what I'm looking for is a while custom build for it kernel partition is code everything I...
  10. vamsi53

    Thread Question Watched the Unbricking of "flashing_locked" Motorola G40/60

    A month ago I bricked my G40 fusion. It was in "flashing locked" state which meant I could not send any commands over fastboot. EDL mode was of no use as there were no QFIL files available for the phone. I paid a tech to bring my phone back to life but I do not know everything he did. I am...
  11. A

    Thread how to install huawei apps on motorola

    Hi, for the past 6 years I was using Huawei phones and I love the simplicity and functionality of their apps - calendar, files and gallery. Unfortunately, I crashed my phone and had to buy Motorola instead (g72) with android 12. Is it possible to install those apps on motorola? I've tried...
  12. HemanthJabalpuri

    Thread [INFO] My Moto G52

    Hello All, I bought Motorola G52(India) 6|128 variant on 22nd December 2022 via Flipkart. Here I will some guides and general info for Motorola G52 Specifications Software Info [/Spoiler] Guides by G52 Community Guides by @sd_shadow Bootloader Unlock & Flashing...
  13. O

    Thread How should I back up my phone data before unlocking OEM?

    Unlocking OEM gives me a prompt that says it will wipe all user data. What would be the best way to back up all of my phone data (apps, configurations, music etc...) before doing this? Thanks.
  14. LordeZermaine

    Thread Gapps TWRP

    O, gente. Recentemente vim modificando meu Moto One Fusion XT203-2, porém tenho obtido apenas falhas quanto a Gapps na TWRP, elas não instalam e o erro 70 aparece, além disso, a respeitosa /System não aparece na TWRP nem mesmo indo em Mount. Alguém consegue me ajudar a solucionar? Não consigo...
  15. juanoob

    Thread Question Moto Display for moto g20

    How can i install the moto Display on this phone? Cómo puedo instalar pantalla moto en este teléfono?
  16. LukasMarkez

    Thread Question How to fix Hard Brick Edge 30 Ultra/ Moto x30 pro?

    Hello everyone, My name´s Lukas, and my english is not my native language, please forgive my english. I bought the moto x30 pro (xt 2241-1), chinese version of Edge 30 ultra, and it came with the global rom, i tried to root it with magisk but something went wrong, after i restart it i go into...
  17. K

    Thread General Motorola's broken phones and their customer support

    In order to raise public awareness I want to sum up the experience most of us had in the last two months with the Edge 30 Ultra and Motorola's customer support. The Edge 30 Ultra / x30 Pro was advertised as Motorola's latest and greatest flagship phone with the first implementation of Samsungs...
  18. BrayanVersace

    Thread How can I hide that I have a custom rom!!!!

    Buenos días tengo rom instalado en mi dispositivo [ROM][12][NO OFICIAL] Evolution X 6.6<Hellfire> [troika] [20022/07/28] y me gustaría saber si existe la posibilidad de ocultar que la tengo ya que no me deja jugar mi video juego favorito pubg new state me redirige a una página como si estuviera...
  19. C

    Thread [closed] Internet not working after turning DSDS off.

    Recently I turned DSDS off in the phone testing menu *#*#4636#*#* then I followed the prompt to reboot. This was foolish as I didn't know what DSDS was. After the reboot my phone only recognised one Sim slot and imei, this didn't bother me too much as I only have one sim however later I found...
  20. G

    Thread Question Any way to Unlock the Bootloader on the 2022 Moto Stylus 5G?

    I Have been trying on the Motorola website and it says that the phone is ineligible to be unlocked when i put the Device ID on there site. I mean, why would the phone even have an OEM Unlock option if there was no way to unlock the bootloader? Just asking if anyone else has found a way around this?
  21. Venkat.Yadlapati

    Thread [Development] [UNOFFICIAL] [RECOVERY] [12.1] TeamWin Recovery Project (corfur) (2022-10-23)

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to...
  22. eduardinho30

    Thread How to change the font

    is there any way to change the font of motorola devices? i want to use Inter, but i haven't found any way to install and use it (without using magisk).
  23. zDylant

    Thread Can GSI fully break my phone?

    I'm using a Moto G30 and I want to install LineageOS but is not compatible with my device. But then I found a GSI version, but I have 0 experience with them. Can GSI fully break my phone? Or at least is less risky than flashing a custom ROM?
  24. _lama195

    Thread Magisk module unzip error

    I rooted my Motorola One Macro yesterday, I unlocked bootloader and installed Magisk. I don't have custom recovery beacuse i had problem with installing it. Root Checker says root is properly installed on my device, but I have somme issues with getting things to work. I downloaded Magic Mask...
  25. _lama195

    Thread Unzip error - Magic Mask Repo/Magisk

    I rooted my Motorola One Macro today, I unlocked bootloader and installed Magisk. I don't have custom recovery beacuse i had problem with installing it. Root Checker says root is properly installed on my device, but I have somme issues with getting things to work. I downloaded Magic Mask Repo...
  26. S

    Thread Anyone got A12 on Razr 5G?

    Just curious. I can hear some of other users' news about A12 update while mine's not, so I've searched for information about how it looks & how the new features work. But no one tells about the experience itself:confused: Share your thoughts about A12 if you don't mind.
  27. sev7en

    Thread Hi-Res Comparison: Mirrorless and Smartphones /2

    Hello to everybody, I did a comparison... among the Panasonic S1R and the Brightin Star 16mm f/2.8 and several flagship, including, of course the P40 Pro+ (not the "normal" one): - Samsung S22 Ultra (Exynos Edition) - Xiaomi 12s Ultra - Huawei P50 Pro (Kirin 9000 Edition) - Huawei P40 Pro+...
  28. CFKod

    Thread Development [RECOVERY][12][UNOFFICIAL] OrangeFox-R11.1_A12.1

    OrangeFox Recovery Project /* * Your warranty is now void. * * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this recovery * before...
  29. U

    Thread Any Custom Roms?

    I was wanting to buy a Moto Edge Plus, but wondering about if there are any custom roms for this device. This would be a dealbreaker for me so go then with the normal Moto Edge. But then missing out some awesome hardware upgrades.. Would there be a chance for any upcoming roms, right now I...
  30. ThE_MarD

    Thread [ROM][DISCONTINUED] LineageOS 19 for the Motorola Edge 30 (dubai)

    PLEASE NOTE! This build is DISCONTINUED for Dubai as a newer version of LineageOS is now supported. Please find that thread. LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have...
  31. sensei punk

    Thread Motorola V3xx Firmwares/Monsterpacks

    I had purchased a refurbished Motorola V3xx a few years ago just for carrying with me for work for calls and because of crime where I used to work. Anyways, its a branded AT&T firmware. I have been having issues with the phone of late, mainly it constantly says no signal and goes on an...
  32. N3UR0SH1M4

    Thread Moto g41

    Hello, i need rom Resurrection Remix to motorola Moto g41 XT2167-2, if someone have a link to download, or to post.. I'll be very thankful 🍻
  33. mateo12293pl

    Thread Unknown Carrier [Motorola E32S]

    Good evening / Hello / Hello, I have a Motorola E32s and I use the firmware (XT22-2-DS) (PATX0008PL) (Carrier Retail - EURO 1), non-rooted locked bootloader. Recently, the UNNOWN CARRIER error appeared, not the SIM card data, and when I insert the card it asks for the "ME PIN" 4-16 digit code...
  34. J

    Thread Having Trouble unlocking the bootloader on Motorola Moto G22

    Hi so today I Recieved a Motorola Moto G22 that I'd brought online. Now upon booting the phone a number of things became apparent. 1) the stock image the phone comes with is seriously bad, from further inspection it appears google bloatware eats the ram. 2) upon thinking okay prehaps i should...
  35. Ulumia

    Thread Standard firmware for very many Androi-based Motorola devices

    This is the ROM for Motrola Androi based devices in .sbf format Enjoy! Download
  36. itnfp

    Thread Bricked moto-g8 xt2045-1

    you know what to do when device recognize on pc on usb but don't go anywhere?. My device recognize on pc but when i will run the blank flash to open the fastboot it don't run the fastboot screen and continues black. The process that i trying to do is connect the phone on pc and turn it on by the...
  37. gr3uh

    Thread Help Moto g 5g 2022 codename "austin" consumer Cellular carrier locked after flashing magisk

    Hello, so I recently got a Moto g 5g 2022 "Austin" and decided to root it. I unlocked the bootloader, got the stock rom and patched it with magisk. I took the patched file and flashed it successfully to both slots. I then flashed a blank vbmeta image and rebooted. The phone rebooted perfectly...
  38. gr3uh

    Thread xT2213-1 (Austin) Moto G 5G 2022, S1SAS32.47-59-3

    Any custom roms like lineage for this device? This is not kiev.
  39. F

    Thread Lineage OS 19 (ANDROID 12) for Moto G7 Play [UNOFFICIAL]

    After a month or so of testing it as a daily driver, I'll post my self built rom. It's been built just following my building guide, I didn't touch the code in any other way (and it's quite noticeable regarding the loudspeaker). It's still got a few bugs (and a few newer ones), but this is the...
  40. D

    Thread My Lineage phone doesn't start after rooting

    Hello, I followed this tutorial to install magisk on my phone (Motorola Moto G 5G). This tutorial has worked before, but I lost Magisk after updating. I tried to install Magisk according to this tutorial again, but after the "Reboot and enjoy Magisk" step, the phone doesn't start and shows only...
  41. A

    Thread Question Font needed

    Could somebody kindly share the clock font as in attached image from the /system/fonts/ folder? I need that font (I think it's called newfont, but with rounded edges). One could use an advanced file manager like Solid Explorer to navigate through system files. Thanks in advance 👍
  42. ruq

    Thread How To Guide [Walkthrough] Manually updating to Android 12 on a rooted Motorola Edge (2021).

    I'm a total noob, and was scared pant-less at the thought of bricking my device, but I was successful! First off, I backed up my data. First by manually copying off photos, and creating a SMS backup (I have QKSMS), etc., then: adb backup -all In retrospect, I should've used --shared to also...
  43. W

    Thread Question How do you root moto g stylus 5G (denver/osaka)?

    So I've been working with tech for a long time, but I've never rooted a device. My main phone is a Galaxy A10e, soon to be an S10, and I have a spare phone that I want to root. It's the (You guessed it) moto g stylus 5G (denver/osaka) Every time i try to get into fastboot, it just reboots. Any...
  44. Intesar1771

    Thread Motorola One Action Stuck in boot logo

    Hello everone So I was tinkering with adb command window,I passed Fastboot EraseAll cmd which erased every thing on my phone and I tried to restart my phone but it didn't restart and goes blank :( then I took my phone to shop repairer and he made it possible to boot into bootloader and he even...
  45. L

    Thread Motorola Droid Razr XT910 stuck on Logo

    Hi, as said in the title, my Motorola XT910 is stuck on the logo, and will not boot, even after charging, and letting it do its thing overnight. I tried everything I could, including trying to wipe the cache via recovery mode, and I do not have access to it via adb in any ways. The only...
  46. @

    Thread I can't install twrp in my moto g5s plus

  47. TheLastSidekick

    Thread [STOCK FIRMWARE] Android 11 for Google Fi, and Retail USA (Best Buy, Amazon)

    At long last here are the files, it's been a long year but the wait appears to finally be over! As of June 11th, 2022 at 2:37 PM I am not seeing an OTA as of yet. Android 11 Project FI ...
  48. Stooookie79

    Thread LineageOS Moto G7 Power

    Is anyone able to help with this, I’ve got my G7 power unlocked, adb is installed fast boot shows the device I run fast boot devices, However I cannot flash recovery I just get error cannot Load ‘twrp.img’: No Such File or Directory”
  49. G

    Thread Motorola Tab g20 unlock and Tab m8 conversion guide

    Motorola tab g20 is a clone of Lenovo tab m8 3rd gen 8506F model. As of now tab g20 is only available in India. Bootloader unlock of this device is simpler than other motorola devices. (Unlocking and relocking wipes all user data) Enable oem unlock in developer options Enter fastboot through...
  50. D

    Thread Question Any chance of android 12?

    Is there any chance of android 12 coming to the XT2125-4 models? I'm aware its rolling out to the XT2125-4-DS. I apologise if its been asked already!