1. ArmagedFoxer

    Thread [CLOSED] Help! FolderMount made my sdcard corrupted - j500h

    Hello! I really need your help!!!! I have Samsung J5 2015 (j500h) I always refused to patch the sdcard and vold files at the beginning, but one day I accidentally agreed ... the phone rebooted .. I thought it was okay and decided to install one of the games and transfer it to the sd card, but I...
  2. DavutHaxor

    Thread I can't flash Magisk

    I am using a Redmi Note 8 with Pixel Experience (Android 12). And when i try to flash Magisk with TWRP, it says unable to mount.
  3. Fabian R�ling

    Thread [solved] Recovery: "Unable to mount storage"

    I bought a used OnePlus 7T Pro (256GB). I followed these instructions: Unlocking the bootloader worked without problems. To install a recovery, I had to replace "recovery" in the command with "boot_b", but then it worked fine. The copy partitions...
  4. A

    Thread In TWRP recovery how to fix unable to mount data internal/external/otg USB storage 0mb in twrp

    Questions In TWRP recovery how to fix unable to mount data internal/external/otg USB storage 0mb in twrp I have a mobile lyf water 8 ls 5015 with Android 6.1 marshmellow vendor updated I want to take NAND backup before rooting through loading twrp recovery in fast boot mode (fastboot...
  5. sieger007

    Thread exfat anyone ?

    Any thoughts about getting exFat support added. I read about this plugin that will work only for USB-OTG not for memory card - lest I will be forced to go VFAT with the 4gb limitation.I have seen some discussion on stack regarding this but no solution.
  6. H

    Thread Mount system.img from Factory Images

    I have downloaded the latest factory image from the google pixel 4a ota page. When I try to mount system.img for binary extraction, I get the following error. mount: ../sunfish-rq3a.210805.001.a1/system: wrong fs type, bad option, bad...
  7. A

    Thread How to mount storage in Twrp recovery image?

    I was trying to backup of stock ROM through twrp backup without installing by loading fastboot boot twrp.img and take backup of stock rom system.img userdata.img through twrp recovery... it loaded successfully but while taking backup its not able to take backup its giving error that it "cant...
  8. gab8

    Thread TCL S65A , mounting SMB NAS without root

    Hello everyone, As the title says, is it possible to mount a SMB storage to a local folder of the Android TV? My problem is that I have a NAS attached to a Raspberry which has lots of roms, and on the TV I have installed Retroarch. The problem is that Retroarch can only see local folders, it...
  9. agh623

    Thread hide or remove private dns activity

    hello everyone my mobile is xiaomi poco x3 nfc i want to set specific "private dns" that nobody never can change it even me i want to set private dns then remove or hide or lock private dns activity for ever can i do this without root permission? for example use TWRP recovery or adb...
  10. N

    Thread Phone isn't detected by any PC. Unable to Mount, but decrypted.

    Hello, I'm currently running Lineage OS 17.1 and TWRP 3.5.1 on my Poco F1. My problem is, that I can't aces my phone via USB from any PC (neither Windows nor Ubuntu). I had this issue once before and went totally crazy. In the end I completely wiped my phone and reflashed TWRP. It then worked...
  11. A

    Thread How to fix failed to mount preload? (NEED HELP ASAP!)

    Hey, so when I try to restore my backup with TWRP I always get this error "Failed to mount '/preload' (invalid argument)"... On YouTube, I didn't find any working solution. I really need help with this issue, so pls respond asap if you can help me. I really appreciate any kind of help. Thanks...
  12. xuantedev

    Thread Why can I just mount one loop device in Nexus Angler with android oero?

    In a rooted angler running android-8.1.0, I am going to use mount command to mount some ext4 images. The first one can be mounted successfully. But the others will fail. It prompts (ENXIO ):
  13. S

    Thread Problem mounting 3 ext4 partitions under Android

    Hi Supporters, there is a problem with my sdcard under Android 7.1.2 (root=true, adb=possible). The vFat Partition can be used, but the rest is not mounted and can not be used. mmcblk1p1 vfat 183 GB Status : OK mmcblk1p2 ext4 16 MB android meta Status: not mounted mmcblk1p3 ext4 64 GB...
  14. P

    Thread [QUESTION] Override and other runtime apex components on Android 10

    I have written a module to replace the following libs & bins on Android 10: ├── ├── module.prop └── system └── apex └── ├── bin │ └── dex2oat └── lib64 └── They belong to the...
  15. K

    Thread How to make /system writable?

    im currently using android emulator but its system is read only how to make it writable?
  16. D

    Thread TWRP 3.3.0 on Pixel 2 Android 10 cant mount System Partition

    Hello, i Have recently upgraded to android 10. When flashing twrp i get a message failed to mount system partition. If i reformat system to ext 2 then back to ext4 i can mount system in twrp. When i re flash latest factory pixel 2 image and go back into twrp i can no longer mount system...
  17. S

    Thread CIFS.KO module for mounting SMB/CIFS shares to lift storage constraints

    So the idea here is to re-map file shares as data paths for the provided device. Why? Because not every device was manufactured to have 256gb of storage and we now have things like popcorn time, netflix and other various services that allow you to download to your mobiledevice/pc. Most app's are...
  18. t-ryder

    Thread Debloating Android 10

    Hi there. My taimen is on the latest factory image (Android 10), latest Elemental X kernel, latest TWRP and Magisk for root (no modules active, only systemless hosts for adaway). I wanted to debloat the system apps, since I hate all those Google apps installed (Google Music and all that crap)...
  19. blazzer12

    Thread What to do with "NFS support in custom kernel"? How to mount a NFS share on android?

    What to do with "NFS support in custom kernel"? How to mount a NFS share on android? We often see NFS support in custom kernels but is it really useful in mounting a NFS share on android? How do I go about it? I don't want app level buy system level access to NFS mounts so all the apps can't...
  20. H

    Thread [GUIDE] Mounting the fat32 partition on MacOS

    So it's known that the fat32 partition of the android SD doesn't mount automatically on MacOS, presumably because of the funky partition table. I just managed to mount it manually from terminal, it has some quirks but it works. First, find the partition: diskutil list shows you the disks on...
  21. G

    Thread Changing /data mount in fstab

    I want to change the data mount point into an image inside the actual data partition. My stock fstab has this: /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata /data ext4 noatime,nosuid,nodev,barrier=0,noauto_da_alloc,discard wait,check,encryptable=footer,quota Would it work to do like...
  22. S

    Thread Cycling mount/case

    Does anyone have a good mount that they use that accepts the larger size of the Mate 20 Pro? I am a road cyclist, so need something reasonably light + sturdy.
  23. U

    Thread Failed to mount '/data ' (Invalid argument)

    Hello, I've the problem that i can't wipe everything, bacause idk... Here are the errors: >Failed to mount '/data' (Invalid argument) >Failed to wipe dalvik >Updating partition details... >Failed to mount '/data' (Invalid argument) >...done >Unable to mount storage Then I read a few other...
  24. huedrant

    Thread [A510] Can't mount /data on any recovery

    Hi, I wanted to reset my 510 to a fresh 4.4.4 install. So I decided to "restore to factory settings" within the android system settings menu. kitkat CM12 4.4.4 by shreps was working fine before, I just wanted to get rid of the data in order to give the tablet away. now I'm stuck with a soft...
  25. M

    Thread Need help on streaming audio files from SMB or AFP or NFS share to DLNA receiver

    The title pretty much sums it up. I want my android device to take the music from an SMB share on my NAS (not DLNA server, I prefer not to use this function) and pass it to a wireless DAC through DLNA protocol, without transcoding the files, so different bit depth and frequency files would be...
  26. oF2pks

    Thread [APP|FOSS] GSF, Widevine L1/2/3, Treble & A/B device infos (+all IDs/Specs)

    Re-branded KalturaDeviceInfo to provides GSF id (needed for Google uncertified devices) and checks about Widevine, Treble, a/b & media decoders (and all others possible device system definitions).uses-permission android:name= android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE android:maxSdkVersion="22"...
  27. C

    Thread failed to unmount '/vendor', '/system'

    Does anyone by any chance had a similar experience in TWRP? I can't flash, copy, install anything in TWRP. I keep getting the error message "failed to unmount '/vendor, device or resource is busy, and failed to unmount '/system', device or resource is busy. I don't have logs yet but I will...
  28. R

    Thread P780 ROW Nexus 5 ROM, internal storage is 0mb and i can't mount sdcard

    Basically i flashed the Nexus 5 ROM on my P780 ROW and it boots normally, i can use the device, but when i go with my file manager to /Downloads for example, it shows "sd card is unmounted". i tried mounting it in TWRP recovery but i cant select sdcard or SD-Ext there, i also tried wiping sdcard...
  29. L

    Thread [HELP] Link2SD. How to make it work without creating a new partition?

    That. I have an Xperia Arc S (LT18a) with a custom 4.0 ROM (Ultimate Xperia HD) and i just cant make Link2SD to recognize my 2nd partition. The classic mount: no such file or directory stuff. Which bugs me since i bought the Link2SD Pro version. I have the normal fat32 and a ext4 partition...
  30. D

    Thread [Q] Is there a way to mount a network Windows folder as a local folder on my phone?

    Hello! I am having a surprisingly difficult time finding anything about this that isn't from 2011 or earlier. A lot of apps on my phone will ONLY let you browse local folders (ie: /storage/emulated/0/) and that's it. I know that some file explorers let you browse your network folders but that...
  31. TewSlo

    Thread magisk_merge.img mount failed [fix]

    Greetings, No matter where I look I see developers just ignoring us across multiple sites on a fix for this for us guys without f2fs format. Be straight with us, is there a fix for this? Or do we have to continue to install our modules with TWRP. It's very inconvenient and annoying. But, I...
  32. E

    Thread U11 SD card read issue

    First time I tried to use sd card on my phone today. It doesn't read the card. Card is working fine. I tested it on pc and on another phone. I formatted it on pc and nothing changed. Phone is us unlocked and running stock oreo. Anyone has the same problem? Or solution? Edit: problem solved when...
  33. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread [TOOL] HuaweiUpdateExtractor_0.9.9.5, Mount points and partition layout (nougat)

    I don't know if anyone need it but here it is Model: MMC DF4032 (sd/mmc) Disk /dev/block/mmcblk0: 31.3GB Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B Partition Table: gpt Number Start End Size File system Name Flags 1 524kB 786kB 262kB vrl 2...
  34. Ayan Uchiha Choudhury

    Thread SD Card Mounting error after reboot in Oreo Roms fix

    So guys, this is my first time making a thread and so it may not be that perfect so bear with me. In oreo roms, i was constantly having an error of my mount point of sd card changing after every reboot. so i found a fix which is formatting. This post is NOT for the following people :- 1. Who...
  35. Dark❶

    Thread [Magisk] Magisk Mount ReSize IMG

    Magisk Mount , UnMount & ReSize IMG This is Magisk Mount , UnMount & ReSize IMG ZIP for Users/Developers. A.K.A. "M2RI" in Short For MagiskMountReSizeIMG. By Dark❶ Profile @ XDA-Developers : Dark❶ . Profile @ GitHub : Dark❶ . Magisk Mount & UnMount IMG :- GitHub Pages Site ...
  36. predator1584

    Thread S-Off, unlocked, TWRP installed, unable to mount system [solved]

    I've tried to find this answer everywhere I could, but I have just unlocked the bootloader, S-off'd, and installed TWRP from Captain_Throwback. I also upgraded the firmware to the latest in OMJ's thread and upon booting into TWRP (I'm using 3.1.1-0), I'm unable to mount /system. Therefore I am...
  37. dcatoffm

    Thread whoami root - mount ... error: must be root. - What did I do?

    Basically, what did I mess up and how do I fix it? # set ANDROID_ASSETS=/system/app ANDROID_BOOTLOGO=1 ANDROID_DATA=/data ANDROID_PROPERTY_WORKSPACE=8,0 ANDROID_ROOT=/system ANDROID_SOCKET_zygote=9 ANDROID_STORAGE=/storage ASEC_MOUNTPOINT=/mnt/asec BASHPID=5780...
  38. volDeus

    Thread [QUESTION][ADB] Mounting recovery partition in adb shell

    I apologize ahead of time if this is the wrong section or my question has already been answered. I've been searching all day. I am trying to get a custom recovery on an old SPH-D710 with a bad port so I am using wireless ADB but I can't get the recovery partition mounted. DiskInfo app and...
  39. A

    Thread Mount Error SDext2

    Hi, I am attempting to use Link2SD app to utilise a second external SD card. However, I receive mounting error. I have tried to emulate the scenario within (SM) script manager by running the mount script (see below). However, the error is the same. ("Permission denied or invalid argument")...
  40. remko

    Thread Unable to mount any partition

    Hi, after normally being a consumer on XDA for many years (actually started with the HTC Touch) and always been able to solve my problems by reading, this is the first time I am genuinly stuck and see no way out... Following details: - Phone: HTC One M9 International unlocked - S-off - Latest...
  41. MuriLOCO

    Thread Device does not recognize USB, only charges when it is off, battery stuck at 82%

    Hello guys. I have a Redmi Note 3 PRO with Cyanogen 14.1. Everything was working fine. Last week I realized that I could not charge the device anymore using my USB cable, I had to shut down the device in order to be able to charge, then after that I realized that my compuer (or any other) does...
  42. Robert_W

    Thread Review Video: Montar Car Phone Mount by WinnerGear - Pixel XL

    Direct link if embedded one doesn't show: QYFZfMuGKD4 I decided to try this car/phone mount with my Google Pixel XL. Spoiler: It works well. The spec sheet claims it fits phones up to 6 inches so I was confident it would work well. I love the red and...
  43. smnshuvo

    Thread dev/block mounting points?

    I tried to mount recovery to the recovery partition via terminal but I unfortunately pushed that to any other mounting point. mmcblk.. I cannot remember where. So, my device is not booting. I tried various custom ROM and re partitioning. It loops at boot. I wanna know Which of the dev/block...
  44. K

    Thread Marshmallow, how to make new mounts visible system-wide?

    Hi! I can mount and access a network drive just fine from the terminal, but no other app will see it. From what I gathered it's security feature. I found some patches for ICS, but that's it. How to go about it in MM?
  45. B

    Thread Mount ext4 formatted mircosd

    I have a rooted Shield but I can't figure out how to mount the microsd card. I see that the file system is supported but I don't see where the device is listed. Usually I would look for mmcblk or something. shell@foster:/ $ cat /proc/filesystems ext3...
  46. G

    Thread Problem w/ ext SD CARD on Galaxy S5 (mounting /storage/3061-3930) after FolderMount

    Hi guys, I was trying to make Whatsapp images and videos be downloaded to a folder on my external SD CARD (Tried to remap Whatsapp folder to external SD). I used foldermount to try and change the folder. After it didn't work I uninstalled the app and all Apps I had moved to the SD Card stopped...
  47. N

    Thread A9 twrp won't mount internal storage, require password for decryption.

    Hi there, Unlocked bootloader, s_on and flash twrp Now I can't flash anything because it won't mount internal storage, it's decrypted. Anyone please help ! Thanks.
  48. Hoodeddeathman

    Thread [Review] Choetech Universal CD Slot Mount

    This product was supplied to me at discount in exchange for my unbiased review. I'll start off by saying this was no good for me at all but I'll get into that later. The mount is constructed of hard plastic with the holding area covered in a rubbery silicone like coating which offers excellent...
  49. F

    Thread Nexus 6 no longer recognising PC (and PC no longer recognising phone) in Fastboot etc

    Around February, my phone was working fine and connecting to my PC and being recognised (in both the phone AND PC/Device Manager). Because I was rooted, I used Wug's toolkit to flash the latest factory image at the time (which included the February security update) and kept data as I've done in...
  50. M

    Thread N 7100 - RR Rom - Media Storage Not Mounted Error

    Ok after being on stock rom for a while now, I switched to RR straight again and since then facing a couple of problems. 1. After booting everytime I get the message 'Process is not responding..Do you want to close it?' 2. Device freezes everytime I try to download any application from Play...