1. VIDAL95

    Thread Funplayer

    In Funplayer you can see television channels from the Dominican Republic and Dominican channels totally FREE, also channels from many countries (World Channels) on your phone or tablet, there is a Chat Room for you to have a good time This app can be enjoyed by both users in the Dominican...
  2. U

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Movies Easy Finder (IMDb)

    Find movies or TV-series easy and fast by using simple filters Movies Easy Finder allows to get lists of recent and popular (or most popular of all time) Movies, TV-series and so on by using simple filters which are used to generate and open a IMDb web-link with your preferred filtered...
  3. D


    Hello, I present to you GCFlix - A Netflix Global Catalog : LINKS : please if you like the app rate it on google play and share it on social media, thanks.:) Download from Google Play Download from Aptoide Facebook Page Description : You use netflix and you change vpn regularly to see the...
  4. dengerx

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Televizo - IPTV/OTT player

    Televizo Watch your provider IPTV on your phone, tablet, TV or TV-box. Available features: Live broadcasts and archives (if playlist supports this function); You can add an unlimited number of M3U or Xtream Codes playlists; You can add an unlimited number of XML EPG; Support for...
  5. chrisnkrueger

    Thread [APP][6.0+] Moviebase - The Wikipedia for your Movies and TV Shows (TMDB & Trakt)

    Open Google Play Store Discover, find and track your favorite movies, series and actors with Moviebase. Features: Manage and track your content in collections and watchlist Discover and search your movies, TV shows and actors Explore: Now Playing, Upcoming, Box Office, Anticipated, Trending...
  6. loni90

    Thread ShowBox keep Force Closing - help?

    Hi! I come from Note 3 where i watched movies/series alsmost everyday on ShowBox - however, now that i upgraded to S7 Edge, i cant get it to work on my new phone. Ive installed the same apk and so on, even tried a new apk - but it keeps FC and wont let me watch anything. Works sometimes with...
  7. The Dork Knight Rises

    Thread [APP] Popular Movies (WIP) [4.0.3+]

    Popular movie suggestion app developed as part of Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree programme. Powered by TMDb. Under active development. The name is just a working title, I'll think of something cooler later :P Check out these screenshots! DOWNLOAD Download from XDA Labs to get the most...
  8. gegerhr

    Thread [APP] Treeto - Topics Research Tool

    Treeto - Topics Research Tool Explore and learn, Treeto provides a unique way to research any of your interests. If you are writing an essay, and you want to research essay topics, or you need topics for your paper, use Treeto to...
  9. J

    Thread [ANDROID] Shake your android phone and get a movie recommendation by Rotten tomatoes

    Hello developers, I developed an Android application to generate random movie recommendations using the rotten tomatoes API. It's just an app that you might use when you are bored, decide to watch a movie but don't know which one. I would love if some of you could download it, use it and give...
  10. maddom73

    Thread [Q] My app got suspended

    My app named iFreeMovies is a simple list of youtube movies. It's not a playlist, it's searches the movies that orders in a list and you can watch them in youtube player api v3. Using an open source imdb api you can also get some informations in a webview. Unfortunately today I get this mail...
  11. L

    Thread Mod edit (Amazing on this Display)

    THIS IS WAREZ ... therefore not allowed ~~~ oka1 (moderator) What's up guys!? I wanted to share this app that the rep from Best Buy actually told me about. It's called (mod edit), basically a Netflix on steroids. You can stream/download movies and TV shows, and they are CONSTANTLY updated...
  12. V

    Thread Story Movie Android App

    Hello. i have develop a software for android. This software name called "Story movie". Story movie app is an application for public who want watch movies for free without paying anything. So, who using this app could not spend any money for movies. Sometime if you feel bored at home, library, in...

    Thread [RELEASE] TVMC Custom Build of XBMC for Android (Recommended)

    I just wanted to link everyone to our other release thread here at XDA where we released our custom build of XBMC called TVMC for your enjoyment. It would probably be the best choice for Fire TV users looking to watch free TV with XBMC in our opinion. Release Thread...
  14. maddom73

    Thread [APP][3.0+] iFreeMovies 1.0

    iFreeMovies shows some youtube movies into a list and after some delay it displays a simple quiz about the movie you are watching. You can also get some informations about movie and if you want you can download a poster about it. A funny way to relax and improve your cinematographic knowledge...
  15. androidfreak70

    Thread [UPDATE] [APP] Movies 7.1.A.0.4

    Hi peeps!:D:D:D At this minutes i got an new update for movies app:D Changelog: New icons in the pull-out menu of the movies app make it easier to identify your different folders. Improve the application staiblity How to install? Install as normal apk! Downloads: HERE!! Hit thanks if...
  16. A

    Thread my MOVIES available on Windows Phone

    my MOVIES my MOVIES is an application for cinema lovers and cinema-goer who lives their passion by watching films in significant numbers. Enthusiastic film lovers if you need informations, or watch a trailer wherever you are this app is for you. But it’s firstly for everyone who got an...
  17. L

    Thread [REQ] Directory Lister Pro (or alternative) NAS auditor...

    Hi Everyone, (first off, not sure if this is the correct location to place this request, but didn't know where else it would fit on the board). Wondered if any of you good folk know any software that works as amazingly well as it does on the PC platform, which is: Directory Lister Pro So...
  18. G

    Thread [DISCONTINUED] Sony Media Apps [Album, Movies, Walkman][Flashable ZIP]

    Dear all, As of 16/03/2015, I'm unable to further update this thread. I've bought an HTC One M8. If you want the latest updates, I recommend going here. I've replaced all the links with the ones from APKMirror Have a nice afternoon :) ===== Media Apps Latest Sony Media Apps, captured on the...
  19. engineer_dhaval

    Thread [Major App Updates] Latest WALKMAN, Xperia Home, Movies, Album for Xperia M [30/12]

    HELLO Friends.. Here i am presenting all new updates available for Xperia M Dual - This updates are taken from Xperia Z1 and some other devices - I tested this apps on my Stock 4.2.2 C2004 - It should work with C1904/05 running on 4.2.2 ( TRY IT AND GIVE REPLY ) - UPDATE : WALKMAN 8.1.A.0.3...
  20. kishenpj21

    Thread Alternative Media Apps

    Hey There Guys! Just Bought a Nexus 5. An Amazing Phone! But i was Missing Sony's Apps like walkman, album etc. So....Testing mode! I searched everywhere for sony's media apps for nexus 5. unfortunately no one has ported yet. since i'm not a developer.....i just came across some...
  21. sanjulgupta

    Thread [APP][ALBUM][MOVIES][WALKMAN][UPDATED][10/12/13]From Xperia Z1/Ultra

    Latest Album Movies Walkman app from Xperia Z1/Ultra Works perfectly fine on my Xperia ZL and brings lot of improvements ALBUM 5.2.A.1.20 (SemcAlbum) (Can be installed like a normal apk OR via ROOT replacing SemcAlbum.apk...
  22. P

    Thread [APP] Pick-1 Trivia Game

    Check out this new free trivia game, Pick-1 is a challenging and enjoyable trivia game packed with lots of bonus mini games the more achievements you unlock and the higher your score gets. Install and Play Now.
  23. Waninkoko

    Thread [APP][2.1+] MovieDroid - Watch movies and TV shows online [14 JAN]

    Hi! I would like to announce MovieDroid, an easy-to-use application to search and play movies and TV shows from any Android device. Using this application you can find plenty of movies and play them via streaming with great quality. You can also add any movie or TV show to the favorites section...
  24. M

    Thread [Q] my HTC One GPe can't play Google Movies

    My HTC One Google Play Edition can't play Google Play Movies. After I click the play icon, there is a spinning circle for quite a while and then I get "There was a problem while playing [-2147484648] Touch to retry". Retrying gets same error message. I've downloaded a movie and get the same...
  25. Pranav Pandey

    Thread [PORT] [ICS] Xperia i1 (Honami) Movies App [All Xperia 2011/2012] [7/7/2013]

    Only for Sony Official 4.0.4 With Build No. 4.1.B.0.431/.587 Working on Xperia 2012 devices also Compatible with xNXT™ ROM Rooted Phone Required Features Screenshots Instructions Make Backup first Downloads Install via recovery Notice [/B] More Apps Coming Soon If you liked...
  26. [NUT]

    Thread [REQ] Looking for creative people - themers & image creators wanted!

    I'm working on a new project and I need someone who can help me create/design images. These will be stills as well as animated images. I'm not a hard person to work for/with: I just want it to look good, I'm not the creative type so you can decide how it looks and have free artistic reign :)...
  27. I

    Thread [Q] MP4 on SGY?

    I tried playing .mp4 files on my device... some of them play and some of them don't.... i even tried rockplayer... in rock player, the audio comes properly but the video is very laggy... what do i do?
  28. Pranav Pandey

    Thread [PORT] [ICS] NXT Jelly Bean Keyboard | Movies | Clock | Calculator [16/5/2013]

    Only for Sony Official 4.0.4 With Build No. 4.1.B.0.431/.587 Compatible with xNXT™ ROM Rooted Phone Required Keyboard V2 released, all bugs are fixed For Movies, Clock V2 and Calculator V2, see second post Features Screenshots Instructions Need at least 20mb free space in the...
  29. M

    Thread [Q] Best movie/serie settings HTC ONE

    Hi all, If all goes well, i will get my One this tuesday. since im going on holiday short after i would like to put some movies and tv series on it to watch. I would like to convert these movies/series to the best quality vs quantity ratio. I could possibly leave it at full HD settings, but...
  30. S

    Thread [Q] Google Play Movies

    I have purchased some movies from Google play and I am unable to play them on my tablet. Has anyone else had this problem? I had tried both downloading and streaming and I only get the loading circle. Sometimes I will get an error message or the app will stop playing, recently I even had a...
  31. Fallon9111

    Thread [Q] Smart TV Box/Stick, can record too!

    Hello :) I've seen a few threads on Smart TV boxes/sticks. I'm looking for something (preferably a box, sticks are flimsy) that can also record TV :D Specs guidelines: Can Handle 1080p HD (obviously, needs HDMI output too!) Can record TV (Freeview HD, Great Britain) Has at least a 120 GB HDD...
  32. N

    Thread Scratch and Guess [FREE GAME]

    Hi friends, I want to present our game Scratch and Guess, who becomes a big hit on Google Play The aim of Scratch and Guess is to use your finger to scratch away the screen and guess the logo or image that is hiding behind it. The more you scratch away of the image, the less coins you will...
  33. nbanicholas

    Thread [Q] [PLAY MOVIES] Working after root?

    I know this has prolly already been asked, but if I root my Nexus 7 will I be able to watch movies through Google Play? If so so would it require temp unroot? Please let me know if you have this working on your tab!?
  34. Waninkoko

    Thread [APP][2.1+] uCinema v1.0.4 (Free Movies & Shows) [MP4][ADM SUPPORT]

    Hi everyone! I would like to announce uCinema, an application developed by Lowlevel Media for Android devices (2.1 or higher) to watch movies and TV shows directly from your phone or tablet! It also supports download to the phone's external storage to watch them later ;) It actually supports...
  35. K

    Thread App fow LWW

    Here is an image: Mainly i want the ones in red (ICS Walkman apk, and the Movies apk from the Xperia J if possible) The other 2 are optional! PS: FOR GB
  36. M

    Thread [Q] Can't watch my own movies/videos

    I've transferred some of my own movies and tv shows that are in .mp4 format on the KFHD. They don't play correctly as they keep jumping from scene to scene and everything is pixelated. Am I using the right format? I converted my .avi to .mp4 and they aren't working =[
  37. S

    Thread [Q] Google Play won't stay compatible with Movies or Magazines

    So I unlocked and added Rom Toolbox so I could easily change the DPI setting in the build.prop file, all so I could get the tablet interface instead of the phone interface with a DPI of 170. Unfortunately then Play stopped letting me get to movies and magazines, and while it's in this state...
  38. M

    Thread Where are downloaded movies stored?

    I have rooted my N7 and I am looking to manage space by moving files to USB storage. I used Astro File manager to look for them and I can't find them under MOVIES or DOWNLOADs. Where are they?
  39. Y

    Thread [APP] Trailer Catcher, Augmented Reality open source app from ARLab

    Hello Everyone. I'm Yelamos back with some of our new open source apps for you devs to see what you can archieve with our SDKs. This time we bring you Trailer Catcher, based on the Image Matching SDK: Trailer Catcher brings you the latest movie trailers released and currently available on the...
  40. Y

    Thread [APP] BoxOffice, augmented reality open source app

    Hi once again from the ARLab team. We have just developed a new app based on the Image Matching SDK, which is completely open source for you to check out: BoxOfficeMatcher downloads the most popular movies and shows them into the movies list. If you want to launch directly the movie information...
  41. cfhuk

    Thread [Q] Android Play Movie rentals through PS3

    Has anyone given this a go? I want to rent HD movies from my phone on the Play Store, then watch them on the PS3 on the TV. I have looked around and it seems that you can log into YouTube via your PS3, at least you could back in 2009. You should be able to watch your Play Movie Rentals on...
  42. C

    Thread Video Problems

    Hey guys, i seem to have ran into a little little actually that i just noticed it now (4 months after flashing the rom) lol Im running RCMix 4.0 energized blue, with RCMix 3D v12.2 kernel (and V6 Supercharged), and it seems my phone (Desire Z, just in case) cant play movies...
  43. J

    Thread [Q] Is there a movie app just for htc?

    I saw somewhere about a year or two ago that htc phones had a app/service where they could what loads of movies for free. Is this still available?
  44. I

    Thread [Q] Push (stream) movies from phone to tablet

    Hello, I have an Incredible S and a HTC Flyer and was wondering if the following was possible... Is there any app that can push movies from my phone towards my HTC flyer? It for the kids in the backseat when we are going on holiday, then I could select a movie whenever they get bored, pause...
  45. R

    Thread [Q] Video/Movie Format

    Hi All I was trying to load videos on to my XS, but for some reason whatever format i try and put on it doesn't play it. I've tried mp4, avi, mov but none have worked. is there a specific loaction I need to put it in? a specific format? please help :o
  46. theos0o

    Thread [WIP][MOD] Google Play Movies for rooted devices [?]

    Hey. Saw that new APK around here and users whining about being locked out for having rooted devices. I said I'd give it a go. ***edit: not working yet
  47. SilentBob

    Thread [Q] Movies via Android Market - Country or network specific?

    I have an HTC Desire HD on Orange UK. In the market I have only ever seen apps & books. I have never seen movies or music listed. I have, until now, assumed that these were probably only available in certain countries because of licensing agreements. However, upon arriving at work this morning...
  48. D

    Thread [Q] Want to buy A100 for Son

    Looking to buy the Iconia Tab A100 for my son. I have an Asus transformer and i love it, but wanted to get him something smaller. This tab seems to be a nice one. I wanted to make sure of the following things. 1) Movies work (avi) 2) Netflix works (without root) 3) any good "kid type" case...
  49. Fraction

    Thread [Movies] Bankrobbery, cartheft, you know about a movie?

    Hey. I love movies about planning, and executing of bank-robbery, car-theft, hopefully I sit there after I watched it and think "hm.. what happend". Genre as thriller and action. Thats why I'm always on the lookout for more movies. All from 1900 and to the movies at the cinemas. If I get...
  50. F

    Thread [Q] Google movie rentals

    I rented a Google movie but the Videos app error message says movies don't play on rooted devices. Only thing is I'm not rooted. Anyone else have a similar problem? I'm running software version and the tablet says there is no update available.