1. B

    Thread Core board component identification

    I'm wondering if anyone knows what these are... I cant find any info anywhere on that particular SMD code. They're on the underside of a MTCD core board and there's a number of them. The burned one has something to do with the LCD backlight/dimming function, as this isn't working after a mishap...
  2. Hal9k_

    Thread [ROM][PX5][PX6][PX30][Q][10] Hal9k Mod v5 for MTCx/HCTx head units with Android 10/9/8/6

    Hal9k Mod v5 based on Android 10 for MTCx HCTx Rockchip PX5 (rk3368), PX6 (rk3399) and PX30 (rk3326) head units Compatible MCU versions: MTCD_XXXX, MTCE_XXXX, MTCP_XXXX, MTCH_XXXX, HCTG_XXXX Firmware version: 5.0.0 (31.07.2021) Version of the latest OTA update: 5.1.0 (30.01.2022) About...
  3. maicol07

    Thread Rear camera trajectory not working

    Hi, I have a working rear camera with embedded ruler, but I want the ruler (or a software one) moves when I move the steering wheel. I've already enabled something about it in car settings but it doesn't work... Am I missing something? Is there a cable I didn't connected? Thanks
  4. I

    Thread Which radio for my Golf 7 GTD?

    Hello all, I am getting tired of my original radio. What VW is doing is ridiculous. Now I'm looking for an Android radio which integrates perfectly into my Golf 7. Do you have a few tips for me? A high resolution, large display and good performance are important to me. I am very grateful for...
  5. N

    Thread Would like to better understand canbus integration, please help educate me

    I've searched and searched but only find bits and pieces of information. So far, I haven't been able to connect enough dots to understand how this works. Back in 2016 I purchased an Android head unit from Auto Pumpkin. I stumbled upon it by pure accident, thought it looked slick, and decided...
  6. ExtremeMOD

    Thread MTCD/MTCE head unit for Mercedes ML63 AMG (2012 model)?

    I'm looking to buy a Mercedes ML63 AMG from 2012 and trying to find a unit that'll fit instead of the old one. Obviously MTCx one. Checked Dasaita that I know sells primarily MTCx units but they didn't seem to have one that fits the car. Any advise?
  7. ExtremeMOD

    Thread Where to buy (just) the module like PX30, PX5 or PX6?

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to build a Rockchip based head unit from spare parts I got from other units and only missing the System On Module piece like a PX30, PX5 or PX6 board (see pic). Looked everywhere but cannot seem find them, only already mounted on motherboards or aren't for Android...
  8. X

    Thread HD Radio and Satellite Radio

    I wanted to talk about my software and hardware project to share it. I started with a Parrot Asteroid Smart running Android 2.x and when that was disappointing moved on to the Chinese units. I started early on with added circuitry/apps. Now I have a PCB connected to the HU by USB, with an...
  9. B

    Thread PX6, Apps and Launcher not running smoothly..Why?

    Hello, maybe somebody can help me. To the radio: PX6, Hal9k v4.0.2 Android 9, DSP, MCU GS 3.40, 9 inch in the BMW e46 Following problem: Launcher and apps do not run smoothly. Tried solutions: New motherboard installed New coreboard installed New firmware installed New Hal9k v4.0.2 installed...
  10. O

    Thread [PX6] [STM32] [ROM] in need

    Greetings! Browsing the forum I have figured that currently(January 2020) no custom ROM is available for PX6 which came with STM32 MCU. As probably many owner have noticed the stock ROM has many flaw and severe deficiency/complete lack of customization. As far as I know, sadly no Hal9k ROM...
  11. Hercules8

    Thread [HELP] rk3368 - MTCE_LM_ - PX5 -- MAPS.ME Problem

    I have the problem that the APP "MAPS.ME" doesn't work anymore with the latest update after starting it all remains black, according to MAPS.ME it's due to the change of the engine. I currently have an old version where I have always copied the newest cards into it, this is no longer possible...
  12. K

    Thread px5 upgrade

    I have an older PX3 unit (i think, it's a rockchip rk3188 + 1gb ram, made by Joying) I'd like to upgrade. I've found a PX5 board: and have been reading stories about BT/WIFI not working. I'm handy with a soldering iron, so I can potentially...
  13. FaySmash

    Thread Transistor burned, need replacement Type (picture of intact logic board)

    A transistor for the RGB LED Front-Panel Buttons ignited yesterday, now I need to know the exact SOT-23 type to get a replacement. You can see the burned transistor in the attachments. My guess is, that it was a SOT-23 A77E, but I'm not sure it this counts for my specific Head Unit. I own this...
  14. K

    Thread General questions for PX6 and other units

    I purchased a Dasaita Max 6 10.2” unit, my first ever Android head unit. I’ve been reading the various posts and found answers to some of my questions but not all. Is there a good FAQ or a good resource for these units that someone can point me to? I also have a slew of questions I was wondering...
  15. f465gt

    Thread PowerAmp starts and closes after boot on PX5 device

    Hi, I am currently facing an odd issue with PowerAmp on my PX5 headunit. I have placed my music on the internal flash and set everything so that in theory PowerAmp should resume playing after the unit re-starts. What happens instead is: - sleep for short time, PA starts playing right where I...
  16. naghtan

    Thread MTCB is KO! Hail to MTCD/E!

    Hi everyone, my old unit it trying to tell me why rest in peace, then I just start look what's is going on right now in these world again... As I could read, now I must look for MTCD/E PX5. PX5 is brand or code name? Which brand is recommended, even if cost little more... Thanks
  17. J

    Thread [PX5][Android 8.0+][MD725] Fix for MD725 Type 2 Bluetooth on Oreo

    Hi everyone. As people are aware, upgrading to Android 8.0 Oreo broke the functionality of Bluetooth for users with the MD725 Type 2 Bluetooth module. I have now found the driver file that will likely repair all lost Bluetooth functionality - the sdsdk file. This should also fix any external...
  18. M

    Thread Any PX5 Oreo Stock Rom with Lock Screen Options available (Not Malaysk) ?

    Or is in all roms the settings menu stripped? Any chance to bring all options back? Ok, lock screen does not give much security because you can flash a new rom in case of theft but it would be a good feature when the car is in service. Most of us use their main google account, so nobody can see...
  19. C

    Thread [MOD][DSP] simpleDSP installation into MTCD/E inside (ImprovedSound)

    simpleDSP installation into MTCD/E inside (ImprovedSound) after in the summer of 2017 I disasseble the MTCB/C MCU firmware, I decided to try to improve the sound of these head units and bought a DSP test card based on the low-cost ADAU1401/1701 chip and started experiments with it to solve all...
  20. C

    Thread [MOD][DSP] simpleDSP installation into MTCD/E (inside)

    Closed see:
  21. C

    Thread [MOD][MCU] cs-x Mod MTCD/E MCU firmware (SoundPatched)

    Modified firmware MCU MTCD/MTCE in the part of the presets of the sound processor (Sound Patched) thanks to the esteemed Hal9k_ for advice on creating a topic on the forum for English-speaking users and respected typos1 and Wadzio for their help and tips on attaching MCU firmware files to the...
  22. S

    Thread Xtrons BMW E46 specific touch screen major problem

    I have An Xtrons px5 mtcd unit that likes to glitch out when the temp outside is hotter than 90, and in los angeles thats pretty much all the time. Xtrons wants me to ship it back them for $40 so they can inspect it and if they cant find anything wrong, they will charge me a service charge and...
  23. demetry14

    Thread ISO MTCD MCU Factory Settings Definitions

    ISO MTCD MCU Factory Settings definitions for all fields in all pages. Does anyone have a link, doc, etc.?
  24. X

    Thread [How to] whitelist packages on almost any MTCD head unit

    Assumptions: The unit should be rooted. Otherwise you can’t update system files. MTCManager.apk should be de-odexed. I was able to do this successfully with "Tickle my Android". Thanks to post below for the suggestion. The unit is configured for auto-sleep (not delayed...
  25. A

    Thread Looking for a PX5 Board

    Hi All, Looking to buy a PX5 board to upgrade my HU as I'm wanting to eventually put Oreo on it. Any chance anyone has one their selling?
  26. Hal9k_

    Thread [ROM][PX3][RK3188][Nougat][7.1.2] Hal9k ROM 2 for ALL RK3188/PX3 MTCD/E head units

    Hal9k Mod v2.507.04.2019 Firmware for platform MTCD-MTCE Rockchip PX3-RK3188 1024x600 800x480 based on the latest official version of HCT2. This is the further development of my Mod v1.x based on Android 5. Thanks for the equipment provided for development. Nougat for ALL RK3188/PX3...
  27. A

    Thread MTCD - automatic loading apps on wake up doesn't work - problem to fix

    Im using Malaysk ROM for MTCD unit version №11.5 but some users also report that this occur with latest version. Problem is with autostart of apps, after unit goes into sleep mode doesn't start apps automatically on wake up and I have to start them manually. Is there any app or xposed module...
  28. D

    Thread MTCD Touch Screen Issue

    So, have a bit of a situation and not sure what to do. My touch screen is working, but only to a point. Only the top status bar and bottom about the same size does not respond at all across. I've attached a picture as an example of which part of the screen highlighted in red does not respond...
  29. ValkA

    Thread [RK-A705] cheap android for car

    Hi guys, Is anyone familiar with the following android? It looks good, have a nice spec and the price is great. I've just bought it from here and not sure if it is an MTCD or MTCB, what is the difference between them and if possible to flash custom roms on it. I've seen RK-A701 here on the...
  30. S

    Thread New HU with 7.1.1, bloody confused- need help!

    Hi Guys, I found a non-branded HU in aliexpress with RK3188 CPU and 2 GB RAM, an updated Amplifier IC 7851 and running android 7.1.1. This is the link- I am...
  31. F

    Thread [Release][PX3|PX5] MtcdTelephonyBridge - Forward call log to stock Android

    MtcdTelephonyBridge Application forwards call log from MTC Bluetooth app to stock Android call log repository. Use it to enable call log in Android Auto and other contacts apps. ReadMe Source code Latest release If you enjoyed using of the application, you can support my work and Donate to...
  32. M

    Thread MTCD - Verified Cross compatible MCUs

    This thread is to document MCUs found to be cross-compatible between MTCD units, which includes PX3 and PX5 variants, which share identical mainboard hardware and MCU Chip STM32F091. The following MTCD & MTCE (as of v2.56) MCUs have been validated as cross compatible on 1024x600 units: - MLT -...
  33. I

    Thread MTCD PX5 Headunits Repository & information (Stock & Custom)

    This thread is intended to collect all the information about MTCD PX5 Units: Roms (Stock & Custom) Launchers Mods Q&A Section ---------------------- This Unit is an upgrade of the MTCD based on RK3188 Chipset. It has been released on late 2016 and it seems to be the MTCD advanced model, being...
  34. S

    Thread Editing the stock MTC Manager

    Hey guys, I have a xtrons px5 mtcd head unit and I am trying to figure out without flashing to a custom ROM, how to edit what apps launch at wake, or do not turn off with the unit when it goes to sleep. I believe it is the MTCManager that is doing these actions, and I have found two interesting...
  35. gtxaspec

    Thread Joying SoFIA Intel Head Unit Firmware Archive (05/08 Latest)

    Hello, All firmware releases(cause mega upload sucks) for Joying's Intel SoFIA based Head Units are available (all releases include extracted Allapp.pkg, and extracted 5009_20/60 zip's and some of the releases are apktool -d for easy smali and resource viewing) : pending Android 5.1.1...
  36. aarick

    Thread PX5 MTCD Head Unit Discussion Thread [Rockchip PX5 A53 | Android 6.0 | 2GB RAM]

    I thought it would be better if we consolidated all the discussion on the PX5 head units into a single thread and I will try my best to group all the useful information in the first few posts when more information becomes available. I think this will help with discussion on these head units and...
  37. F

    Thread [Release][PX3|PX5] MtcDialer :: Make hands-free calls

    Hello, I am working to make our devices as much "hands-free" as possible (I do not like to be distracted while driving :)). I want to introduce new app from hands-free set that I am currently developing. MtcDialer ReadMe Source code Latest release If you enjoyed using of the application, you...
  38. Z

    Thread MTCD screen is displayed mirrored

    I am facing a very strange bug since yesterday on my MTCD KGL. The screen is mirrored, but the touch panel is not. So everything looks like seeing it through a mirror, but the touch panel is still in the correct orientation. So e.g. a "Cancel" button is displayed as "lecnaC" and is on the right...
  39. D

    Thread Comprehensive Updated MCU List for MTCD Head Units

    Compiled list of MCUs for MTCD from the website is in Russian. Exact version numbers of each MCU is currently unknown; only the release date was provided. These MCUs are for MTCDs with RK3188 CPUs, compatibility with the newer MTCD with Intel x86 CPU is untested. What is the MCU? MCU...
  40. drmouse81

    Thread Help with Navigation

    Hi Guys I have just installed an MTCD unit (Xtrons pf75aa3ar). In general, I love it, although it has a few faults (pretty slow, slow bootup, FM tuner not as sensitive as OEM). However, one of the main reasons I bought it was for navigation. Google maps works well, but I cannot get it to...
  41. Pattond

    Thread Generic Android 5.1.1 MTCD Navigation Radio Install for BMW e46

    Last month, I found this this Android 5.1.1 Headunit on Aliexpress for $227 shipped. I decided that the price was low enough to take the risk and purchased. The vendor's store is TONGTAI HONGKONG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD I am not endorsing the vendor, I didn't need them for any support yet, but I...
  42. F

    Thread [Release][PX3|PX5] MtcdTools-Control music players, customize buttons, voice control

    Hello, Today is time to release second application with more powerful features on-board. I would like to introduce MtcdTools. MtcdTools ReadMe HOWTO HOWTO by Geniee33 Source code Latest release...
  43. T

    Thread Q&A MTCD Units

    Where is the source code? A: It is not released, nor will it be released as it was with mtcB. WTF! Do the MTCD boards have proprietary hardware and/or software? Besides the MCU A: Yes. Custom digitizer means you have to buy screen from them. LCD is generic so its replaceable but I have found a...