Thread MCU MTCH_MX2_V3.84_1 Problems

    Hello everyone, I recently bought an Android PX5 radio for my Peugeot 407*0_Peugeot_407_Car_DVD_Player_Multimedia.html The radio has the MCU MTCH_MX2_V3.84_1 and I have several problems: The first problem is that the radio does...
  2. T

    Thread Android head unit change parts

    Hello, I have bought a 2 DIN Android 10 head unit for my car. I found the only product matching with my car (alfa romeo 147) to fit properly. But I am very disappointed about what is inside. First specifications do not match (4 gb RAM instead of 8, 800x480 instead of 1024x600...) In addition...
  3. Hal9k_

    Thread [ROM][PX5][PX6][PX30][Q][10] Hal9k Mod v5 for MTCx/HCTx head units with Android 10/9/8/6

    Hal9k Mod v5 based on Android 10 for MTCx HCTx Rockchip PX5 (rk3368), PX6 (rk3399) and PX30 (rk3326) head units Compatible MCU versions: MTCD_XXXX, MTCE_XXXX, MTCP_XXXX, MTCH_XXXX, HCTG_XXXX Firmware version: 5.0.0 (31.07.2021) Version of the latest OTA update: 5.1.0 (30.01.2022) About...