1. A

    Thread need valid rom for s3 mini clone

    hi i flashed my clone i8190 mtk6575 with a wrong firmware without making any backup and now its bricked the probleme is i cant find any valid rom for it becous i dont know exactly what version this clone is but what i noticed that the bootloo was showing Color My world .and the available...
  2. J

    Thread [Q] how to PORT custom rom for mtk 6575 device?

    hi .. im using Karbonn a2+ mtk6575 device. i like to port custom rom for this device.currently runnning 4.0.4 ICS. STOCK ROM- but u have to extract this files. GENERAL2G NetworkGSM 900/1800/1900 - SIM 1 & SIM 2 SIMDual SIM...
  3. J

    Thread [Q] karbonn a2+(mtk6575) need custom rom

    any one port custom rom for this device. rooted and cmw recovery done..
  4. arnabbiswasalsodeep

    Thread United Mediatek Development for MTK6575

    United Mediatek Development for MTK6575 (*no more updates*[emoji23]:highfive: Updated- 15 Jan 15 This is a project started by me for the development of our SOC. All the other SOC's have moved ahead in their development and we are lagging behind them:(. Even some MTK6577 SOC's have got 4.2 and...
  5. G

    Thread unavoidable "unfortunately the process has stopped"

    Hi all, first of all apologies for my English ... I have single micro sim MTK6575 I9300 800x600 Android version 4.1.19. I tried to make do with the problem of synchronization gmail contacts and it tried to install via CWM and I returned "Error: Invalid OTA...
  6. Y

    Thread Polaroid prog160 mtk6575 flashing

    Hello all, i'm trying to flash my smartphone with n9000 n9330 pad dpad and all mt 6575 /77 with modify scatter in 6575 but no touch buttons and the only rom work with my phone add 1 button and get not working two cams its aiki xtreamer rom my model: polaroid pro g160 smartphone with android...
  7. T

    Thread Mtk6575 star n8000 guide official roms and custom roms

    MTK 6575 STAR N8000 GUIDE AND BEST CUSTOM ROM INSTALLATION GUIDE. <ul> <li>First off I started this thread to seperate the current thread for this phone that is riddled with question and answeres and it is super difficult to find what you need to find in the thread. I am writing this guide and...
  8. bhargav1991

    Thread [q] imei issues ,no service,india,mtk6577,mtk6575

    I bought one chinese handset hero 9300+ very impressive specs ,very good phone but when i inserted sim (indian) .......... No service all we can see is the carrier label but cannot call or message no gprs,3g on the otherhand a mobile called zopo zp900 ditto copy of hero...
  9. T

    Thread Star Note I9220 Rooting ?? All not Work

    Hi Folks :) Ich have buy an Star Note I9220, Light on the Right Side :) It has an MT6575 Prozessor and Android 4.0.6 ICS on it. Now i Try to Root the Phone (For Backup and other Things).. But.. all Methodes doesnd Work. I Use the MTK6575 Driver for USB, and the Rooting Software Scripts but...
  10. ronbo76

    Thread Safe mode in Android - what to do if you see that label on your screen

    Today I accidently entered Safe Mode on my ICS 4.04 Haipai i9200 phone and a user in our thread knew that most Android phones have this feature. Here is what I wrote and it applies to most Android phone systems. If you see the words, "Safe mode" in the lower left corner of their phone and or...
  11. J

    Thread MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port - Help me fix Code 10 problem

    PLEASE! I need to load a new ROM into my MT6575 phone using Smart Phone Flash tool. I've installed the Mediatek drivers on 4 different computers in my house (Vista, Window 7, Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8) and I cant get ANY of them to work!! When I look under Ports (COM and LPT) in Device...
  12. patchmonkey

    Thread W700 (MTK6575) Root/Firmware?

    Has anyone successfully rooted or obtained updated firmware for this phone? I am not even sure who the maker is (this is not the "K-Touch") so I cannot head to a website to check it out. Thanks!
  13. O

    Thread X825a MTK6575 Smart Phone Android 4.0

    How about this device guys??? It seems to be new. Its specs look very nice. MTK 6575, 1gb ram, 4.3 inch 960*540, android 4.0.3, 2 sim, 2000mah battery (not sure about chinese battery indicators though :P). Anyone has got this phone??? I didn't resist and ordered it today :PP
  14. greaves

    Thread X2 / Star X2 MTK6575

    This thread is about the "star one X2" or X2 mtk6575 phone. It's one of the cheapest android 4.0 Chinese phone with mtk6575 As there is no topic about this phone I will start one ! 1) The phone star one X2 mtk6575 review System OS Android 4.0.3 CPU MTK6575 ROM 4GB RAM 512MB Screen Display...
  15. angelobiz

    Thread Star I9220 DPAD, firmware and rom

    here the official post of STAR I9220 DPAD it is a different phone with different firmware of haipai Noble i9220 e Star N8000. For this phone you must see right topic. here a photo of Star I9220 DPAD the led is under the camera. For flashing with Flashtool see the good guide of Bruno martins...
  16. angelobiz

    Thread Star N8000, firmware and rom

    here the official post of STAR N8000 it is a different phone with different firmware of haipai Noble i9220 e Star I9220 dpad. For this phone you must see right topic. here a photo of Star N8000 the led is on the right of camera. For flashing with FlashtooL see the good guide of Bruno martins...
  17. balamu96m

    Thread [GUIDE]Changing boot_logo in MTK phones !!!

    Hi all MTK (MediaTek) android users !! I'll teach you to mod your boot_logo present in /media/images of you MTK device. Basics: --MediaTek android has three boot screens. 1st one is just an image and it is present in logo.bin. But till now, there is no way to mod logo.bin. --The second...
  18. C

    Thread [ROM][2012.09.19] Lenovo A750 custom ROM (GB&ICS)

    Please note this is a rewrite and cleanup of first post. Original firstpost is in post#3. Here I publish the ROM's I make for the MT6575 based Lenovo Dual SIM phone The current and advised ROM is A750_ROW_S114_cybermaus_ICS_V3.1 described in post#2 below This is the original A750 thread, but...
  19. zbeyuz

    Thread Haipai Noble i9220 5.2 inch MTK6575 Android 4.0 Firmware, Custom ROMs!

    This thread is only for Haipai I9220 Star N8000 Official Thread: Hapai X710D MTK6577 Official Thread: WARNING: You do it with own risk ! I don't responsible for any damage to your...
  20. cactuz

    Thread Zopo ZP100 (MediaTek MT6575) - ICS upgrade guide

    Since there isn't much information (in English) about how to upgrade the Zopo ZP100 phone to ICS I've now done it myself (after reading a lot of Russian forums using Google Translate I finally took the plunge into the deep end of the pool and just did it). Files needed ICS ROM (b79)...
  21. jean2012

    Thread The Best MTK MT6575 Phone, Godphone 4S, Seckill Gooapple V5 3G

    Maybe you have seen so much topics about gooapple v5 3g, BUT, please don't miss this, it is not an old topic about gooapple v5 3g. i see it on this website...
  22. jean2012

    Thread About MTK MT6575 phone, H5500

    i just checked this forum, i find there is no more information about MTK6575, i don't know why, so i just start this thread, and we can talk about the MTK6575 chipset. it is reported that the newest MTK6575 phone is lenovo A750, but i checked some website in recently, and find one website start...