1. A

    Thread MTP device via USB OTG?

    As the title says: Is there a way to connect an MTP device to a Poco X3 via USB OTG? As in the X3 should be the host, the opposite of what happens when you connect in file transfer mode to PC Mass storage devices (eg. a flash drive, external SSD) work just fine, but MTP devices (eg. another...
  2. R

    Thread Set MTP as default for USB on Android 7.1.2 / LineageOS 14.1 on SM-T280

    Hey, I'm running LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) on an SM-T280. It's also rooted. Whenever I reboot and connect USB, it only enables adb and charges. I want it to enable adb and mtp by default. I know about the setting in the developer options, but this also is not persistent. How do I enable MTP...
  3. rogerwilco75

    Thread Why is Android phone's internal storage showing twice on PC in USB-MTP mode?

    Hi all, Samsung S21 FE 5G (SM-G990B/DS) stock ROM/no root, Linux Mint 19.3, USB connection in MTP mode >> phone's internal storage appears twice in the desktop's file manager. (See image at the bottom for storage info) There is no microSD card in the device, but a 2nd SIM-card. Folder and...
  4. Spaceoid

    Thread Windows 10 - Weird MTP problem

    Hi guys! I am using a OnePlus 6 with latest LineageOS 19. For some time now I regularly encounter a weird bug when transferring files through MTP to my internal storage. I listen to music in the form of MP3 files on my phone, which is why I oftentimes transfer whole music albums as folders to...
  5. zpunout

    Thread 2 Galaxy S10e phones, one cannot enter Download Mode, the other can.

    I have 2 Galaxy S10e Exynos G970F phones, both running Lineage18.1 since around October 2021 when I installed it. Recently, I discovered that one enters Download Mode without a problem, the other cannot. 1. The phone with the issue also has no MTP while booted into LineageOS and the USB...
  6. A

    Thread Help flashing Lineage os 15.1

    What twrp should I use to flash the rom, what version of emui should I be on?
  7. Ashtrix

    Thread Screen Broken need help to access the Data, Backing up and Reset

    Hello folks, my display broke suddenly, cannot see anything except a line and some green flickering when display is on. I have most of the documents and everything stored on my SD card but the Whatsapp data is unfortunately not backed up. There are a few pictures and chat data that I would need...
  8. TheDeaDKiLLer

    Thread MTP support lost after flashing stock rom

    I'm on MIUI latest version and I'm trying to downgrade miui verision to 10.2 through OTA updates in order to fix it but it's showing downgrading is not allowed and I'm completely stucked. Plz if anyone know to solve this out kindly let me know. As issue says MTP not working i also can't flash...
  9. Q

    Thread After dissasembly and reasseambly I cannot get data transfer by USB

    When I plug USB cable to PC and Mido there is only charging avilable. I had MTP(Media transfer protocol) selected while plugging in USB. Right now there is not reaction with computer. I try to reconnect USB tapes but still the same. Any ideas how to get connection with PC?
  10. F

    Thread Oneplus Nord wired video output, firmware blocked?

    Hi all, At present it seems impossible to output video with a cable on the Oneplus Nord (OOS11). In my research I found out: _MHL does not work _Slimport does not work _USB 2.0 protocol instead of 3.1 ; it seems this choice was made to favour warp charging. _Force desktop mode works well with...
  11. N

    Thread Phone isn't detected by any PC. Unable to Mount, but decrypted.

    Hello, I'm currently running Lineage OS 17.1 and TWRP 3.5.1 on my Poco F1. My problem is, that I can't aces my phone via USB from any PC (neither Windows nor Ubuntu). I had this issue once before and went totally crazy. In the end I completely wiped my phone and reflashed TWRP. It then worked...
  12. L

    Thread [SOLVED] MPT not working

    MTP isn't working on my PC. I tried on other PCs around here, and they're working. I was using a custom rom before that, it was CAF for android 11. ( [ROM][11.0][STABLE] CAF Android 11 for RN8/8T [LA.UM.9.x][VANILLA/GAPPS] | XDA Developers Forums ( ) But I'm suspecting it's...
  13. F

    Thread MTP not working with MIUI 12

    I upgraded to Miui 12 on my Mi9t and since then MTP isnt working. In developer options i already set MTp as standard, but when i plug my phone into a usb port of my PC it wont even show up in device manager. I tried different cables but still no luck. Another thing is, that fast charge issnt...
  14. D

    Thread Connect S10+ to Linux

    I 've been trying to connect my new S10+ by USB to my Ubuntu (Linux) laptop to transfer some files. After connecting, ensuring MTP file transfer is the selected USB option, and allowing the connection, I cannot browse the phone's file system or transfer any files from my laptop. I also sometimes...
  15. jvictor852

    Thread How can i flash twrp again?

    I had unlocked the bootloader and then, flashed global stable, but unfortunately, the mtp (and by the way, fastboot and adb access from a pc) was somehow disabled, and to complete the disgrace package, i have just the original mi recovery. I'm currently at the lastest global stable rom, 10.2...
  16. mauronofrio

    Thread [RECOVERY][3.4.0-10][perseus]Official/Unofficial TWRP for Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 (Stable)

    Team Win Recovery Project 3.x, or twrp3 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. Its a fully touch driven user interface no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about...
  17. gabrielshaste

    Thread 5T with broken/black screen - need help switching to MTP

    Hey XDA Family, I've been searching everywhere even here but I need help. My phone was dropped and the screen is broke/black. It still works as I can receive calls and able to answer with headphones. LED lights still work. I have previously enabled USB debugging but never switched to...
  18. Araxielfenix

    Thread F3213 usb conectivity problems

    I have a F3213 and i cant to connect it to a pc because the pc isnt recognize, i tried many usb cable and many pc and laptops. The device dont recognice the MTP to transfer files, when its on, its chargin only but dont show the notification that allow to enable the MTP. The device recognice that...
  19. remizik

    Thread MTP not working, but OTG is ... really need help

    Hello, I'm using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro. I noticed that my USB was not working properly when I tried to use it with my DJI drone. I then plugged it to my PC and nothing was happening. :crying: I tried on 3 different PCs including an iMac, no reaction. My girlfriend has the same phone and it...
  20. N

    Thread Have a problem. Please help if able.

    My phone will not be recognized by a computer. It will charge but not open file structure to view or transfer files. Cord tested and works with other phones. Computer has drivers for phone. Also tested with other computers. My phone does read my external SD card from my phone case (since s6...
  21. T

    Thread HELP... Windows not show MTP device(Windows Drivers is OK)

    I have a problem with the MTP connection of my Moto X. I have installed Lineage OS 14 and have a few weeks that MTP does not want to work on the proprietary profile. When I'm on TWRP and some secondary profile, Windows usually recognizes the device. What can it be? Any idea? :confused:
  22. L

    Thread USB connetion settings on Nougat

    Can we set USB connetion type to MTP by default on Nougat for specific external device? I'm using Android Auto and I have to do it every time manually to initialise connection with my head unit by setting connection type to MTP. By default it is always in Charging state. PS I'm using AICP...
  23. S

    Thread No MTP over USB with any AOSP ROM

    I'm having an issue with file transfer where my computer can't 'see' the phone when an AOSP ROM is installed. File transfer is fine when mounting in recovery, also when I have OOS installed, so it isn't a hardware problem. I've gone through the forum searching for a solution, and I have: Changed...
  24. nashi_jee

    Thread Unable to install LGE Android MTP Device driver....

    Hey all. I am trying to install LGE Android MTP device driver since last 7 days for LG G4 h818p with android 5.0.1. But I am failed to install it. I have tried almost every method like Windows update, Downloaded drivers from LGs web with version 4.2.0, installed LG PC Suit and Windows Media...
  25. M

    Thread Nexus 5x , Oreo 8.0.0 , both OPR6 and OPR4 , No MTP on USB 3.0 with Windows

    Since updating the Nexus 5x from 7.1.2 to 8.0.0, both OPR6 and OPR4, august and september updates, the MTP / filesystem view of the phone no longer works with Windows (8.1, 10) with USB 3.0 ports, both directly on the computer and on USB 3.0 hub. Same cables work on USB 2.0, and on non-Windows...
  26. Frankenscript

    Thread TWRP: Trouble transferring files to/from PC

    Hi folks, I got a 3T and successfully installed TWRP / dm-verity fix / Magisk root. Phone is working fine. However, along the way I noticed that I'm having trouble MTPing files to/from it while in TWRP. I'm using the latest standard TWRP,, and while in TWRP I'm unable to see the phone...
  27. M

    Thread Default mode when connecting to PC

    If you have developer option enabled, there is a settings under NETWORKING that lets us set the default mode when connected via USB. I've set it to MTP but yet, each time I connect the phone to my computer, it is still just "charging" mode. Anyone have any luck with this? Also, anyway to...
  28. TheFixItMan

    Thread [GUIDE] [FIX] How To Fix Error Can't Copy Files To From Phone To PC/Laptop Via USB

    How To Fix Error Can't Copy Files To From Phone To PC/Laptop Via USB All Operating Systems Start Here Remove usb cable from phone/pc Enable usb debugging mode on phone by Going to phones settings Scroll to bottom and select about phone Tap on build number until it tells you that you are a...
  29. Natherul

    Thread MTP not working

    Hey all! Anyone got any idea what to do when MTP to a computer on the LG G6 does not work? Tried installing the drivers from LGs website and all Im getting is code 19 from the device manager on the device, and it wont show at all in windows... Running windows 10
  30. prahladyeri

    Thread How do I repartition an external sdcard on android tablet that supports only MTP?

    I have a rooted 8" KitKat tablet on which I want to install debian on a chroot using linux deploy. According to the guide, one of the first steps is to re-partition the external sdcard into two parts: one 512mb FAT32 partition, and another ext2 partition. Is there a way to re-partition my 32gb...

    Thread [GUIDE] MTP connection Lost after rooting the device (Solved).

    Dear Redmi 4 Prime User Many device looses it's MTP connection after Rooting. Its just because the latest SU binary has a comparability issues and it disabled this option when you are using the latest SU Binary. here i will Show 3 Methods for Recovering it Again. 1st Method : Restore it by...
  32. vouty

    Thread Default USB mode when plugging into computer

    Is there any way to make the phone come up in MTP mode by default when plugging into a computer? Currently it defaults to charging mode when first plugged in and I have to tap the notification to change to MTP.
  33. L

    Thread Connect phone via MTP (Fix/Solution) (Should Work on all Custom roms)

    Hello Guys! I've Finally Found the Fix for MTP Issue in Custom roms. Here's how to do it Connect your phone via USB Cable to PC Select MTP In your phone Open Device Manager in your PC Click on "Browse my computer for driver software" Click on "Update driver" Click on "Let me Pick from a...
  34. ForgottenDude

    Thread [GUIDE] Solution for when your PC/Laptop doesn't recognize your Xiaomi device.

    So, if like me, if you connected your phone to your PC and got... nothing, then follow this guide. 1. Keep your phone connected. 2. Go to C:\Windows and scroll down to "Inf" Folder and open it. 3. Then scroll down until you find a file named "wpdmtp.inf". Right click on it and choose...
  35. ze7zez

    Thread [SOLVED] Why does not the transfer from PC to Android, and works in TWRP?

    1. On one device Nexus 4 is working properly file transfer in both directions in MTP mode in TWRP and mode "Transfer files" in Android 7.1.1. 2. On the second device, the Nexus 4 is working properly file transfer in both directions in MTP mode in TWRP, but does not work correctly transfer files...
  36. R

    Thread Nougat MTP error Code 10

    Hi, since i am with RR Nougat, my Windows seven do not recognize my phone anymore. Tried to uninstall, reinstall but still same error with can not install MTP drivers. Does somebody got same issue and managed to resolve it ? Thanks in advance
  37. R

    Thread Having problems with MTP in Custom ROMS

    I seem to have this problem in my mi4c when flashing. When connected to PC my Mi4c with RR 5.7.4 (MM) installed cannot be detected through MTP This problem do not exist in MIUI roms but only in CM ones Also tried flashing RR Nougat latest build but to no avail. I really need MTP in my...
  38. P

    Thread Windows hangs when copying large files in MTP mode.

    im facing this issue listed here. is anybody else facing this? any fixes yet?
  39. typhoonikan

    Thread Windows 7 and Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) issues

    I've had MTP issues with the M9, and they're still present with the 10. I've installed HTC Sync Manager, ADB can see the device via adb devices with no issues- Mounting the external sd card or internal storage to windows is not happening though. Is anyone else having these issues? What are...
  40. A

    Thread Out Of The Blue ZE551ML Internal Storage No Longer Accessible In Windows 7

    I only connect my ZE551ML to my Windows 7 x64 when I've got to do firmware updates or transfer music, and I haven't done either in a while. On my "MTP USB Device" driver I'm now getting: This device cannot start. (Code 10) The ASUS Android Composite ADB and PC Link Interface drivers are...
  41. 4

    Thread If MTP, PTP does not work (If you can't acces phone storage with PC)

    My Win10 Insider Preview machine did not recognize the phone. Nothing happened when I connected the phone and I could not access storage of the phone. Below is the solution for it: Go to Control Panel - Device Manager - LeMobile Android Device (could be under a different name. Choose the one...
  42. A

    Thread [Xiaomi][Redmi 2/Prime][MIUI 7/8][No MTP/PTP?][How to]Get the MTP/PTP mode back ON

    [This bug was found fixed on MIUI(8) dev (beta) v6.9.29] Hello everyone! I am back with an exclusive tutorial to get the MTP/PTP USB mode back to ON. Devices Supported: All Redmi device (This method was tested on Redmi 2 that is why i am posting it here) All Note device All Mi device Note...
  43. weinerwad3000

    Thread Hard brick help 911

    I'm in a big predicament. A few weeks ago I installed the MOAR ROM on my Note 5. After installing this ROM I was no longer able to connect my phone to PC. I tried a Windows 8 PC which says I have an unrecognized USB device plugged in. I tried going into Developer settings to set USB mode to MTP...
  44. M

    Thread Can't use MPT on my pc, device (zen 5) is not recognized

    When I connect to my pc, it shows this: ''USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNISED''. And there is no signal/notification on my android to choose which type of connection I need to use. I tried installing the zenfone software that is used to connect it to pc but it didn't work too...
  45. R

    Thread USB not working anymore

    Hi, I noticed yesterday that the USB on my OPO wasn't working anymore (charging works, but the phone isn't recognized on my PC, and doesn't recognize USB drive or any other storage) I have searched on hundreds of threads on hundreds of different forums, but nothing works for me Before you...
  46. W

    Thread GUIDE: connect OP3 with MTP on Linux (ubuntu)

    I got my OP3 today and my laptop, running ElementaryOS (ubuntu based) didn't recognize the OP3 as MTP, Here is a guide how to fix this, I based this guide on this guide for the OP2. steps: Do NOT connect your OP3 to your pc run the command "lsusb" from your terminal Connect your OP3 to your pc...
  47. followmsi

    Thread Modified Dragon MTP driver for Windows

    While testing some MTP stuff for TWRP I have realized that you always have to disable USB debugging to make MTP working. The same problem like on other devices too. But it´s just a Windows driver issue only .. and pi*** me off :) I was searching and found this .. also from XDA ..for Nexus 7...
  48. M

    Thread LG G3 (D852) MTP Problem

    Okay so before anyone says this has been solved before it hasn't, I have scoured the internet left and right and I have not found any way to fix this problem. Also just as a pre FYI it's not just the LG G3, it's also happening with my work provided Samsung Galaxy S5 and my girlfriend's S7. So...
  49. R

    Thread USb Mode not working MT-L09 B513

    Hi i have a problem when i connect my phone with pc using data cable it wont show any pop up of mtp or usb instead it only goes to charging mode....!! i had B511 before and it was working fine....... now i installed TWRp recovery of B513 from...
  50. zo10000

    Thread How to reinstall MtpApplication?

    Hi! I've just deleted the mtp application from my S3. I thought it's used only by Kies. Now I'm not able to connect the phone to PC as a mass storage device. Using the Samsung drivers it recognize it as CDC serial, android device, etc. but not as mass storage. Can anybody suggest me a solution...