1. S

    Thread [CONCEPT] Using A/B Slots for dual ROM Boot

    Attention developers!!! I have an idea of a concept where the A/B slots could be used to boot 2 different ROMs simultaneously one on Slot A and another on slot B using another data partition. Is it possible? Feel free to discuss in this thread.
  2. Saratoga79

    Thread PACEficator Project | WOS ROM v1.4 Final Installer Pace (2019/12/18) | Alexa

  3. G

    Thread Note 8 does multi task better? Is there a way to maximize multi-window?

    Hi guys, i have just recently bought an LG V30+. Coming from a Note 8 before i cant help but notice that LG V30 make a poor use of screen real estate. As there are black bar when i open youtube simultaneously with chrome. See attached picture for more info. I'm i doing something wrong? Is there...
  4. TheColin21

    Thread [HELP] MultiWindow focus loss

    Hi, i often use Poweramp besides Google Maps in MultiWidow. On my old S5 running RR 5.8.3 as well as on my new 1+5 the following occurs: When using one of the two apps, the other one isn't focused anymore and "stops". It continues working in the background but doesn't "move" anymore. For example...
  5. st_383

    Thread need camera apk with multi dpi

    Hii Some one please make Stock/mod camera apk to Multi DPI OR 360 DPI 380 DPI 400 DPI Phone model=G935FD Os= 6,marshmallow Decent ultralite rom -------------------------- Already tried xposed= App setting app Not working in my case... Camera apk already uploaded Here...
  6. A

    Thread [ROM][4.4.4] MIUI 7 Multilang - 6.1.7 - IUNI U3

    MIUI (which stands for Mi User Interface and pronounced "Me You I", a play on the common abbreviation of the words user interface as UI), developed by Xiaomi Tech, is a stock and aftermarket firmware for smartphones and tablet computers based on the free software Android operating system. MIUI...
  7. id74em8

    Thread [MULTIUSER][PROFILE] Multi users, or profiles, in Galaxy Grand Quattro

    ^^ Um, yes, I took it from Him. And it works on TouchWiz, Just so you know. Okay guys, we can work with multiple users on this device. Before we begin, here's what you need: 1- Root access granted 2- Terminal Emulator [from Google play] OR adb enabled 3- Busybox installed [increases the range...
  8. _alexndr

    Thread [ROM][N9005][ALEXNDR] BPH2, POK2 * DevBase v3.8 * Multi CSC, Safe De-Bloat, KNOX 0x0

    [EOL][ROM][N9005][ALEXNDR] BPH2 * DevBase v3.8 * Multi CSC, Safe De-Bloat, KNOX 0x0 Important notes for Developers / ROM Chefs !!! This ROM is NOT based on any other custom ROM. My work contains many original ideas and innovations that I introduced as the first in the ROM development (see...
  9. anandbibek

    Thread [APP] Shareboard - [Twitter,Facebook,Google+] Post to multiple social networks

    Shareboard Multiple social network posting Tired of opening different apps to speak your mind across the multitude of social networks you use? For such situations, a handy and compact app to share contents to multiple social networks from under one screen. You can post status updates to...
  10. codecaine21

    Thread [Q] Daul boot?

    Is it possible to dual boot or multi boot roms with our phones?
  11. D

    Thread [Q] is this app compatible - MultiPicture Live Wallpaper I use it on my HTC One X but can't get it to work on the Samsung note 10.1 2014 Is there an alternative so i can have different pictures on different screens thanks for any help, if anyone will know i...
  12. daktah

    Thread [Q] [REQ] Stock SMS mod to multi attach files?

    Is there some kind of apk mod or xmod that makes it so when you try to attach files to a sms, either from the gallery or in the app itself, you can multi select files to attach instead of one at a time?
  13. M

    Thread [Q] Help enabling Multi-User on latest AOKP

    First I love AOKP, and it has defined android for me for a while. I need some help getting multi-user support on the aokp nightly. Apologies, if this is against any rules. I am running the latest 10/15 nightly, although a majority of my attempts were done on the 10/10 nightly. My setup post...
  14. Yash98

    Thread [ROOT] [UNIVERSAL] Universal Rooting Toolkit | ADDED pref_event! [MULTI-EXPLOIT]

    UNIVERSAL ROOTING TOOLKIT FOR ALL DEVICES! Features: Works for all devices. As easy to root as 1-2-3 Completely safe, though successful rooting voids device warranty! (try all exploits if any, 1 exploit does not work for you) Works with latest devices: HTC One, Galaxy S4/S3, Galaxy Note 3/2...
  15. nbock97

    Thread Disa - Multi Messenger

    Hey guys :) Here I wanna show you a new app called "Disa" - I'm not the developer just a tester who thinks that this is a really good app! Offical Website: if you also wanna be a tester join the developers Google+ Community here and download the app...
  16. I

    Thread [Q] how to imitate double mount sd card via adb ?

    Hi, I want to mount my sdcard to the PC and to the phone in one time, but i want to do it by the adb shell script. Dual mount SD and similiar apps works well, but i think that script+tasker will make it better. And there is my question, what ADB commands i must type to do that ? what i must...
  17. barberboy420

    Thread [Q] Multi share anyone????

    Is there an ap out there that allows you to share links, pics, etc. to other platforms like twitter? I post alot on a couple different twitter accounts and it gets annoying logging out of one account then logging in to another one to post the same link as the previous twitter account.
  18. B

    Thread [APP] Multi Window Manager 1.3.9

    THIS APP REQUIRES ROOT ACCESS Samsung has added a new multi window feature to a few of their Jelly Bean devices. However...there is only a limited set of apps compatible with this new feature. Using this Multi Window Manager, you can enable ANY app to take advantage of this awesome new...
  19. M

    Thread Multi Window Issue

    I came over from AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 to the S4. I backed everything up with Titanium Backup on S3 and restored it on S4. Did I maybe break the Multi Window Function that way? Push and holding the back button does not do anything. How would I quickly restore the Multi Window Function without a...
  20. steamdnt

    Thread [TOOL] Android Multi-Install Tool. Batch Install your apps.[v 1.0.0] ALL android

    I needed to install some stuff after I flashed my rom, so I quickly wrote up this tool. You can throw whatever APK files into it, and connect your phone with debugging enabled, hit install and It'll install all the applications in the list. Currently, this is just a prototype, but it will...
  21. ashkan-khatar

    Thread Great TaskSwitcher - ANY android - easy and complete

    Hi visitor, indeed, I am not the developer for this app, but having searched a lot on the net, eventually found a great and apropriate "TASK SWITCHER" on google play, which I am going to link to it at this thread. :) It's so easy to use, as you just set it as the default home by pressing home...
  22. C

    Thread [MOD][CM10.1][31/12] Multiuser Mod

    Hey guys! I was just curious if this could be done and apparently it can so I'm just sharing the apk here. It basically does what the title says, it enables multiple users on the Samsung I9300. This apk was made from the latest nightly build of CM10.1 for the I9300. UPDATE 19/01: I have...
  23. luke1333

    Thread [Q] Root now out. Multi window hacks?

    Now that root is out any multi window hacks to use whatever apps we want now?
  24. B

    Thread [Q] Cornerstone Onskreen Port

    Anybody able to port Cornerstone Onskreen to the Galaxy tab 2 10.1? I'd love to see multi screen on my device!
  25. M

    Thread HTC EVO 3D - Multi Tool v1.0 + Root guide for hboot 1.53

    I take absolutley no credits for this! It's a modified/rewritten version of Lexmazter's XL Multi Tool v1.8. I just rewrote it so that it works for EVO 3D Disclaimer: I am not responsible for bricked devices. Download: Features: Get the HTCdev code for...
  26. Notorious544d

    Thread Splitscreen for ANY app?

    Although the Note 2 has the ability to splitscreen with Samsung and Google apps, I was wondering whether it will be possible for developers to edit 3rd party apps and make it compatible with it. As Google apps work with splitscreen, maybe we can compare the one that comes with the Note 2 with...
  27. P

    Thread [APP] Playstore 3.7.15 with multi dpi support.

    Flash-able zip with latest JB playstore app and GSF for multi dpi support. Files are from Krarvind's Slim Bean 2.0.1 I just packed them together for installation to other roms. I cannot give any support as i am not a developer, though a post if it worked or not would be helpful. Tested with...
  28. B

    Thread [Q] multilistpreference

    how to make multilist preference on android settings. I hope anybody will help me.:D
  29. overhauling

    Thread Multi-Boot different ROMs. Boot Manager Pro Compatibility list.

    [ MyTouch 4G Slide - Boot Manager Pro Compatibility ] I'm not affiliated with Init 2 Winit Apps in any way. I'm just an average user aiming to help the community...
  30. whereiamro

    Thread Multitouch No

    No multi touch working good for galaxy mini how to make ? works only in photos or web pages ...
  31. M

    Thread [Q] multi rom booting possible?

    hey there, was wondering if it was possible at all to multi boot roms so i dont have to flash nd flash too see which one i like??
  32. Parth_goklani

    Thread [Q] how to multi boot with cm7 & froyo roms?

    hey guys need help i was multi booting with g3mod kernel 2.0 & switched to cm7 but my g3 stucks at bootanimation then plz tell me how to use multi boot with cm7 & froyo roms?
  33. D

    Thread [Q] Multi-User Login

    Like Windows Operating System, I am looking to be able to choose from at least two user accounts upon phone start up, on my Droid Incredible Android 2.2. Separating everything like Windows' multi-user accounts would: (different, wallpaper/theme, ringtones, icons on homescreen; etc) Any apps...
  34. S

    Thread [APP][2.1-2.3]Multi Texter

    UPDATED TO 2.1.0!! Themes now supported. ** Multi Texter has no limit to send messages ** There is no limit to send to 20 contacts or anything like that. It is totally unlimited from the app. Just that the total number should not reach 100 messages in an hour for the app thats an android...
  35. MrAndroid12

    Thread [Q] Is it possible getting multi touch?

    I know the LG Optimus has a resistive touch screen, but is it possible to get muti touch by replacing original touchscreen to a glass touch screen and a new digitizer?
  36. olyloh6696

    Thread Galaxy S II Multitouch Zoom In Accelorometer Browser

    Not sure exactly what it's called but is there a way we can get this on other android devices, i.e - galaxy tab, desire s in .apk form? Or when the goodies are extracted? :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  37. andrey22vl

    Thread [APP]MultiTasking Pro v1.54

    MultiTasking Pro v1.54 Requirements: Android OS 2.1 - 2.3 Overview: Quickly switch between running apps for a list of the currently running tasks. - The application activate when using double-press on HOME key. - Long press on the Home(icon) button to terminate all running applications. What's...
  38. S

    Thread [Q] multitouch on x8? could this be real?

    Hey i found this guide that explains how to enable multitouch on your x8, just want to ask you guys if this guide is real before i try it. thanks for help:)
  39. Lenn

    Thread MultiPicture Live Wallpaper - Problem solved!

    I have the Dark Theme by Silentrazor. its beautiful but is have(d) exactly one failure : the wallpapers are realy bad quality. Thats just because the app "MultiPicture Wallpaper" but this problem have be solved! in the last version (free in market) is the quality much better:) big thaaaaanks...
  40. D

    Thread Touchscreen issue (check out the video)

    Hi guys, I'm experiencing a very annoying touchscreen issue. Does anybody have the same problem? Please check out the video here. Scroll through to the 1:00 minute mark... I'm going to send it for repair anyway, does anyone know how long that will approximately take? Cheers, DaanJordaan
  41. D

    Thread [Q] Is our display only Dual-Touch?

    I have dowloaded several apps claiming to be multi-touch and have only managed to use 2 fingers at once. So i thought i would download a test app designed to recognise more than 2 fingers. In the market it shows it recognising 5. so is the HD2 not cabable of recognising more than 2 fingers or is...
  42. E

    Thread [Q] Fix multi touch and enable 3 point+

    I've done a good bit of research and I'm surprised that nobody has asked how to fix the crappy multi touch streak has. Here are the issues it currently has (tested in MultiTouch Visualizer 2): -Does not read second touch until the finger has actually moved -If you release the second finger...
  43. Caemgen

    Thread [Q] Voice-chat app with support for groupchat?

    Hello! I was wondering if any of you could point me towards an app that supports group Voice-chat on Android? I have a PS3 and play online games with my friends quite often, but the incapable boys and girls at Sony still haven't provided a cross-game Voice Chat utility (and at this point I...
  44. phsorx

    Thread APK Batch Rename Tool (for Windows and Linux)

    Hi guys! This is a quick tool I jotted together for myself in the past couple days and found it very useful. So I decided to clean it up and share it. Hope you will like it! Do comment and ask!:rolleyes: APK Batch Rename Tool * for Windows and Linux for now. APK Batch Rename Tool recursively...
  45. 2

    Thread [Q] Can you hide a widget?

    I like widgets, who doesn't, but what i am looking for is a way to hide a widget and then show it, or a different one. Much like the spring board idea in sweeter home. Is this possible? if so, without root? app suggestions?
  46. A

    Thread New Multi-Touch Skins for Morphgear on the HD2!! BEST EVER!!!!!

    ******************** Edited by ME!!************* Hi Guys!! I've updated all my pads, Landscape and Portrait to have the new D-Pad and most have the new colours (which I find work a little better) I'll keep on tweaking, but for the mo, I'm pretty happy with it.. Let me know if you have any...
  47. solidkundi

    Thread I'm dying to get sense ui on my windows7

    I recently bought a multitouch Gateway One ZX computer. comes with a 23" ultrabright multi touch screen... i would love to see if i can get HTC (Sense lookalike) UI on it. i would love to see the HTC sense clock ... with appointments... just the way i see it on my diamond :D.... Any help is...
  48. S

    Thread [SKIN][MORPHGEAR][UPDATED] Multi-touch - works on resistive

    1st thing: I need a graphics designer badly for this. I am really bad with computer graphics editing, so if somebody wants to help me reskin this, it would be awesome. I had orginally planned to keep this to myself, but I decided to give it to you guys, it's my modded multi touch version of...