1. C

    Thread Fake/Modify hardware features reported by PackageManager

    Hey there, I've recently figured that Android Desktop Mode using an USB-C Monitor on my Xperia 5 is actually quite useful. Now it does warn you that some apps may not work with it at all, i'd still like to actually try to make some of them work. Some apps do properly dectect desktop mode and...
  2. hamzaag49

    Thread I can't use Multi finger - Multi touch problem

    I have sm-G955U. I have multi touch problem. I even change firmware,csc switched to U1 version, tired *#2663# TSP update ( Fixed once then same) but no cure. Please help me
  3. L

    Thread Does anyone have experience with external HID touch monitors?

    Recently I got myself a Sculptor 16.1'' external portable monitor that has multi-touch and gravity sensors. The monitor claimed to support many smartphones including ours as well as some others like ROG Phone 1/2. While most other functionalities work (screen outputs at 1920x1080 @ 120Hz, USB-C...
  4. V

    Thread fix touch pixel 2 android 10

    i always use pixel 2 stock rom android 10 play some game like pubg, aov,.... game smooth, not overheat.... but the problem multitouch issue. the area of move control sometime like freeze then enable then freeze... it make who play game reaaly crazy.... so i find sometip then apply & it work...
  5. M

    Thread Fire HD 10 - Multi touch issues - jiggle and shake - obvious in FPS games

    Does anyone have an issue like you can see in this video? It's intermittent but happens fairly frequently. I play a lot of the game War Robots. When I'm walking and aiming / shooting sometimes the screen jiggles back and forth...
  6. D

    Thread [LIST][CROWDSOURCE] Number of multitouch points by device

    Hello all. Upon searching and not finding any relevant information i am attempting to create a list of the number of simultaneous touches by device. I know the list will be hard to make and will probably be forever incomplete but with everyone's help we might get to a decent number. You can...
  7. D

    Thread Number of multi touches simultaneously per device

    Not sure where to post this, so here it goes. I was looking for a sort of list that displayed the maximum number of multi touches per device without any luck. I know that they can differ from the rom installed on device, but it would be good to have a list from devices using the stock rom. Use...
  8. I

    Thread Multi touch issues.. Just me?

    I downloaded a few different multi touch test apps and noticed specifically when I make a pinch gesture where two fingers are close together, the multi touch freaks out and flashes back and forward between the two fingers... Does any one else experience this?
  9. F. Gacrux

    Thread Touchscreen multitouch bug/glitch

    I noticed I couldn't bring quick settings with two fingers, I suspected I had a problem with multitouch. With Yet Another MultiTouch Test I proceeded a test with multitouch and noticed that when there are two or more touches on the screen, when their horizontal axis intersect, the touchscreen...
  10. E

    Thread [Q] Touch issues when using pen-enabled apps, anyone?

    So, I really really wanted to love this tablet. The disappointments have been many, but this focuses on the most severe and frustrating one. Whenever I am using Dabbler, Skecthbook Pro, ArtFlow, or any other pen-enabled apps, the weirdest things start to happen. It works OK for a while, but...
  11. V

    Thread [Q] capacitive multi-touch

    what is the difference between 2 points and 5 points touch screens? and which is better?:confused::confused:
  12. LoizosAristides

    Thread [Q] Xperia SP multitouch problem?

    Hey, I just noticed that when I'm pressing the screen with one finger, then trying to hold another finger while still holding onto the screen, there is a small delay in recognising the 2nd finger... This only happens after 30 minutes of usage, as the multitouch works just fine for a while...
  13. D

    Thread [Q] After replacement of screen, no more multitouch only dual touch

    Hi all, I recently dropped my phone and broke my screen. I ordered a complete frame and lcd/digitizer from eBay and everything seemed to work. Touchscreen didn't feel right and I stalled a few multitouch tester apps. I noticed only 2 points were registered. Third didn't show anything...
  14. H

    Thread [Q] Touchscreen Shake , Jitter when using multitouch - Note 10.1 2014

    Its been sometime that we are having this issue on the Note 10.1 2014 .. Its that the screen starts to shake when holding and scrolling or it jitters and shakes when we pinch to zoom .. There is a thread in the forums for the Note 10.1 2014 about it but wanted to ask on a broader forum if there...
  15. C

    Thread Ziber Xra - Android Multi-Touch Coffee Table

    Hello, Over the last couple months I have been designing and building an android powered Coffee Table. I named it the Ziber Xra. Below are the pics. I want feedback from you guys and constructive criticism for the next one. Your ideas are welcome. Specs: Multi-Touch Screen Size 22" AnTuTu...
  16. pakistanish

    Thread Qmobile A30 - Multitouch problem

    Click here to watch the video I bought a new Qmobile A30 and after using it for a while I came to identify a weird problem with its multitouch. I gave my phone in warranty claim to Qmobile 3 times but it came back with this same awkward issue every time. If any body is facing this issue then...
  17. E

    Thread Multitouch problems on the Note 10.1 (updated 03/05/2014)

    [Update March 5th 2014] Probably all 2014 Note 10.1's sold these past few months are suffering from one or more multitouch issues. From what we now know these appear to be software issues, effecting all current firmware versions for this device. There are 2 known manifestations of this bug...
  18. E

    Thread Multitouch problems on Note 3 (Mostly fixed fix by Samsung)

    Update April 1st 2014: Many owners of a Note 3 these last few months have reported that their updated firmware does not suffer any multitouch issues (anymore). A few people have reported that newer firmware has re-introduced multitouch issues, so I'm still calling it "Mostly fixed". I will...
  19. H

    Thread [Q] Rooting NST 1.1 for Multitouch Support.

    I have a nook simple touch with 1.1 firmware version(not rooted). I just want to enable multitouch support so that I can read pdfs easily. There seems to be too many thread which is confusing me. Can anybody tell me the steps to enable multitouch on my NST so that I can read pdfs easily.
  20. Toumpeki

    Thread Touch screen problem

    Hi. I recently changed the stock digitizer of my x8 with this one. Didn't need multitouch or anything more, just a new unscratched screen. But when I turned my phone back on and tested it with Mulititouch Visualizer just to see if its ok, I saw that it recognized my touch very nicely but when I...
  21. S

    Thread [Q] Nexus 10 as Multitouch touchpad

    I recently started coveting a Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 @staples and was trying to find a way to do it with my nexus 10. I stumbled upon the following app Appwhich looks to be exactly what I want to do with the added bonus of showing the windows 8 desktop, but the website...
  22. E

    Thread [Q][Poll] Poll for Multitouch Problem

    I'm trying to figure out if I (and others with the same problem) should send in my N10 for repair... I heard it's a issue, but many people don't have it. The reason I don't want to send it in is because I just got it ~3 days ago. On to the procedure, 1. Use an app which shows touch points...
  23. D

    Thread Getting a better look at this multitouch issue, with some good ol' community feedback

    Hey guys, Thought I'd post this here and keep you guys updated on further developments. I live in the Netherlands and bought a 32GB version at Dixons at the 13th of November 2012 I had found the touchscreen a bit unresponsive sometimes in the past. But couldn't really find out why it was...
  24. espionage724

    Thread [Q] Possible Touchscreen/Multi-Touch issue?

    Multitouch Visible Test With that app, 1-finger touch is alright, no issues.2 Fingers seems alright too. Adding up to 4 fingers seems to be alright and moving them around the screen. Sometimes with 5 fingers though, they'll all show on the program, and then immediately vanish. If I keep moving...
  25. Rush6

    Thread [Q] CM7 Multi touch problem(slow responsive)

    well hi everyone, I didn't know you guys know it or not. that the cm7 always a multi touch problem after a few weeks since the first boot. but stocks isn't. and this problem is comfirmed i guess cuz i tried many roms. but i always tried it at maximum 2 finger(our phone can only support 2 finger...
  26. S

    Thread [Kernel][1 December]Huntervu 2.0.5[Multitouch fixed/S2W/2 Ghz]

    It's not my own kernel,but you can ask me about issues This kernel was downloaded from chinese android forum Features -based on 3.0.16 stock HTC kernel -supports OC/UV(up to 1.92 Ghz) -Multitouch is fixed -sweep to wake support(maybe not by default,but can be used) works with ARHD 4+ and sense...
  27. K

    Thread Original Froyo Multitouch Keyboard on CM7/9/10

    Hey there, I asked this question a while ago but nobody answered me :( I want to have the original Froyo Motorola Multitouch Keyboard on CM7. I already tried to flash DroidX Keyoard, without succes. Can anybody help me? GB, ICS and JB-Keyboard is way too small. I'd like to have longish keys...
  28. espionage724

    Thread Weird Multitouch Issue with osu!droid

    With osu!droid, if I manage to send a lot of input to the screen at once (trying to 2-finger stream, spam 4 fingers on the screen, etc), all beats stop coming on the screen, and then quickly reappear a few seconds later (usually resulting in a fail). Can anyone else confirm this happening to...
  29. M

    Thread NST-Kernel v0.1 USB-Host and Multitouch enabled (for software versions 1.1 and 1.1.2)

    Hi, after the great work from verygreen, wheilitjohnny and arkusuma I decided to build a kernel with both of their improvements included. Features: based on the BN kernel for the software versions 1.1 and 1.1.2 USB-Host by verygreen
  30. ftgg99

    Thread [APP] Touch Blocker Beta - suppress touch in select screen areas on HC and ICS

    Touch Blocker Beta - a simple but useful app that makes holding and using your device easier There are two basic functions: We are already in a relatively stable Beta release - whats left now is adding new features and making it all look pretty. You can follow this process at the thread here...
  31. ftgg99

    Thread [APP] Touch Blocker - makes holding your device easier when reading [HC/ICS ONLY]

    Touch Blocker Beta - a simple but useful app that makes holding and using your device easier There are two basic functions: We are already in a relatively stable Beta release - whats left now is adding new features and making it all look pretty. You can follow this process at the thread here...
  32. StupidIdea

    Thread [APP][4/5/6/7+] GMD GestureControl ★ root

    Control device with mutitouch and multitask gestures similar to iPad or iPhone X. Works in all applications. Hide status bar, hide navigation bar and enjoy full screen in all apps and games. "For those who tend to get tired of Android's status bar, or just want more intuitive gesture-based...
  33. crackmunky

    Thread [video] Possible multitouch fix for android custom lock screens

    Hiya guys, After suffering with the issue of any custom lock screen causing multitouch issues I may have found a possible work-around for it, though only tested on my own personal device. Put simply the multitouch on my device ceases to function after using a custom lock screen...
  34. M

    Thread Multitouch issue with v20n gingherbread

    i'm using redy's v20n right now. it won't register my second touch seometimes. did you notice anything like that? most of time it's work but sometimes it's like this:
  35. kristovaher

    Thread Touch screen responsiveness enquiry to those who have the Prime

    I have seen multiple mentions about Prime's touch screen requiring 'stronger touches' to react. Is that true? I would like to use the tablet for sketching, which is done with capacitive pens (like the one made for iPad 2 by Bamboo) which have a sort of an 'air pad' on the tip, making every...
  36. lrbpereira

    Thread [Q] Multitouch on CM7

    Search the forum and nothing popup on this matter. Is it possible to activate multitouch on SGS2 CM7 roms in desktop and apppdrawer etc... I instaled a day ago an free app from the markrt to test the multitouch ability (multitouch visualizer 2) and the SGS2 workes in that app with 5 stars, 10...
  37. M

    Thread [Q] Multi touch points enhancement. Motorola Droid 2 A955

    The motorola Milestone 2 just got up to six multi touch points thanks to a magic .ko file. My question, has it already been ported to the Droid 2? (a device virtually identical with regards to hardware.) I would be spoiled to have...
  38. U

    Thread [MOD] enable 10 point multitouch SCREENSHOTS ADDED!

    hey guys! there have been a lot of requests for this mod so i decided to post a tut on how enable it! UPTO 10 POINTS TOUCH IS ONLY SUPPORTED BY CM FIRMWARES! NOT ON SAMSUNG FIRMWARES! our touch screen sensor is the Atmel maXTouch mXT224 which by default can track upto 10 touch points with...
  39. D

    Thread [Q] [HD2]Multitouch with more than 2 fingers?

    Is the HD2 capable of Multitouch with more than 2 fingers? Just curious.
  40. T

    Thread [Q] Multi-Touch support on Nook Simple Touch?

    Ok, I rooted my Nook Simple Touch (Running 1.1) using: Many things aren't working as expected (e.g. The Android Market doesn't work), but in reading the thread it sounds like that might be a common problem. I do have root access, and can...
  41. S

    Thread [Q] xperia x8 multitouch module synaptics

    ok i tried the gesture module (just pinch to zoom) and it worked but then i tried to install the synaptics module and i just get "operation not permitted" i open terminal emulator and i use following commands: 2.insmod /system/lib/modules/ax8mt.ko and i get everytime "operation not...
  42. N

    Thread cannot insmod.plezzzz help me~~

    sory..i'm still noob about phone world..i use x8 and already root which cm6 rom. but my phone cannot insmod at all..i test overclock and multitouch.and cannot work.i overclock it said failed (failed exist).i try mt it said operation not permitted.i already su.i check use dmesg command, and i...
  43. pseudoheld

    Thread [Q]Multitouch Gestures Possible?

    Hi guys, thinking of getting a transformer 1 soon (waiting for a price drop due to tf2 being announced but getting off topic) i know that the transformer has 10-Finger Multitouch recognition BUT is there a possibility to actually use this? The ipad2 (and ipad1 with some hacking) have this...
  44. B

    Thread [Q] P500 Multitouch bug, is there no way to fully solve it?

    Hi all, first i´d like to receive a welcome in my first post here :) I´ve tried 2.3.3 official, with franco, notouch v5 and v6 (that fixes partially the problem), AGA-Rom 1.4 with franco and both notouch... same thing. Is there no way to fully solve this annoying bug? Is this a faulty project...
  45. aryehzev

    Thread [Q] I need multitouch for my archos 43

    I have a archos 43 rooted with sde, and I wanted to know if there is any way to get multitouch on the device. Thank you.
  46. SicMe

    Thread [Q] Black Themed Multitouch Keyboard

    Looking for a black themed keyboard (not Gingerbread one). running Eclipse .5 and installed the WJD black keyboard mod for the X1 and broke my multitouch. Did not back up, how would I reverse the process to return to normal keyboard on Eclipse? Also, a black themed multitouch would be nice for...
  47. J

    Thread [Q] Fixing multitouch on froyo stock roms...

    Hi Dev Guys.. I was testing the CM7 build, but i need all camare resources working well.. Then, i was intended to rollback to stock froyo rom.. But, i like to play games like NOVA on milestone and, every know that multitouch is so worst on stock then CM7... I think is because the kernel used...
  48. Z

    Thread [Q] problem pls help

    Hi and thanks for the help, well after i install ginger dx v10, everithing works good, but the multitouch and the overclock doesn´t work, or maybe i don´t know how to make it work. But when i try to use this module and go to edit mi i found this: # modules insmod...
  49. seanzscreams

    Thread (MOD)multiple touch points

    Here it is a zip just giving you 8 point touch ... also down below is a multitouch tester app reboot to cwm clear cache clear dalvik cache choose install zip from sd card navigate to where you downloaded flash clear dalvik cache again reboot multitouch...
  50. K

    Thread Multitouch crosstalk on TF touchpad is TERRIBLE

    So I've had the Transformer update for about 20 hours now, which has given me time to play with it. The new circular cursor for the touchpad isn't a good design, but I can now see what they were trying to do, as they also use it to indicate touch and multitouch by filling the center of the...