1. B

    Thread Multi-window not working

    Hello! I had an update (April security update for Pie) and now multiwindow has stopped working. Holding down the recents does nothing, I can't even find a mention of multiwindow in settings. WTH? Anyone else have this?
  2. kawaiiDango

    Thread [APP][7.0+][ROOT] Split Screen DPI Changer

    This is a dumb simple app, which allows you to set a different DPI for split screen mode (and another DPI for normal mode) DOWNLOAD: Q: Why though? A: Useful for phones with small displays, or when u intentionally use a...
  3. TheColin21

    Thread [HELP] MultiWindow focus loss

    Hi, i often use Poweramp besides Google Maps in MultiWidow. On my old S5 running RR 5.8.3 as well as on my new 1+5 the following occurs: When using one of the two apps, the other one isn't focused anymore and "stops". It continues working in the background but doesn't "move" anymore. For example...
  4. persona78

    Thread New Multiwindow for P8 Lite

    Hi! I found a new HwMwLauncher.apk that works better in our P8 Lite. First you need to delete the older one before install this one. To install it just flash the zip! If you have some missing apps just flash the Enjoy it ;) .
  5. E

    Thread How to enable freeform window mode?

    Hi, I have Mi Max 32G (Hydrogen) with Resurrection Remix 5.8.3 I saw in this link: that android 7 has capability of free size multi window without any third part app. I have tried...
  6. ShinOrochiX

    Thread Developer Settings, Multi-Window?

    Does the Z3 Tablet Compact have the multi window option in the developer options on MM? Like mentioned on this page, here. The image attached is from a website.
  7. #Henkate

    Thread [HOW-TO] Enable MultiWindow on EMUI 4.1 / Android 6 (like EMUI 5)

    Hello! This morning i was just looking in build.prop when ive seen a line regarding multi-window. On EMUI 5 / Android 7, we can enable MultiWindow by pressing for few seconds the multitasking/recents icon in the navigation bar. This feature is available on EMUI 4.1 as well. REQUIREMENTS...
  8. blazzer12

    Thread [P600] Any way to get multi windows running a custom ROM?

    Stock like custom windows on custom ROMS is that possible. I mean without deal breaker compromises like camera not working. Is that possible? All xposed modules I saw are very outdated!
  9. M

    Thread Multi window

    Hi guys I just upgraded from Note 3 to S7. One feature that that i am missing the most is the multiwindow. When i was on facebook app and tapped on a link, multiwindow would automatically open giving me both chrome and facebook etc. I know how to activate multiwindow on S7 manually but isn't...
  10. gahu777

    Thread [APP] [Root] MW Fix - adding multiple apps to muliwindow

    New update! Fix visibility of apps Hi! I create app that can add all instaled apps to Huawei multiwindow feature on Lolipop or Marshmallow. Important! Make backup of /data/cust/xml/multiwindow_whitelist_apps.xml Install MW Fix, grant root privileges, launch MW Fix, wait for task to...
  11. D

    Thread 4 Way Multiwindow Question

    Hey, I hope I'm posting this in the right section! So some time ago I was using a 4.4.4 (TW) ROM for my N910F and I was able to multiwindow 4 apps (every corner an app). I was wondering if this is possible with the new 5.1.1 (TW). If so, could you please tell me what I have to do or what I have...
  12. S

    Thread [App] Multidialer: themes, gestures and samsung multiwindow

    Multidialer is a complete dialer with various features thinked for improve your calls. There are a lot of great features, for example: - Suggestions and t9 algorithm; - Themes; - Notification widgets; - Home screen dialer widget (only plus) and 3 different starred in android widget; - Left...
  13. A

    Thread [Q] Sidebar with multiwindow functionality

    Hi, i found a few questions asking for a sidebar-app. But I am wondering, if there is an app with multiwindow-functionality!? Like on the S4 i think. Where you have a sidebar and can drag&drop one app to the bottom and one to the top area.
  14. MrRedPants

    Thread [Q] Optimal Setup for automobile | Help with Setup Ideas

    Nexus 7 (2013) Running latest lollipop I keep tablet in car essentially permanently. Landscape mode. I decided I wanted to optimize the setup to mimic a modern car system. Tablet through Bluetooth in car and tethered to my phone (still have my Verizon unlimited data :)). I use mighty text to...
  15. Raj Rohit


    As we all know, SAMSUNG is providing multi window in their models. So, why can't we do it. Today I'm going to share how to get multi window In mostly any mobile.(I'm Using XOLO Q1010i) {Many Other Guides Are There For MultiWindow, But It took Me Hours to Figure Out How to do it. So, I felt To...
  16. nogloww

    Thread [Q] Multiwindow and Kindle app

    I have installed a multi window manager to add more apps to the multi window options. Kindle worked fine. Then I uninstalled Kindle and installed again and it no longer works. It doesn't show up on the options most of the time, and when it does, it doesn't actually open in split screen or pen...
  17. S

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] Lenovo MultiWindow Mod (link)

    Hi guys, over at the Xposed part of xda, I posted my new mod Lenovo MultiWindow Mod which adds more apps to the Lenovo MultiWindow app found on Yoga Tablet 2 Pro series devices. The mod currently only sports a static list of apps I use, but I intend on adding an app picker. Please keep all...
  18. Cocolopes

    Thread [ROM][n7000][4.4.4] OmniRom+ [New features][11-10-2014 Update]

    Offical Site Official n7000 OmniRom XDA Forum Disclaimer Flash at your OWN Risk. This is an Unofficial build for Omnirom. Im NOT making nigthlys of this, maybe one or two a week. Why I make this? Cuz I want to share some unmerged features. Im not a dev, just compiling from sources and...
  19. arun531

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] Multi-Window

    Use Multi windows in sgs device Only you need xposed framework Halo))) ,xhalofloatingwindow. installed 1) Download XHaloFloatingWindow 2) Install XHaloFloatingWindow 3) Enable XHaloFloatingWindow in Xposed Installer 4) Restart device Now install Halo))) Start pining your app. Orginal Thread...
  20. MGREX

    Thread [Q] Any multi-window managers like the Tab Pro's available for other devices?

    Just to be clear I'm looking for a way to do this on a non-samsung device So far I've found little, most multi-window apps are a collection of widgets that behave as windows with very limited functionality, and things like the Xposed modules are still kind of limited compared to samsung's...
  21. rmnpreet786

    Thread [ROM] Flying Sparrow V3.0 { The Fastest ROM For Micromax a89 }

    FLYING SPARROW The Fastest ROM for Micromax a89 Announcement : Although this rom is completely bugless.... but I want say that ... I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear * war, or the current economic...
  22. telmoabff

    Thread [Q] What custom ROM to keep Samsung features?

    I'd like to know if there are any ROMs that keep most Samsung features like S-Pen functionalities and multiwindow? Looks like X-Note does that. Not sure. Omega? CM?
  23. cadialex

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][XPOSED][APP] Samsung-like MultiWindow for ALL devices

    [Warning] Due to exams, I am not able to work on this mod anymore for the moment. Please do not report bugs anymore and thanks to the guys who tested the first app version :) Will continue this project ASAP, but exams can not wait ^^' [Warning] Hello everyone, in the spirit of improving our...
  24. KumailHyderMirza

    Thread Multiwindow for S4 mini

    This is not my app! Original thread - Requirements: Xposed framework XMultiwindowMod This will be a long post so follow what i do on your phone as u read on! First go here and download this Xposed installer...
  25. Nonta72

    Thread [Q]MultiWindow for Tab 3 10.1 ?

    Well, I know Tab 3 10.1 official firmwares (4.1/4.2) doesn't include MultiWindows feature ! While Tab 8.0 does support this feature ! So I am wondering if it's possible to port this feature even from Tab 8.0 or Note 10.1 to Tab 3 10.1. I know, Tab 3 10.1 have a very different hardaware from Tab...
  26. B

    Thread [APP] Multi Window Manager (Phone)

    I just finished updating this for Kit Kat, so I figured I'd post it now that there are a few ways of getting 4.4 on our Verizon S4's. It's your typical "enable multi-window for any app" app with a few extra bells and whistles for the donate version. I don't really like mods that enable every...
  27. rcoliveirajr

    Thread [Q] OmniROM with MultiWindow support?

    I've flashed the official OmniROM for Nexus 4 but it doesn't have MultiWindow by default, I have tried to flash a patch but got in a bootloop, does anyone knows an Unofficial OmniROM with MultiWindow?? I have searched but didn't find anything.. Thanks!
  28. O

    Thread [App][2.3+]Multitasking - Play Store

    The android app "Multitasking" was published on the play store. Multitasking; Are you tired of the classic work interface which blocks you in a single application? Multitasking is the perfect app for you! You can use this app to open multiple tools simultaneously. Multitasking is composed by...
  29. Adi Shakthi

    Thread [ROM][★P51XX●KK 4.4.2★][★SENSONIC™HD RC-01★][★DTS Audio X-Reality★][★Multi-Window ★]

    [ROM][★P51XX●KK 4.4.2★][★SENSONIC™HD RC-01★][★DTS Audio X-Reality★][★Multi-Window ★] SENSONIC™HD ★★★ CREATION OF AUDIO GOD & SONIC DEVELOPERS FOR Samsung Galaxy Tab-2 10" COMMUNITY★★★ ABOUT SENSONIC™ HD: SENSONIC™ HD Is based on latest "AOSP 4.4.2" version This firmware is designed...
  30. Adi Shakthi

    Thread [ROM][★Nexus4●KK 4.4.2★][★SENSONIC™HD RC-01★][★DTS Audio X-Reality★][★Multi-Window ★]

  31. Adi Shakthi

    Thread [ROM][★Nexus5●KK 4.4.2★][★SENSONIC™HD RC-01★][★DTS Audio X-Reality★][★Multi-Window ★]

    [ROM][★Nexus5●KK 4.4.2★][★SENSONIC™HD RC-01★][★DTS Audio X-Reality★][★Multi-Window ★] /FONT]SENSONIC™ HD Is based on latest "ASOP 4.4.2" version This firmware is designed for those peoples who specially likes,Multitasking...
  32. Adi Shakthi

    Thread [★N7100●KK 4.4.2★][★SENSONIC™HD RC-01★][★DTS Audio X-Reality★][★Multi-Window ★]

    [★N7100●KK 4.4.2★][★SENSONIC™HD RC-01★][★DTS Audio X-Reality★][★Multi-Window ★] SENSONIC™HD ★★★ CREATION OF AUDIO GOD & SONIC DEVELOPERS FOR GALAXY NOTE-II COMMUNITY★★★ ABOUT SENSONIC™ HD: SENSONIC™ HD Is based on latest "ASOP 4.4.2" version This firmware is designed for those peoples...
  33. AndroidGaalaxy

    Thread [OmniROM][MOD] MultiWindow Patch 14 (22/12/2013)

    Hi, here is a mod that puts Multi Window feature in OmniRom nightlies I'm not the original creator thanks to daniel_hk Installation instructions : Installing OmniROM for the first time : 1. Reboot Recovery 2. Flash OmniROM and G.Apps 4. BOOT ! (Or you may fall into a boot loop) 5...
  34. K

    Thread Note 3 - Multi-Window Strange Issue - Doesn't place correct app

    Anyone else having this issue?
  35. Lost.soul

    Thread [Resolved] Upgraded to I300XXUGMJ9, Multi-Window no longer working

    Hello, As the title suggests, I have upgraded to the new stock 4.3 ROM (Ireland) and it seems Multi-Window is no longer working. I activated it from the settings, and I can see it as active from the notification panel, however pressing and holding the BACK button yields nothing. The rom is...
  36. andymihail

    Thread Sidebar issue

    Hi guys, After flashing Omega 13.2 on my I9505 I got this strange sidebar that does nothing except to annoy me. Edit: It is not the ROM's fault, it is an app called Overlays that caused that sidebar to appear. Uninstalled the app and the sidebar problem was fixed.
  37. T

    Thread [MOD][Multi Window][I717][4.1.2 Deodexed]

    DISCLAIMER: I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DAMAGE YOUR DEVICE OR DELETE YOUR DATA...BE SURE TO BACKUP BEFORE YOU BEGIN AS ALWAYS! Well...without further wait i present to u the multi window mod for the I717! First & foremost...i would like to give ALL thanks to the multiwindow master himself...
  38. X

    Thread [GUIDE] Kind of Multiwindow on non TW Roms

    hey guys, I got a kind of multiwindow working on my CM10.2 based rom. Tutorial: Screenshot: :highfive:
  39. A

    Thread Omnirom ( cm with multi-window)

    hey, has anyone seen Omnirom??? Just announced recently. Best thing is it's multi-window on cm!!!!! :D sources are available, hope some developer ports it... :fingers-crossed: For Info: Home Page A muti-window preview on omnirom Source Code
  40. T

    Thread [Multi Window Mod][P31xx][P51xx][4.2.2][9/18/2013]

    DISCLAIMER: I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DAMAGE YOUR DEVICE...BE SURE TO BACKUP BEFORE YOU BEGIN AS ALWAYS! Install Instructions (please keep in mind that i do NOT own a Tab 2 which means i depend on feedback from actual users...thx) 1. Install CWM or TWRP recovery 2. Flash a rooted & deodexed...
  41. L

    Thread HD2 Multiwindow

    hi guys, does a mod that allow multiwindowin hd2 exists? (as samsung galaxy note or sgs2 ecc..) preferably in cyanogenmod ICS
  42. xPr0metheus

    Thread New MultiWindow/MultiTask Concept

    Hey guys, First, I really have no clue in which section I should post this, so I just took the General Section. Please move it, if there is a better one =) Now what I want to talk about: Multitask is a huge topic on Android devices, and there are several approaches how to handle this best...
  43. moomoopobo

    Thread MultiWindow like S4?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was such MOD/APP that can replicate or just like the feature that Samsung posses. The feature is called MultiWindow. This feature lets you run 2 apps on the one screen e.g. watching youtube videos while browsing through the internet. I was just wondering if...
  44. Z

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED][ICS/JB/KK] XHaloFloatingWindow v2.40

    This is not the complete halo. This is only the popup window How to Launch in Floating Mode? The module includes these SystemUI mods for your convenience: 1) Long Press Notifications: Adds a "Open in Halo" option when long pressing a notification 2) Single Click Notifications: Open your...
  45. X

    Thread [REQ] Port Rockchip Multiwindow

    Hey, Is it possible to port Rockchip's multiwindow for other Android devices? Especially for the CM/AOSP roms. That would be awesome:victory: Here a video of the multiwindow feature: Kind regards, Leo
  46. heavylildude

    Thread [Q] Removing Multiwindow.jar

    Hello all, Pardon my noob-ness.. I dont really use multiwindow feature in my note, I'm happily chroot with framebuffer and vnc.. and multiwindow feature always annoyed me whenever I work in vnc.. I know i could just change rom but I love the stability of stock 4.1.2. I've managed to stripped...
  47. T

    Thread [Multi Window Mod][P6800][P6810[Deodexed][UPDATE][12/24/2013]

    DISCLAIMER: I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU DAMAGE YOUR DEVICE...BE SURE TO BACKUP AS ALWAYS Also please note that i do NOT own a 7.7 so the files that i upload must be confirmed working by actual P6800 users...thx in advance well, guys...we FINALLY finished the multi window mod for P6800 owners (no...
  48. B

    Thread Multi-Window Hack - Use any Application

    NEED ROOT! - Multi-Window Mack, Use any App! Easy, Free Hack/Mod Use all Apps on Multi-window. Video How To : Multi-Window Hack! Use Any Application - Samsung Galaxy S4
  49. T

    Thread MultiWindow Mod working P6200!

    multi window mod is now working for P6800 users...see the link below
  50. D

    Thread [Q] Tasker Auto multiwindow 2 apps

    So im trying to get both my maps app and pandora or something else to open from a one click button on homescreen or nfc tag. I want them to open up in multiwindow mode one in each place.Has anyone saw this or knows how to do it? Im running Cleanrom 4.9with full access to multiwindow and root...