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  1. k00000z

    Thread Uh hey

    Do you remember some old android live wallpapers that was pre installed on a older phones? Like let's say nexus one for example. Like, Grass, Water, Nexus, Spectrum, Waveform... Yeah, i have did something, sadly i didn't do it with grass, nexus, water, polar clock, etc... It was music...
  2. C

    Thread [APP] CarWebGuru - Universal car launcher with widgets, skins and music

    CarWebGuru Launcher 2.0 Functions: • Skins for interface • Widgets (internal) System widgets in the near future • Custom backgrounds • Up to 6 desktops • Speedometr (GPS), Odometr (GPS) • Clock, Time, Calendar • GPS logger (export tracks to KML) • Internal music player • External player...