1. DecosoftApps

    Thread [APP][6.0+] RadioTime - Listen to Worldwide Radio Stations

    Looking for a radio streaming app that's easy to use and offers a wide range of features to enhance your listening experience? Check out RadioTime! Here are just a few of the features you'll love: Over 35,000 stations from more than 200 countries around the world Easy search function to find...
  2. skiddingus

    Thread Question Android auto music skips once per minute over wireless connection

    Is anyone else having an issue with a slight skip in music while using wireless android auto? I connect my S23 wirelessly to my car through a Motorola MA1. When playing music, there is a slight stutter in the sound that repeats every minute like clockwork. I can watch the seconds on a song...
  3. D

    Thread Bluetooth signal worsened after Android 12 update

    I usually always laughed at my friend, because his iPhone 12 would make the music go choppy on the Bluetooth speakers whenever he went to the bathroom at the office only just next door, while my awesome OnePlus could play even if I was in another room in another floor, it didn't even matter how...
  4. ebin326

    Thread Music showing up differently on lock screen

    Hello there! as the title states music shows up differently on my lock screen. I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Android 12 & One UI version 4.1 - Lock Screen Version 7.1.89 The first image is my current lock screen and how music now plays. If I want to change songs I would have to click on the...
  5. S

    Thread Transforming LG V60 into Bitperfect Network Streamer

    I am not responsible for any damages that may occur during the installation or after it. !!! IMPORTANT !!!: If you want author to get home - please donate to Armed Forces of Ukraine and help to stop war...
  6. C

    Thread Question Why won't my S22 Ultra play some songs?

    I was previously the owner of a Samsung Galaxy 10, and had a library of over 2500 songs. This phone had no trouble playing any of them. Now my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra keeps popping up a message that it is unable to play that song, and plays the next one instead. I thought that because I was...
  7. Ragnar Eldur

    Thread PowerTube - Incredibly Fast YouTube Downloader

    This free YouTube Downloader is incredibly fast and can download any video or playlist in any format. The only wait time is when it's loading the playlist and when that is completed, it starts downloading the list super fast. Here is a demonstrating video: Here you can download this great...
  8. Dudarion

    Thread The final version of my DIY MIDI device, which I have been working on for almost 2 years.

    I faced a problem with the lack of a convenient guitar-shaped MIDI controller. If you're used to the guitar, it's more comfortable for you to play in a familiar form factor. I'm electronics engineer and I decided to develop a DIY guitar-shaped MIDI controller, which allows to overcome skills as...
  9. Evil.God

    Thread Question Best speaker EQ settings for S21 FE

    Hi everyone! I recently upgraded to S21FE from S10e, however I am a bit unsatisfied with speakers compared to S10e. Does anyone have good EQ settings to improve the speaker audio? also dolby atmos? Thanks in advance :)
  10. SomeoneNormal07

    Thread You should try this Huawei music player

    For a long time I had been looking for a music player that was simple, universal, lightweight, elegant, practical and ad-free, a music player that you could actually put in your custom ROM or just install it to replace the ugly Android stock music player that your phone manufacturer keeps...
  11. Ulumia

    Thread [APP][1.0+]Music.apk c pulled from Android SDK 1.0 r2

    This is the music player from Android SDK 1.0 r2 Just in case someone needs
  12. NataliaKolisnichenko

    Thread Rhythmer - Rhythm Game

    Hi guys! We are a small Ukrainian indie-team, we recently released a game and we will be very happy if you try it. Any support is important to us. Thank you! ❤️
  13. O

    Thread System wide parametric EQ

    Hi, i am looking for system wide parametric EQ for android that also works on built in speaker mode. I do have root access on my device and i already tried Viper4Android and JamesDSP but Viper4Android does not have parametric EQ and even it has convolution EQ as far as i know, i does not seems...
  14. MilaDesign

    Thread Allwinner R16 - Modded Music App

    Hi. This is modded music app for Allwinner R16 HU. you can use it if your hu is rooted and your music app package name is "". New Features: Changed app theme Select app color Lyrics support (.lrc files) Option to show clock Option to enable WIFI on startup Show/hide sdcard/usb...
  15. T

    Thread [CLOSED] [APP][5+] Symfonium: Music player and cast

    Symfonium is a simple and modern music player, with an unique vision to be your central control point for your music. Add multiple media providers (Your local device, Plex, Emby, Jellyfin, Subsonic, Kodi) then play your music on any supported player (Your local device, Chromecast, UPnP, DLNA...
  16. Miuiannoyed

    Thread Question Music Stopping Immediately?

    So I have a Poco X3 Pro and have run into an issue with the music on this phone. Whenever I connect to my car when I play the music it immediately stops and pauses no matter how many times I press it, I have checked the car and this does not happen with multiple other phones I have tried and it...
  17. M

    Thread Music app with proper sorting

    My music library is very well-organized; I use a tool called beets to synchronize all my tags with the MusicBrainz database. As a result, on desktop, all my albums are sorted by album artist sort. However, I have been unable to find a single Android music app that pays any attention to the...
  18. Aethera

    Thread Question Play music on the Watch4

    Thread for playing music on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 The Watch4 comes with the Samsung Wearable Music app installed. According to this page at The location of the music folder on the Watch4 is /storage/emulated/0/Music However there are problems with getting music to play on...
  19. T

    Thread Amazon Music: Finding new mp4 Atmos download files, triggering Atmos playback

    Hi, I have a question about suggestions for getting my music to play where Amazon isn't allowing me to play it. (Not specifically looking for cracks/encryption bypass.) Amazon Music (Unlimited subscription tier) now includes an impressive number of Atmos-encoded music releases, including...
  20. simowL

    Thread Audio Equilizer app

    Hello Folks! Is there any General Output Audio Equilizer App that works without root on Android 11? I did some test on some Google play Apps but they are not working. I need to EQ all my audio and not only Music.
  21. jisooya

    Thread Question Music & Spotify not showing in Control Center

    Hello, I just bought Poco f3 yesterday. Already updated at miui 12.5.4. Sadly when im using spotify to play music or the music mi app. There is no next back stop button shown in the Control Center/Notifications, even though all notifs for Spotify are all on. TYIA
  22. EoflaOE

    Thread Audio live stream title issues

    Hello! I have just loaded a network stream that is an Internet radio station, but I noticed that it loads in video mode. Moreover, it doesn't display the current stream title just like how Audacious in computers did. When I opened the playlist, I saw that it's empty, but I'm hearing music...
  23. R

    Thread How to change media player notification style?

    Hello everybody I was asking myself if its possible change media player notification because in almost every aosp ROM its pretty ugly. I mean this it´s very simple but this prettier My device is a Redmi 3s (Land) Hope someone can help me with this and sorry for the horrible presentation, this...
  24. D

    Thread Music tweaks,mods setup

    Hello everyone, im looking for the best mods,tweaks etc to improve sound quality for music listening. Hope there will be some good contributions. ONE LOVE!
  25. D

    Thread Oneplus 7T pro best rom,kernel and mods for optimal sound. Best setup for great music quality

    Hey! im wondering if there are any good mods/setups etc for the oneplus 7t pro.. Please help :)
  26. bennylaws

    Thread [APP] [6.0+] [ad-free] Radi-oh! - Android radio app

    Hello, I would like to introduce my brand new release of a very simple, very lightweight and easy to use Android radio application: Radi-oh! Download size is just ~5 MB. No unnecessary extras, simply radio with a clean interface. ⛔ The app is ad-free. ☝️ (* Many radio stations do send ads...
  27. ITawate

    Thread FM Radio: Radio, Online Radio & radio tuner am fm

    Listen radio & music with FM, am radio, online radio, live radio & free radio. You can get app from play store: Want to listen radio, FM stations, news, music or am FM radio but fed up with switching different app...
  28. Laniakeea

    Thread Bluetooth headphone low volume?

    Today I've bought Sony MDR WF-XB700's and sound quality is great but I feel like the maximum volume is too low for me, I listen to music loudly and these I think are normal for most of the people but I feel like bass could punch a lot harder but I just can't turn up the volume that high. I've...
  29. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][SHIZUKU][15/05] Ambient Music Mod - Pixel Now Playing port

    Ambient Music Mod is a Shizuku/Sui app that ports Now Playing from Pixels to other Android devices. Requirements Android device running Android 9.0 or above (11+ recommended). Shizuku (Android 12+) or Sui Magisk module (Android 9+). Shizuku does not require root, instead needing an ADB...
  30. Ayra Hikari

    Thread [PORT][APP][5.0+][06/06/21] Samsung Music Port for Non-Samsung ROM

    Samsung Music Port for Non-Samsung ROM Samsung Music is optimized for Samsung android device and provides a powerful music play functionality and the best user interface. But it now working on Non-Samsung ROM, also should working on Samsung device running AOSP Based ROM. Tested by me with ROM...
  31. MamaKhan123

    Thread Which is good Add Background Music To Video android app

    If you want to make your memories more beautiful, then make your videos song and add music to your videos. Add audio to video easily with background video app. You can create your own videos with the music video editor. Add background music to video audio video mixer allows you to add any music...
  32. vsga

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Click Track – Metronome

    Current version: 1.0.0 Download APK Click Track is a free app that is designed to make you better with tempo. Rehearse in a practice room and perform on stage - all with one single app and your click tracks at hand. Make your click tracks from ground up. You can build a click track with...
  33. A

    Thread Bluetooth not working after installing Pixel Experience OS in my Redmi 7

    Greetings, I have installed the pixel experience rom on my Redmi 7 a couple months back, but every time I want to play music via the Bluetooth 2 things happens, firstly the connected device doesn't play any music or anything, secondly the app freezes and after a while stops responding as a...
  34. !J2B!

    Thread Youtube Music suddenly runs without any interaction

    Hello everybody, First of all : Happy new year ! :D I own a Pixel 4 XL running a stock ROM with the bootloader still locked (I actually don't flash my phones anymore since I'm a team Pixel member haha). I use Android Auto very often because of my job. Here is my problem : Since the december...
  35. Eddez

    Thread Are their any software mods to unlock the equalizer on the EU Nord?

    Hello i just found out that some other versions of the Nord have access to an equlizer. I listen to alot of music and want to tune the music to my preferences. So i was wondering if it existed any way to unlcok it on the phone like you can on the 7,7T,8 and 8T but for the Nords Dirac tunner.
  36. P

    Thread Music

    Can anyone provide sony music app that run perfectly with oneplus 7t ? Already find some apps but it didn't compatible with my oneplus 7t and unnecessary crash occurred while playing music. Pls help.
  37. J

    Thread Bluetooth audio stops when recording video, how to disable?

    Hi, is there any way in the crappy Xiaomi stock photo app to prevent the phone from stopping music playback while recording a video? As soon as I start recording a video, the music playback via Bluetooth tops instantly, and resumes after the video recording has stopped. Dear Xiaomi engineers...
  38. A

    Thread Updated Music App v50.6.5.3

    Download the new Music app for your Realme 6s/6i India with Samsung Music like visualiser in background. Streaming only chinese songs. Get it here-
  39. X

    Thread [APP] - AN Player - Free MP3 Music, Video & Radio

    If you are looking for an application to listen to music, radio or watch videos from the internet and save bandwidth, then you are in right place. This version is great for limited bandwidth plans and for areas without receptions such as airplanes, trains etc. Features Support Plugins...
  40. L

    Thread HUAWEI Hero Partner Deezer offers a 3-month Deezer Premium subscritption to users

    In a new European partnership with Huawei, global music streaming service Deezer is recognized as a particular hero partner Deezer will be recommended as a must-have app to AppGallery users looking for expertly curated editorial content, podcasts and live radio Deezer is also offering...
  41. D

    Thread Need help with logcat, coding, music player stops

    I'm trying to figure out why all music players stop working on Android 8-Android 10? I'm trying to get music to run as a foreground service! I have included 3 cat logs. Look at blackplayer ex this is the music player I am currently using. I've used all of them from stock to all on the play...
  42. G

    Thread Bluetooth music info in car issue

    Hey guys. So I got my new 9T Global a few days ago and I've only had one issue with it (apart from the MIUI 11 battery issues). I previously had the POCOPHONE and had no issues whatsoever connecting it to my 2012 yaris over bluetooth and playing music. But now, with my 9T, connecting it on the...
  43. K

    Thread [APP][6.0+] Visualay - Music Visualizer Overlay

    Visualay is an overlay app that displays music visualizer over all the screens (except system windows). It can display under the status bar and navigation bar. * Various designs to choose from Designs include edge lights and also full visualisers. Designs are customisable. * Unlimited colour...
  44. G

    Thread YouTube Music Not Showing Song/Track/Artist Info on Pixel 4XL

    I have a Note 10+ and a Pixel 4XL and I tend to use the Pixel a lot more. But one thing I've noticed...YouTube Music on the Pixel 4XL does not display song information via Bluetooth in my car. Dropping down to 1.3 is not an option (and also didn't work)...on my Note 10+, it works fine. I opened...
  45. KP@2016

    Thread [APP][5.0+][Open Source] YTPlayer v2.0 - YouTube, Spotify & Soundcloud downloader

    Note: Spotify songs are basically YouTube top searches of that specific song. Project is abandoned Highlighted Features Guides and Documentation Download and other stats
  46. Z

    Thread APK's for vieod and music

    Hello, I need yours recommendation a good aplication for music and second for video on my OP 7T ;)
  47. J

    Thread Audio auto paused when screen off? (Android 10)

    Hi, After I have updated to Android 10, whenever I plug in the wired headphone through any type-c to 3.5mm adapter (with or without DACs) and switch off the screen, the music/audio of any sort will stop after a while. I've tried multiple adapters and all of them have this problem. And the...
  48. french-anonymous

    Thread Personal musics change for default sound in Alarms

    Hi everbody, I have a Zenfone 3 and about two weeks ago, I flashed LineageOS on it. I'm very happy with it, except of this particular annoying bug. I've set alarms every 15 min from 6am to 10am, because of my stupid work that has very various shift hours. So I activate the alarms I need...
  49. french-anonymous

    Thread LineageOS 16, alarm musics changed for default sound

    Hi everbody, I have a Zenfone 3 and about two weeks ago, I flashed LineageOS on it. I'm very happy with it, except of this particular annoying bug. I have alarms every 15 min from 6am to 10am, because of my stupid work that has very various shift hours. So I activate the alarms I need...
  50. artur93pl

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Volumee - skip tracks with volume buttons long press [skip songs/tracks]

    Short description Volumee lets you skip tracks while listening to music - just hold down the volume button. Root is NOT required! Features Might be active both while the screen is on and off Works correctly regardless of the application that is currently open Compatible with all...