1. Quinny899

    Thread [MODULE][Magisk & Xposed] Ambient Music Mod - Pixel Ambient Music port for other, compatible devices

    Important: YOU MUST HAVE BOTH XPOSED AND MAGISK INSTALLED TO USE THIS MODULE. READ THE FAQ FOR MORE INFO. Ambient Music Mod A hybrid Xposed & Magisk module that ports Pixel Ambient Music to other, compatible devices. If you don't know what Pixel Ambient Music is, it's the feature that recognises...
  2. Ayra Hikari

    Thread [PORT][APP][5.0+] Samsung Music Port for Non-Samsung ROM

    Samsung Music Port for Non-Samsung ROM Samsung Music is optimized for Samsung android device and provides a powerful music play functionality and the best user interface. But it now working on Non-Samsung ROM, also should working on Samsung device running AOSP Based ROM. Tested by me with ROM...
  3. MamaKhan123

    Thread Which is good Add Background Music To Video android app

    If you want to make your memories more beautiful, then make your videos song and add music to your videos. Add audio to video easily with background video app. You can create your own videos with the music video editor. Add background music to video audio video mixer allows you to add any music...
  4. vsga

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Click Track - Metronome, click tracks editing/playing, tempo training

    Hi, I'm Vsevolod, an Android developer, and a music enthusiast (especially drums, I play myself!). So I decided to unite these two passions of mine to develop absolutely free app that will be all about TEMPO. This app is made by pure enthusiasm and I plan to make it the most feature-full tempo...
  5. A

    Thread Bluetooth not working after installing Pixel Experience OS in my Redmi 7

    Greetings, I have installed the pixel experience rom on my Redmi 7 a couple months back, but every time I want to play music via the Bluetooth 2 things happens, firstly the connected device doesn't play any music or anything, secondly the app freezes and after a while stops responding as a...
  6. !J2B!

    Thread Youtube Music suddenly runs without any interaction

    Hello everybody, First of all : Happy new year ! :D I own a Pixel 4 XL running a stock ROM with the bootloader still locked (I actually don't flash my phones anymore since I'm a team Pixel member haha). I use Android Auto very often because of my job. Here is my problem : Since the december...
  7. Eddez

    Thread Are their any software mods to unlock the equalizer on the EU Nord?

    Hello i just found out that some other versions of the Nord have access to an equlizer. I listen to alot of music and want to tune the music to my preferences. So i was wondering if it existed any way to unlcok it on the phone like you can on the 7,7T,8 and 8T but for the Nords Dirac tunner.
  8. P

    Thread Music

    Can anyone provide sony music app that run perfectly with oneplus 7t ? Already find some apps but it didn't compatible with my oneplus 7t and unnecessary crash occurred while playing music. Pls help.
  9. J

    Thread Bluetooth audio stops when recording video, how to disable?

    Hi, is there any way in the crappy Xiaomi stock photo app to prevent the phone from stopping music playback while recording a video? As soon as I start recording a video, the music playback via Bluetooth tops instantly, and resumes after the video recording has stopped. Dear Xiaomi engineers...
  10. A

    Thread Updated Music App v50.6.5.3

    Download the new Music app for your Realme 6s/6i India with Samsung Music like visualiser in background. Streaming only chinese songs. Get it here-
  11. X

    Thread [APP] - AN Player - Free MP3 Music, Video & Radio

    If you are looking for an application to listen to music, radio or watch videos from the internet and save bandwidth, then you are in right place. This version is great for limited bandwidth plans and for areas without receptions such as airplanes, trains etc. Features Support Plugins...
  12. L

    Thread HUAWEI Hero Partner Deezer offers a 3-month Deezer Premium subscritption to users

    In a new European partnership with Huawei, global music streaming service Deezer is recognized as a particular hero partner Deezer will be recommended as a must-have app to AppGallery users looking for expertly curated editorial content, podcasts and live radio Deezer is also offering...
  13. D

    Thread Need help with logcat, coding, music player stops

    I'm trying to figure out why all music players stop working on Android 8-Android 10? I'm trying to get music to run as a foreground service! I have included 3 cat logs. Look at blackplayer ex this is the music player I am currently using. I've used all of them from stock to all on the play...
  14. G

    Thread Bluetooth music info in car issue

    Hey guys. So I got my new 9T Global a few days ago and I've only had one issue with it (apart from the MIUI 11 battery issues). I previously had the POCOPHONE and had no issues whatsoever connecting it to my 2012 yaris over bluetooth and playing music. But now, with my 9T, connecting it on the...
  15. K

    Thread [APP][6.0+] Visualay - Music Visualizer Overlay

    Visualay is an overlay app that displays music visualizer over all the screens (except system windows). It can display under the status bar and navigation bar. * Various designs to choose from Designs include edge lights and also full visualisers. Designs are customisable. * Unlimited colour...
  16. G

    Thread YouTube Music Not Showing Song/Track/Artist Info on Pixel 4XL

    I have a Note 10+ and a Pixel 4XL and I tend to use the Pixel a lot more. But one thing I've noticed...YouTube Music on the Pixel 4XL does not display song information via Bluetooth in my car. Dropping down to 1.3 is not an option (and also didn't work)...on my Note 10+, it works fine. I opened...
  17. KP@2016

    Thread [APP][5.0+][Open Source] YTPlayer v2.0 - YouTube, Spotify & Soundcloud downloader

    Note: Spotify songs are basically YouTube top searches of that specific song. Project is abandoned Highlighted Features Guides and Documentation Download and other stats
  18. Z

    Thread APK's for vieod and music

    Hello, I need yours recommendation a good aplication for music and second for video on my OP 7T ;)
  19. J

    Thread Audio auto paused when screen off? (Android 10)

    Hi, After I have updated to Android 10, whenever I plug in the wired headphone through any type-c to 3.5mm adapter (with or without DACs) and switch off the screen, the music/audio of any sort will stop after a while. I've tried multiple adapters and all of them have this problem. And the...
  20. french-anonymous

    Thread Personal musics change for default sound in Alarms

    Hi everbody, I have a Zenfone 3 and about two weeks ago, I flashed LineageOS on it. I'm very happy with it, except of this particular annoying bug. I've set alarms every 15 min from 6am to 10am, because of my stupid work that has very various shift hours. So I activate the alarms I need...
  21. french-anonymous

    Thread LineageOS 16, alarm musics changed for default sound

    Hi everbody, I have a Zenfone 3 and about two weeks ago, I flashed LineageOS on it. I'm very happy with it, except of this particular annoying bug. I have alarms every 15 min from 6am to 10am, because of my stupid work that has very various shift hours. So I activate the alarms I need...
  22. artur93pl

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Volumee - skip tracks with volume buttons long press [skip songs/tracks]

    Short description Volumee lets you skip tracks while listening to music - just hold down the volume button. Root is NOT required! Features Might be active both while the screen is on and off Works correctly regardless of the application that is currently open Compatible with all...
  23. G

    Thread Headphone music playback unplugs/replugs over and over

    Hey anyone have any audio issues on this phone or possibly another MIUI device? Here's what I'm getting: Usually, I plug in my headphones and right away I get great volume and my player auto-plays. But as it keeps playing the music pauses for a second and then resumes automatically. The...
  24. D

    Thread Music audio quality?

    Thinking about buying one a small ver of Pixel 4 or a S10e. I would use wired headphones. Can anyone comment on the audio/music quality of the Pixel 4? I see What fi mentioned it was not that good but I wanted to see other opinions on the it also.
  25. M

    Thread Are you able to edit music metadata from your PC?

    Since getting this phone last year I have never been able to edit music metadata (id3 tags) from the PC with the phone connected. I tried using MusicBee, MediaMonkey, WMP to change tags but files seem to be read-only as no changes stick once you disconnect the device. I never had this issue with...
  26. hnizil

    Thread Bluetooth with car

    Hello guys , I'm a happy owner of this phone , i have a little problem with bluetooth connection with my car(a Renault megane MK3 2009) and my father's car (Renault Kadjar 2016) sometimes it pairs correctly but when i play music or video the output sound comes only from the right speaker , when...
  27. lord-whiskey

    Thread Audio Quality + Music Player

    Hi all, i've just flashed my 5Z to the EvolutionX ROM. but the build in EQ is terrible. and the lame in sotre EQ's do not work at all. Now. i've tried getting the DTSX Audiowizard working. but this does not work, thus i've tried the sony Walkman .APK (because previous experiences i love this...
  28. CrashOverride93

    Thread [TASKER][TASK] MIUI Music Player Intents

    DESCRIPTION Intents for the MIUI Music Player app, included in all Xiaomi devices. Notes: - The app have to be already running (service) when using these intents. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - XML: Go! TaskerNet: Go! - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
  29. H

    Thread Lockscreen Music

    Hello everyone, I've bought a Chinese variant of P20Pro CLT_AL00 and when I want to use 3rd party music player like Retro, etc. I even don't get notification banner on lockscreen. nothing shows... is there anyway to fix it? thanks in advance
  30. K

    Thread How do I stream music from OP3 to Windows 10 via Bluetooth?

    I've managed to pair my phone (OP3 with Lineage OS 16) to my PC (Intel Wireless-AC 9260 with the latest drivers on Windows 10) but I cannot work out how to get audio streaming to the PC from the phone. It should work via A2DP Profile from what I've read online, but there's no option to enable...
  31. anabhi

    Thread [APP][PORT] Sony music from xz series v9.0.0.a.0.1 [UNIVERSAL]

    hello here's ported sony music app for all devices , this version is differ from other & latest version and works perfectly well with every device ! Version number - 9.0.0.A.0.1 VIDEO LINK Features Dark user interface Balanced treble and bass audio output Lite...
  32. K

    Thread Alternative Music Player

    The stock music player seems to be terrible! No widget is offered for it, if you close the app during a song, it restarts from the beginning next time instead of where it paused & I haven't even spotted it show any artwork yet! Can anyone help with the above or offer a good basic alternative...
  33. S

    Thread [WIDGET/5.0+] Material Music Widget

    To keep it short and simple: A widget for Material Design & usability enthusiasts, that supports a wide variety of media players: • Spotify • YouTube Music • VLC • Google PlayMusic • Amazon Music • Simple Radio • TuneIn Radio • PowerAmp • Yatse (Kodi Media Center Remote App) • Stock Players...
  34. D

    Thread Downloading song from Google Play Music to assign as ringtone on P30 Pro

    After downloading some which I paid for and bought from Google Play I can see song in the Play Music app but with an option to BUY song. At first I could not see or find song. When I go to ringtones to add song as ringtone I can't find it. Is it that difficult to just to download a song and...
  35. Fdraco10

    Thread Presets for Moto G4/G4 Plus Viper4Android

    Hey everyone!!! Please all us share presets Viper4Android for ours device
  36. J

    Thread OPUS not playing even when renamed to OGG

    Okay, idk if this is the best place to ask this but I can't really find a more appropriate forum so sorry if it should be somewhere else. Anyways, doing some research I found that in order to play OPUS files, all I needed to do was rename them to .ogg. I have found this to either be a lie or my...
  37. Z

    Thread Find Differences: Assorti

    The classic puzzle game of Find the Difference Assorti, where you need to spot 10 differences in each pair of pictures. This game is well developed attention, visual memory, and simply helps relax. Perfect for both children and adults. Just relax and enjoy the process of playing a calm. Free...
  38. X

    Thread Walkman App 9.4.2.A.0.1 - 14 Dec 2018

    Hi! I decide to mod the Sony Music App and change its name and icon to Walkman like the old xposed module "music to walkman" Enjoy! :D Download
  39. L

    Thread Best music mod ? (Mi mix 2)

    Hello, So i got xiaomi mi mix2 rooted and ready to get modded, but i found out that my loved viper4android Has been bought by some chinese-niqqers... So what should i use now? I found some "Xperia mods" but i dont know if they are good.
  40. A

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi 6A issues with playing music from the SD card

    Putting music on SD card and playing it on any of the 2 default music players causes music to play with these cuts and scratches, making it intolerable. When I play the same songs directly from the devices storage, there are no such issues. I tried 2 different SD cards, formatted them both...
  41. EypCnn

    Thread [APP][4.3+] Minimal Equalizer - Volume Booster

    Light Weight And Minimal Equalizer And Volume Booster for All Devices Equalizer lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get the best out of your Music or Audio coming out of your phone. Apply Equalizer Presets based on Music Genre, or quickly create your own custom preset with the 5...
  42. 2

    Thread [GAME][FREE] OCTAVE - the rhythm game

    An addictive rhythm game with a retro look'n fell. Play music from local storage or YouTube and tap the screen to keep the rhythm. Google Play link:
  43. debmaj2

    Thread Secret Music Project - A New Way to Stream Music

    This topic and project is currently active on: Replies to this thread might not be monitored or replied to by OP or Bytedance, Inc.
  44. A

    Thread Cannot get SeekBar to track down lenght of song while playing.

    I cannot get seekbar to track down the length of the audio feed. How can I get mediaplayer to track with the seekbar/scrobbler. package com.example.root.ilanthium; import android.os.Bundle; import android.widget.SeekBar; public class SeekBarActivity extends MainActivity { override...
  45. mhb92

    Thread [APP] Screensync - Screenshot, Screen Recorder, Video Editor, Live Stream Broadcast

    This is the Pro version of Screensync! There is a free version in playstore but Pro has way more features! Screensync is a simple, yet the most powerful screenshot app and the best screen video recorder with sound and live broadcasting streaming app providing the best performance - speed lag...
  46. T

    Thread No media output when connected via earphone on Marshmallow

    Long story short, recently my earphone didn't make any sound when i play anything that is media volume related ( Music, Games, Youtube... didn't make any sound ), but i can still hear ringer sounds when changing the volume. Later i found that, the only way to make the earphone sounds is to...
  47. kevria

    Thread Standard Music app no longer auto plays when bluetooth headphones connect

    The music app used to have settings to auto play when headphones were connected but those settings have disappeared. Were they moved to another location?
  48. Modesis

    Thread Joying PX5 + Bluetooth Remote control (??)

    Hi all, i'm searching for a way to pair a simple bluetooth remote control (volume +, volume - and next prev track) with my joying head unit, this is what i know about it: px5-userdebug 8.0.0 OPR5.170623 eng.bsp.20180427.173700 test-keys APP 1024X600 2018-04-27 CPU: ARM CORTEX-A53 eight-core...
  49. jordi.id96

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Music mode for Yeelight

    Yeelight Music is now unsupported and won't get updates since its main functionality, capturing internal audio from the device, has been merged into the official Yeelight app. Thanks to the Yeelight team for allowing me to collaborate. YEELIGHT MUSIC An improved and reliable music mode for...
  50. A

    Thread [APP][4.1+] AT Player free YouTube, radio, music player

    Download: XDA review: AT Player: a free music player with YouTube, Radio, local music support. Keep your music playing while using other apps. We will...