1. M4Master96

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL]LineageOS-14.1 for N7100 | Android 7.1.2 Nougat [MAY 2023]

    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google...
  2. i5510

    Thread Development [ROM] /e/OS N7100 N7105 (LineageOS 14.1 microG, GPS, free Cloud, latest Security Backports) Update: Looking for new Maintainer(s)

    -Week 22, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates- New build failed. The device tree will still be available on Gitlab. User with ROM building skills can continue building. Newly released applications like App Lounge and the soon-to-be released Privacy central have not been backported to Oreo...
  3. ComicoX

    Thread [ROM][PIE]Havoc-OS-v2.9-20190911-N7100-FINAL By Comico

    /* * Your (probably expired. If not please let me know how you managed this :)) ) warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns...
  4. ComicoX

    Thread [ROM][PIE][EOL] Resurection Remix-20190426 By Comico

    /* * Your (probably expired. If not please let me know how you managed this :)) ) warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns...
  5. ComicoX

    Thread [ROM][PIE] LineageOS-16.0-20200104 By Comico

    /* * Your (probably expired. If not please let me know how you managed this :)) ) warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns...
  6. A

    Thread [ROM] [Unofficial] [N7.1.2] AICP 12.1

    AICP Android Ice Cold Project AICP is known by everyone as the "Ice Cold Project" that started on a Desire HD years ago (2012) and since then has evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community that you can find!!! Until Lollipop, the Rom has always been based on AOKP. Unfortunately, since...
  7. ComicoX

    Thread [ROM][EOL][OREO] LineageOS 15.1 20190403 By Comico

    /* * Your (probably expired. If not please let me know how you managed this :)) ) warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns...
  8. S

    Thread Bricked Note 2 N7100

    Hello guys , I hope y'all doing Great This is my first Thread , so please correct me if I made a mistake or something Well , my Note 2 N7100 Stuck in The Yellow Triangle , Firmware upgrade encountered an issue . Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again. I tried Flashing it with Odin , it...
  9. C

    Thread Reverting back to Stock Rom From Andriod 7.1.2

    I want to revert back to Stock ROM on my Galaxy Note II N7100. Currently I am on CrDroid 7.1.2. I am afraid that I will lose my IMEI if I downgrade. Can anyone kindly explain the process to downgrade or at least let me know whether the downgrade is possible or not?
  10. ComicoX

    Thread [ROM] [EOL] [STABLE] [NOUGAT] Resurection Remix-20181017 By Comico

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing...
  11. V

    Thread How to Unbrick Dead Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100)?

    Hello XDA universe, I need some help to fix my Dead Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100). In Elaboration, My N7100 was working fine 7 days ago, and I was using CM12.1 on it for over a year, I decided to install CM13 on it, I did the same, first boot was successful, phone booted up like always, then I...
  12. S

    Thread Help Needed

    After installing cyanogenmod 6.0 for n7100 and beanstalk 6.0 for n7100 I found out that my data plan does not work on either of these roms. Also, my phone says its a sgh-i317 but my settings say that its a n7100. Help pls.
  13. J

    Thread N7100 ROMs Table (Nougat; Oreo; Pie)

    Inspired by Rickav's ROMs Comparison - Differences & Reviews This is a collection of N7100 Nougat, Oreo, and Pie ROMs I'm aware of. Originally it has been compiled here. I'm trying to keep the list up to date as good as I can. There is little hope for Oreo on Note2, except this kernel project...
  14. J

    Thread Need Firmware MIRROR from Sammobile

    Hi everyone! Anyone can help me MIRROR this file from sammobile. I am having hard time to download it since I only have non premium account. Android Filehost, Mediafire or MEGA would be nice. https://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/galaxy-note-/GT-N7100/XTC/download/N7100XXUFNI4/37346/ Thank you...
  15. makorn645

    Thread [OFFICIAL][EOL][7.1.2_r29][N7100] XenonHD 7.1 [3/NOV/2017]

    TeamHorizon's XenonHD rom builds for Xiaomi Galaxy Note II (N7100) http://www.xenonhd.com/ XenonHD is a custom firmware aka ROM for various Android devices. It is based on CyanogenMod 14.1 with additional features, performance and battery life improvements. The idea behind XenonHD is to...
  16. C

    Thread Best ROM and Kernel for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100

    Hi what ROM and Kernel can you recommend ?
  17. Maqbool.Safiya

    Thread which rom is best for Note2 N7100

    Eclipse aicp or Resurrection remix ???
  18. W

    Thread Should I upgrade, Note 2 to Note 4 - how is Android 6 on Note 4?

    Hello, Android 6 official / stock exists on Note 4 according to Sammobile Firmware section, does it work ok? I have some important questions. (SORRY! <3<3♥) Is the thumbscanner as good or kinda as good as the S6 one? Does the thumbscanner work with Lastpass? How many fingerprints can be...
  19. Trafalgar Square

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Doze power saving on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100

    As discussed many times in a lot of ROM threads, Android Doze power saving comes with Android Marshmallow. But only devices, which have a low power accelerometer can use this Doze mode. Developers can enable Doze in their device tree, but it won't work, because the system can't use the old...
  20. Cocolopes

    Thread [ROM]CANDYSIX[3.2][6.0.1][UNOFFICIAL][n7100][AOSP BASED][08/09/2016]

    This is CandySiX. Built straight from source with commits from a variety of different Sources/ROMS. We wanted to give the users a fun, fully customizable ROM. We aim to add more features as this project progresses. Check us out on the web @The-Candy-Shop @matthew0776 mar5hal...
  21. Cocolopes

    Thread [ROM][6.0.1]Slim6 - 1.3[n7100][UNOFFICIAL][09-19]

    First of all, I want to thanks Haxynos TEAM for the help to fix bugs and for the hard work in the sources. Now, Im not a dev so maybe we will get to a point that I cant fix something. I make a big effort and lost a lot of time to make this rom. Slim6 its like a pure AOSP rom right now, they will...
  22. H

    Thread Which is latest N7100 OTA Software/Firmware ?

    Hi All, Has any one in the world got any "OTA" software update for Samsung Note 2,N7100 beyond Kitkat 4.4.2 ie N7100XXUFNL1 ? Thanks
  23. H

    Thread (Tutorial) Eclipse V7 TouchWiz On Note 2 N7100 Osam Rom

    watch?v=gNhcugi5Fl4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNhcugi5Fl4 Eclipse v7 is out. a big thanx to dev. Subscribe my youtube channel to get gaming and android tutorials videos. www.youtube.com/ParryAndroid :):)
  24. Trafalgar Square

    Thread [GUIDE] How to install Android Marshmallow on Galaxy Note 2

    How to install Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Here you will learn, how to upgrade your Note 2 to Android Marshmallow from Stock. Download: Odin3_v3.10.7.zip GApps (ARM, 6.0) Marshmallow ROM twrp- Instructions for installing TWRP: Reboot you phone...
  25. X

    Thread No PIT partition n7100 3G. Googled for answers, got dead links only.

    Hi everyone! Left phone on charge, when came back few hours there was just initial Samsung logo with model number on screen (the one right after you switch your phone on). So no flashing or doing anything naughty, just phone left to charge in a good state. I had latest CM installed...
  26. S

    Thread Sim card N7100 not working after CM12.1 update

    Hello, i installed the unofficial CM12.1 for the N7100 device from here (cm-12.1-20150530-UNOFFICIAL-n7100.zip): http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-2/orig-development/cyanogenmod-12-alpha-1-n7100-t2949644 two months ago. Everything works fine until i decided to update the system...
  27. U

    Thread (ROM) Android 4.4.4 by usol38 [N-7100 v0.08] [Stable]

    (ROM) Android 4.4.4 by usol38 (N-7100 v0.08) Hello to all the users of Galaxy Note II. Description update 1-6: This port based on the port from Samsung S III. + Works as a USB host (to connect a mouse, keyboard, flash drives! In the photo there is a screen of the operation of the mouse and...
  28. H

    Thread [Q] I need all the help i can get !! Soft-Bricked Note 2 stuck Bootloop

    Ok so i will try and explain step by step what is the matter here.... Since i have been trying to fix my Note 2 since 2 weeks now and i got nowhere. I was running 4.4.2 and i had TWRP on it but it wasnt Rooted. (Bought it like that) Had some custom Rom on it etc... Used it for 2 months with no...
  29. N

    Thread [Q] To all developers of N7100 5.x.x Roms Big Bug fix required

    This is a big bug that seem to be right across the whole board of 5.x.x CM or AOSP ROMs of where you make a call and the screen shuts down straight after you dial the number and will not wake up again with any hardware key presses. So that looks like the proximity senser is not working properly...
  30. mahem

    Thread Phone is restarting itself automatically after installing agni kernel

    I was using Crdroid 5.0.2 before and every thing was working fine for me one of friend refer me to install Resurrection remix 5.4.4 after installing CM PURE AGNI KERNEL my phone is restarts automatically while installing new rom getting error : but get successful install but after...
  31. yoniinfante

    Thread Open Camera Like Galaxy S6

    Please click the following Link t go to the Original Thread, god bless, cheers:fingers-crossed: http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-2/general/double-tap-home-button-to-camera-t3100474
  32. yoniinfante

    Thread Double Tap Home Button To Open Camera

    When the Samsung Galaxy S6 came out I really liked this feature of quickly launching the Camera app by just double tapping on the physical Home button. Well for those people looking for something similar(like myself) this is a pretty good and easy way to make it happen, the Camera wont launch as...
  33. samgurung

    Thread Accelerometer not working. Help Needed!!!

    Hi All, The accelerometer on my n7100 note 2 just stopped working. I have tried many different things to get to work again. Thought it could be the ROM.. So tried different ROMs but none worked. Formatted both internal and external SD cards but no help. Installing Accelerometer calibration apps...
  34. U

    Thread (ROM)

    ПЕРЕЕХАЛИ СЮДА http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-2/development/n-7100-rom-android-4-4-4-usol38-t3141416?nocache=1
  35. P

    Thread [Q] note 2 modem

    So currently I have cyanogenmod12 installed. And I had a problem with my 3g so I flashed a modem from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2044937 Dlk5 was my previous version so I downloaded it. But now I have no mobile data signal
  36. J

    Thread (Explain) When do you need to change EMMC galaxy note ii n7100

    When do you need to change EMMC galaxy note ii n7100 How do we know that the problem be اhardware When you enter download mode Notes the loss of phone name product name : null Or stop at the samsung screen In this video we review some experiments to try flashing the phone The lack of...
  37. V

    Thread [NOOB GUIDE] Steps to resolve soft brick issues (except efs)

    A lot of users have issues with the following- 1) Soft bricking of the phone, 2) Trouble installing a new rom 3) Issues while using a new rom 4) Other software related issues Disclaimer: This guide is a personal experience, I take no responsibility whatsoever happens to your phone or if your...
  38. ikaster17

    Thread Link: Android 5.0 Lollipop (GT-N7100)

    Hello Guys, I Know how all of you Are sooo Crazyyy about having to Get 5.0 Lollipop for your Note 2.... No More Waiting.... Im Clearly Stating Here this really aint a Normal Daily Driver.... Here is the Link: https://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/...7100.zip_links <-- Mirror Link but Be Warned...
  39. V

    Thread Android 5.0 (Lollipop) released for AOSP

    Android 5.0 (Lollipop) has been released for AOSP. Hoping to get it in our beloved Note 2 soon.... Please leave your comments regarding it. Lollipop sourcecode: https://android.googlesource.com/platform/build/+/lollipop-release OmniRom may be the first to release Lollipop. Check this-...
  40. A

    Thread [Q] Demo unit with standart n7100 motherboard

    I have simple question, how much is demo unit "demo" can i put motherboard from standard n7100 to demo unit ? Or can i just put display from demo unit to my n7100 with dead display ? Thanks. :highfive: :victory:
  41. hackerse7en

    Thread [Q] Android 4.5/5.0 Lollipop for GNote 2 ??

    Well, Android Lollipop was announced and like title say's will it be here for our note 2? any info is vwery well apreciated. EXPRESS YOUR OPINION and thanks :victory:
  42. O

    Thread Downgrade n7100 4.4.2 to 4.3

    I upgrade my n7100 to 4.4.2 via KIES 3, but now the batery drains very fast, i want to go back to 4.3, is there a way to make this downgrade? thanks
  43. Cocolopes

    Thread [ROM][4.4.4] OmniRom+ [New features][2014-10-10 Update]

    Offical Site Official OmniRom XDA Forum Disclaimer Flash at your OWN Risk. This is an Unofficial build for Omnirom. Im NOT making nigthlys of this, maybe one or two a week. Why I make this? Cuz I want to share some unmerged features. Im not a dev, just compiling from sources and...
  44. jon1011

    Thread [Q] Unstable Charging

    Need help fellow Note 2 users, I am having problems with my phone's charging time. I usually charge while the phone is turned on, and charging time usually takes around 4 hours from critical level to full while turned on (on power outlet, 6hrs on USB source). This was normal, it has been that...
  45. Austtin

    Thread [ROM -FNI1-4.4.2] ULTRA NOTE2 v2.0: Rage Edition

    ULTRA NOTE2 v2.0: RAGE EDITION! THANKS TO.. @Androidwizzard @Amarullz Mr.Bola @Aukhan dr.ketan (for his hidden status bar mod) Brhoomy Shahzeb5444 fake_japanese_guy mythtrandyr gharrington (for his awesome 3minit and quick launch mod, thanks a ton!!) thereassaad @ XDA Community...
  46. OmarKnows

    Thread [Q] Overclocking a N7100 with android v4.4.2

    Is it possible? can someone link me a kernel if so? ps im using Dr.Ketans custom rom v10
  47. I

    Thread [Q] Sudden Restarts every 5 seconds on my Note 2 (n7100)

    Hello everybody, I really need your help. A few days ago, i just watched a video, and suddenly my note 2 restarted into a bootloop (MXPlayer). It is rooted and owns the last official stock rom with CWM touch or smth. i took the battery out, plugged it in again - nothing changed. I...
  48. S

    Thread MIUI Stopping official weekly updates for Note 2!

    Source: http://xiaomi.eu/community/threads/4-8-8.25262/ Official Statement: MIUIers, we hope to focus on improving MIUI based on Android 4.4 in the future, so we've decided that MIUI V5 update for the following devices will be stopped after MIUI 4.8.8: i9100 / i9300 / MX2 / Note2 / HTC OneX /...
  49. C

    Thread [Q] OTG Flash Drive initialization

    I have 4.3 Omega v26 and Agni latest 4.3 kernel using note 2 international. Also using Sandisk ultra dual usb 64gb with exfat formatted. not only in 4.3, i have faced this problem in 4.4 omega and arhd also, with original or agni kernel vice versa. When i insert usb drive with otg, i see the "...
  50. Sudo77

    Thread [Guide] Downgrading from 4.3 to 4.1.2 on N7100 (KNOX 0x1 Users Only!)

    N7100 4.3 to 4.1.2 Downgrading Guide (Comprehensive) Read First!: Hi there! Welcome to my first guide to downgrading your Jelly Bean OS back to the Stock 4.1.2. By reading this guide I will assume that you have ALREADY TRIPPED YOUR KNOX FLAG (0x1), IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT KNOX IS, DON'T USE...